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  1. Chapter 1 - They Set Off

    The sound of metal hitting against rock sounded throughout the cave, before a yell came from one of the miners within. Many more of the workers came over to the one who beckoned them, and gasped. A burly man came by, a large iron pickaxe within his right hand. He pushed his way through the crowd of the workers before glaring around at the folk. Most of the men did not make eye contact, and others simply moved out of the way, letting him get closer to the thing that the guffawed at. The miner who found the ore gulped, and looked up at the Conductor of the Mines. That was not really his name, that is just what most of the men called him. No one really knew, that his name was Mullin Coller. The Conductor leaned down, picking up the large piece of silver ore that was just mined by the underling. He examined it, before looking around at the other workers. He simply nodded at all of them, before throwing the piece of ore back to the ground. The Conductor then slammed his pickaxe into the wall of the cave around the area of where the silver ore was mined. To most, this would seem like a weird gesture because the Conductor rendered no words, but to the underling, this was the biggest form of a compliment. The others immediately got to work within the area, mining away, hoping to find more of the precious silver ore. Mullin had a knack at realizing when an area of the cave would give off something special. Outside of this cave, within the Groltounge Mountain was the town of Biltmore.

    It was the middle of day during summer, the hard working time of the people. Everyone was milling about, even if it seemed they had nothing to do they were doing something. In fact in the next couple of days the festival of Artindus will begin. Artindus is a common folktale told to children by the folk of the western kingdoms. Once every summer a white tailed fox will travel through the lands and help give fertility to the harvests. When the fox has past over the participating city, the city shall have a feast celebrating the blessing. Isaac Tilbak, the tailor, was making garments for Lord Biltmore today and was closed because he was working so efficiently. Lord Biltmore had many things arranged on the festival to have the people have fun, and spend money. The carpenters were ordered to refurnish the festival tables, as well as the seats. While they did that, logs were cut from the forest outside Biltmore to be able to make the fine tasting goods presented to the people. Delicacies such as Fishwater possum, yellow herb bread, and Helodfater the children's favorite. Since everyone was preparing it was easy for Jonathan O'Daniel to get his group ready to leave without anyone in the town noticing. Over the past couple of weeks Jonathan has acquired a bounty of horses from one of his good friends in Stonegate. Everyone who signed up for this would be paid and then most likely be put into the army. Once Arendanna regained it's forces, then it would be the kingdom it once was. Jonathan sat by his horse outside of Biltmore waiting for the members of his company to assemble.

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  2. The sudden halt of her carriage, brought Tiamo from her weird half-asleep state. She was incredibly drowsy and grumbled as she reached to rub the bump on her head the shape of the board the halt threw her on. Then she realized she was still shackled to the carriage bottom. She sighed tugging at it. "Fucking great..I'm here." She shifted to a sitting position and her body did nothing but protest. She groaned to herself flexing the muscles she had left stiff. But her attention turned to the flash of sunlight that filtered in thanks to a chubby man familiar to Tiamo's sudden entrance. He was snobby, unattractive and judging from his expression he didn't like Tiamo at all. It probably had to do with the fact that she obstructed his goals to execute the Warren house. He at the time of course was hiding at the sidelines giving orders to the soldiers. A despicable man in every caliber really.

    "Where's General Lyon?" Tiamo asked him suspiciously. The chains were feeling really uncomfortable now. He just gave her a degrading look, as if slum trash like herself didn't have the right to talk to them. He simply climbed up inside and unshackled her. Before shoving her outside. Still getting the feeling back in her legs she stumbled for a moment before turning back to him. "Answer my question, tubby. I need to thank him for this wonderful opportunity." She remarked. Over-dramatizing the word "wonderful". The fat nobleman sneered.

    "He was called to the field. While you were snoring up the camp last night his carriage pulled away towards the front lines." He spoke in an incredibly flamboyant and exaggerated tone. Tiamo wondered if it was normal or he was trying to get back at her. Either way she turned away. In all honesty she was disappointed that he would not receive her farewell, but now she was free. Or well..partially. Tiamo did sign the ten year contract but nothing was holding her from escaping to some foreign continent after a while.

    "Your expedition group is waiting at the northern gate. Take this filthy equipment of yours and get going." He spoke, still as flamboyant. He held her sheathed sword by the rope with his index and thumb as if it would dirty him to hold it properly. With quick hands Tiamo snatched it from his. Offering him an artificial smile. "Go fuck yourself." Tiamo sneered before leaving to enter the city. The sun halfway into the sky told her she was at the west gate and so she made her way northwards. A few minutes in she had already decided she hated this town, the thick smell of gunpowder so clearly pungent in the air that it disturbed her. She hurried to the northern outskirts of town, arriving in a clearing where a single man on a horse waited. She kept her silence as she approached him.

    "I got here second I guess.."
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  3. ~The Blacksmith, right now.~

    Aben's hammer would ring out a few more times, before he looks over the axe, and hands it off to the lumberjack who brought it in. Taking the bag of coin, he drops it into his chest, sliding it back into it's place after re-locking it, closing the cabinet it's in, and locking that as well. He'd then go to the frame that his warhammer rests in, taking it down and feeling the familiar heft in his hands. He'd bounce it in both hands expirementally, before going into the back room. He'd come out a few moments later with his pack, warhammer now hanging from one side of it as he does his crippled gait towards the outside. Aben looks around at the smith, a moment of almost longing crossing his face before his face turns hard again. He looks towards the roof as he locks the door, before turning around and bellowing out "Ezekul!" Ezekul's perched atop the roof of a nearby building, leaning against the smokestack, having already said his goodbyes, before he hears his father call out. He smiles, angling himself slightly and sliding down the roof, grabbing onto a clothesline for a moment to keep from falling to the streets below, before dropping onto a window ledge. He'd surprise someone looking out of it, looking rather odd in his current getup. He's wearing a woolen jacket over a quite normal shirt and pants, with a coil of rope tied about one shoulder, and a small backpack, almost more of a satchel across his back, a smaller one hanging from another coil of rope at his hip. He'd say "Pardon me mi'lady." before dropping again, now only a bit off the ground as he hangs, pushes off the wall, and falls towards his father. He'd do a slightly clumsy roll, but as he comes up, the goofy enthusiastic smile on his face betrays nothing but excitement. He'd brush himself off as Aben shakes his head, saying "Did you grab the knife?" "We're just exploring, we won't need one." "Ezekul..." Aben growls as he pulls from his pack a knife, it looks more like a skinning knife than anything else, and shoves it into Ezekul's hands. "I never said you'd use it. I said you'd take it." Ezekul would almost shyly put the knife through his belt, rather awkwardly set off by the unfamiliar weight of any sort of weapon. He'd try to lighten up his father by striking a heroic pose, that looks absolutely ridiculous with his girlish figure. Aben shakes his head, starting off towards the gate, not bothering to check if Ezekul came or not.

    ~The meeting spot, a few minutes later.~

    Aben would continue his awkward gait towards the meeting spot, giving a quick "Sir." to Johnathan as he goes to one of the horses. He'd look at it, not sure how to manage it with his knee at first, before settling one foot through a stirrup, he doesn't acknowledge the woman, more concerned with his awkward mounting of the horse. Ezekul would scramble atop his horse, patting it gently with a smile before looking to Johnathan and saying "Morning sir." He'd then look to the woman who had arrived before them, nodding to her and saying "Madam," He'd test his reins already, slowly leading his horse about the clearing, though, he's not giving it real tugs or anything with the reins, almost more letting it lead him and just giving gentle suggestions as the horse stops to begin grazing. Aben would struggle to get atop his horse, having the one leg up, but having to turn almost all the way around in the stirrup to get his right leg coming up and over the other side. It only bends slightly, and he definitely sits more to the right as he's atop it, but constantly moving and squirming as if trying to just find a better way to sit before they head out.
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  4. It wouldn't be long until a woman with likely unfamiliar hair to walk through the streets leading to the north end of town. She wore a red coat with a yellow-gold detail lining the edges. A similar, small red hat sat atop her head with a yellow feather perched in its side. A few villagers would steal a look at her from their business, often finding themselves curious about the woman. She stood no taller than five foot ten and muscles could be made out if atleast enough to tell she wasn't just another frail woman. In her hand was a half-eaten fruit that she was enjoying on her way to the North, each bite being crisp and juicy for her. The other that hung low by her side held a small number of folded paper, likely documents she had read over with details about what's to come. She gives a glance to them once more and slides them between her index and middle finger, slipping them into a pocket in her snug pants.

    Finished with her snack, she was left with the core of the fruit in her hands. Orange eyes glancing about a little, she gives it a hefty toss where it'd head towards a pig trough, the animals there giving off a greedy squeal as they see the added snack. A couple minutes would pass and she finally finds herself in sight of the growing group she's likely going to be affiliated with for a while. Without saying much at all the woman looks to each individual currently there, her expression blank, cold even, but giving a gentle smirk as she sees the young man Ezekul, likely making a personal thought about the job. When she looked towards Jonathan, she'd give a simple nod, stopping a couple feet away from some of the horses, "How many of us do you have planned to arrive, if I can ask?" Her voice would be smooth off the tongue and to the ears, likely thanks to her accent but some could consider it the stereotypical 'bad girl' scenario.
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    A sigh came from Teran, before he slammed the cover of the book down, closing it. He then ran a hand through his hair before picking up the book, putting it back in his sack. The title was a fiction book, titled "Monsters of the World". Although the book seemed quite interesting at first, it was too far-fetched for Teran to handle. He did enjoy the books made by Caril Refosh, but this one was just out of hand.

    "Maybe I will give this book a chance later, but for now, it's time to get to work."

    Teran stood up before dusting himself off, and looked around the library of Biltmore. So many books ripe for the picking, and Teran's mouth practically watered at the idea of reading them. Sadly, it was time for him to go. He pulled his leather sack over his left shoulder, before walking out the doors of the large library and into the open. He took a deep breath of air before putting his hands on his waist, looking around at the town. Everyone was preparing for the festival of Artindus, and he smiled as he saw the people of the town working hard for the upcoming celebration. Teran took a detour through the living area of Biltmore, looking around at the children playing. It filled him with joy to see the boys and girls about the town, and he believed that they would make great additions to the city and the kingdom of Arendanna.

    After walking through the cluster of houses, he came up to the general store, which was near the gates where the group would rendezvous. He gave the general store manager 4 pieces of gold for five scrolls and a shard of sharpened coal. He nodded to the general store manager before putting the scrolls and shard of coal inside of his sack. Teran walked down the hill and towards the gates of the town, seeing Jonathan. He waved to him, and yelled out.

    "Jonathan, long time no see, how have you been?!"

    Teran than looked at the horses, and gasped as he saw the others in the group. He frowned for not noticing them, and bowed before smiling at the rest.

    "Hello there comrades, I am Teran Arklar, member of the Arklar noble family. I am a cartographer and an archaeologist. I am happy to make your acquaintance!"
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  6. The first thought that went through Serina's head when she woke up to a faceful of sunlight was that she was late. Her first chance to go on an outing with no mentor watching over her shoulder, and she overslept. When her mind fully processed that thought, Serina launched herself off her bed and promptly fell on the floor as her feet were tangled in the sheets. Deciding that she had no time for self-pity, she promptly picked herself off the floor, untangled herself from the sheets, and went about the task of dressing herself. She tossed on a simple linen shirt, then tried to pull on a pair of cotton pants with one hand and brush her hair with the other while holding several hair pins in her mouth. Serina decided that she would be thankful the pins didn't embed themselves in the back of her throat in the ensuing fall. Three thankfully accident free minutes later, she grabbed her travel bag, thanking the four gods profusely that she had decided to pack the night before, and headed out the door, only to come back a moment later to grab the bow and quiver that had been next to the bag. Mostly sure she had everything she needed, Serina headed out again.

    She took the streets at a run, blindly waving at the various neighbors wishing her luck from their doorways. All around her, the town was preparing for the festival of Artindus. Craftsmen were working of the festival tables, families had decorated their homes, and women were out buying the ingredients needed to make the traditional festival foods. Serina felt a brief pang of sadness at the thought that she would miss the festival this year, but there was nothing do be done about that, so she thought about the adventure ahead of her instead. Her thoughts, were interrupted by her arrival at the north gate. She skidded to a halt, barely avoiding running into a well dressed man with a sachel slung over his shoulder. For a moment, she stood, doubled over, trying to catch her breath. "Sorry...I'm...late", she managed to pant out between breaths.
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  7. Atticus, who was probably late for his appointment, finally arrived to the palace. He came by feet, traveling from town to town before his short journey ended. Wiping the glistening sweat from his forehead, he scoped around the village and watched the locales chatter in excitement, gossping about the rumored journey. Have you heard? The king.. He didn't stay too long to continue eavesdropping and began to walk away. Their voices was then drowned by the laughter of children who passed by him, squealing with joy. Apparently from what he sees, there was a festival going on.

    Too bad I can't stay. Suddenly, a passer-by was about to walk in front of him when she accidentally stepped on her dress. She was about to fall when Atticus caught her by the arms, "Whoa there!" She gasped in surprise. Atticus smirked, "Quite in a rush, hm?" Her eyes fluttered. The stranger was still gawking at the traveler stupidly. She then finally spoke, "I-I'm sorry," The woman apologized, still in his arms, "I should have been..." He shook his head, a chuckle slipping from his lips, "It's fine. What only matters now is that you're safe," He pulled away, "Be careful next time." She nodded, her cheeks showing a faint shade of pink. "Thank you!" Atticus nodded before leaving, now making his way to the north gate. Easy as pie, He thought in the back of his head, jiggling a small brown pouch that was filled with coins. Atticus, who was not an ordinary traveler, managed to pickpocket the lady he saved.

    Few minutes later, he found the horse carriage waiting for him. A small pack of people was near, so he assumed it was the people he was going to travel with. Walking over, he decided to catch their attention and speak, "Hello," Atticus greeted, giving a pursed smile. Although his bangs was in his face, he could still see who's who.
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  8. Jonathan pulled the reins of his horse close to him and looked over the group. He was happy that the party had made it, but he had a query. Again he looked over the group to make sure. "Teran are we sure this is the whole lot?" Teran gave him a weary smile while scratching the back of his neck. Jonathan looked at the group hoping there had been some mistake, but he knew it was true. "You hired bandits and brigands? What kind of people do you think I associate myself with?!" Teran put his hand on Jonathan's shoulder, calming him down. "Alright, since we do have the group we will make this mission quick and stealthy." Jonathan quickly regretted his decision, noting Aben was present.


    Jonathan made sure everyone had checked their bags and made sure they had warm clothes. The group would be passing through the mountains and into Dulemar. The town itself was big enough to support the several housing units they had their, but small enough to not be a city. It would be a day's ride to be able to get to Dulemar, so they had some time to get to know each other. King Harlaw had personally requested that Jonathan take this group to Dulemar, then report to him for further orders. He knew that once they did their mission they would be recruited into the army, or would be a future contact. Everyone that was here simply did the right thing.


    Once he knew everyone was ready they headed out for Dulemar. The group would travel out past the farms into the woods, then to the mountain. The woods had been cleared of wolves and bears the year before after a young girl was taken and a hunting party was sent out. Jonathan didn't partake in this because he was training a couple of new guard members. It was Bran and Peter, they both became guardsman at the front gate. He had talked to them from time to time, but never anything interesting. Once the group made it past the first couple of houses, some young girls came to watch them leave. As they continued the girls followed them until they reached the fence. Everyone knew that people were going somewhere, and since the town was small enough people actually cared. A couple of the people they passed by put Dulemarian orchids on their horses. Many of the folk in the lower parts of Biltmore came from Dulemar after it was attacked. They carried their culture quickly because the towns were such great trading friends. Many of the folk were cousins, aunts or uncles, who fled to stay with their family. Jonathan had no relation to any of the people from Dulemar, but he cared for them all the same. Some people on the other hand, the people who weren't from Dulemar, gave unkind smiles to the group. It was not that they were leaving, but rather the cut of their jib. They looked like bandits, they looked like they were going to rob the people of lower Biltmore. The people did not cower inside, they just watched as the group continued on their way. It was a couple of hours until they reached the forest. Once they reached the forest it would be about noon, so they would eat.

    After time had passed they came to a small fork in the road. "To Dulemar, one said. "To Ekton," said the other. Ekton was close to the border Gehen, and they sided with them during the war. It wasn't official yet, but Ekton would become apart of Gehen in the next couple of years. Jonathan hopped off his horse and pulled out a hunk of bread he had saved from breakfast, and some rations for the group. He sat by a tree and ate while the group began to eat. "Why don't we all get to know each other?"​
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  9. "Bandits and brigands he says..I swear if that was spoken to me in some dirty tavern my bottle would have been cracked on that stupid head of his." Tiamo already disliked this whole expedition group thing already. Not only was their leader a snooty pig, but the sheer amount of people that she was forced to cooperate with was irritating, sickening in fact. There were plenty of times she contemplated bloting off into the nearby forest, to slip away into the tree-line and disappear to somewhere warm where a beautiful aqua coast defined its beauty. But really that was only dreams of hers. If she were to try and escape, surely the others would catch her as they all were mounted on stallions. Tiamo of course turned down her horse seeing as she prefered to walk.

    She purposely walked slowly, trailing behind them only far enough that they would not think she was intending to run. She decided to reflect on other things aside from her anger. As of late this is something she would do to try and calm her temper, she'd look faraway into the beautiful blue sky and admire the sun and all its brilliance. Or she'd look at the village people and watch them as they go around their completely normal life, a normal life that she secretly envied. The thought of how her childhood was robbed from her however only angered her again. So now she turned towards her companions. The word felt absolutely ridiculous on her tongue.

    Jonathan..caused Tiamo to be completely livid. Though for the most part she kept it on the low down, she made a few audible scoffs during their walk simply to annoy him. Teran is an okay man, though that sack of trinkets or gold (she wasn't too sure what exactly it held) interested her more. If possible she planned to snatch it before her big escape, if it were to ever come. Aben surprisingly commanded her respect. He was sluggish yes, but man he was like a giant among them. He also enjoyed a good bottle of ale like herself. His son however was odd. He was smaller and much cleaner Tiamo had almost mistook him for a woman originally. Rydia also managed to get some respect from Tiamo, they in some senses were rather similar. Strong women were definitely a rarity. Serina was strong in her own sense, Tiamo didn't mind her as much. And then there was Atticus..she was halfway convinced she knew him from before. Maybe he knew her before too but the fact that he didn't approach her at all told Tiamo otherwise. Back when she thought they might have met she wore her red hair long however.

    But her own reflections were halted as the group stopped at a fork on the road. She wiped the sweat of her forehead with the back of her glove watching as lunch started. She thought of skipping solely so she could stop any chance of interaction with the others but her stomach more or less forced her to grab her rations. Tiamo moved to a spot in the shade a few feet away from Jonathan, focusing on her salty jerky and bread rather then him. She just hoped nobody else would try and sit with her.
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  10. During the whole walk, Atticus kept quiet. He knew when to hold his tongue or not, since the tension was...well, harsh. One wrong word and his whole team mate would be against him. But then meanwhile, Atticus didn't daydream and loll about riches and fames; no, instead, he observed. The traveler looked at each of his comrades that was near by, making sure his stares wasn't too heavy or noticeable. First, there was Teran. What could he say about the older man? All he knew was that he seemed and was most likely intelligent. Hopefully, he wasn't wise enough to see through Atticus...although anyone was smart enough to know to not trust the thief. Next was Jonathan, the leader of the group. This man was slighty, or maybe greatly, different than Teran. He seemed to be proud; too proud of himself. But his leadership skill was great, so Atticus had to give him kudos for that.

    He sighed, his head throbbing from the sun beating down against his body. With his visions still clear, Atticus took in the scereny of the village they were crossing by. It looked peaceful, the men working in the fields as the women took care of the giggling children. "Pitiful," He thought. When those joyful kids grow up, they will sooner or later realize society's ugly truth. Atticus tore his gaze away, minding his own business now and continued walking, carrying his sore feet.

    An hour later, they finally stopped to take a break. Snatching a ripe apple, he took a bite of the fruit and wandered around. Now, who was going to entertain him before they start their journey again? He walked over to Jonathan, the captain of the group. He noticed that the leader was starting a conversation, and Atticus decided to engage to it. "Jonathan, am I correct?" He said with a smile that didn't seem to be trustworthy, "The name's Atticus." Atticus sat with the group and continued with his small lunch, waiting for a response.
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  11. Rydia would smirk at those words Jonathan had first said before they left, moving to mount a horse as they all seemed ready to go. ~More than half seem more accustomed to the bow than the rest.. Let's hope that won't be an issue, hah..~ She had everything she needed for a journey, a light pack of food and supplies, her bow and quiver and a coat similarly colored to her current attire. If they were to stop and rest, the night's sky would be her blanket and the ground or tree her bed. As they passed through the many people that paraded around the group, she smiled in her head to see people still held hope in a good life. She wouldn't find it surprising if anyone had looked at her oddly for her irregular hair and eye color. Though it wasn't a surprise for sure when she would see through some of those 'lied smiles,' that she was all to familiar with herself. True, the work of a 'mercenary' is often thankless but she still held her honor towards the people and the military. The only reason she broke off prior was to free herself of their limitations. She didn't want to be in the back lines guarding some run of the mill aristocracy where soldiers were risking their lives out in the battlefield or just out in the world. She wanted to see it's vast wonder and beauty while being able to do some good in her own way. Also true, if some knew her record, her jobs have had some gray-shades to them but that is life.

    When they all stopped by the fork in the road, Rydia looked over to Jonathan as he spoke out and moved to dismount her horse. Adjusting her gear over her shoulder with her thumb riding under the strap, she gives a rather disinterested look but finds herself a seat on a nearby rock that'd be close enough had the group gathered. With no one else to speak out in turn, she decides to do so with her accent kicking off, sounding quite rythmic, "I just want to point out, I'm not to be considered a brigand.. For those of you who would care, you can know me as Rydia Kroegar. As we can see from atleast half of us, I'm good with a bow and I prefer to stay quick on my feet."
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    Teran sighed at Jonathan and his impulsiveness. He listened to him underestimate the members of the ground, and he also subliminally undermined Aben, the man with the leg injury. He looked through the group one more time, before shrugging. Although they did look like thieves, Teran knew that deep down, they were better than that. When Jonathan turned his back, he waved to the rest, trying to get their attention.

    "Sorry about that, Jonathan can be a real idiot sometimes, but deep down he is a good person."

    Teran commenced the checking of his inventory, and he slapped his sack before grinning. He had everything that he really needed in the sack, and he hoped that nothing would happen to it on their journey. The others in the group would probably be recruited into the army after their success, everyone but him. The idea of rising through the ranks in the army was tantalizing, but the life of a soldier was not for him. Being an archaeologist and cartographer was what his family did best. He than mounted his horse before taking in one more deep breath, looking around the town of Biltmore before descending down the mountainside with the group. During the journey, he looked around the countryside, seeing the numerous farms and the hills. The sights were very beautiful. Teran saw two little girls, waving to them. Further down the road, there were other people who gave them dirty looks, and he sighed at this. They truly did look like they were bandits, didn't they? He murmured under his breath.

    "Wow, I didn't know we looked THIS bad..."

    Teran than turned back to the group, examining the members once more. He was sure that many of the members truly did not want to be part of this journey, but it did not matter now. They were already too far to walk back. He gave a noticeable look at Tiamo and Atticus before shrugging. Teran thought that they were true idiots for not taking the horses that were offered to them. As they arrived in the fork in the road in the forest, Teran pulled his horse over like Jonathan did. He than sat down in the shade of the trees, before opening his sack and showing the group the contents. It was his five scrolls and shard of coal.

    "Just for any of you who ARE thieves or brigands, this is what I own."

    He smiled after hearing Jonathan's statement about getting to know each other. Teran had already introduced himself in Biltmore, so he felt that there was no reason to do it again. He waved to Rydia as she introduced herself, and looked at the others who still chose to keep to themselves.

    "Don't be afraid, you guys may also talk out."
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  13. Tiamo quickly munched on her food, watching in silence at Rydia's introduction she nodded slightly to acknowledge she cared, even if just a little. She then watched as Teran joined them in the field eyeing him carefully as he spilled the contents of the pouch, even sharpening that look at his chosen words. He may or may not have meant it in that sense but she was insulted nonetheless. She caught his eye and offered another one of her artificial smiles.

    "First of all, not afraid. Second, Bellerose. If any of you refer to me by my first name I'll smack you down with my scabbard." She told them, the whole time speaking in an overly pleasant tone and smiling ear to ear until the end where her tone turned unethusiastic and she rolled her eyes before looking away from them. She wasn't here to make friends so there was no sense in trying to bullshit them into thinking she was a good person because to Tiamo, she isn't and never will be.

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  14. Aben doesn't ride comfortably at all, and it shows, his face twisted into a grimace the whole way, though that might be dismissed as part of his usual demeanor, he'd frown at everyone he saw, eyes never losing their edge. He'd continously shift in his saddle, never finding a comfortable way to ride, and much less any joy in the ride. He'd pat his hammer occasionally, at least enjoying the feel of it by his side again, adjusting it every now and then to keep it from bumping into the horse too much, hoping that if he keeps it happy, maybe it'll keep him happy. Ezekul would be having a much better time, occasionally riding ahead to look down from a hill, and other times stopping to talk to people on the side of the road, sharing a few jokes and such before catching up again. He'd constantly keep a smile on his face, glad to finally be out and exploring for once, almost feeling like he had found what he wanted to do, despite only having been gone for less than a hour, he was seeing new things, and he enjoyed it. A constant pang would keep nibbling at the back of his mind, but it doesnt show as he continues his back and forth of being ahead and behind, giving the other group members a smile each time he passes by.

    Ezekul would be off his horse first, scrambling up the tree a bit to one branch, sitting on it for a bit as he looks around, before dropping himself to the ground again, sitting somewhere between Tiamo and Rydia down with a wide smile. "My names Ezekul Smith." He'd rest his hands on his knees, the mark on the back of his right hand quite visible as he sets into his rations. Aben would still be struggling with his horse as Ezekul sits down, having to repeat the motion he did before in reverse, and not liking it one bit. He'd finally manage to get himself lowered down, and walks with his awkward gait to the rest of the group, he'd sit down with his back to the tree. He'd grimace lightly as he looks at his rations, having forgotten this part of the soliders life, before setting into it, hoping the light amount of soot in his hair will cover the grey areas. "Aben." Is the only word he growls to awknowledge the conversation, sizing up the rest of the group, before realising each of them is probably more capable than him with his knee, but not letting it show.

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  15. He bit his tongue to keep from laughing. This woman was certainly interesting...and not to mention, familiar. With his eyes narrowed, Atticus gazed at the bold individual before realizing it was no other than Timao. He should have known; her unusual hair color should have rang a bell. And especially the impression she left on him shouldn't have been forgotten. Without saying anything, he gave a sly smirk then turned away to look at the rest of his team. Now, what was a thieving cat like her doing here on an important mission? Atticus munched on the rest of the fruit before reaching to the core. With a shrug, he tossed it away as it rolled off from the hill. From what he knew so far, Teran and Jonathan despised street rats like him. But instead of being offended, he could only scoff; it was nothing new.

    When Aben, a blacksmith he recalled, introduced himself, a younger man piped in. Atticus had almost mistaken him as a woman; his face feminine and soft. His skin was white as snow except for his hand, where it was slightly coarse from probably work. Atticus took a sudden interest, "It's a pleasure to meet you, Aben and.." He said, forgetting about speaking to Jonathan, "Ezekul," He finished, the name rolling off from his tongue.
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  16. Serina was, and really, anyone in her situation would be, quite offended at the captain's suggestion that they were bandits and brigands. Sure the moltely group was a bit, well, moltely, and some of them looked like they may have broken the law in the past, but really, there was no need to generalize. However, her offense quickly vanished when she realized that one of the members of the party was Teran Arklar. The Teran Arklar. The head of the Arklar family, famous for their skills in archaeology and cartography. For a long time, Serina squirmed in her saddle as she rode along, trying to think of the best way to approach the famous scholar, but her reserved nature got the better of her, and she turned her attention to the country side, putting off introducing herself to the man.

    The sceneary along the road was, in a single word, astonishing. The clear, blue brilliance of the sky was reflected on the surface of the lakes and rivers they passed. The land was a lush shade of green, dotted with fields and homely farm houses. The men and women working in the fields looked happy, if a bit tired out by their work. Children ran around laughing and shouting as their mothers looked on. All in all, it was a peaceful image, one that Serina rather naively hoped would not be shattered by the war brewing on the horizon.

    When the captain called a halt, Serina gratefully slid from her horse and dug out some bread and cheese from her saddle bag. As she sat down and got a closer look at the other members of the group, she suddenly felt very intimidated. They all looked like they regularly used their weapons on something other than a practice target, and had some experience traveling out in the wilds. For a moment, Serina wondered if she had made a mistake volunteering for the group. Now wait a second there Serina, she thought to herself. You've killed things with your bow before, and you've traveled through the wilderness to get to dig sites. This is just like another outing with Master Sandler, except he's not here. Now go and introduce your self to these people. Mental pep talk over, Serina took a big breath, and managed to get out, "Uh, h-hi everyone, I-I'm Serina."
  17. Ezekul looks to Bellrose after the small bout of hositlity, smiling as if at a joke before saying "How are we to refer to your first name if you never say it Miss Bellerose? No need to be so shy Serina, I dont bite, my father might." He'd shrug, taking a bite of his rations and frowning at them, saying "Think mine's a bit stale." Aben doesn't so much as crack a smirk as he says "That's because they're meant to last, appreciate them." Ezekul makes a slightly comical face for the benefit of the rest of the group, his adoptive father grimacing and grumbling. Ezekul takes only a few moments to finish his rations, before brushing his hands off on his pants. They show a almost shockingly low amount of wear for being under apprenticeship for a blacksmith, and he locks his fingers behind his head before he leans back, legs streaching out, looking through the clouds for a bit before saying "So, how's everyone enjoying the ride so far? Exciting to finally be out of the city for once."

    Aben scowls at Ezekul, saying "You never knew how to read a group, nobody's here to make friends." "I know that, making friends isn't what they signed up for, it's just a bonus." He's still got a wide grin on his face as he sits up, hands spread supporting him slightly as he's still leaned back a bit, he shrugs, before saying "'Course I dont expect you to make any on your own." "You're not going to play meet and greet for me." Ezekul cracks a slightly wider smile somehow as he says "How bout it ladies and or gentlemen if you are so inclined, single, strong, and once married with a stable business, I present to you Aben, the bachelor." Aben growls before giving a bark of "Ezekul, shut up." Ezekul's face falls for a moment as he looks at his father, before moving towards more of a gentle smile as he lies back again.
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  18. Shaking her head lightly as she takes out an apple that she knew she'd eat first to save the more staler rations for last, she takes a bite as her eyes shut. Rydia looks towards Ezekul with one eye open after swallowing gently, "And what of you then? The way you're making it out to be, you're trying to be a charmer yourself, boy.." She moves to lighten her load with her free arm by setting her bag down beside her on the rock, followed by her bow and quiver down infront of her on the grass. The bow would look to be of fine craftmanship, as well as looking to be kept in good condition. The shaft of her arrows would be feathered with common plumes, but she'd make it distinct with a red tinge on the edges of each one, likely as a mark for those to know who let that arrow fly. "I'm not agreeing or disagreeing on what you or the blacksmith is saying, but who knows. If this all goes well, some of you may even grow on me as long as there are no troubles.." Her one open eye then travels towards Teran and then to Jonathan, Rydia crosses one leg over the other as her free arm crosses over her chest and underneath her bosom as her other hand continues to hold the apple. She'd take another bite before speaking, "If there is to be any trouble outside of the group, I'd appreciate to be one of the first to know. Quicker to act, quicker to resolve. But let's hope that won't be a likely scenario, hm?"
  19. After her quick introduction, Serina remained silent and looked around. Her eyes were caught by Rydia's bow. It was a beautiful piece of work, and it looked to be far better kept than Serina's own plain servicible thing. She felt a slight pang of envy at the other woman's weapon but then again, she supposed, until she found some way to stop spending all her money on books, she would just have to deal with lesser quality weapons. With one last longing glance at the bow, Serina continued looking around their resting place. Suddenly, she spotted a plant she had never seen before. Curious, she dug out her field journal, a hunk of charcoal, and her hearbalist mitts. She began making a sketch of the plant, working the best she could with the unsharpened charcoal. When she deemed the sketch adequate, she pulled on her mitts and carefully took a sample of the plant, folding it up in a spare piece of parchment.
  20. Sighing, Atticus decided his business here was done and moved on to someone else. He saw Tiamo alone and thought he should exchange some few words with the lone wolf. Adjusting his strap, Atticus walked over to the thief and sat down in front of her, smirking. "So we meet again, Tiamo," He began, his voice slurred on her name. He continued to ramble on without waiting for her reaction, "Didn't think I would find you here out of all places," Atticus blew a strand of hair that was reached on his nose, much to his disliking's since it tickled him.

    From his bag, he took out a wrapped lunch that he stored for the journey, slipping the napkin away as it appeared to be a loaf of bread. As he previously sliced it from the night before, Atticus easily took one of the wheat. "Care for one?" He offered, smiling.
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