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  1. I am looking for partners who are sticking with me no matter what happens. I have had many people leave after promising Rps and it really broke my heart and will to rp anymore. So please be serious.

    A few things id prefer from you as my partner:

    1. Frequent responses. I am always on so a few responses a day would be ideal.
    2. No one sentence responses. As they are hard to respond to.
    3. Prefer you to play male roles. (If doubling ill consider playing male)
    4. Fairly decent grammar please. No appreviations or leet. I'm not great myself but i do really try.
    5. Work on ideas with me. I like working on things with a partner so we both enjoy the RP.

    Side note: I do not do Oc x Oc. I can not stress this enough.

    What I am into: (Bolded is the position i will do)

    Reaper x OC


    Optimus Prime x OC
    Megatron x Starscream
    Shockwave x Soundwave
    Airachidnid x Arcee
    Bulkhead x Miko
    Smokescreen x Wheeljack
    Breakdown x Knockout

    Male Celebrity x Female Fan *I have a preferred real celebrity*
    (I might do it)

    !!If you are interested Pm please. It will get to me faster. Notifications have failed me in the past sadly.!!
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  2. I am still looking!
  3. Hey, ill do the teacher student rp if you want)
  4. Updated and looking!
  5. I am still open!
  6. I would love to do a Harry Potter rp with you! c:
  7. I am looking!
  8. updated and looking!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.