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  1. Hey! I haven't been here in a while so I want to get back into the swing of things.

    I'm look for a peep- or peeps- to rp with. I like 1x1 rps as they're what I'm use to but I also enjoy small group rps.

    What I look for in Role Plays
    • No one liners- absolutely cannot stand them, or replies that consist of frequent three sentences.
    • Text talk- Can't do it. Unless it's OOC or there's a segment in the rp where the characters are actually texting each other, don't do it.
    • Flexibility- If we end up role playing together i don't expect you to be on all the time or respond to me as soon as possible. I'm perfectly fine with slow responses as life tends to be hectic. I want my buddy(ies) to be comfortable and have fun within their own limits. Slow is fine as long as the interest is still there.
    • Friendly peeps!- I like having OOC conversations, getting to know the person you;re rping with helps keep the rp going in my opinion. It's fine if you don't though, but, if you have any ideas about thickening the plot or add-ons to the rp I'm all ears!
    • A heads up- If something comes up, like a family problem or you're taking a break from rping, or don't have the juice for it, please let me know! I understand a 100% because I'm the same way.

    What I like in Role Plays
    • Slice of life with a kick- usually the end up dying pretty fast so I like to spice things up with a shit ton of drama
    • Adventure
    • Apocalyptic
    • Fantasy/ Sci-fi
    • Pirate
    • Mobs/Gangster
    • Escaped Prisoners
    • Yaoi/Yuri
    • Anything with smut if you're up for it tbh
    • Pokemon
    • Disney
    • Mystery/Horror/Gore
    • Percy Jackson

    Things I won't do
    • Angel/Demon- I can do rps with demons and humans and angels and humans but I HATE the angel vs Demon concept
    • Vampires/Werewolves- Won't do of any kind
    • DC- Strictly a Marvel fan G
    • Totally out their Fetishes- Urinating, defecating, vomiting, torture, candle wax, and burning with objects is a no go
    • Kidnapped children- Tried it a few times. not really my thing? I dunno.
    • Anything to do with children- People get really wild with underage kids I don't like it, unless we're doing a segment about the characters growing up together.
  2. Those are all things that interest me. I want to know, though, for pokémon what do you RP here?
    I mean, it's such a diverse world. It can be:
    PMD style (play as the pokémon with little to no humans in the world).
    Feral with human interaction (like as pets or pokemon that belong to trainers)
    Trainer RP
    Human RP but not necessarily trainers. (Rangers, normal life, Collectors, or whatever.)
    Experimental (usually tied in with PMD/Feral/Gijinka) [Think Shadow Pokémon)

    For the RP medium, what are you looking for? Forums? PMs? Off-Site?
    For the characters, do you like photos, anime-style pictures, or is anything fair game?

    I'd be glad to hash out a full RP with you with some of those options =3 I usually play male characters and don't mind playing against male or female characters. I can play female characters if needed, I just am a bit rusty with them.
  3. I'm interested in Pokemon, Disney, or Percy Jackson.
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