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    Overwatch Second Generation.


    - Myself aka Cirilla
    - Razilin
    - Firedrake150 (if he wishes to be one =P)


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    - Decent spelling and grammar.
    - Minimum of two full sentences a post, just so everyone has something to go on.
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    - Lastly have fun!


    -Hannah Marie Autidoe by Cirilla
    -Jonathan Ziegler by Razilin
    - Alexander Gladstone by EddiEddi
    - Erik Grupen by Dunruffle
    - Chu-li Shimada by Sasha Bliss
    -Joseph Colson by Zadok shadows
    - Tanaka Yamashita by FireDrake150
    - Bailey Jones Oxton by Unbound
    - Akil Amari By Artorias
    - Celio Jean By Sanctus
    - Hikaru Kaede By DragonLord
    - Kristen McCree By Cirilla

    If you have fallen upon this thread and are interested in joining here is the sign up thread: OPEN SIGNUPS - OVERWATCH: 2nd Generation. OCC and Signup ^_^

    If you have any questions feel free to pm me or place them in the sign up thread and I'll do my best to get back to you.


    Setting: Watchpoint Gibraltar


    It has been many years now since the second crisis. Overwatch was reformed and has stayed that way ever since taking on the commanding role once again Commander Jack Morrison lead the now large organization into combat and now leads it through peace time. Talon has been dismantled and all but one operative at this point is at large still to this day… Gabriel Reyes.. Call sign Reaper..

    "alright! you have all been welcomed into Overwatch Luv's! And I've been asked to show you to your quarters then you are free to wander around the Watchpoint" a highly excited British brunette mused as she stood in front of the full group of recruits. "as most of you know I am Lena Oxton call sign Tracer any questions feel free to ask me or my comrade over there Genji Shimada" she said pointing to the cybernetic Ninja who stood a couple metres across from her. Looking at the variety of ages she smirked. Most people here have already trained with the best of them. Herself having trained one or two herself over the years.

    "this room is one of multiple briefing rooms I will be around here for a while if you need anything" she said as she headed out the door and down the hall. "Currently at the moment Winston, Myself, Genji and Mercy are here on base so feel free to speak to them" she mused as she walked along leading the group.

    As they walked down a couple of hallways and past the hanger they arrived at a long corridor, with many doors on either side all numbered. "Okay you have all been set up with private rooms, each of you should have a swipe card to open the matching numbered door..." Lena said grinning as she stayed in the corridor. "Now your free to wander the Watchpoint but your first missions will be coming tomorrow sooo good luck!" she called out walking off leaving all the new recruits to dump their gear and set up.

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    Captain Jonathan "Jack" Ziegler gave Tracer a crisp salute in response to her introduction. Like the others, he was specially selected to join Overwatch as its newest generation of agents. Clocking in at six-four and two-twenty pounds of broad shoulder and solid muscle, Jack was a powerfully-built and imposing specimen of masculinity, all framed in the dress uniform of an Overwatch agent. His uniform was as fresh as his own clean-shaven face; in all honesty, he was still getting used to the idea of joining his mother's old team. Sentimentality ensued that he kept his well-worn US Special Forces fatigues among the few possessions he left in his quarters.

    Standing beside Tracer were other Overwatch officers, all of them known to him through his family. Jack wasn't just a good soldier selected for the team. His mother was none other than Dr. Angela Ziegler, call sign Mercy. The tall Swiss blonde carried her age well and smiled brightly at him from where she stood near Tracer. That was all the favoritism she would permit in public, however. Jack Ziegler earned his placed in Overwatch the same way the others did - through hard work and effort, not through his family.

    "Thank you for the warm welcome, ma'am," Jack said to Tracer, lowering his salute. "It's good to be here. I look forward to meeting the rest of the team."
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  3. Chu-li Shimada stood there listening to Tracer looking around at the other new operatives. Standing at 5'9 Chu-li was dressed rather plainly wearing a simple white shirt, a black jacket, and black pants, not that she was worried about it. She was more worried about whether or not her father would walk in and lecture her on joining Overwatch. As soon as Tracer mentioned the name of her uncle, she swiftly turned her head, her pink pony-tail almost whipping her across the face. Giving him a small shy smile she also gave a small wave, he himself flashed her a quick 'peace' sign. Knowing that her uncle was here was much more relieving than one would think. As they continued walking she kept giving glances to her uncle to see if he had still been following the group of brand new fresh recruits.

    As they continued down the hallway Chu-li thought about hiding her identity from her father. Upon realization that the tour was over she realized she hadn't paid much attention. But who would if they had a father like her, who banned her from joining the overwatch team. Reaching to her back pocket she grabbed the small card she was given, looking at it for quick glance, thinking she would explore some she put it away. Quickly she gave an honorary bow to Tracer before she waked out, her Japanese culture showing through.

    "ありがとうございます" (Thank You!) She said as agreeing with Jonathan as she bowed.
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  4. Erik Grupen looked around as they toured the facility. Towering over the rest of his new teammates, Erik wondered how well they would fare in real combat. He was dressed plainly. Combat boots, camo combat pants, and a fresh black t-shirt. He had heard stories about this overwatch base from his mentor Reinhardt. Thinking of Reinhardt also made Erik smile as he imagined the tall german man working on his farm.

    Arriving at their rooms, Erik simply grunted an affirmative as Tracer explained their living arrangements. Fiddling with the keycard in his pocket, Erik watched as Tracer and Genji walked away. He wondered if his new room had a bed big enough for his size. In the past, whenever Erik slept on a bed in the barracks his feet always ended up hanging over the end of the bed.
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  5. Bailey couldn't believe it, she was finally here! In Overwatch, surrounded by new recruits and the veterans alike, all looking absolutely amazing. It was surreal to her, all the training, all that time looking up to and following her sister, and it had all paid off. Now, here she was, stood at the front of the crowd, hanging off every one of her sister's words as she fought herself to keep still. If there was one thing about her that would liken her to her sister, it was the bubbly, happy go lucky attitude, along with the strong British accent they both shared, of course. As they toured, she listened intently to her sister, gaze darting around as she took in the facility, seeing all the famous heroes that she had learnt, seen and heard so much about.

    When they finally got to the rooms, Bailey got her keycard excitedly. "Thank you, thank you. You know I won't let you down." She bubbled excitedly to her sister, who simply responded with a small smile as she turned and walked off. She wondered if her bubbly attitude would be a good conversation starter with the others, or more of a deterrent. Either way, she was sure she would get along with someone.
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  6. Jack followed the others to the residential section of the Overwatch base. He had already stopped in his quarters earlier to briefly unpack his few belongings. Now he doffed his jacket and tie and rolled up his sleeves, feeling far more comfortable than he did a moment ago. As he left his quarters, he saw other recruits congregating.

    While his mother wanted him to take up a less violent profession, he opted to follow his father's footsteps as a soldier. And with that job, came a certain degree of preparedness. He reviewed the dossiers of his fellow recruits well in advance. Three instantly stood out to him.

    One was a giant of a man, towering over even Jack's own stature. The other was a tall woman of Asian ancestry. The third, another woman, was far more petite and shared features with Tracer. Jack mentally pulled him what he had read about them: Erik Grupen, callsign Panzer, age thirty-two, a German warrior who studied combat under Overwatch agent Reinhardt and shared Reinhardt's penchant for heavy armor. Chu-Li Shimada, callsign Shadow, age nineteen, an archer of Japanese-Chinese descent and Hanzo Shimada's daughter; unknown if she shared her father's ties with the criminal underworld. And Bailey Oxton, callsign Sparky, age twenty, Tracer's younger sister, and a test pilot for the Project Electrode armor. The details of that particular project were classified to Jack, but he'd heard rumors about it being a way to replicate Tracer's teleporation powers.

    With a smile, Jack walked over to greet his new teammates. "Hey there," he said cheerily, moving to shake their hands. "Jack Ziegler. Captain. US Special Forces. Call me 'Blackjack.' Looks like we'll all be working together. I read about you guys." He nodded to each of them in turn. "Erik Grupen, right? One of Reinhardt's students? And Ms. Shimada? And it'd be hard to not recognize you, Ms. Oxton - you look just like your sister. Pleasure to meet you all."
  7. Akil Amari, son of Fareeha Amari followed the rest of the new members of Overwatch while listening to Lena Oxton explain there living situation and where they were. They had until tomorrow before their first missions, and everyone seemed relaxed and ready for it. Akil was ready for whatever Overwatch brought to him, Fareeha had taught him and he was once in the Egyptian Military where he served his tours and got his experience on the battlefield. It appeared that he wasn't the only recruit that had previous Military training, which was a good thing in Akil's eyes that some of the group would already be well trained when it came to combat missions where they had to do things by the book and not undercover like Old Blackwatch use to do things.

    Akil Amari, callsign "Eagle" followed Lena once more down to where they would be sleeping at Gibraltar. She explained the key cards they were given and they were for their rooms. Lena and Genji left the recruits by themselves to tour Gibraltar and converse with one another, and it appeared that a group was already doing that a few feet away from Akil.

    The one striking up a conversation was Jack Zielger to three other members. Deciding against his judgement of swiping his key card and going into his room, he took a step over to the four and decided to introduce himself. "Hello. Akil Amari, Lieutenant of Task Force 777." He followed suit and moved to shake their hands before folding his arms. "It is a pleasure to meet you all and I look forward to working with you."
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  8. Having lived in Watchpoint Gibraltar almost all her life Hannah still had to move with the group of recruits, it had taken many years of pestering but she was finally approved to join Overwatch as an agent. Winston had tried to talk her out of it for many years but she grew up with the heroes and dreamed of being one herself to protect the innocent from the evil of this world. Though she didn't understand why she had to move to a smaller room with all the others.. All her equipment had to be moved. It was such a pain.

    Walking with the group of recruits she listened to Lena speak excitedly and lead the way to the rooms given to them. Each had something specific for them. Hannah's had a work bench and a 3d printer inside. Others had things like larger bed's, storage for weaponry, computer's.. Thing's that would help them advance themselves in Overwatch. Reading her card number she walked into get new room and dumped her bag and some of her tool kit inside.

    She could hear a group conversation outside her room so she peered out to have a look, Lena's sister, Angela's son, Hanzo's daughter, Reinhardt's student and now Fareeha's son.. It helped living in Overwatch you got to know people without directly working with them. The bluenette lacked the confidence for social contact but if anything she had to try. Walking back out the extremely short young woman approached them. "it's really nice to finally put faces to all your names I'm Hannah its
    it's really nice to finally meet you all"
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  9. Chu-li had gone to her room and dropped her stuff off before leaving she grabbed her rapier off of it's stand she was about to go training, her bow was neatly folded up and attached to her thigh, her arrows on the other side. Holding it by the sheath she walked out of her room when the recruits grouped up. She looked promptly at Jonathon who was currently speaking.

    "You as well Ziegler-san" Chu-li responded shaking his hand back being quite formal.

    "Grupen-sama, Oxton-san" she bowed to the two before turning to the other two.

    "Amari-san, Hannah-san, it's a pleasure" she added bowing again respectfully being the youngest one here.

    She soon turned to leave she slung her rapier over her shoulder. 'I wonder if I'll run into Genji Oji-chan (Uncle)' she thought walking down the hallway. "Dad's gonna have a cow if he figures out I'm here" she whispered to herself. Wandering around she finally made her way to the training grounds, wondering if any of the others would soon come to join her. She started with her bow hitting multiple targets all around. Switching to her rapier she practiced thrusting techniques. Since she was the youngest she felt obligated to keep up with the rest of the recruits that were older than her. Chu-li was disappointed that she couldn't find her uncle, however she continued training by herself.
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  10. Tanaka silently Participates in the 'Orientation', Not having much to say, And Follows suit with everyone else. He Makes a note to expect Hanzo's surprise at his presence, And shoots a glance at the others, Being extra cautious around any Shimada. Specializing in Magnetics, likely a biproduct from the disaster from a conflict between the Shimada's and Yamshitas, he determines it best to play it safe. As he passes any Electrically powered lamps on the tour however, some would flicker, others go out when he passed, And others still got brighter. Sighing, Tanaka tries to make himself as small as he can, Just in case it draws attention to himself, Not desiring a conflict the day before true Overwatch Employment begins.

    Heading into his quarters, He sets everything in its place and walks out, Intending to find everyones favorite green-robot-cyborg-ninja-dude, When he happens upon a group of recruits. Leaning himself against the wall, He listens in, Before chiming in. "Incorrect. Those may have been your former occupations, But, Recruits or not you are all Overwatch agents now. after all, Our jobs start bright and early tomorrow morning, so it's probably best we all start getting it through our heads that we are overwatch now." He smiles, Remembering the trouble Sombra caused in the past, And wonders if he will come across her at some point.
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  11. Erik looked down at the small group that had gathered around him. Deciding to be polite, he returned the handshakes and nodded to the bowing girl. "It is good to see we have some with combat experience. I will look forward to seeing how you all do in combat." He then excused himself to check out his room. It was a very spartan room as Erik requested. In one corner his armor stood in a holding rack. There was an extra large bed, a bookshelf with various historical novels, a desk and swivel chair, and set of small weights.

    Changing into some some workout shorts and a white t-shirt, he left his room and made his way to the gym. He noticed Chu-li training but simply kept walking to the gym. Arriving at the gym, Erik started with some stretches and small weights. After he was limbered up, Erik went over to the weight bench and began pumping iron.
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  12. "Almost done...? Gettin' antsy here." Grumbled an annoyed Celio, there he sat in one of the labs of the research facility, his upper torso was bare exposing a muscular bronze frame. The young man's arm rested on the table before him, his hand covered by his life line, the EX Gauntlet. On the other end of the table sat renowned climatologist, Mei-Ling Zhou. "Perhaps if you'd stay more still I could get this done sooner." She replied back in a sweet voice, her hands were busy picking apart the gauntlet that covered his hand. After carefully removing a crimson metal plate to reveal some of the wiring, fingers worked to connect some of the cables. The woman wasn't wearing her full get up today, no need, instead she wore her blue tank top with a pair of black yoga pants. She wasn't typically one to dress up, and surprisingly... She still looked relatively young, practically the same in spite of the years that have passed... Perhaps some cyro technology.

    Celio sighed moving to rest his chin against the palm of his hand. For a moment there was silence before Mei broke that silence. "So sorry Celio, I know you are missing the introductions..." She mused still tinkering with the gauntlet.

    "No skin off my nose... Wasn't interested anyway." Celio replied in a aloof tone, his voice held a slight New Yorker flair, hailing from the Bronx it was tough to keep an accent like that down. Mei paused looking up at the young man. "What do you mean 'not interested' the new recruits are going to be your teammates, you have to work together." She chimed back in her own Chinese accent. "Don't gotta get friendly with em' do I?... Just gotta complete the missions. Don't see a point in gettin' attached to anyone here." He stated casually blue hues still looking elsewhere. Mei's eyebrows furrowed as she turned back to her work, finishing with the gauntlet she closed it back up.

    "Try moving it around, I'm not so good with maintenance like Winston is... But since I am going to be your mentor I thought it would be a good idea to lean how to maintain the gauntlet." As she spoke, the man lifted his arm the mechanical gauntlet would shift with his movements, metal digits curling to a close before reopening. Mei for a moment silently watched Celio... He was a hard nut to crack... Parting her lips she spoke again. "Celio... Listen, I know you've been through a lot... But please, we are a family here. We support each other." As she spoke Celio stood and turned to grab his leather jacket that rested on the chair behind him. Slipping it on he smirked lightly.

    "Everyone's been through a lot, I ain't nothin' special." He stated zipping up his jacket. Behind frames, Mei's brown hues remained focused on Celio, saddening lightly when he choose to wave off his own past... He had a tendency of doing that. Noting her obvious disapproval from the corner of his eye he spoke. "Want me to go say hi?... Guess I can stomach that. Least I can do for you patchin' me up." He gave the girl light smile which was met with one of her own. Pulling out his shades, Celio slipped them on before turning to leave. "Oh Celio! Don't forget your room has been moved to the new cadet dorms!" Mei called out, being met with a wave of the hand in return. "Yeah, I get ya." Guess that's where he would head first, Orientation was likely over by now. Walking down the new cadet corridor he could already see some interesting faces.

    Jonathan Ziegler, upright, soldier, lookin' quite pristine in the overwatch get up. Son of Mercy Ziegler and it showed, just by looks I can tell this guy is all business.

    Akil Amari, son of Fareeha Amari... Near split image of the woman. A bit stiff lookin', his mother was very focused on the mission, likely he would be too.

    Hannah Autidoe, the girl Winston saved... Big guy helped both of us out it seems. Family couldn't be saved though... Damn shame.

    Bailey Oxton, sister of Lena Oxton, he knew this due to constantly hearing it from Tracer herself. Seemed she was excited to have little sis follow in her footsteps.

    Tanaka Yamashita, honestly the one person I don't know much about... Think he got some beef with the Shimadas, get in line buddy.

    Celio was never good with introductions, looking the group over he parted his lips. "How's it goin'? Name's Celio. New to the team too right?" He mused resting a hand on his hip.
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  13. As she chewed the bubblegum in her mouth occasionally popping it from bubble blowing, the only thing in the narrow hallway was the faint sounds of her footsteps. They were fast paced and her jacket edge light trying to follow the pace. As she walked she saw Genji and Tracer headed her way, she had spent time with Genji in when she trained with Dva so he wasn't completely a stranger. She had only seen Tracer in action so she didn't know anything about her except her fighting style. Raising an eyebrow and popping her bubblegum bubble, before she could speak Genji had already started
    "You know you're late right?"
    Hikaru was well aware of the time, thankfully Dva had gone over all the important things with her a month ahead during training, she knew what she had to do, when she had to do it, and how she had to do it. She was ready for this. All the training is working up to her final point, she would be able to prove herself the strongest in the pack.

    "Give me a break, I'm the strongest one here" she snickered cracking her knuckles in achievement. In response, Tracer raised her eyebrows giving Genji a surprised look. Crossing his arms, he shook his head in disappointment at her cockiness.
    "The heroes in there are like some I've never seen before, with that type of thinking you're going to get yourself in trouble, Kaede Hikaru"
    "Yeah, well" placing a fist on his shoulder she grinned "watch me in the Arena and then tell me what you think old man, and by the way, its E-9 now, remember it because you'll be knowing it soon" and with that, Hikaru pushed between the two waving her hand in the air as she continued down the hall. "Good luck Luv!" Tracer called behind her causing her to become even more confident with her power. Eventually she came to the electric doors, and as they slid open, there, they revealed the other members accepted into overwatch. She couldn't remember the names and really, Hikaru didn't think she needed too. As of right now, in order to stay focused, she only was going to pay attention to their tactics in battle. Everyone looked excited and happy to be there, young blood ready to throw themselves into the Arena. The thirst for the fight was close, she wanted to get into it already. As the doors slid closed behind her, she saw a young guy, he was pretty built, looked strong and had a unique pair of weapons, as he spoke she gathered the information. Name, Celio, Built, tough, weapons most likely, that gauntlet. Standing behind him, her eyes fixated on the others that were in the room, she leaned back on the wall crossing her arms, chewing her gum as she waited for them to introduce themselves to the new face, there she would gather their information too.
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  14. Akil glanced around the new recruits, the large German already heading off to go train and workout while a bluenette and a few other recruits showed their faces. While Akil gave his former profession and rank, someone decided to remind them that they were now in Overwatch which Akil clearly knew about. It was a Military thing, even when retired, to say your rank and which branch or group you were assigned too. Ignoring the one sour comment that struck a small nerve in him, he introduced himself to a few others. "Yes, it is very nice to meet you all. I had the same idea as the big guy, so I will be at the gym." Akil nodded his head in a short bow to the small group around him before going to his room and swiping his key card.

    Akil was of Egyptian descent, so his skin was a light caramel color just like his Mother's and Grandmothers. His hair hadn't been shaved in awhile since he retired from the Military and decided to join Overwatch and took to some traditional Egyptian styles, along with growing a goatee. He had a muscular build, weighing in over two hundred pounds and six-foot-one.

    Setting down his bag and looking around the slightly custom room fit for his tastes. He had a punching bag in the corner of the room and various other things that didn't seem important at the moment. A locker with his Rifle on the inside, which he needed to clean after coming back from the gym and clean every part of the weapon piece by piece.

    Akil changed into something more suitable for the gym and that was gym shorts, suitable shoes and a tank top that he wore underneath a normal shirt. After dressing into the suitable attire for training, Akil reached into his bag and pulled out some handwrap. Exiting his room with key card in pocket, the small group was still assembled and he walked by and past them. Noting someone new who was named Celio he had stopped in his tracks. "Akil Amari, a pleasure to meet you." Akil offered his hand to shake, if Celio wanted to or not it wouldn't bother him.

    On his way out of the hallway, he stopped by another new person who seemed to stand away from the group of people introducing themselves. She appeared younger than most of the others and judging by her appearance, she was of Asian decent. Mindlessly, Akil had began to wrap his left hand already with the handwrap while stopping in front of Kaede. "Akil Amari, a pleasure to meet you-" He left the last bit hanging so she could fill in her own name for him since he obviously didn't know it. While waiting for her response, he continued to wrap his hand.
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  15. Arriving accidentally late Kristen McCree walked in the Watchpoint with a cowboy hat upon her head. Her long blonde hair relatively free to move as she walked. Dressed in a black tank top, grey combat pants and black steel cap combat boots the sniper was happy to have finally arrived. With a long heavy looking steel case in one hand and a large bag in her right she was approached by none other than Angela Ziegler. "why hello there Kristen it has been such a long time" the cheerful doctor mused as she looked the ex military sniper over. "howdy, it's great to see you too Doctor Ziegler... Though I believe I missed the tour and by memory the barracks set up for the new recruits is that way?" Kristen asked turning to face the corridor she was on about. "yes that's the one then a left and right and your there.. Kristen make sure you visit me later" the doctor said as she knew that Kristen was going to head over now. "lovely, thank you" she said nodding her head respectfully before walking off down the multiple corridors as instructed "I will make sure to visit" . The moment she had the last corner she instantly found a gathering of people. Why on earth there were so many was a surprise.

    Not stopping just yet to chat she carried her gear to the door with her number on it. Placing the case down she took the key card from her pocket and let herself in. Taking her gear inside the door shut after her. The only things she requested was a decent work bench with storage and good lighting everything else she wasn't fussed. Opening the case once her door was shut she checked her sniper. It was in need of assembling and then testing...

    So taking next to no time at all she assembled her sniper. Enjoying the process as she went. It was a ritual now. "always so beautiful.." she mused to herself as her sapphire gaze looked upon the weapon which has taken many lives.
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  16. As she stood examining the others, their appearances, posture, and attitudes from the shadows, she saw a man approaching. It was evident he was older than her, possibly physically more stronger too. The closer he got the more features she could make out, dark tan skin, dark hair, absolutely giant in height, and unbelievable body build. There was one thing though, that particularly caught her attention and that was his uncanny resemblance to Pharah. He must've been related to her, judging by how many shared features they had...her son? As he approached her eyes took in each detail that she could store in her head before he spoke 'Akil Amari', that only further confirmed that he was related to the legendary Pharah. Making eye contact, her arms that were cross barely moved until she picked one up, still it layed on her other arm that laid below her chest. Shooting a piece sign she spoke "E-9, Tank". Could it be, he too was planning to be a tank hero? Judging by his large body, it was more likely than other positions. "I take it you're related to Pharah, she would be your....?" While chatting with the man, in her corner vision her eyes glanced to a girl with blonde locks. She wore a cowboy hat, must be a fan of McRee or something, and she was sitting, staring at her sniper. She was a sniper, interesting.

    ((short post, so sorry, next one will be longer friends ; u ; ))
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  17. Tanaka sighs, Looking at the large group that continues to form as he leans against the wall. A few newcomers approach the group and Tanaka gives a glance similar to Hanzo's 'I' m better than you' Glance, Without the attitude. Not much is known about him because he hadn't said much to anyone. Even as Winston and Mercy assisted him and he once accidentally magnettically attracted Genji faster than Roadhogs hook would have pulled him over, Not much was known. Looking forward to meeting Lucio and Zenyatta eventually, He smiles a bit. Zen always did have some Quips for every situation, And being Omnic in nature he'd very likely outlive all agents if the peace continues to spread, But more importantly, He makes a note to see Mercy, Lucio, and Winston here today if possible. Well, Lucio'd have to wait, But that was why he wasn't in his Overwatch attire yet. His magnetic interference was one of those things the veterans were working to assist him with, Last he had been told, and he just reserves himself to Being Patient. Something, Least from his own reasearch, That Hanzo had never been able to master. Getting up and approaching Tracer slowly so as to not magnetically create a rolling Katamari, he looks to Tracer. "Pardon me, But from the reports we were given, Talon was disbanded and Reyes Gabriel was still at large, if I recall correctly. What of Lacroix Amalee, Sombra, And the others? Personally without knowing the status of those three I think calling Talon disbanded is a bit Premature. Amalee-san Caused Ana to lose her eye, After all. Reyes Almost corrupted Athena, And Sombra well, From my research sge Hacked all Omnics, Including Bastion and Zen* at one point." He looks to Genji and Tracer, Two that had helped him before, but he always had remained wary of Genji due to familial affiliations. The lights above them at this point flicker out, Resulting in a Deep, agitated sigh from Tanaka.

    ( referencing the current state of the Sombra ARG. we have to wait, but, Her last hint on momentincrime.com translates to "establishing connection....Transmitting Information to active Omnics 17.8709%.....Terminating Connection. Bastion and Zen are both active and both Omnic, so, Pineapples.)
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  18. Jack smiled as he watched the crowd of new recruits greet one another for the first time. It seemed the majority of them had unofficially decided it was training day and headed to the gym or training fields. A shock of blonde hair on a tall woman caught his attention. The lithe woman was speaking with his mother, Dr. Ziegler. After introducing himself to the rest of the new recruits, Jack excused himself and walked up to follow them.

    The lithe blonde went off to her quarters, while Angela caught up to him. She was smirking at him knowingly. "Off to see an old friend, son?" she asked coyly.

    "That was Kristen, wasn't it?" Jack asked. Angela nodded. "Its been a while since I saw her. Just thought I'd say hi."

    "Is that so?"


    Angela chuckled and patted his arm. "I'm just teasing, Jack. Go on. Say hi. And get some rest. Lena will have a mission for all of you soon." Her cheery demeanor faded away. More seriously, she added, "There's a lot of powerful people in this new generation, Jack. But there are far more powerful bad guys out there now. Please be careful."

    He leaned down to kiss her on the cheek. "I will, Mother."

    With that, he headed off to the private quarters. Kristen evidently left her door open, for he found her admiring her sniper rifle within. He knocked on the doorframe to get her attention.

    "Kristen McCree," Jack greeted. "Its been - what? Seven years since I last saw you? We were still in high school." He instinctively looked her up and down. "I heard you went military, took top shot at sniper school. You look good!" He smiled winningly at her. "What was it they called you? Some nickname I heard about. Oh, right - The Cazador."

    He opened up his arms to invite a hug. "What the heck have you been up to, Kristen?"
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  19. Bailey was standing by as everyone introduced herself. "The name's Bailey, call sign Sparky, it's a wonder meeting all of you!" She proclaimed happily, going around and offering to shake every person's hand. She was brimming with energy, riding high on the buzz of finally being here in Overwatch. She was dressed in nothing particularly special, simply a plain white tee and some casual jeans, with a brown leather jacket on top. She had the rest of her things already nice and away in her room, waiting to be put away neatly later on. For now though, she would go and get used to things.

    As she looked around the group, she noticed a few who looked like their Overwatch relatives, and it made her wonder just how much she herself looked like her sister. Was it obvious? Or was it difficult to tell that they were related? Bailey shrugged, smiling as she went on her way, walking merrily, with almost a skip, to the training halls. There, she whipped out her trusted SMG, lining herself up at a firing range and bringing up a bunch of targets. Whilst she wanted to do something else, maybe explore a bit more or get to know some new people better, she thought it would be best to make it look like she was serious, to make a better impression on some of the people who may have doubted her devotion to the cause, over simply wanting to have fun with it.
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  20. Looking at her sniper she cringed as she noticed a spec of dirt upon it and made quick work to clean it off before a familiar voice caught her attention. Placing her sniper on her work bench she turned to see none other than Jack. Her expression may hae been a little disappointing because she was not surprised. " well well Captain Jonathan Ziegler, knew you would be here" she smirked as she looked the man over as she chuckled rather happily.

    "has it really been that long?" she asked raising a brow as she walked towards her old friend and returned the hug with her own. "I have been travelling a bit actually since my time in the military ended half a year ago" she chuckled as she pulled away then folded her arms. "what about you? still being a hero?" Kristen teased as she winked at Jack.

    Kristen purposely dropped of the map for a while, she started travelling Asia and Europe.. it was a nice change of pace though something about the fight made her consider returning to the military and working in secret services as head recon and sniper.


    Hanna examined the men and woman who showed up. The bluenette knew all of there names and it was embarrassing that she had ever met them until now. Winston was an excellent mentor but helping her gain social skills was not something he was good with. Stepping back from the small group as they all began to split up on different directions Hanna returned to her room grabbing her laptop and then carried it with her to find Winston.

    The short bluenette wandered through the base and to the hangar/workshop that herself and Winston always worked in. "Hanna you're already back? shouldn't you be meeting all the new recruits?" the gorilla asked his effective adoptive sibling as he adjusted his glasses. "they all seem interesting but... talking to strangers is stressful" she grumbled as she sat at her regular workbench with her laptop.
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