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  1. Angela Zielger was a famous Scientist and Doctor in the world. She had single handedly moved modern medicine through science and experimentation. Because of all her hard work, the world has recognized her as an amazing Doctor and Scientist. She now has her own Television Show broadcasted worldwide for everyone to see when it came. She has talked about science, medicine, healthy diets, and things in between. The show was becoming stale and Angela just wanted to go back to working in a lab, to be helping people instead of sitting in front of a Camera for her career. She was running out of material to the point that the show producers brought guest stars on and sometimes didn't even talk about Health. About other various things that seemed important in the World.

    Angela had become recognized thanks to many of her technological advances, such as the caduceus which emits a healing beam to wounded people. It was mainly used in warfare now for medics. She also saved a young mans life, the man was called Genji Shimada who was on the verge of death. Angela had created a suit that kept him alive and able to move out of the hospital! No tubes or wires needed, no bed rest! Genji will eventually heal and no longer need the suit to support himself.

    Angela wore a light brown sweater that looked soft and fluffy with an undershirt, slacks and heels. She smiled into the camera as the crowd behind it watched--they laughed, cheered or conversed whenever the show went on. Sadly the show was coming to an end today, but not without one final guest star coming onto the stage. "We have one final guest for the audience today. Amélie Lacroix will be joining us today." The crowd clapped and Angela went quiet so they could cheer before speaking again. "Every member in the audience today will be given a free ticket to go see Miss Lacroix's new movie, coming out July 23rd. She is playing as a French Assassin, working for an organization called 'Talon' and her codename is 'Widowmaker' in the movie." Angela gave a small backstory into what the movie would be about and the crowd clapped once more. "Now lets all give a big hand to Amélie!" Miss Lacroix was currently backstage, and Angela gestured to the entrance that the guests came through for that stupid dramatic effect.

    Amélie Lacroix came out and the audience clapped. Miss Lacroix was one of the more popular Actresses of their generation right now. Be it for her acting skills or her gorgeous looks that made many men watch her movies and love her--even the women too. Angela enjoyed watching many movies starring Amélie, but Angela didn't know her personally. She couldn't judge her person, not until they met personally over lunch or something.

    When Miss Lacroix took her seat next to Angela's chair, she let the audience settle down before turning to her. "Thank you for being on the show. We are glad to have you." Angela's voice was sweet and soft, she didn't have to act like she was a good and sweet person on the camera. That was the kind of person she was. If she hated people, or was a mean person, she wouldn't be in the profession that she was in.
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  2. The actress life wasn't the plan when she was younger. An athlete at heart, Amélie Lacroix was introduced to the sport of rifle and skeet shooting and excelled. Seeing the talent and nurturing it, she made it to the national competition in France - a homage to her parents - and then to the Global Games. The epitome of sports. Her fan base was quite sizable as she went time and time again to the Games. When she decided to take a step away from competitive shooting to try something new, her fans were in an uproar. However, after proving a capable actress, they followed her to the acting scene en masse.

    She was yet again a guest star to a TV show. This one was different than the others. Instead of showing up on a talk show of sorts or being interviewed at a celebrity gathering or simply a PR one, Dr. Ziegler's producer was the one to reach out to her. It was surprising. Amélie indeed followed the show, the health topics of interest to the former international athlete. The doctor's accomplishments were hard not to know of. Amélie couldn't help but think she was the wrong person for the show. Maybe it was to pull more views to the doctor's show. Who really knew what the people wanted? Show some skin or give a scandal. That was all a celebrity had to do for PR. Amélie leaned away from that expectation however.

    Amélie sat backstage in a comfy arm chair. Instead of having her natural brown hair tied back into a pony tail, it was a dark purple. The character she was playing was a French assassin who rocked the purple hair while she 'removed' people from positions for a fee. Other than that, she wore black leggings, an orange long sleeve cut out shirt to match her eyes, and a pair of sandals. Though it was very casual, it still looked somewhat put together. Fashion isn't as simple as some make it out to be. Amélie sighed.

    Tilting her head to the backstage screen, for a doctor, Ziegler was pretty decent at speaking. There was a presence that some people had or didn't have when orating. Similar to acting. One had the presence or didn't. Technicalities could always be taught, but that 'presence' was more so a second nature type of thing. In Amélie's eyes anyway. Hearing the brief intro for her, Amélie smiled and clapped. "Well said doctor," she said more so to herself.

    "Ms. Lacroix? You're up. Good luck!"

    Amélie chuckled. Getting up from her chair, she gave the backstage crew member a smile. Then she was on stage. Hearing the typical applause that'd become the new norm while the cameras followed her, she flashed the cameras - the crowd - a smile and waved. It was all part of the act.

    Finding her seat next to Dr. Ziegler, she settled into it and waited until the host spoke. That was the etiquette at these things.

    "Thank you for being on the show. We are glad to have you."

    "Je vous remercie de m'avoir invité." Amélie noted several puzzled faces and laughed. Where Dr. Ziegler's voice was soft to the ears, Amélie's was similar yet different. It was velvet softness mixed in with something dark. Something mysterious. Promising allures to those that were lucky enough to risk getting a little closer. "What I meant to say was, thanks for having me. I'm quite a fan. You did a show critiquing the new Mediterranean diet. I, personally, have never been a fan of fad diets. Glad to see another objective lens. Figuratively speaking. Not literally."
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  3. Angela smiled when Miss Lacroix entered on the stage and the crowd cheered. How she grew to love the cheering crowd for her, how she was so recognized in the world and her advancements were taken seriously and saving lives. She hadn't developed anything new in the past two years because of the show. It made her hate her choices and love them at the same time. Being in the spotlight, talking to the people that loved her as a person brought joy to her heart. Yet she couldn't help but want to end the show, make this her final season and go back to being a full time Doctor and Scientist in the field of Medicine. She longed for it.

    She smiled as Amelia commented on the previous few episodes about the Mediterranean Diet that has been recently popping up over the world. Angela had gone of the pros and the cons over the whole diet and what you should do, how you should do it. What you eat and what you don't eat, and so many other in-depth things because it was her job on the show to be in-depth and give all the proper and professional information that one could possibly give. The crowd laughed in unison at Miss Lacroix's comment about lens being figurative, it was odd how the crowd was in tune with one another, but she had grown accustom to it. Surely Amelia has as well, especially with her previous career in being a competitive shooter. She had a fan base that followed her around in terms of what she had switched to and that showed true fans. Dedication, loyalty.

    "Thank you for being here with us Miss Lacroix." It was actually the Producer that wanted Miss Lacroix on the show. The man had a raging hard-on for the beautiful and talented Amelia Lacroix, but the man was a nobody that would ever gain her attention. So he used his connections on being the Producer to get in touch with her and have her on the show, so he could have a chance of speaking to her after. Zielger knew the truth and found it quite sad, sad enough that Angela planned on saving Amelia after the show by taking up her time or bringing her along after the show. "Being an Actress and an Ex-Competitive Shooter must be exhausting, surely you have a scheduled plan on workout routine and eating. We brought you on the show today to talk about your daily exercises and diet." It was a health show, not a talk show. Of course they would touch a bit on the movie and all, but the main focus was health and how to properly take care of your body.

    Zielger and Lacroix exchanged more pleasantries and asked questions to the guest before the show came to its end. Lacroix was the final guest star of the day and the cameras went off and the crowd slowly began to leave their seats with their free tickets to the nearest Theater. Angela and Amelia were left alone for a brief period of time before the Producer would come out to 'speak' to Amelia about future guest appearances. The Producer would probably ask to do it over lunch or something. It made Angela roll her eyes visibly for a second thinking about the pathetic attempt on getting Amelia's attention.

    "Would you like to go out for a cup of coffee?" Angela asked as she heard the double doors pop open, clad feet stepping over the tiled floor to their chairs. Angela had asked right before the Producer, Alex, showed up and the man was loud. "Miss Lacroix! I am so glad you did make it and I am deeply sorry that I couldn't be there with you when you arrived. I believe we would get along wonderfully." The man was already giving off the awful vibes, at least Angela could pick them up. Hopefull Miss Lacroix didn't fall prey--Angela didn't expect her to fall prey. She was one of the most famous Actresses in the world right now and she had suitors always chasing after her.

    "I understand you are a busy woman Miss Lacroix, what with the movie coming out soon and photo shoots and the whole shabang. I was wondering if you would care to be a guest star again, at a later date? Perhaps even for a few episodes like a co-host. We can discuss the details, if you are interested, over lets say...lunch?" The man couldn't be serious about trying to get her as a Co-Host. While Angela wouldn't mind having some help on stage and someone like Amelia helping--Amelia wasn't being offered the job because she qualified, though she did. She was being offered because of this mans obsessiveness over the famous Actress.
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  4. And there it was. The trademark synchronized laughter from the crowd. It was creepy how impeccable the timing was with them on talk shows. Amélie, for the longest time, tried to figure out how they did it. Teleprompter, someone from the show placed in the crowd, simply feeling the moment. After her exhaustive espionage attempts to find the answer, she came up with nothing. Not even the talk show crews gave her any insight. Failure after failure, she simply threw in the towel. Maybe she was better off not knowing what made the crowd tick. Group think was definitely her top explanation however.

    Thanked again for being on the show, Amélie merely nodded this time around. After a moment more of pleasantries, the content started to roll off Dr. Ziegler's tongue. The classical diet and exercise question. If only Amélie had a nickel for every time she was asked that. "The current movie I'm in is rather unique. It's really the first movie that actively has me breaking a sweat. Widowmaker, my character, is quite nimble on her feet," Amélie looked at the crowd, "which I'm certain some of you have seen from the trailers. Though I'm a huge proponent of free weights and separate agility stuff, my trainer has me on functional fitness type things. Eating? Clean eating. That's it. Clean eating and listening to your body. I'm not a fan of portion control. My body tells me when I'm hungry. When I'm full. We've just got good at not listening to it."

    Settling deeper into her chair, Amélie listened to each question the doctor listed off and answered them in kind. It was refreshing not talking about the latest gossip, what she did last weekend, or if she was really a US citizen. Which she was. That question always struck a nerve. When did being a citizen mean you couldn't be bilingual in one's ancestral tongue? It confounded her. She did have dual citizenship however. It made traveling in Europe so much easier. Going back to France really helped with language solidification. If there was anything Amélie wished was different with American culture, it was the lack of traveling between states or international travel. One could always gain some perspective of going to places that they've never been before.

    After the allotted time was up, Amélie remained in her seat as the crowd clapped one more time and started to file out. Some asked for pictures, which she was obligated to agree to. It was good for publicity, and her agent would've scolded her for being so open to the public. Amélie didn't really care however. She loved her fan base and interacting with them. It made her career that much more human. There was a belief that celebrities were on a whole new level compared to the average person. She tried her best to dispel that misconception. Celebrities were merely people with more money and-or fame.

    When it was just Dr. Ziegler and herself, Amélie was about to thank the good doctor for inviting her until Dr. Ziegler beat her to it. Instead of a thank you, however, she received an invitation for coffee. An interesting proposition. Amélie smiled. "There's this place I saw coming in. CoffeeCocaMug. I'm not sure if you've been there, but I'm a fan of trying things once. Then render an opinion. But yeah, I'd love to," she said. Then a man appeared. Amélie had trouble recalling his name. She knew he was the producer. She remembered that much. She laughed. "Potentially. You were busy. Nothing to apologize for."

    He was pleasant, but his eyes, where they looked, told her all she needed to know.

    Amélie rose an eyebrow at the man's slightly pushy disposition. She gestured to Dr. Ziegler. "Co-hosting, I'm sure, is decided by the good doctor here. As you say, I'm quite booked. Schedule wise. Today being the exception," she said. "Though lunch sounds marvelous, I already have an obligation. Again, with Dr. Ziegler. Perhaps another time."

    Look to Dr. Ziegler, she resisted the sarcastic remarks playing at her lips. "Shall we doctor?"
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  5. Angela smiled inwardly to herself as the man was basically rejected by Miss Lacroix in the kindness way possible without seeming like a total bitch. Alex kept a smile on his face but wanted to frown and ask her what was wrong with him, was he not rich enough for her? He wanted to flip because he has convinced himself that Miss Lacroix was the perfect woman for him in the world, but he didn't actually know her. "Oh. You are having lunch with Doctor Zielger?" He didn't know when that happened, but he was fuming in his head for what seemed like eternity before it came to his mind. He would just have to try and get Angela to convince Amelia to join the show and become a Co-Host, or to reconsider his lunch offer and go out on a date with him. Angela wasn't going to do any of that but she would act like she tried just to get the crazy Producer off her back about the whole thing. "Well I shouldn't keep you two waiting. Have a nice lunch." Alex strained a smile before leaving the two alone and leaving the premises.

    "Yes, we shall. Time to go." Angela let out a small laugh after Alex had left them alone on the stage, but she quickly composed herself and straightened her clothes before standing up and out of the comfortable pristine white chair. "Sorry about the Producer, Amélie. He is head over heels in love with you and your work, though you could probably tell." The Producer had switched between famous women whenever he got shot down, usually. Angela Zielger was one of those women that Alex tried to date and she politely rejected him and informed him that she didn't actually like men, but she swung for the other team as people say.

    She left the stage to the backroom where she placed her belongings and grabbed the small purse she kept her phone, cards and various other things inside. She didn't care for purses really but it was easier than trying to cram it all in the small pockets of the jeans she wore and such. She turned back at Amélie with a smile and left the studio. The coffee shop Amélie had seen on her way to the studio wasn't far from them. Just a walking distance away.

    Pulling out a pair of sunglasses she slid them on, mainly to hide her eyes and the like away from the paparazzi. Surely it was worse for Amélie and now they were walking together. "It will be amusing to see what kind of stories will pop up on the 'news' about how we are getting Coffee together." She could already see the stupid headlines now about what could be happening between the Actress and Doctor, but Angela had learned long ago to ignore the stupid people and focus on her life and goals. Not to be brought down by rumors and questions about her love life and who she is dating.
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  6. Along with Dr. Ziegler, Amélie watched the producer stalk off. It wasn't too surprising of his pass on her. Since she took sponsorships for her days as an athlete, lots of fan mail and flirtatious conversations came her way. Even before that, but being on television nationwide did little in keeping her incognito. It was fortunate she was raised proper. Otherwise, Amélie had little doubt she'd be on all those foolish gossip shows. Did people not have anything better to do? It didn't make sense to her one bit.

    "I'm used to it. Lots of fans. Lots of chances to say the wrong thing," she said. "Why don't we meet back here? I suppose you'll need to get your stuff."

    When Dr. Ziegler left her alone, Amélie went backstage to get her things. There really wasn't much to get. She had her rather expensive purse and nothing else. She liked packing light. She missed the days where she didn't have to worry too much about fashion. Athletic wear was very straight forward as opposed to matching and staying on top of trends. Maybe after a few more years, she'd go back to shooting. The movie actress life was glamorous, but she preferred the more physical and competitive nature of sports. She had to admit, however, she'd met a lot of interesting people. Opportunities too.

    Her companion coming back from wherever she went, Amélie slipped on her own sunglasses. It was unfortunate that they couldn't hide her from the public. Though her eyes were a dead giveaway, her physique was rather unique. Following the way towards the exit, Amélie laughed at Dr. Ziegler's comment. "Mon Dieu. I've been dealing with the press since, well, a very long time. You'd think they'd give it a break. Find a different topic, but no."

    Glad to feel the sunlight basking on her skin, the walk didn't take that long at all. Entering the CoffeeCocaMug, it was quaint. Ordering a coffee, she waited until Dr. Ziegler ordered then found an empty two seated table. She took the seat facing the window. She never really liked sitting with her back to the window. Amélie smiled. "No press yet. Hope it stays that way. You think people won't recognize me? That'd be lovely."
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  7. Angela didn't see any paparazzi as they walked the streets and headed into CoffeeCocaMug where the two celebrities walked up to the counter and ordered their drinks separately and gave their names. Of course they were recognized, sunglasses weren't going to stop them from being recognized but more of the workers were surprised to see Amélie because she had never been to the small coffee shop before and Angela has. Angela laughed under her breath as Amélie hoped for no press or pictures taken and that no one would know who she was, but that was already past as bystanders drinking their coffees pulled out phones 'discreetly' and started to take pictures of the two together.

    "I think it is a little too late for that Amélie." She grabbed the straw of her drink and held it to her lips before taking a sip from the cup. The coffee was spiced and flavored and wasn't just normal coffee anymore but she enjoyed the taste. She played with the straw absent-mindlessly as her eyes wandered over Amélie's face and body behind her dark tinted sunglasses. A small smile played on her lips before taking another drink.

    "If things get too crazy we could always make it to my home. I live only a few blocks away from the studio in a gated community, shut away from the paparazzi." Angela offered the famous Actress safety if the damn paparazzi began to pop out of the wood works. She didn't want to talk about the paparazzi anymore and what may come to be, she wanted to enjoy her time and be with Amélie like they were just friends and normal people, nothing special between the two.

    "It would be nice to have another person on the show, a familiar face that showed up every day and co-hosted. I would enjoy having you as a co-host, but I understand you have all sorts of movie offers, appearances that need to be made." Angela wasn't asking her to become a co-host, and she wasn't doing this for Alex back at the studio. Angela was doing this for herself, out of her own personal pursuits in the world of celebrity women.

  8. Amélie scoffed as she took a sip from her pumpkin flavored latte. She had a thing for the drinks even if it wasn't technically coffee. She hardly ever drank straight black. Too bitter for her. She liked sweet things. Not overly sweet but balanced to the point where she could get her caffeine without gagging from the taste. As she drank from the cup, she could hear people muttering about herself and Angela. Even some snaps from phones. She grew used to it, but she hated it. It felt like she would forever live her with no privacy. Except for when she was home. Even then, reporters had the audacity to set up near her home. The vultures.

    Sighing, she removed her sunglasses and placed them neatly on the table. There was no need to 'hide' her identity any longer. "I may take you up on that offer. I too live in such a community. The paparazzi always somehow find a way in! So much for 24/7 security. I might have a word with the security person," she said. She took another sip from her latte. Angela then changed topics. Amélie rose an eyebrow. "You know? I was thinking about quitting the actress life after this movie. Go back to competitive shooting. I miss competitions rather than retaking scene after scene. Your shows are live. You'd be surprised how many times I had to redo a scene just cause my body wasn't 'just right'. Have you seen what I wear? As if outfits couldn't get anymore ... sexualized."

    Reality television did sound fun. It was on the go filming versus scripted like movies. While Amélie certainly wasn't going to commit to anything yet, she couldn't say she wasn't intrigued. What she wasn't too sold on was dealing with the producer. From what little she interacted with him, he wanted her there for other reasons than just enriching the show. She wasn't even sure if she was qualified to be part of Angela's show. Why did Angela want her, a non-health person, as a co-host? Publicity perhaps.

    "I do hope you're aware I'm hardly qualified to speak on science and health related topics? Unlike yourself. You're quite accomplished, dear doctor," Amélie said. She rose a brow at a girl who took a picture of her with the flash on. For goodness sakes. "If I were to contribute to the discussion, it would be for topics that would be child's play for you. I suppose what I'm saying is that I'm confused about why you would want me as a co-host. Unless you simply want more viewers? I could understand that."
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  9. Angela took another sip of her spiced drink before setting it down on the small circular table in front of them with their purses. She smiled and listened to Amélie's question about why Angela wanted her when she wasn't fit for the whole diet and health thing. It was a strange thing for Angela to even ask, but it wasn't because she was in love with Amélie like the Producer was or anything. Angela just wanted someone else on the show that she could get along with and it seemed like Amélie and Angela were getting along just fine at the moment and that is why. "It isn't so much as viewers as it does get lonely and annoying being by myself and working with Alex." The Producer may have given up on Angela, but she knew that the man was still an idiot and talked about her behind her back.

    "You seemed to well on the show today and having a familiar and friendly face on the show would put some ease on me. I have been thinking about making this my final season of the show and going back into the field of Science and Medicine." She was honest with Amélie. She didn't want to really be on the show anymore but she was sticking around because she didn't know what to say or what to do to tell Alex that she was done with it and that she wasn't signing a new contract or renew her contract to stay on the show. Three seasons, this was the third. It was all she had signed for and now it was coming to an end with a new contract sitting at her Lawyer's office.

    Publicity could be another thing, maybe Amélie just guest stars on all the final episodes of the show before Angela turns down the offer and goes back to her old work. Almost thee years and she had to work in the 'shadows' now, in the privacy of her own home where she couldn't get her hands on much but it was at least something to keep her mind sane.
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  10. "Friendly and familiar? Mon dieu, what a compliment," Amélie said. They had just met, and she was already a friendly face? Scary was hardly the word people used to describe her, but some were turned off by her posh word choice. It was a hard habit to break. Raised proper, what people defined as speaking casually felt odd to her. Many a times, her tone was mistaken as condescending. She was not about belittling people. "If I could be frank. I wouldn't want to spend a second more with your producer. I've no problem with people looking. But there's a point where one comes off as too strong. It makes me weary. Does that make sense?"

    Acting as various roles, though not always representing her true demeanor, did afford some benefits. One such benefit was picking up on subtle cues in how a person spoke. There was more excitement about academia than the show. Excitement about leaving and traversing back into the life of discovery. Amélie understood the feeling, just in a different vocation. "I think the idea sounds splendid. Becoming Ms. Scientists instead of being Ms. Reality TV. It gets boring after a while doesn't it? Fatiguing? That's something people not celebrities don't get," she said. Amélie finished her latte and pushed the cup to the side. "This co-host deal. How much longer is your season? Would I have any say in topics? If I should be a simple prop on stage, I'll have to kindly decline."

    Thinking of any further immediate questions, she snapped her fingers. "How much stronger does your producer, Alex, get? I won't have to deal with constant suggestive suggestions, yes?"
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  11. Mercy laughed as Améllie asked question after question about what she would do on the show and then about the Producer. Taking the last sip of her latte, she pushed it to the side with Miss Lacroix's and rested her hands over her knees as her legs crossed. She had to start somewhere with all the questions--there weren't that many questions but she did have to start and answer them. "Yes. Alex can be a bit...aggressive when it comes to women but he isn't an idiot and he isn't a rude man." Angela didn't like spending time around him either, but after she rejected him he just treated her like another human being. To a degree.

    "He might try and suggest more things to you, as he did me when I first started. When I rejected him and told him I swung for the other team, he only speaks to me about the show and I rarely see him when it doesn't involve show things." Angela didn't care if Amélie knew that she was a lesbian, Angela didn't hide it from anyone. The press and paparazzi have never asked her sexual orientation, so she just never shared it with anyone because no one ever asked. "We also have five or six episodes of the season left and you will speak on every matter as much as I do, as long as you want to speak that is." Angela would enjoy hearing the thoughts about diets, health and 'concerns' from someone who isn't a Doctor on stage. This would allow Angela to answer questions that she would usually receive from people that don't know much about Science and Medicine.

    "For Alex, he will try to say something in the future and just politely reject him or tell him whatever you want and he will back off." Angela smiled and picked up the small purse before fixing her pony-tail. She planned on heading home now, with the show over for the day she had time to be at home and relax. It would also be rude of her not to invite Améllie over for a movie, more talking, or anything the actress wanted to do. "Would you care to come home with me? I always relax after a show and it is quite the hot day." Angela offered a sincere smile to Miss Lacroix.
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