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  1. The sun's gentle morning rays were flashing brilliantly across the Sea of Hoolemere. The gentle waves that bobbed up and down aided in casting the almost magical morning glow. Few Owls at the Great Tree stayed awake to watch this view unfold, though Alution did.

    Every day since his arrival at the great tree, he would fly down to the eastern edge of the island and watch the sun come up. The many hues that the sky took told him everything he needed to know about the weather that would stir up and most likely hit the tree in the coming days. The lack of a breeze and the brilliant orange and reddish sky spoke of a storm stalled out just beyond the horizon, typical during the golden rain. It would be a bit tough, but he supposed that by nightfall the storm would be close enough to take the juniors out and see if they can handle a little storm. Maybe see if any of them showed any promise for his chaw.

    As the sun wormed it's way higher into the sky, Alution turned and took flight back to his hollow. His white and grey feathered underbelly was still tinged slightly from leading the colliering chaw into the fire in Ambala. It had been a decent fire. A few bonk coals had been snatched from the air when the fire crowned and threw them up a good distance. The older hawk owl was very pleased with his chaw for their performance today.

    Just as he was about to land in his hollow, Alution heard a screech of warning cut through the calm morning air. It was ended prematurely, meaning something awful for the guard up at the post. Seeing as very few owls would have been awake to hear the warning, Alution swiftly took flight and let out his loud and raucous battle call. If that didn't wake up everyone, then certainly nothing would.

    His wings silently threw him forward, up towards the guard post, causing him to nearly collide with a group of three enormous black birds, easily larger than any eagle owl he had ever met. Their stunning yellow eyes made him wilf slightly, though he would never back down from a fight. His feathers flaring out, he let out another battle cry and began launching his attack against the three strange invaders. They certainly weren't owls, though he was unsure as to what they could be.

    As he began to focus his quick attacks on one of the birds who appeared to be trying to get to the hatchery, one of the other birds caught his wing in its massive talons and easily flung him into the trunk of the Great Tree. The breath knocked out of him, he fell down onto a branch below him. He watched in silent fury as two of the black birds entered the hatchery. He took to the air once more, though it was quite obvious that his wing had been injured.

    Despite that fact, Alution launched himself at the bird that was blocking his way to the hatchery, his talons tearing at its underbelly until it managed to land a good hit on him. Sharp talons raked across the hawk owl's chest, then caught his wing once more. He was flung back onto the branch, where he laid dazed for a few seconds. He slowly began to pick himself back up when a heavy weight struck him from behind and pinned him down against the branch. His bleary gaze came into focus on the two black birds that emerged from the hatchery. He watched as they flew off, each carrying two owlets in their talons. He felt the weight lifted off his back, though he still didn't move. The third black bird took off after them, and that was when several other owls took off after them. The old hawk owl knew that they couldn't catch up with those birds. They were just too fast.
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  2. Azule looked up from his work as he heard a shriek. He was half asleep after a long day. The shriek ended suddenly so he dismissed it as being nothing but his mind saying "Go to sleep." But then it wasn't long after that he heard an even louder one, followed by the frantic flapping of wings in a fight. One of his patients near the entrance woke up and hollered to him. "Doc! Look!" Azule stepped out just as two massive black birds entered the hatchery. "Oy!" He charged the first to enter and got a good slice in to it's belly before it scratched his face. He was the only thing between them and the hatchlings. It grabbed his leg with it's beak and threw him out of their way. He wasn't strong enough stop it. As the three flew off he attempted to give chase but even though he was the fastest owl in the chaw he couldn't catch up. They were just so much bigger.

    He spotted Alution on the ground and descended towards him. "Are you okay?" He landed next to Alution.
  3. Elriaza awoke with a start, nearly falling out of her nest as she heard a loud screech. She scrambled to get up, her heart beating rapidly from her earlier scare, and the fact she could hear more shrieks as well as sounds that were definitely not owls didn't help. She headed towards the noises as quickly as possible, her dread increasing with every flap of her wings. The sounds were coming from the Hatchery, and she nearly seized up from fear right then bit con tinted on. Elriaza arrived in time only to see another owl flying after two incredibly huge and terrifying black birds.​

    She felt herself wilf at the sight, though she quickly recovered. She immediately rushed into nursery to check up on the chicks. She let out a loud screech as she noticed at least two chicks missing from their nests. She quickly checked in the rest of the frightened chicks, making sure they were unharmed.
  4. Hierach's eyes shot open hearing the loud screech followed by a lead guard's yell. "Gear up, we're under attack!" Without hesitation Hierach settled into his battle claws and took off with the rest of the Battle Chaw's flyers. They moved to intercept, but the birds were as quick as they were big. And after watching them take down another owl it was clear they weren't messing around. Before he could get in position to intercept they took off with some of the owlets making him furious they would go after the young and defenseless.
    Come on, we can't let them get away!" He shouted chasing after the birds, but it was no use even with his speed.

    He slowed his pace as the birds disappeared in the horizon and silently cursed to himself before returning to the Tree. "Make sure they didn't take or destroy anything else." He said to another Chaw member before scouting out another area where the Hawk Owl had fallen. He slowly flew around keeping his claws at the ready as he made sure no more of those creatures were stalking about.
  5. Alution slowly righted himself once again, the look of pain on his face more than enough to answer the matron who'd landed next to him. He glanced over himself, his sharp gaze taking in the blood that was beginning to stain his feathers. "I've been in worse shape before." His words were gruff as he tried to mask the pain in his voice. His gaze settled on the horizon, watching as the three birds faded from sight.

    His mind was already whirling, attempting to identify what those birds were and where they might be heading with his future students. At the level that they were flying at, it was most likely that they would get pulled up into the Northern Kingdoms by the air currents that formed during this time of year. Though there was a good chance that the birds could power through those currents and go anywhere in the Southern Kingdoms. His gizzard was telling him they were heading north, and that was one thing that he swore by.

    His sharp gaze flashed up to the battle chaw member flying nearby, needing to inform someone of this before he would undoubtedly be ushered into the infirmary. "They're probably going to head north, following the air current up into the Northern Kingdoms." He spoke simply, the gruffness in his voice still there.
  6. Hierach continued scanning over the area looking for anything out of the ordinary. None of the owls who reported back to him managed to find anything relating to the culprits which clearly annoyed him as he hated having empty talons against his foes. He decided the only amount he could get for information would probably be from the Hawk Owl that tried to fight them. He glided in landing near the two and folded in his wings. "I'm sorry we were not quick enough to engage those thieves before they escaped. I doubt the current resources will allow us to chase after them. I believe the best we can do for now is step out the guard duty to try and better protect everyone from letting them blindside us again." He said glancing away with a sigh.

    "Anyway did you happen to catch anything unique to their looks? Something that may help us identify them if any of the others find them out there. Perhaps even a particular fighting style." He asked looking at Alution. He was certain the Owlets were lost, but if he could learn anything about these strange birds it might prepare him in case they were found out in the lands. If they were in the Northern Kingdom he could easily track them down, but if they were moving to other lands he wouldn't know where to start.
  7. Once Elriaza had finished comforting the remaining chicks, she left the Hatchery as she contemplated what the strange birds had done. She didn't know very much of the situation, she'd gotten there late and the owlets were in no condition to speak about what had happened. She was quite sure the stolen chicks were alive, but she wasn't entire sure why, seeing as the main reason she could think of any bird like those she'd seen earlier would go for the chicks were if they'd been hungry.
    She sighed quietly, flying around while she thought until she'd noticed a small group of owls gathered on a branch below.

    She quickly landed, hearing the questions the Snowy Owl was asking. She looked at the injured owls, gasping quietly. "Oh my- did those brutes do that to you?" She asked quietly, letting out another sigh. "And what do they want with our owlets?" She asked, puffing up, before glancing at the Snowy Owl again. "Sorry to interrupt. I'm afraid I didn't get a very clear look at them.." she added.
  8. Alution remained quiet for a few brief moments as he patched together his scattered thoughts enough to answer the snowy owl's questioning. "The bird I was fighting didn't even blink at my attacks. It threw me around a bit, and I thought for sure it was about to go for the kill when its allies left the hatchery." He explained the fight he had to the best of his ability, before he explained their appearances. "They were easily larger than any eagle owl I've met. Feathers were darker than a moonless sky. Yellow eyes that almost seemed to glow." He explained simply, whatever energy he had left seeming to fade a bit quickly.

    He looked at the barn owl who'd found her way down to the branch that they were all perched on. "Are the other owlets alright?" He asked gruffly, closing his eyes in thought. Azule, Hierach, and Elriaza... All three of the owls here were exceptional flyers, and probably would have done well in his weather chaw if they hadn't had other dominant interests. They all had a chawlet with him at one time when they first came to the tree, and there was something that simply infuriated Alution about being in a weakened state before his students.
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  9. Azule had begun tending to Alutions wing, ignoring the scratch om his own face. "I've never seen anything like them. I dare suggest that they may have been Hagsfiends."
  10. Aurora had just fallen asleep when she heard the battle cry. She knew she wouldn't be of much use with how small she was, but she still got out of her nest to see what was happening. She flew towards the sound of a battle. Aurora swerved towards the hatchery when she heard a crash. It wasn't much of a swerve, but she still did. It took her awhile to get there.

    When she got there, Alution, Azule, Hierach, and Elriaza were already there. "What happened?" Aurora asked nervously, "Is everyone okay?" She hoped it was nothing. Really, she didn't want anyone majorly injured. "Can I be of any help?" she asked. She notice she might be asking too many questions at once. She grimaced, "Sorry, I'm asking too many questions."
  11. Hierach questioned what the creatures possible origins could be, they didn't seem like hagsfiends, but he wouldn't be surprised if they were just cursed or evil. Though he had never seen anything like them in his time in the Northern Kingdom. He had been a big foe of crows for sometime, and given his past he was certain many still wanted him dead. But he had never seen anything like those creatures. Honestly he wasn't sure how he would combat them, but he would have to find out if his or others survival depended on it. For now he could at least ensure that they didn't sneak up on them like they did, which meant he would be wearing his battle claws more often now.

    Suddenly his attention snapped to a young owl that landed near them. "We were attacked, they attack a Ryb and stole a number of owlets about four maybe, correct me if I'm wrong. Unfortunately we were not able to react fast enough and they escaped with the owlets. For that I accept the blame, but we will ensure it does not happen again. If they attack again we will handle them. I don't expect them to be back anytime soon, but only time will tell." He said glancing away.

    He thought for a moment about how he could go about this before looking back at Alution. "I personally doubt these were hagsfiends, they may be just as bad if not worse however. I am uncertain how we will combat this new threat, but the Battle Chaw will go talon to talon to them to keep them from taking anymore owlets, that much I can promise. Although I have to question, of what use could they have for the owlets?" He asked looking towards where the bird disappeared. He dreaded the thought of what would happen to the owlets, but there was nothing he could do unfortunately.
  12. Elriaza shuddered at the older owl's description of the strange birds. "Whatever they are, they sure do give me the creelies-" she murmured, even remembering the brief glimpse she'd had of them was enough to frighten her. She straightened immediately at Alution's question, sighing quietly. "They're fine, thank Glaux. I tried my best to calm them down, but I'm certain those poor dears are traumatized." Not to mention those who were taken. She thought, with another sigh.

    Elriaza glanced over at the young owl who'd just flown in, listening to Hierach fill her in. "I'm certain that they didn't take them to eat, for sure.." she said to the Snowy owl, before looking at Alution for his own response. She could only dread at what she imagined the Owlets would be used for, or the reason for their kidnapping at the talons of such awful birds.
  13. A soft sound of pain escaped Alution as he felt Azule tending to his wing. It had been rather unexpected and caught the older owl off guard as he listened as others gave their input. "I'm also a bit hesitant to call those birds hagsfiends as well... If they were, why didn't they use their nachtmagen... I mean, magic. Glaux only know what they could intend to do with our owlets, though." It was a relief to know that the other owlets hadn't been harmed, though it was only halfhearted as it was laced with worry over the fates of the four owlets who were taken from the safety of the Great Tree.

    His gaze fixed upon the two fish owls who were leisurely flying up to the ever expanding group. He recognized the king and queen of the tree immediately, and found himself harboring the slightest bit of hostility for King Vaire and Queen Rennais. "Look who decided to crawl out of the hollow on this fine morning..." The old hawk owl muttered softly, surprisingly going unnoticed by most of the group.

    "What in Glaux's name is going on here?" Vaire asked, his dark amber gaze fixing upon the battle chaw member who happened to be present. He didn't seem to regard Alution in the slightest.
  14. Hierach turned to the voice only to see King Vaire staring dead at him. He had never been around anything considered to be royalty and given his presence after such a tragedy made him hesitant to speak. After a moment he sighed and bowed his head. "The Great Tree was attacked by possibly a new type of enemy we have not seen yet. One of the Rybs was wounded trying to fight them, but he will survive. Unfortunately the thieves escaped with four owlets from the hatchery, we were not fast enough to respond and catch them." He said glancing down at the failure.

    "We will ensure this doesn't happen again. The members of the Battle Chaw will dedicate their time to fully protecting the hatchery so this doesn't happen again." He said looking back at the King. "And while I hold blame to nobody for this attack, I will accept the responsibility of the failure to react in time and ensure we are ready the next time they try to attack."
  15. Aurora was not in a very happy mood. She didn't like it at all that anyone was hurt and the hatchlings were stolen. I reminded her of when she was just an owlet and was stolen. She decided she wanted to go find them. She knew she would have to go very soon. Those poor, terrified little ones. "Hey, Alution? I was just wondering, did you see which way they went?" Aurora whispered to the older owl.

    "I'm just curious, if you were wanting to know why I was wondering." she explained. Aurora hoped he didn't catch on to what she was doing...unless he wanted to go to. She didn't think he was in any condition to go though. Maybe he would send some owls to go look for them. She only hoped he would send her with those owls. On the other hand, he probably wouldn't send her because of her experience and size, even if he did send anyone.
  16. Elriaza felt herself nearly wilf at the sight of the monarchs, this was one of the few times she'd seen them up and certainly the first being this close. She shook her head, trying to gather her thoughts while she bowed. She nervously watched them question the battle Chaw member, hoping desperately that they wouldn't question her as well. She would definitely have to admit to them that she'd been too cowardly to even try and save the hatchlings. She shifted uncomfortably, the very idea of having to explain what she hadn't done making her feel ill.

    She glanced at the smallest owl as they leaned in and whispered to Alution, leaning closer in to listen. 'Now why in the world would she ask that?' She thought, trying not to look like she'd been listening in. 'Usually curious owls ask a lot more questions than that-' she narrowed her eyes in suspicion, before returning her gaze to the King Vaire. She did listen a bit more towards the other's conversation, though.
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