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  1. Chapter 1- New Beginnings

    The town was quiet, quieter than it was usually. It has been a couple of weeks since the return of the scouting party, or what was left of it. There were two of them in total, and the rest of them were dead. Nameless warriors who came for a way out, a victory in their name, or maybe just to serve their country. The leader of the group Jonathan O'Daniel had perished and Teran was now the leader of the group. He wasn't supposed to be the leader, he was just a surveyor from Stonegate, but what happened in Dulemar was unforgettable. The blood drenched clothes and the burn marks on Teran was what made him never forget. Lord Biltmore was accommodating to the situation. He had provided rooms for the survivors that had come back. Teran wished he had been the only one left, someone had left the group during the expedition. Atticus, a thief, was sent to deliver a message to Lord Biltmore about sightings of Gehennian troops that had taken Dulemar. Sadly, this was lie and he and Teran were the only ones left. It happened during the middle of the night. Everyone had been in a small orphanage, and everyone found a small girl. They took her in and they were attracted to the center of Dulemar, then it happened. The warriors were wiped out, and Terran was the only one who escaped. The slaughter he saw was unnerving. He had nightmares now about what he saw, what happened to his fellow warriors, and his friends. It took him this many weeks just for Teran to recover.

    The call had been sent out once again, and this time Teran knew what he was up against. Teran horses shipped from Stonegate, and other weapons along with them. The town was excited to see such an expedition underway. It had just been a couple of weeks in the Helodfater had been cooked. One of the townspeople suggested they make a celebration for the great work that the warriors would do. This was taken underway and and the people started to work. It was about to become fall, and the leaves were changing. Many of the working people wore cloaks and blankets to be able to get this work done. Guards were adorned with flags and the town was lit up with lanterns. At the Greenfoot Inn the walls had been adorned with tapestries and flags as well as different ales to give out to patrons who came into the bar. Isaac Tilbak, the tailor, has been working on ceremonial garments for the warriors who went out. The town had been festive as it once was. The townspeople were behind the warriors of Biltmore! Teran hated this, all of the celebration for a war. Arendanna had only just retreated from battle and the town was still celebrating. It was a disgrace to Biltmore and the Arendanna. He hated that this mission had to be undertaken without Jonathan's leadership. It would be hard for him to be such a great warrior as Jonathan had been.
    The meeting place for the warriors was in Biltmore hall, in Biltmore Manor. There was a to be a small supper there and then the group would leave. The horses were stationed at the front gates so that the warriors could see all of the people that they were fighting for before they left. Teran and Lord Biltmore were the only ones seated at the table. Atticus had been sent to Stonegate to give the word to King Harlaw that the first scouting party had failed. Everything was in place, and now it was time to wait. This was almost just like the first time that Teran had set out, except this time he was alone...

  2. Wolf entered Biltmore hall wearing the quilted tabard the townsfolk had given him. The colours meant nothing to Wolf, except maybe some free drinks at the tavern. A gauntleted hand rested on the hilt of his long-sword, as he ambled up to the table. The veteran wreaked of whiskey and ale, but he still knew his courtly manners.

    Clearing his throat, Wolf gave the proper bow, "Lourd Biltmoure... my swourd is yours," Nothing else needed to be said.

    Standing up he walked slowly to his seat and plopped down. Removing his gauntlets, the grizzled man rested his hands on the table. His hair and beard were unkept and greasy. His eyes were cold, bloodshot, and lifeless. His mouth a thin line devoid of any expression. The scar on his face made one of his eyes seem crooked. Peasants who didn't know better might think him just a wretched drunkard, but warriors might see another picture. The image of something very dangerous, very grim, and far from cowardice.

    In the end, Wolf didn't care how he looked. He wasn't trying to impress anyone, not even the Lord. He would let his blade do the talking and the blood of his enemies paint the picture of his life.
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  3. [​IMG]

    The sly character walked up to the door of the lord's manor, a bag of various supplies hanging over his shoulder. His green eyes scanned the area around the house, searching for any points of entry or exit if he decided to steal something from the famed lord later. It was true that he was supposed to be working with a group of other individuals to travel back to the supposed horrid town of Dulemar, but he had to keep his own interests in mind as well. While he looked around, he saw two windows in upper right corner of the front of the hall. He could climb up there in the shroud of night and grab whatever he felt like. Wait, what was he thinking? He was invited into the lord's house anyways. Umbra could just grab up any item he wanted as long as no other person was looking at him. A grin came behind his shroud as he pushed open the large doors that showed the interior of the hall, seeing three individuals. Teran Arklar and Lord Biltmore were in front of him, and a third whom he had no idea about. Guards at the door gave him a look and he nodded to each one before walking to the table. He sat down by the others, not saying a word but instead pulled a piece of coal from his bag. Men behind him watched with baffled looks as he wrote his name on the table, drawing the pagan symbol that was branded upon him all those years ago. After viewing his work, he grabbed each end of the coal and broke it in half before throwing the remnants behind himself. To be honest, the man did not care if the others disliked him or not. He was just in it for the rewards and relics.​
  4. A woman entered Biltmore Hall. In her left hand she holds a black sheathe with its katana inside. on her shoulder sits a black raven. Her hair is white, her right eye is blue the left eye is red.
    Four people sitting around the table, she observes. She moves her gaze to Lord Biltmore and speak with her authorative voice: "Karren, the Unarmored Lady, at your service, my lord."
    She takes another look around, this time at the three other people sitting at the table. She can see something written on the table infront of a shady looking one. She observes the other two with a cautious look. One she recognizes, Teran Arklar, the other is foreign to her, seeing him she cant help but feel disgusted. Quickly she decides to take her place next to the shady one.
    "Umbra" is written on the table, now that it's in readable sight. She has a look at the pagan symbol, curiously wondering what it means and what it stands for.
    She realizes for a moment that she is the only woman here, wondering if other women will join, too.
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  5. He bit into a plump and ripe apple, as he had been since he begun to make his way towards the kingdom, He tossed the core onto the ground were it rolled for a bit and stopped near a tree. Alexander, with his furry chin and his scarred cheek, Enjoyed the day as he was to make money and to further his cause and even help people of the kingdom. This was an honorable moment for him and he would not let it go to waste, even though he was more for this quest for the money than the ego that might come with it. His eyes catching the sky at the moment, somewhat clear but still something bothered him, He heard what happened to the first group and it was something that he had not wanted to fall onto himself. But fear was not an option of right now, He had a job to do and that job was to protect the people of this kingdom and to grab his reward at the end of the day. No matter how many die or how many get injured he cannot stop and he has realized that, these people may not know him but soon they all will be working as one. To work as one the group must be one, he knew that they would probably catch a loner or an outsider who does not wish to work closely with the group but that is normal. He will have to keep an eye on such person, as he has been in groups before with those types of people and they would easily turn their back on you and let you die or kill you themselves than help. It is something such a world cannot help, but it is something pushed aside from his thoughts, His eyes soon locked on the kingdom as he grew closer and closer to it. He had stopped in town to grab a bite to eat and to make social talk with the people around, it is a great way to know whats going on and where to find items you need.

    Alexander combed his hand through his hair with his gauntlet and yawned a bit, his armor not as heavy as most but very durable. He crafted it himself out of fine titanium and a mixture of steel, Which helps with bending and flexibility but gives it the edge of strength and durability to withstand rust and blades. One of his perks of being a blacksmith is the ability to craft his own weapons, Such as the long blade which rest's upon his back in a metal sheathe which yes he also made from the same materials yet he made the sheathe itself sharp enough to impale someone itself. It was a small idea he came up with, so that if he had lost his sword his sheathe itself could become a weapon. Alexander allowed his Hazel orbs to grasp the kingdoms magnificent gleam from the sunlight which reflected off its rough exterior, He smiled at the beauty of such a kingdom in such a way. Yet he felt that something is always brewing inside of the kingdoms, nothing is always right. It always loomed over his shoulder, but it was something easy to brush off. The breeze sweeping across his body, moving his hair a bit, which stood up like stone from a weird but natural up-do. Small bits of wind stung against his now reddening cheeks, which were exposed to such of a nature. He made his way finally through the gates and headed towards the door which blocked his path to the meeting room, or banquet hall is what he thought is what the letter said. He was also still a bit hungry so he was indeed wondering if food was to be provided, the apple had not done enough to nourish him, But it still sat in his stomach comfortably ready to digest. He walked up to the door and rolled his shoulders and thought to himself before he was ready to open the door, he thought of what he should say to the king and what he should do to meet his fellow...Questers? Missionaries?, Warriors. Warriors sounded much better than the other two ideal objectifying words.

    His guarded hands placed to the large doors of the kingdom and pushed them open with nothing but a leaning motion of his body flick of his wrists in a downward motion. His boots knocking against the hard cobbled floors, his large exterior coming to rest in front of the king his eyes connecting to the king himself and allowed himself to smirk. He cleared his throat and spoke in a very, deep but husky voice, as he bowed to the king. " Christoph " He stood up straight to finish his work " Alexander Christoph, At your humble and honorable service " He looked to the group who arrived early than him and gave his companions a once over, What looks like a man robed in black, immediate thoughts flushed through his mind about what such a man could be but plenty of good thoughts also rushed through his mind, Next came a man who seemed more rugged than the rest, but a weird trust seemed to come off him as Alex caught the warriors mark along the mans face, His eyes then following a body of a female which made him smile, a female, such a great addition to the group someone who not only is a warrior but someone with attractive traits that might even be able to distract such of other men. The group so far was coming together well, his body moving slowly to a lone table and seat he sat down grinning. Clasping his hands together and leaning back into the chair, he began to think to himself silently and even hummed a low tune which his father used to hum when forging weapons or armor.
  6. Naomi arrived to Biltmore Hall. She was unintentionally late as she had traveled on foot to get here. She said not a single word, but she bowed before the king. Naomi dared not smile for her teeth were most unbecoming seeing as they were just as sharp as blades. She took a small note of the people before her. They were undoubtedly the people she was to be working with. The symbol of her tribe was permanently branded on her stomach. Beauty nor appearance was of any concern to her. As a warrior the only look she cared about was the lifeless stare of her enemies.

    Naomi observed each person in the room besides the king. There was a shady looking person, a noble warrior perhaps, a woman who wielded a sword with no armor, and a gruff looking man. A colorful batch of people indeed, but that could mean several things or none at all. After a moment of silence, she decided that it would be best to at least offer her name to the King that was before her.

    "Naomi, last of the Mountain River Tribe, at your service..."

    Naomi struggled to keep her composure as she introduced herself. Memories of her slain people came to her in a rush of vivid and gruesome images. The scars burned deeper than any blade could ever hope to cut her.

  7. Was there no more? Teran sat down with Lord Biltmore as he looked over the group. They were different from the group of renegades who had been apart of his last expedition. "Good evening, as you know I am Teran Arklar and this is Lord Biltmore. You have come here to help defend your kingdom and possibly help secure the safety of the people of Arendanna. Now not all of you are properly suited for this type of adventure so we have weapons and armor." Teran referred to the large table of armor and weapons that had been provided by Biltmore. There was a small attendant there who had his arms crossed with a quill and ink next to him. Around the hall there was only a few guards were present. Many of them had been taken for the war effort and thus this was required to have a group of specialists to preform this task. "We will eat and then head out tonight. We will be cloaked by darkness so that the enemy doesn't see us." Teran spoke clearly as he said this, and then he snapped his fingers. Several waiters entered from a small door behind Teran and began to set the table. Many Arendannian delicacies were set on the table. Pig's ear boiled with sausage, turkey with estin bread, and Yoden Ale. The Lord and Teran began to eat up as more food was piled onto the table.

    After the meal Teran and Lord Biltmore left and went outside to talk. The servants had been sent to their room and it was only the group of warriors left to themselves. Only the small man with the weapons was left in the room. The manor was their's to explore. Maybe they would find some answers about the expedition. Most of the town has finished with preparation with the celebration so the town would be open to explore also.

    Biltmore (open)

    1: Main gate
    2: Tailor
    3: General Store
    4: Greenfoot Inn
    5: Arendannian commerce
    6: Guard tower/ Guard HQ
    7: Mine
    8: Living Area
    9: Blacksmith

  8. Karren got up from her chair and moved out of the Biltmore Mansion. Outside to the fresh air. She loves the way the nightair tastes, the gentle cold it has.
    She moves her hand up to Aegis side, gently hugging the raven, leaning her face carefully onto the ravens body.

    It may be the last time she gets to have some quiet time alone with Aegis.

    Her thoughts dwelled onto the other member of the expedition, silently reflecting the seen and felt.

    She thought first about Teran Arklar.
    >Shaped by the seen<, she thought: >He probably has not shared everything he knows about the expidition<
    (Trust rating 6/10)

    The drunkard.
    >He disgusts me, but maybe I am wrong about him? I think I am going to keep my distance and watch him. maybe he will prove himself quite an asset to the group<
    (Trust rating 4.5/10)

    The Shady Umbra
    >I shouldnt carry more valuables than I can keep hidden within my clothes, completly outside of sight and assumption<
    (Trust rating 2.5/10)

    Alexander Christoph
    >He seems quite... reliable. I think i will get along with him quite well.<
    A blush visbily showed on her a face when a second thought, based on an emotion, one foreign to her, ran through her heart for a moment.
    >And he does look quite handsome<
    Quickly she terminated the thought and regained her normal posture and facial expression.
    (Trust Rating 8/10)

    >She is going to cause trouble. I feel that she will not make a difference between innocent and guilty. I do not believe that she and I will get along well at all. There is no justification in harming the innocent.<
    A feeling of rightousness got to her.
    >In the end it is required to see done what is right. We for ourselves make the difference. If nobody else will, then I, for one will.<
    (Trust rating 0/10)

    Then her thoughts went on to look at it at a whole and decided that she will keep to herself a bit. She doesnt really know those people.
    >But I am going to aid them when I can, that is, in the end, what I am paid for and the food i consume on a daily basis needs to be paid for somehow.<

    She cut off the thought and went back to hugging Aegis.
    She stayed a while like that.
    Without word,
    and without thought.

    Then one last thought crossed her:
    >Pets allways understand. Without words even.<
    Then her head was silent again.
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  9. Thus one by one the so called specialists entered the room. Wolf simply leaned back in his chair and drank the Yoden Ale. A single cup of the 'Biltmorian Piss' lead to a few more.

    Wolf nodded his head soberly at each of the mercenaries, even the rougish mute. Raising his goblet to Umbra, Wolf growled in a deep, raspy voice, "The ale is watered," Much like this noble mission He wondered if the green-eyed mystery man was a smart one. Eyeing Teran Arklar, he smiled and drank again.

    Quickly draining his cup, another mercenary entered the room. Wielding a strangely thin blade, the white-haired woman introduced herself as the 'Unarmored Lady'. Wolf clenched his jaw, gritted his teeth, and tilted his chin up at Karren, "Thy raven -uh- most compliments thee well, Lady Karren" Dark wings...bloody deaths... Wolf pasted on a smile and poured himself another drink.

    Sipping on his third cup and remaining mostly quiet, Wolf awaited the next specialist. The next one was a more proper mercenary to the drunk's standards. Cristoph stood tall and strong, but was quiet. No matter, his blade shall tell me what type of man he is... Raising his goblet to Alexander, Wolf raised his voice in raspy bravado, "We shall slay many men!"

    With his third cup gone and plenty of wine remaining, Wolf continued to drink. At last a fourth mercenary entered the room, another woman. Above that she was a barbarian from a tribe that Wolf faintly recollected. Mountain River Tribe... somethings familiar... Wolf raised his goblet regardless, but said nothing though, drinking only to her troubled glares.

    Finally Teran spoke up and motioned for the mercenaries to take up loner arms/armor. They where to leave under the cover of night. Taking Lord Biltmore outside, Teran left the group of warriors alone. Karren just left the mansion without a single word . Wolf pushed his seat back and laughed to himself, "What a bitch..." Draining his goblet, Wolf walked over to the equipment table and began to browse.

    After a few second he turned around to the others, "Teran gave us no damn explanation of what it we be doing... how is a man to pick is armaments? This mission seems extremely suspect to me..."
  10. He had received many looks from the entering mercers and all others that had been there, He even received a very hearty " We shall slay many men! " From the rough looking man, It made Alexander smiled and he nodded to the man. Alexander had himself taken some of the Yoden ale and taking some of it into his mouth. The taste swashing around in his mouth before he swallowed it a bit regretfully, Maybe something in town would be a better source of drink. He stood up from his seat and stretched a little and grabbed some turkey and tore into it easily with his teeth. Mashing the food silently in his mouth before swallowing the more delectable side of the meal, And taking a chomp of the Estin bread which was not very bad. He had been hungry but not over excessively, He tore into some more turkey which was still warm at least. He washed it down with the ale and shivered a bit as he did, Taking another piece of Estin bread and walking from behind the table. And walked over towards the weapons table inspecting them and smirking a bit as he looked over the steels and various metals put into the making of the weapons, Some looked battle ready and others looked as if they could only be used a few times. He evenly inspected each weapon before nodding his head and deciding that now was the time to head into the town, to acquire a better drink and maybe to celebrate before it is time to leave. He looked to the group of mercers and warriors and spoke " I am going to the town to retrieve....much more tasteful ale...anyone who cares to join me or talk i will be in town " His eyes picking on each person before he began to walk his boots hitting against the ground and echoing a bit still.

    His body moving through the apparent already opened door by one who goes by the name of Karren, She was a fetch and he liked that she probably had a fighting side. But he could not let himself get carried away with such thoughts and walked next to her looking up at the sky without speaking, He looked at her and smiled before walking off towards the town. He put his hands on the back of his head and strolled through the breeze of the day, a smirk still rested upon his face as he came closer and closer to the town. He noticed people waltzing about and people cheering and clapping and getting ready for the so called celebration? He didn't know to much about this place but he knew enough that when there is some sort of joyous time, there is food and ale and women...and....weapons...He shook his head as he spotted a blacksmith shop and an inn were he thought he could acquire a drink. He slid into the blacksmith and began browsing what he had already made and what he had started. He was interested for the moment but he did need a drink, he turned around and made his way into the inn towards a small bar area and sat down relaxing as he was now able to.
  11. "What's wrong with the ale?" Naomi's eyebrow twitched as she took a sip; it was awful.

    Naomi slung her weapons over her back. Her people would laugh at the idea of watered down ale. She noted the people before her and watched the other female leave without so much a word. The blood on her arms were dry now.

    "Hey!" Naomi looked in the direction of the one who had downed nearly four glasses of a cheap excuse for ale, "I don't know about you, but life's too short for weak ale. This guy's got the right idea. Long road ahead of us, I think we should exchange tales over a real drink."

    Naomi pulled out two flasks and tossed one to the gruff looking guy. It wasn't like they had better things to do at this exact moment. There was bound to be something interesting they could make happen. She scanned the table of weapons. None of them were as sharp as the ones she carried, but they were a bit cleaner. Naomi took a great axe and strapped in around her back. There was nothing like being able to hack someone to pieces with a large weapon.

    She made a note to herself to clean her own weapons seeing as they were still bloody from events prior to.
  12. After making her mind up about ther future companions, Karren figured that its time. Now that nearly everybody seems busy.
    She decided to sneak away from the mansion, sideway, where she would not be seen walking away.

    (Because Umbra hasnt done anything yet he has a ability to notice and choose to follow her, Roll req80; 1D100 = 22, if Umbra notices her walking away and chooses to follow her she will not know about it at all. Eternalfire, as the Gamemaster has the right to change any success/failure value as he pleases, the dice rolls can be looked up on this sites dice chat log)

    Karren walks down into a dark alley. A cloaked and shady person is standing there.
    "I am selling Spices of the princess."
    The shady figure responds: "I would rather buy the kings silk and riches"
    "The Dragon does not speak in dark lairs"
    (If Umbra followed her and tried to listen in, req90; 1D100 = 14, Karrens and the shady figures voice were not quiet enough and he was able to listen into the conversation and is aware of Karrens secret.)
    With what was needed beeing said she turned her back to the shady character and made her way to the Tavern.
    She orders a goblet of wine and takes her seat right next to cristoph, silently. Just sitting there, staring into her wine.

    >I dont actually drink< She thought before drifting her head back into Aegis soft feathers,
    closing her eyes and drifting into a silent plane where its just her and Aegis beeing there.
    And she was going to stay there. Until its time to move out.
  13. [​IMG]

    Umbra turned his head to the side, watching the girl who came to sit by him. A smirk came behind his shroud as she looked puzzled at his name with the pagan symbol by it. Maybe he should reveal bits and pieces of his past? That would make for a rather fun game, wouldn't it? He entwined his fingers, resting his head atop them before examining the woman that sat by him. In his eyes she didn't look that bad but then again the shady figure was not looking for a mate. His gaze turned to the doors once more as he saw a new figure entering the hall. This man was clad in rather valiant looking armor, and seemed to be a great man himself. As the man came closer, he introduced himself to the Lord as Christoph. A chuckle escaped Umbra's lips as he watched the man go off and sit by himself at a lone table. 'Valiant looking indeed... pitting him in rather awkward situations or things that would be detrimental to himself would be rather fun....' His eyes trailed back to the doors once more as he saw a rather barbaric looking woman come into the hall. She was not as attractive as the previous one, but Umbra had never had physical contact with a woman either. Maybe he would try and get either one of them later. He truly wondered what a woman felt like.

    Umbra's attention went back to Teran as he stated that the group would be eating. He looked at the meal that was prepared for the group, but decided that he would not eat. The others in the group ate though, except for Kerran. 'What an odd display...' His ears perked up as the man named Wolf said that the ale was watered. Umbra shrugged, not caring much for drinks like that. As the others conversed, his ears started to pay less and less attention from them. He rose from his seat, nodding to the others before grabbing his bag and slinging it over his shoulder, following the woman who had left earlier.

    He followed the warrior woman close to a dark alley and stayed at the edge, not entering and trying to listen in. He grinned behind his mask, slightly intrigued that Karren would have such a dirty secret as that. He pinned himself to the wall, becoming one with the dark as he watched her approach the tavern. He decided that he would follow. Upon arrival, he saw Christoph and Karren sitting side by side. He sat down in a booth by the table, pulling his bag down in front of him before pulling out a dagger. He examined the blade, before looking at the others. Intrusive thoughts of killing the others within his group ran through his mind. He quickly put his blade away before making sure to keep close tabs on the others within the group.​
  14. Alexander chuckled to himself as he took down some more ale from his new mug, the liveliness of this town was great and it made him feel...a bit more at home than usual. He was glad that some recognized him and some didn't but he did not let anything go to his head, That was the way to die or be killed by an assassin. He rolled his shoulders and noticed the girl from earlier walk into the bar and he took down another swig of his ale before she sat down next to him, He leaned on the bar and smiled at her as she ordered a drink. He simply nodded at her when she said that she didn't drink, And leaned his back against the bar now and rested his armored elbows on the bar as well relaxing back into this new position he let a sigh escape from himself. " Are you afraid? " He said looking over at karren his face still smirked " Not to drink...but of the journey ahead? " he said inspecting her over again.

    He was not afraid but he had begun to think of the precautions to think of with going through the forest with people he did not know, who says teran isn't a traitor to his king and slayed the men himself in the forest and awaited some time to return.
  15. Wolf watched in disgust as one by one the newly founded group evaporated from the mansion. Plastered on the veteran's face was a disgusting scowl; he believed the group should have discussed the campaign strategy before getting drunk. The only one who remained was the barbari-woman. Taking her flask, the drunkard began to swallow the fire water, "AAAHHHHhhhhhhh.... delicious...Thank ye, Lady Naomi," Good manners for every woman, 'He' told me, even the barbari...

    Slowly the warrior eyed the woman up and down as she fingered the great ax. Though his scowl remained, Wolf admitted silently to himself that he would bed this woman given the chance. Leaning over, he picked up a well-crafted short sword and spun it a few times in hand. It was balanced perfectly, flexible yet tough. Next, Wolf grabbed at one of the round shields, again well-crafted. Taking the sword in hand and clasping the shield close to his heart, the warrior got into a fighting stance.

    Wolf looked at Naomi and growled in a raspy voice,
    "Nothing personal, milady... but I would obliterate any great ax user... HUUUuhuhu... " the Wolf coughed and spat, "I've fought many barbari tribes.... and I have paid my respect to them with blood... HA... HUUUUU" Wolf coughed again, "What shall ye do if our mission entails crawling through tunnels and dungeons... how will thee swing that thing?"

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  16. Due to the nature of Perseus' employment, he wasn't able to make it to the briefing. It didn't seem to be much of an issue on his own mind, after all, he was no warrior by any mans standards. He was going to be the man making sure they walked out of the place alive, not the man staining his hands with blood. It was true that many men had died in his hands, but not a single man died by his hands, and he made a point to honor that record. Needless to say, he was completely aware that he would likely need to fight. He wasn't looking forward to it, but he was invited by Lord Biltmore himself, and Perseus would honor his invitation by making sure everyone came back alive. The payment seemed rather generous even for a man of medicine, but he still had no care for it. This was a man known to show up to a poor household and save a life just for the sake of keeping one more person alive, money meant little more than food, a roof, and plenty of ale.

    Once he had finished up the last of his examinations to be sure the majority of his patients were well, Perseus' tongue began to beg for moisture, and only one type of drink would do. Making his way to the inn where he spent much time drinking and talking, Perseus passed many people participating in their festivities. No doubt most of them knew of what happened to the last group. One of the men he passed had said something about this being the last celebration these men would see, to which he turned and spoke to them, "I beg to differ, if the options be victory or death, I won't let the latter happen." There was silence, probably shock from this alcoholic doctor, such an odd and questionable combination. The two were parts of his life, he never properly separated the two, mostly due to his ability to always work professionally.

    Upon finally arriving at the inn, Perseus saw a familiar face. He'd seen him before as a patient, Christoph. They had become acquainted over time, Perseus reckoned he was one of the few alive to have seen the numerous scars he wore. He was a man worth noting for his combat skills, some of the patch ups were difficult, but nothing fatal, and that was very good as it meant he knew how to protect himself, making it much easier for Perseus to do his job. It seemed that Christoph already had company at both his sides, but no mind was payed as Perseus swing is arm around Christoph as a surprise introduction. Being the drinker he was, instead of addressing the man he just surprised, he shouted at the bartender. "Hey, give me what he's got!" It didn't take even a second for his attention to shift back to his acquaintance. "So, you're one of the people I'll be keeping alive, eh?" Soon looking to the other side he saw young women, too young for his taste, but not too young for some humor. "And is this your, shall we call her, companion of the day?" To a stranger this may have sounded serious, but to those that knew him, it was far from it.

    Distracting him was the bartender giving Perseus his order. Taking a large gulp of the ale, Perseus kept it in his hand as he looked back at Christoph, pulling his arm back to his side. "Hah! Tis water to my tongue!"
  17. Awoken from her trance by rude assumptions her face turns bloodred from blushing. She takes a deep breathe to regain her composure, then turns around and glares perseus into the eyes.
    (Memorie roll, 1D100req50=51)
    ~Seen before at the merchant guild during an assignment and thus knows your face and proffession.
    "Does a doctor not have any patients to save rather than making assumptions?"

    (Trust rating, Initially 4/10, now -2 = 2/10)
    (Trust rating to Cristoph 8/10, now -1 = 7/10)

    "I am leaving.", Annoyed about the assumption, she stood up, left the tavern and headed back into the mansion, walked past Naomi and Wolf, past a door and started looking for Lord Biltmores study, wanting to find any information to why they would hire a thief, a barbarian, a drunkard and an insane doctor for a mere expedition.
    She was not beeing very quiet while doing so.
    Then her annoyance just calmed down and returned to the hall, feeling quite sorry for the noise she made.
    Aegis made a gurgling croak.
    "You find that funny, dont you?" she responded to Aegis.
    "Lets go for a walk Aegis. The night is allways refreshing."
    She walked up to Naomi and the Drunkard and spoke "I apologize for the noise I made"
    With beeing said what had to be said she turned to the door and stepped out into the city. Again.

    (Edited: Removed the Dice roll suggestion, it is an interaction where the outcome would make no difference. Improved Context slightly)
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  18. "Farewell, and may your return journey leave you unharmed." This was directed to the rider at Isabel's side, to whom she gave the reigns of her own horse after dismounting. The two then parted without another word, the man and two horses following the road as the woman strode into town, as swiftly as she could while wearing a full suit of armor.

    The Mountain Paladins had almost decided not to respond to the request for aide. They did not engage in common wars, and this region was known for them. But a scouting group had disappeared mysteriously, and the Mountain Paladins felt there might be more to it than a simple ambush by the enemy. So they determined to send Isabel the Invincible. Should there be something malevolent at work, a paladin would be there. Should it be nothing more than the war, Isabel could survive without swaying a battle's outcome. She was protected by Findarious.

    As Isabel passed through the streets, a white-haired girl with a bird stepped out. The paladin gave her only a passing glance, but the image stuck with her. "It is as if she has been blessed by a god," thought Isabel. There was a theory that some who had missed their calling to join the order still received their blessing, and that some of the Mountain Paladins had run across these almost-paladins in their travels.

    Isabel entered Biltmore Manor and entered the hall. She was dismayed to find Lord Biltmore, to whom she had been sent, was not there. Has she been more alert and less focused on her destination, Isabel may have seen him out of the corner of her eye as she entered the manor. But now she saw only two people seated at a table: a scraggly-looking man and a rough-looking woman. Were these to be her traveling companions?

    "Greetings," Isabel began, "I am a paladin of the mountains and I seek Lord Biltmore. I realize I have arrived later than the designated time, and there is no excuse to make my tardiness acceptable. I request forgiveness from any I have inconvenienced."
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  19. "Is this true Teran?" Lord Biltmore stood looking over the town on a stone balcony with a glass of wine in his hand. Teran gave Biltmore a sorrowful look, and began to speak. "What happened was unexpected, our incompetence ruined us. Atticus is to be back in a couple of weeks with the message from King Harlaw. We will have already been finished with our expedition by then so we can easily transition into our next plan of action." Biltmore sighed then turned to Teran. "You will take Dulemar, leave the dead, and bring back whoever you can. If these mercenaries die it will only make my coin purse heavier. Sound the bell when you are ready to leave, it will be dark soon..." Biltmore plodded until he saw Isabel enter into the manor. "Who are you warrior? A messenger or a member of the group?"

    * * * * *


    The Greenfoot Inn had a swarm of people drinking and sharing good times. The bartender began to light the candles as the sun began to go down. Many of the patrons started to head to the streets to watch as the heroes were to leave. The bar was silent except for the muttering of those left in the bar and the warriors who had joined this expedition. A group of hooded men sat in the back of the bar watching the group not moving their eyes or their bodies. "Are they who we think they are?" A scraggly voice came from one of the members of the group. "Yes," answered another voice. In total there were five of these men with black cloaks. What ever their intent was, it must not have good.
  20. Naomi smiled back at the gruff looking man, "I will hack them to pieces with my hand axes. Getting close is exactly what I want."
    Naomi licked her lips and her sharpened canines peaked through. And rip their throats out! She thought silently to herself. Just as she was preparing to leave she looked up at the newcomer, "Most of the group has just left. We can give you a debriefing of the mission. I'm Naomi. May our victories be endless comrade."

    She returned her attention to the gruff looking guy, "You have a name I can call you?"

    Naomi was eager to join the group. Something told her there was an event about to go down. If her gut was correct she wanted to be apart of whatever it was. She had been itching to try out the great axe the moment she laid eyes on it. Soon she saw the reappearance of the unarmored lady.

    "Hey! Come back we have to discuss a strategy!" Naomi called after her.
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