Overwatch rps lovelies?

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  1. This is a short friendly post from Cirilla on the search for Overwatch players or fans that are looking to rp!


    My few rules are:
    - no one liners.
    - please be older than 17, I'm 22 and feel rather weird rping with younglings.
    - decent spelling and grammar.
    - last one, have fun!

    I can certainly write as pretty much any of the hero's but I of course have my own personal likes and dislikes ^~^

    Thanks for reading! And I hope to hear from you soon!

    If you need to know anything about me post feel free to have a look at my resume or pm me. I am an adapt writer so I mesh well with most people <3
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  2. Ahhhhhh another Overwatch thread >.<!
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  3. Of course, are you interested? ^-^
  4. I shouldn't add another story, but I want to. Yes I'm interested >.<!
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  5. Lovely! feel free to pm me and we can sort out a rp XP
  6. HEY YOU!

    hee hee

    i posted a 1x1 search too - if you know extra partners looking for an overwatch 1x1 send 'em my way too ;)
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Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.