Own Stunts or Special Effects?

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Own Stunts or Special Effects?

  1. Own Stunts

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  2. Special Effects

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  3. Either is fine

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  4. I don't care

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  1. When it comes to watching films, do you prefer it when the actors do their own stunts or when special effects are used?

    I personally don't care either way since I've been quite exposed to both and will enjoy the film regardless.

    But I have heard that it can be difficult for some actors to get health insurance if they always do their own stunts. Hope that's not true.
  2. Whatever works best for the event in question, and which is mutually agreed upon by all involved, and which functionally pleases my sense of aesthetics, is perfectly acceptable to me. Actors or stunt men, either is fine.
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  3. ... I hate to say it... But special effects. I mean its cool when you think of like the Old Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon movies and such... But its not quite as shiny and dramatic without a CGI explosion destroying everything as they do so D:

    That said, I don't think its a fair comparison? Plenty of actors do their own stunts, or use body doubles. Special effects is less a matter of doing stunts, but adding... Well... Effects .__.
  4. Actual stunts are so satisfying to watch, and it has a very grounded, real feel to it. It's way too easy for special effects to go into uncanny valley and just feel quite off.
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  5. Both have their pro's and con's, it's whatever works for the crew in question.
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  6. Who cares so long as it looks good?
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  7. /thread
  8. I am a bigger fan of own stunts

    But every once in a while someone comes up with very artistic wirework
  9. This is actually a subject of great interest to me. As a big fan of slasher movies/horror movies in general a lot of the big name killers do their own stunts. Like Michael Myers/Leatherface/Jason(though I'll touch upon this again later.)all played by dudes who could do their own stunts with the exception of when it came time to do the unmasking scene in Halloween 1. Which unfortunately lead Tony Moran to getting more attention as Michael Myers rather than the stuntman who did most of the work which is unfortunate.

    Now as for Jason, due to the nature of the role it's easier to hire a stuntman rather than an actor. Because you're sure as hell not going to be writing Shakespeare while playing Jason Voorhees. But then you have Part 2 Jason played by Warringtion Gillette and Steve Dash. Warrington could not do his own stunts and thus Steve played Jason for 98% of the scenes you see Jason skulking around with the potato sack on his head. A woman also played Jason in the opening. You can't tell because the camera only pans down to Jason's legs as he walks but there you go. Anyway, Steve Dash played Jason for a majority of the movie-even up to Jason's death scene where he gets the machete to the collarbone.


    That was Gillette not Steve and ever since that movie Gillette has gone on record as saying he played Jason. Which isn't wrong but he goes on to add that he played him throughout the whole of Part 2 which simply isn't true. Hence why if you ever meet Steve at a convention he signs his machete as 'The Real Jason'(i.e the guy who played Jason for the majority of Part 2 while Gillette only played him for ONE scene.)

    but yeah that rant aside I prefer own stunts
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