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  1. The multiverse is the hypothetical set of finite and infinite possible universes, including the universe in which we live. Together, these universes comprise everything that exists: the entirety of space, time, matter, energy, and the physical laws and constants that describe them.

    Some of these universes are either parallel or opposite in various ways. Be it in time, technology, and circumstances.

    For example. Person A lives in Universe A. But, in Universe B, Person A is now Person B. What caused this change could be anything. In Universe A, Person A is male. In Universe B, Person B is female. That's the only difference between them. But in Universe C, their past changed from a happy one to a sad, tragic one.

    This goes on and on.

    And the veil that separates the universes from one another, is a tough one that seemed to be unbreakable......But, sometimes, particular items can break through, and pull unlucky individuals in....
    At a museum, a young man wearing a blue hoodie was walking around, listening to his younger brother talk about the endeavors of the former organization. Overwatch.

    "In that one battle, they had Soundquake, remember? He had chest missiles!" His younger brother said, before continuing onward with a question. "Which one is your favorite? Mine's Fusionator. No, wait. Tracer." Before going onto imitating the Overwatch agent's catchphrase. And gun sound effects.

    Sighing, the boy in the blue hoodie walked away. But, his brother soon sped past him, stopping at a display with a giant gauntlet in it.

    "That's Doomfist's Gauntlet.....Oh man, they said he could level a skyscraper...." Once again, he asked his older brother. "And remember, when he was fighting, and Winston beat him? And, and he was like. Primal Punch!" He exclaimed, imitating the punch.

    "That's only in the holo-vids. Everybody knows Overwatch got shut down......Half of them are just mercenaries now...." The boy in the hoodie said, before walking away. He could hear his brother making a sound effect, but that was cut off as what could be an explosion shook the area.

    Another one shook the area, before the sound of glass breaking and a large body hit the floor.
    Or in this case, two bodies, although one leapt off of the gorilla wearing white armor, and grappled over to a balcony. Pulling out a rifle. And opening fire on the gorilla.

    Said gorilla jumped infront of the two brothers so that they weren't running the risk of being hit by a ricochet. "Enjoying the exhibit?" He said to them, before a few more shots caused him to grunt with pain, he said to them. "Alright, fun times over. Get to cover!"

    Taking the gorilla's advice, the two brothers ran to cover. As another man wearing a dark coat and white mask showed up, shooting two shotguns at the gorilla. The lady with the sniper jumped off of the balcony, shooting another lady who seemed to be teleporting all over the place.

    While their battle that seemed to have no effect on one another continued, one of the sniper's bullets missed the lady with the two pistols by mere inches, continued to soar through the air, before hitting a device in a display, near the statues.

    Said device began to shake and glow a bluish color. Before exploding with a blinding light. But as it ended, what seemed to be a man wearing a red and black spandex with swords on his back could be seen flying through the air, and crashing into a display.

    "Owwwwwww....." Was all the man said before standing up. Brushing the glass off of him. He turned to see the battle still going on.

    Meanwhile, near the destroyed display, there were a large group of people lying on the floor. To name a few of them, one was wearing a red and blue spandex with black web designs all over the costume. Next to him was a masked man wearing a black trench coat with a black fedora.

    Nearby, a man wearing a costume with the color scheme matching that of the American Flag, was lying on his front. A shield was next to him. Though it wasn't long before he got up. He was stunned however.

    Next to that man, there was a person with blue skin and a tail that resembled a devil's tail. He was unconscious from the looks of it. Next to him, a man wearing a red suit with armor that had spikes on it, and a man wearing a red beanie, dark grey denim vest and a white hoodie were getting up. Though, much like the man wearing the red white and blue costume, they were stunned to the point they didn't notice their surroundings.

    But, a man with a black costume that had a red bat symbol on the chest, with a mask that had ears like a bat, stood up. He wasn't exactly stunned as some of the others, he quickly noticed the battle going on, and being the vigilante that he was. He reached to his belt, pulling out a shape that soon turned into a bat with red wings. Throwing it with the skill of a master knife thrower.

    After a few seconds, it hit it's target. The guy with the white mask's head. Which stunned him enough to allow the gorilla to launch the man into a display with a giant suit of armor on it.

    Though before the gorilla could finish off the man with the white mask, he turned to black smoke. Reforming nearby. Though, he was giving off smoke, before all of sudden, the smoke shot out to cover a large area, and the man started to shoot with his shotguns in all direction with inhuman speed. This caused the man with the red bat symbol to take cover behind one of the terminals, and most of the group who were lying down took cover as well.

    The man with the white hoodie and red beanie took cover near the statues, which is where the two brothers had taken cover as well. Though, they caught him off by surprise. "Uh....'Sup, little dudes?" He attempted to sound nonchalant, but his face said otherwise. For, these kids were in the proximity of a battle, and he knew that innocent people can get caught up in bad ways.....Which typically left them injured or worse...

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  2. At fifteen, Peter Parker had only been involved in the whole "costumed adventurer" gig for about, oh, six months. Fighting alongside and against legends like Iron Man and Captain America was cool, as was getting a gift from Mr. Stark in the form of his own portable "Spider Signal." But he'd never been pulled through a portal before.

    Peter groggily got back to his feet, feeling at his face to make sure his mask was still in place. That had been a problem with his old, handmade costume - stuff never really fit right and shifted all over the place. Thank God Mr. Stark was kind enough to make him this slick new suit! Fortunately, the mask was just fine.

    What wasn't fine was a big man with twin shotguns and a mask reminiscent of a bird aiming right for him.

    Peter's sixth sense blared like a loud buzzer in his skull. With agility and reflexes beyond that of a mere human, he dodged nimbly around the oncoming spray of shotgun pellets. Flips, hops, and twists kept the deadly pieces of lead from finding home. Moving complete on instinct, Peter whipped out his wrists and released a spray of high-tensile webbing at his attacker, plugging up the shotgun barrels. A final squirt planted a lob of webbing into the gunman's face, earning a growl of frustration.

    "You need to practice gun safety!" Peter quipped. "You shouldn't point those things at people!"

    Just then, his spider-sense roared again and he leaped into a shoulder roll just as a sniper round slammed into the floor where he was just standing. He turned, the lenses of his mask instantly adjusting for the light, and he saw a beautiful, voluptuous woman in a purple catsuit atop a dinosaur display - with a high-caliber sniper rifle in her hands.

    "Careful with that, beautiful!" he cried out, twisting out of the way of a shot aimed at his chest. "You might break my heart!" A line of webbing shot up to the ceiling and soon Peter was sailing through the air. He swung at the sniper and kicked out with his feet, knocking her off her perch. Just to be nice, he tagged her with a second web-line, easing her fall to a less painful and deadly roll onto the floor.

    He landed on top of a large display of several men and women with the name "Overwatch" emblazoned before them. They looked pretty impressive to Peter's eyes. He was going to survey the fighting - was that Captain America over there? And who was the guy in red-and-black copying his suit? And was that a talking gorilla...! - when a flash of blue light appeared behind him.

    "Wot'cha all about?" a Cockney lilt asked him, planting some kind of pistol against his temple.

    "Oh, you know," Peter replied calmly, shrugging and acting for all the world like there wasn't a gun to his head, "just...hanging around!"

    With agility that shouldn't be possible, he went from a crouched position to a B-twist, using his leg to kick the Englishwoman's gun free of her grip. He landed on one foot with the other leg sweeping out to take her feet from beneath her. The woman fell, but didn't strike the ground. A pair of web-lines stuck to her chest and her hips, keeping her balanced and safe. "Huh," Peter hummed thoughtfully, "you're heavier than you look...."

    Tracer glared at him balefully. "Why you little - "

    She evidently had a second gun and opened fire. She suddenly fell the remaining foot to the ground with a grunt as the blue-and-red loudmouth released the web-line and bounded away to dodge.

    "Come back here, you little wanker!"

    "I'm not a wanker! I'm a spider! I'm Spider-Man!"
  3. The man with the red beanie peeked out of cover, seeing the sniper recovered from her departure from her perch. Then to the man with the bird mask, picking his target, he quickly said to the kids. "Stay out of trouble."

    Leaping over the terminal he and the kids used as cover, he aimed his hand at the man with the bird mask, and suddenly four smoke like projectiles shot out of his hand. But, the smoke projectiles did little against the man as most of them missed their mark. At the very least, he did gain the masked man's attention, which came in the form of a few shots in his direction.

    But, he suddenly turned into three embers, which traveled to the left of the bird masked man, before reforming into the man with the beanie. "Missed me!" With a growl, the masked man turned to attempt to gun him down, but once again, the man with the beanie turned into the embers and "dashed" around the masked man.

    Before he heard what sounded like a small rocket going off, the source of which revealed itself as the costumed man with the red bat symbol flying at the bird masked man. Tackling him, the costumed man didn't stop there, as the rocket boost he had provided enough momentum to "pick" up the masked man. Before dropping him on a robot display.

    He flew around before landing behind a large suit of armor.

    The man with the beanie suddenly felt someone grab onto him, before his vision went dark and coming back behind the large suit of armor. The man in the red and black spandex was there, along with the man with the red bat symbol. Next to them was the man with the blue skin and tail.

    "Guten tag." The blue man said.

    ".......Hi.....Who are you guys?" Was all he could say in response. The man in the red and black spandex quickly said. "Deadpool. Merc with the mouth. At least landing fifth in everyone's list of favorite characters."

    The man with the red bat symbol said in a low voice as he peeked around the suit. "Batman." Finally, the blue man said with a German accent. "Nightcrawler. Vhat about you?" Nightcrawler pointed at the man with the beanie. Whom said. "Delsin."

    "Wow.....Never heard a superhero name that was. 'Delsin.' Like, do you not have any cool nicknames?" Deadpool quipped, but Delsin shook his head. "No.....So, you guys know the people here?"

    "I don't recognize the woman vith the weird chest device, nor the talking gorilla....But, I do see Captain America and Spider-Man.....I do not know who the man with the trench coat and the man with the spiky armor...." Nightcrawler said.

    Deadpool stepped in. "Dude with the trench coat would be Noir Spider-Man. And Spiky armor dude is Penance." After receiving strange looks, especially from Nightcrawler. He quickly said. "What? I read comics."

    Looking back at the battle, Delsin saw "Captain America" And "Penance" attempting to assist the gorilla with the bird masked man, while "Noir Spider-Man" was trying help the other "Spider-Man" with the angry british lady and the sniper.

    Well, that is until the sniper broke one of the displays that held a giant gauntlet. As she reached for it, she stopped when she heard the gorilla went into rage mode.

    Delsin saw the boy with the blue hoodie run over to the display, quickly grabbing the giant gauntlet, before hiding behind the display the gauntlet had been held. He could faintly hear the younger child yell. "Watch out!" Causing the sniper to become cautious, but suddenly the boy equipped the gauntlet and punched the sniper, sending her flying as a pulse of energy went off.

    As she recovered, and readied her weapon take shoot the kid, when Nightcrawler appeared next to the boy with a small thing of smoke, grabbing the kid and the gauntlet, he quickly disappeared, reappearing behind a statue.
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  4. Peter balked at Nightcrawler's demonstration. "Whoa! You can teleport? That's awesome, dude!"

    The spider-theme hero web-lined himself to Nightcrawler and the boy in the blue hoodie. He gently took the gauntlet from the kid - no, looking at him closer, Peter judged the teen to be about his age. That gave him a strange sense of perspective, considering what he got up to at the same age. "I got this, buddy," Peter said, taking the gauntlet. He looked to Nightcrawler. "Yo, Nightworm guy, I got a plan! These guys are after thing this, right? Let's play keep-away, while Captain America and those other guys take 'em out! Go long!"

    With that, he chucked the gauntlet into a high arc, intending for Nightcrawler to teleport up to intercept. With the item in the air, Spider-Man shot a web-line and pulled himself to a higher vantage point, giving him a clear view of the battlefield. He clung to the ceiling of the museum and fired a line from each wrist, clogging up the female sniper's gun and reapplying some web onto the masked shotgun-wielder's mask. "Whoops!" Spider-Man quipped, "I guess I got my goo in your hair!"

    He then waved down to a familiar figure in red, white, and blue. "Hey, Cap! They're open!" Though just a short while ago, he had fought against the flag-themed hero, he knew that in a fight like this, the famed Captain America was sure to be an ally. Spider-Man sang off-key, "Those who face the mighty shield must yield!"
  5. Soon Nightcrawler teleported above the gauntlet, deciding to show off his experience in the circus, he did a few twists and what not, before grabbing the gauntlet. Teleporting once more, he appeared near the suit of armor. Looking for another person to throw it, he quickly selected a target. "Deadpool! Go long!" He yelled, before throwing the gauntlet.

    Deadpool jumped up to catch the gauntlet, before he quickly threw it to Delsin. "Hot potato!" Delsin had to "smoke dash" in order to catch the gauntlet. Once he caught it, and after he ran for a bit. He yelled. "Yo! Noir! Heads up!" He threw the gauntlet as hard as he could.

    Noir Spider-Man quickly shot out a line of web to grab the gauntlet mid air, before he spun tossed it to Nightcrawler. Whom repeated the keep away process. Only difference was that, Noir called out. "Your turn, Batman!" Before he tossed it to Batman, whom rocket boosted to grab it. Suddenly calling out. "Spider-Man, catch!" He flew by, quickly throwing the gauntlet back at him.

    Captain America reared back the arm with the shield, before sending it flying at the sniper and masked man. It almost perfectly ricocheted off the masked man and into the sniper.

    The shield bounced off a few terminals before it came back flying to Captain America. Who caught it as easily, as one would put on a glove.

    The sniper and the shotgun totting masked man looked to one another, before nodding. The sniper lady shot out a grappling hook up the hole in the window that the gorilla and her had crashed through earlier.

    The masked man held onto her as the two quickly zipped up and through the broken window. And out of sight.

    Now with the threat gone, Nightcrawler, Deadpool, Delsin, Noir, Batman and Penance walked over to Captain America. Said person waved at Spider-Man to come on down to join them. After this, he looked to the gorilla and the british woman. "So, why were they after the gauntlet?" Was all he said.
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  6. "Its a weapon, used by a bloke named Doomfist. Nasty piece o' work," Tracer replied. She gestured to Captain America. "We'd like it back, by the way." She jerked a thumb at herself and the gorilla. "Looks like you boys are on the good guys' side. Name's Tracer, this is Winston."

    Introductions from the newcomers came next, one after the other. Spider-Man waved at Tracer sheepishly. "Er, sorry about before."

    She titled her head at him. "Just how old are you, kid?" He certainly sounded young.

    "Uh, fifteen."

    "Fift- " she spluttered. She got outmaneuvered by a baby!? "Luv, does your mum even know you're here?"

    The young hero shrugged. "Well, probably not. And its my aunt, not my mom. Uh, where is here, anyway?" He looked around. "This doesn't look like New York...."

    "That's because its not," Winston rumbled. "This is Numbani, Africa. Overwatch Museum. City of Omnic-human relations."

    "Omwhatitz?" Spider-Man stumbled.

    Behind him, Captain America rubbed the bridge of his nose. It seemed he, at least had an idea of what's going on. "Oh, great. Thor told me about something like this. Alternate universe. Wonderful."

    "Wait, that's a thing?" Tracer balked.

    Winston rubbed his furry chin. "Fascinating. So all of you are from other worlds?"

    Spider-Man then pointed to the two boys, watching the exchange in awe. "Uh, guys, we might want to do this somewhere else. Like, anywhere but here...."
  7. Most of the group looked at the two siblings, then nodded in response to Spider-Man's suggestion.

    Although, Captain America handed the gauntlet to Delsin. Whom walked over to Winston and Tracer. As for Captain America, he walked over to the two young siblings. Crouching infront of them, he started to talk about courage and what not. Before long, he patted the head of the boy in the blue hoodie. Before walking back to the group.

    "So, I'm assuming you have someplace where we can continue this conversation?" He said to both Tracer and Winston.

    Deadpool, Noir and Penance were having a small conversation.

    "So.....Uh, how long before you want to tell your otherworldly counterpart that you share more relation than just a costume and powers?" Deadpool asked Noir.

    Whom responded with. "Well.....When we're out of public view.....Afterall, he'll most likely freak, and ask questions....."

    Deadpool gave a shrug. "Alright.....So, how have you been Robbie?" He turned to Penance. "Good enough.......I was on the trail of Nitro.....But, more than likely, the trails gone cold by now...."

    When Noir tilted his head, Deadpool just said. "Long story.....And best told by Robbie.."
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  8. Tracer and Winston apparently arrived by private jet. They offered a ride to the newcomers in the same. It was reminiscent of a Quinjet in terms of aesthetics and technology, a sleek and obviously tough piece of military hardware with a circular logo that doubled as both an O and a W. Tracer was apparently a pilot, taking to the controls like a fish to water.

    "We'll take you boys to our base in Gibraltar," the Englishwoman said cheerily. "You'll like it. Quiet-like. Lots of peanut butter. Winston," she added snarkily. The gorilla huffed at being called out. Tracer continued, "I take it none of you are from around here. We're Overwatch - or used to be."

    Spider-Man raised a hand from where he was buckled into a seat, oddly looking like an awkward schoolboy in class despite his sophisticated costume. "Um, so what's Overwatch?"

    Winston adjusted his spectacles. "Well, you truly aren't from around here, are you?"

    "Alternate universes," Captain America said again by way of explanation. "Just give us the run down, Winston."

    The gorilla cleared his throat and began, "Thirty years ago, there was a war against machines known as the Omnic Crisis. In desperation, the United Nations formed Overwatch, an elite strike force to contain the threat. Eventually, we won and expanded into a global peacekeeping organization. We fight supervillains, terrorists, and other threats to global security." He stared off into space, obviously reliving happier times. "We were the guardians of an entire world. Our leader, Strike-Commander Jack Morrison, led us to countless victories. An entire generation grew up knowing that Overwatch would keep them safe...."

    Tracer glumly took over. "Then it all went to hell. We're guessing it was some kind of conspiracy against Overwatch. Lots of dirty laundry got fluffed out to the public. Opinion toward us soured. Jack took the brunt of it, being the face of the group and all." Her expression grew morose. "And then Switzerland happened. Our HQ was in Zurich. Someone blew it straight to hell. Jack, our friend Gabriel Reyes, and a lot of other people died. Overwatch disbanded. Those of us who survived went our own ways. Some became vigilantes. Others, mercenaries." Her mood brightened and she tossed a look at Winston. "Until the big guy here sent out the Recall."

    "Yes," Winston said. "I was attacked by those Talon agents we fought earlier. The one we call 'Reaper.' He wanted the Overwatch database and I thwarted him. But it was the final straw for me. For the last five years since Overwatch was disbanded, the world has spiraled down a dark path. It needs to end. This world needs its heroes. It need...Overwatch."

    A dramatic silence wreathed over the cabin.

    Spider-Man decided to interrupt it with an eager, enthusiastic round of applause, as if he was just listening to an epic story. When Noir, Captain America, and Delsin looked at him oddly, he wilted.

    Nightcrawler patted him on the shoulder.
  9. "Wowza.....No offense Spidey. But, you really need to ease on the enthusiastic thing." Deadpool commented.

    Noir had decided to sit next to Spider-Man, so no one else could overhear the conversation he was about to have with the young man. "So.....I don't know how to put this any other way.....But, this is going to cut some explaining....I'm you from another universe.....Peter." He said the last bit quietly to Spider-Man.

    Even though he had not responded, Noir quickly said. "Before you ask 'how I know your secret identity.' I share more than just powers with you." With that said, Noir took off his fedora, and finally unmasked himself. Revealing a slightly older Peter Parker.

    After showing his face, he put the mask back on, along with the fedora.

    He waited for Peter's reaction.

    "Delsin.....What was that thing you were doing, where you turned into smoke, and reformed close by?" Nightcrawler asked him.

    Delsin replied. "I call that 'smoke dash.' Part of my whole Conduit Power Sponge thing." "Power Sponge?" Batman asked. Delsin responded with. "I can copy other powers of Conduits, though it requires skin contact....And I'm assuming it won't work with most of you guys....As much as that sucks..."He muttered to himself.
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  10. Peter balked when it sunk in just what Noir was saying. "No way...that's so cool!" he declared, loudly enough for the others to look at him strangely. "Er...nothing! Nothing at all! Just admiring my friend's costume here, ha, ha...."

    Tracer shook her head and turned her attention back to flying. "We should be hitting Gibraltar soon, luvs," she announced. "You'll like it. Lots of space. Hopefully, that'll change soon. Like we said, we're Recalling all the old Overwatch agents. Bring back the gang, y'know?"

    "Aren't you the least bit concerned that somehow a bunch of alternate universe people just dropped onto your Earth?" Captain America inquired.

    "Oh, I'm curious, but not that concerned," the pilot replied with a shrug. "You're all good guys right? So what's the problem? We're gonna have to find a way to get you back home, but let's face it - we'll need the resources at our base to figure that out. So, I figure, why worry?"

    "If only everyone else in the world could be as carefree as you, Tracer," Winston murmured.

    Tracer added, "Besides, between everything we Overwatch agents have seen in our time, alternate universe heroes are kinda low-key, y'know?"

    "'Low-key?'" Spider-Man repeated, glancing back at Noir and then back at Tracer. "Seriously? Just what kind of adventures do you guys get into that alternate universes are 'low-key?'" He glanced at Batman, Noir, Winston, Tracer, Deadpool, Delsin, Nightcrawler, and Captain America in turn. It was telling that most of them didn't seem terribly worried about the phenomenon, either. Spider-Man slumped into his chair. "Huh. And here I thought stopping a bank robbery as a big deal...."
  11. "You get used to it.....I did once when I got dragged into a war against a few demigod like people, who were going around killing alternate versions of a certain hero...." Noir said.

    Deadpool immediately went. "Spider-Verse! I love that storyline....Though, I call BS on Cosmic dying....." After everyone gave him a weird look. "What? You guys don't read comics?"

    Delsin and Penance raised their hands. Delsin went. "I did, but they were typically about a guy called Nathan Drake, or about a raccoon thief." Whereas Penance said. "The only ones I read were the few made by that company, whom typically had some of the known heroes on misadventures.....Or acted as a PSA..."

    Batman shook his head. "Most of them were just over exaggerated adventures of current heroes from my world.." And Nightcrawler just said. "I prefer books. More imagination that way."
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  12. The superheroes argued about the respective virtues of comics versus novels the rest of the way to Watchpoint: Gibraltar, one of Overwatch's former bases and Winston's home.

    The gorilla gave them the full tour as they streamed into the old facility. "Pardon the mess. I don't get many visitors," Winston apologized.

    Spider-Man's mask-lenses widened, matching his own astonishment at the high-tech equipment collecting dust all around him. "Oh my God! Is that a Cray mainframe? And there's a holographic interface projector! How do you guys afford all this?" Clearly, the teenaged hero was like a kid in a candy factory.

    Captain America removed his helmet and smiled in amusement at the youth's excitement. He had no idea what the boy was yammering about. When it came to the technology of the twenty-first century, he was happy with results rather than knowing how they actually worked. He was amazed he learned how to use the Internet and his cell phone, much less the technological wizardry around him.

    As the others gathered around, the Captain turned to Winston and Tracer. "We can't stay here forever, Winston. Got any ideas for getting all of us back home?"

    "Well," the gorilla hummed, agilely maneuvering around the base to a particular computer, "we've not really dealt with sending dimensional visitors out of our world before, but perhaps I can work out a portal system to get you back home. The trick will be finding a power supply and locating your precise worlds of origin."

    "You're not worried about creating the portal itself?" Spider-Man inquired.

    "No, we've got experience with a similar phenomenon already," Winston said, looking at Tracer.

    The impish woman shrugged blithely. "I was Overwatch's test pilot. New plane called the Slipstream. Engine went wonky and separated me from the timestream." She tapped the chronal accelerator on her chest. "Winston made this thing to keep me anchored in the present, but its the reason why I can blink around; I just skip forward or backward in time."

    "So its a similar concept to transporting people across universes?" Captain America asked.

    "That's right, Captain," Winston said, typing away.

    "Steve, please," Rogers corrected. "Steve Rogers."

    Tracer looked him up and down. "Hm. Yeah, you look like a 'Steve.'" She then turned her gaze to Spider-Man. "Wot about you, luv? What's your name?"

    The costumed teen pressed his fingertips together shyly. "Um, well, I kinda want to keep my secret identity, y'know, secret. I'm not like Captain Rogers. I kinda need my mask."

    She smiled kindly at him. "No worries, kiddo. I getcha." Then she looked at the others. "Wot about all of you? Cool callsigns, but come on, we're all friends here. My name's Lena. Lena Oxton."
  13. "Delsin Rowe, I don't really use nicknames, though I don't dislike them." Delsin said, taking a seat on a empty counter. Pulling out a phone to play what looked to be a game about launching birds at pigs and structures.

    Nightcrawler calmly said. "Kurt Wagner."

    "......Terry....Terry McGinnis." Batman said, crossing his arms and leaning against a counter. Delsin made a 'Eh, it's an alright name.' face, while Kurt commented. "Nice name."

    After giving a small nod to Kurt's comment, Batman went quiet.

    Up next was Deadpool, who stated while pulling out a phone of his own. "Wade Wilson." He quickly pulled his mask up, revealing his scarred face, saying. "Boo." Before pulling the mask back down. "Uh....What's up with....?" Delsin made a motion to his face. To which Deadpool went. "Well, that is what happens when you get cancer, then a healing factor. You can guess the rest from there....Now if you'll excuse me, I got songs I want to listen to." Taking out a pair of headphones, Deadpool put them on. Then selected a song, proceeding to dance to whatever song he picked.

    Noir decided to go next. "Alex Parker...." He said, after taking off his mask and fedora. And when no one was looking, he winked at Spider-Man, obviously signaling that 'Alex Parker' was a fake name. After this, he took off his trench coat, placing it along with his fedora, on a table. Putting his mask back on, he sat down in a chair, arms crossed as well.

    Finally, but not least. Penance spoke up. "Robbie Baldwin....But, I prefer Penance..." After saying that, he took off the helmet, showing his young, yet scarred face and bald head.

    Batman said. "Why's that? For Penance typically means repentance. Which means you have done something wrong, or feel guilty about something."

    Robbie simply stated. "It's a long story..."
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