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    JULY 8, 2046

    When the Omnic Crisis first swept the world, the United Nations created Overwatch to fight the robotic hordes. Most countries welcomed the elite international peacekeeping organization with open arms.

    Some, like South Korea, decided to defend themselves.

    When a massive Omnic rose out of the sea to terrorize the land, the South Korean government spearheaded the creation of MEKA - the Movile Exo-Force of the Korean Army. The MEKAs were originally drones with countless high-yield armaments with a singular mission: destroy the Omnic threat to Korea.

    They succeeded.

    Then, the colossal Omnic returned, adapting to the MEKA's original attacks. Improvements were made, changes executed. Again, MEKA won and the Omnic returned to the sea. And again, it returned with new adaptations. Thus, an arms race between Koreans and the colossal Omnic raged for years. Eventually, the Omnic managed to outmaneuver the MEKA's drones, forcing Korea to look for pilots.

    Drawing from professional gamers who possessed the reflexes, quick decision making, and hand-eye coordination necessary to use the MEKAs to their fullest potential, the new super robots were every nerd's wet dream.

    But again and again, the Omnic returned, stronger and smarter before. And again and again, MEKA continued to push it back into the sea.

    Now once again, the East Sea rumbled and bubbled as something began to rise from the depths. The titanic serpentine mechanical monstrosity released a vicious, window-shattering roar.

    Elsewhere, Ulsan's MEKA base sang loudly with the screeching cacophony of alert klaxons. Pilots darted from their bunks and cabins, pulling on their skintight interface suits and donning helmets equipped with HUD data readouts. They rushed to the MEKA bays, where their super robots waited.

    The colossal Omnic had returned once again. And once again, it was time for MEKA to push it back beneath the waves.
  2. Lee had always found any awakening to be a rude one, but none more than the screaming of sirens, blaring a warning to the citizens to run while they still could, and a call to arms to the soldiers who so diligently fought against the colossal omnic that had been terrorizing their lands for so long now.

    Nearly falling from her stiff bunk Lee was clumsy as she got ready, knocking over pillows and a few of hr scant personal belongings as she worked to slide her suit on - it was almost hard to believe she was truly a competent MEKA pilot when she floundered about like this, trying to shake the sleep from her eyes while she readied for battle.

    Personal weapons were grabbed, a last ditch line of self-defence that had seldom saved anyone but was reassuring nonetheless, and MEKA's were quickly piloted, Lee rushing to reach her own at the end of the docking bay. They'd leave in a group effort, because God knew one MEKA floating about waiting for backup would never manage against the giant omnic. Hell, all they had hardly did, only ever able to push the learning robot back into the sea to lay in wait for an oppertunity to attack once more. It was too smart for its own good, that one, and it was that artificial intelligence that had cost so many innocent lives in the years of the fighting.

    Suiting up quickly, settled in the interior of her MEKA and adjusting her sensors, ensuring that all was working and ready for her to charge into a fight, Lee settled in with her hands on the controls and her eyes straight ahead. It was just moments later that the call went out and the hatch opened, the heavy machines pouring from the opening to jump into battle, to push back the aggressive omnic and prevent it from getting any further than it already had.

    It was seconds until Lee was off, thrusters boosting her into the air as she charged forward, accompanying a small group that would be working to support each other - among them she recognized D.Va's MEKA, and a blue one that belonged to one of her bunkmates.

    Even from here, at least a hundred feet away, Lee could see the towering omnic, it's high roars enough to make her flinch. It looked the same as ever, with robotic limbs whirring and growth from the sea adorning it with patches of algae and accessories of seaweed. Were it not or all the havoc it caused, and the hatred that bubbled in Lee's chest just looking at it, it would almost have looked amusing - an ironic appearance for a monster that had been the terror of this land for so long.

    "It's show time." There was no more time to waste. The creature was here, and it was time to show it what they had.

    "You guys ready?!"
  3. "Its show time. You guys ready?"

    Lee's voice came through the comm system of Hana Song's custom pink-colored MEKA. The former pro gamer smirked haughtily and said, "This is EZ mode, Lee! We're gonna all-in this noob and force a GG."

    The pink MEKA flew into formation with Lee and the other pilots. The landed and marched as one at the Colossal Omnic, which had already started lashing out at the docks themselves. Within seconds of contact, missiles and bullets zoomed through the air as the Omnic retaliated with metallic tentacles and a roar powerful enough to rattle windows.

    "Oh, he's gotten faster since the last time!" Hana noted. "D.Va engaging!" Her targeting reticule split into six smaller ones, each tracking a tentacle and blasting them ruthlessly with a barrage of her MEKA's gunfire. One by one, the appendages exploded into scrap. "Hey, Lee, whoever gets the last hit gets all the Doritos in the cupboard - what do you say?"

    There was no time for a reply as D.Va was forced to engage her thrusters to boost away from the Omnic's biting, snapping maw. She left it a parting shot, though: A cluster of missiles burned through its metal carapace at point-blank range. "Better keep up, Lee, or I'm gonna ladder up faster than you!"

    Hana was so busy congratulating herself that she failed to notice the creature's tail whipping at her from behind until her warning system started blaring. She let out a cry as her MEKA was batted into the ground hard enough to leave a crater. Hana shook the blurriness from her vision and stared in horror through the MEKA's cracked windshield. That gaping maw was coming right for her again....
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