Oz, The Great and Powerful

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    I just saw the trailer for this when I went to see Wreck it Ralph. I'll admit I'm not obsessed with the Wizard of Oz, but perhaps there's some potential in this movie? What are your thoughts? Any information you have on this would definitely be appreciated.

    Also here is the trailer for those of you who are interested.
  2. So... This is set sometime before Dorothy's visit?

    I think the idea is one worth pursuing, if it is executed well. A good idea can only carry a movie so far.

    But I'd go see it. The trailer has caught my interest.
  3. A friend of mine showed me the trailer for this a while back. I look forward to it. The trailer made it look promising.

    Who knows, though. I could list a few movies that had brilliant trailers and ended up being shit movies... So I tend to watch new movies with low expectations so that I'm only a little bit disappointed or very pleasantly surprised. :3

    But this one just looks beautiful!
  4. Ehn... I'm kind of bugged at this point by the requirement for every movie based off a children's classic to look like The Chronicles of Narnia. At least going by the trailers. I liked the first one too, but do all these movies have to be like that now?
  5. The moment I saw the title, I was excited. But now, I am not so excited the CGI just looks so fake in the trailer as if they are not trying to make it real at all. The effects look spectacular as usual, but once again, their CGI nature shines through blatantly. I wish people just stopped putting green screens and CGI everywhere, because sometimes it is really visible. I might see the movie, but only because I like Alice in wonderland-type stories.
  6. Looks awesome, I dig it.

    Some of the first novel type books I read were the Oz books. Many people don't know that the author L. Frank Baum wrote 12 -i think 12?- books about Oz. The first, and most well known, just barley scratching the surface of the amazing series. Not sure if this movie follows any of the books? It looks like it might though.

    EDIT: With my celebrity crush Mila Kunis? Totally gonna see it.