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    Plot (open)

    King is seeking land, and he needs all the land he can get his hands on. This doesn't matter if the land is destroyed by previous wars, or is unable to be farmed upon. More land means more people and the only way to be able to stand a chance against these other kingdoms is if he gets people. You will be traveling to the ransacked town of Dulemar, it used to be a small farming village that Biltmore traded with for some time. After Arendanna withdrew from the war, this was on of the places that was ransacked. Lord Biltmore has promised great reward for the reclaiming of the this land.Recently, the first group that was sent out was slaughtered by what was reported as Gehenian invasion of Arendanna. All of those who were sent on the mission died except for two members. Teran Arklar and a mysterious thief named Atticus. A new call has been sent out for warriors far and wide to try to take back what is Arendanna’s! To be able to slaughter the Gehenian scum who have invaded this land!.

    Biltmore (open)



    Biltmore was discovered by Lord William Biltmore. William from a young age was poor and never had anything valuable. His parent's worked hard, but never made ends meat for their six children. As a young boy William always strived to become apart of the Stonegate Army, and when he turned 16 he did. From recruit to captain he worked hard days and nights to be able to prove himself. After many years of hard work he was sent out for battle to claim land. When his troop won the area from the eastern warriors, he presented the land to the king. Astounded by the work that Biltmore had done, he gave the land to the Biltmore and made him into a lord. From them on Biltmore would be a respected name and a hero of the common folk.

    Biltmore was built along the side of the Groltounge Mountain. This mining town is one of the main exports of iron and silver. Every week there is a caravan of merchants who comes through and purchases these goods and sells them to cities such as Stonegate, or Blackhold.

    Some common folk tales told around Biltmore is the White Tailed Fox. It is said during the summer, if a white tailed fox passes over your land then it will give you bountiful harvest. They usually incorporate a celebration with this to create a holiday for the people. There are several traditions set during this time, and they all are very different. During this holiday there will be at least one wedding set at the end of the month to bring fertility to the marriage. Another tradition is the making of the Helodfater, which a carved out pumpkin with sugar and sweet spices. The way they make it is they cut open a pumpkin and dig out all of the guts, then after they sprinkle in the spices and put it in an oven for a couple of hours. While the pumpkin cooks they pan fry the seeds of the pumpkin as an appetizer for the meal. Once the Helodfater is cooked they dance and sing to let it cool off, and then they cut the Helodfater into several pieces. Often there are more than one cooked based on the amount of people who are participating in the celebration.


    1: Main gate
    2: Tailor
    3: General Store
    4: Greenfoot Inn
    5: Arendannian commerce
    6: Guard tower/ Guard HQ
    7: Mine
    8: Living Area
    9: Blacksmith

    Myths and Legends (open)

    Myths and Legends
    IThe body of the warrior moved back and forth as he breathed. An arrow had penetrated deep into his heart. Maids ran back and forth with water and towels trying to stop the bleeding. A black tipped arrow, used by Taronian archers had been broken off and removed. It wasn't poisoned so he would most likely live another day if they stopped the bleeding. They were out of options, so they turned to a group of traveling priests. A short stout many with a long beard entered into the room with his two colleagues. One was a rather tall man, and the other was a woman with red eyes. Everyone left except for the warrior and the priests. The warrior, Lord Biltmore, had just returned from the front lines of battle. All of the Arendannian warriors had retreated from the battle and were heading back to Stonegate. It had seemed that Arendanna would not enter it's golden age it so direly needed. The stout priest stood over Lord Biltmore and began to work. Hours later the bleeding had stopped and the priests had left. Lord Biltmore was forever in debt to the priests. It was said they had left for Dulemar that night. What they had done was always thought of highly, by everyone in Biltmore.

    Gehen and Arendanna (open)

    Gehen and Arendanna
    These two kingdoms have coexisted for some time. They have built trade routes between them and even have established guilds to support each other. The mot famous trading guild is the Ironsworth Company, which ships various iron goods and weapons between each other. The Ironsworth Company is an Arendannian based company, but their headquarters reside in Gehen. Since the war started the headquarters has been taken over by a popular Gehennian guild known as the Bronzefolk. They had been competitors for years, and now they control the ore trade. The rest of the Ironsworth company has either fled Gehen and took rest in Arendanna, or they have joined the ranks of the Bronzefolk. There has been some issues regarding the production of weapon making since the headquarters was taken over. This was one of the reasons that when Arendanna entered the war they had to retreat, this is possibly because they were ill equipped. Other than the guild there are several other agreements and contracts set between the two kingdoms. During their beginning years, they swore an oath that they would never destroy the flag in their main hall if they ever attacked each other. Many speculate the reason that this happened was because the kings who ruled at the time. Another agreement that they made was that the descendants of the first kings of Gehen and Arendanna could not marry. While the kings who ruled at the time respected each other, they had a different outlook on how their kingdoms should be ruled. Ever since the war began, many of the transactions and people of both kingdoms have changed.

    The Seven Western Kingdoms (open)

    The Seven Western Kingdoms
    The western kingdoms have many complexities intertwined in their massive halls and gargantuan towers. The first kingdoms to settle into the western world was Bastelin, Gaross, and Taro. These three sister kingdoms worked together in harmony to bring honor to their creators and their forefathers. This peace lasted for many centuries until the nineteenth king of Taro executed thousands of citizens to be able to cure a mysterious plague. Sadly, the plague was only a just a cold going around. A revolution soon broke out due to these executions, which would split up the three kingdoms entirely. Taro was decimated, taken over, then redecorated for it's captors. The bandit leader August Thuk, now resides there with a bandit army, he now waits for his time to prosper once his army is strong enough. The other two kingdoms, Bastelin and Gaross, merged and formed the kingdom of Bayon. The remaining citizens of Taro who did not accept the rule of Thuk formed Arendanna and Gehen. These kingdoms have been friendly until Gehen engaged in a war with Taro. Trying to intervene, Arendanna was forced to enter into the fight having severe casualties. They had to recently leave due to these casualties and wait to recover their forces.

    There is a myth in the land about the seventh kingdom of the western lands. It is said before the original three settled there, a barbaric like group settled atop of Mount Nara, and ruled the land. Their existence is unknown, but there is said to still be allegiance to the kingdom.

    (View from the hills of Upper Arendanna.)

    (Outskirts of Gehen.)

    (View of Port Kastra in Bayon.)

    (View of the outer walls.)

    Notes (open)
    • There is no magic within this world yet, so you cannot use it.​
    • You are allowed to have multiple characters.​
    • You need to post once per week, if you don't your character will be made into an NPC.​
    • Posts should ideally be two paragraphs, but it's up to you.​
    • There will be no smut in this RP, PG 13 romance is acceptable. You can do a fade-to-black or continue in messages if you wish.​
    • There will be no God-moding, Meta-gaming, or Power Gaming.​
    • Eternalfire61 and UltimaCircuit are GMs. Their word goes over everything.​

    Character Sheet (open)

    Character Sheet
    The layout for the character sheet.

    APPEARANCE: And any physical things we should know about.
    PERSONALITY: How will you get on with others in this adventuring group?
    SKILLS: Preferably 3 or less. (EX: Swordsmanship, Persuasion, Archery)
    BACK STORY:Your characters back story.
    RELATIONSHIPS: Any link you have to other characters.

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    APPEARANCE: The sack on his left side holds various artifacts and treasures that he has gained from other lands on his travels across the world.


    PERSONALITY: Teran is a man of wisdom and kindness. He does not take lightly to fighting and will try to end any strife between two people who are arguing. He is also willing to help anyone as long as they come to him nicely and ask politely. Teran does not like those who act shady or those who keep to themselves.

    SKILLS: Swordsmanship, Archaeology, Cartography

    Teran was born the noble Arklar family, a family known for their dominance in the fields of archaeology and cartography. This noble family of Arendanna was sent out into the lands of the western kingdoms long ago, making maps and taking note of the extraordinary features of the landscape. Teran’s father, Lance, was a member of a group of people sent out to make notes and maps of the southern lands. This was the first time that the southern lands would be taken note of. The trip was a long one, one that lasted a month. Upon the group's arrival in the southern lands, they came across the Kingdom of Caeviel. At the gates of the capital city, Barien, the guards told them to halt and state their business. They explained that they were sent out by the king of Arendanna, King Addington, and that they were a group of archaeologists and cartographers. Seeing as they were not a threat, the group was welcomed with open arms into Barien. Barien turned out to be a land of southern trade and commerce.

    The group stayed in the city for a week, and during this week, Lance had met his first love, Rhia. Lance and Rhia would constantly meet at the local tavern during his stay, and Lance would describe the western lands to her. Rhia, being a barmaid, was not the one to travel, but she was willing to drop her life and travel with Lance if she was allowed. Seeing no harm in the matter, Lance agreed, and the group of travelers went back to their homeland with a new member. Upon arrival in Stonegate, Lance learned that his kingly friend, Addington, was bedridden by an unknown illness, one which had no cure. Many tears were shed during the meeting, before Lance described the success of their trip, and of how they learned that Barien was a city of trade. Addington described that later he would have to send a caravan out to Barien, and start the two kingdoms out on friendly terms. Addington’s last words to Lance, were that he may be the next king of Arendanna, and that he should not the mistake he did of not having an heir. Lance agreed, and nodded to the king before heading out of the room, saying his goodbyes. A month later, Rhia and Lance would get married. During the eighth month of Rhias pregnancy, King Addington had passed. A letter was given to Lance by one of the royal guardsmen. Signed by Addington himself, it stated that the Harlaws would be the next to rule Arendanna instead of the Arklars. Addington wanted the Arklars to continue being the leaders of archaeology and cartography. Lance gave a sigh of relief, knowing that he was not fit to rule. In the coming month, Rhia would give birth to their son, Teran.

    Teran’s early life was composed of heavy lectures in archaeology and map-making. In the night, Teran would sneak out to watch the guards train, and actually be incorporated into the drills himself. He was given a wooden sword, and trained by the royal guards. They told him that he would eventually need to know the way of the sword, and that there would come a time where he would need to defend himself. His life continued on like this, while the Harlaws ruled valiantly.

    RELATIONSHIPS: Son to Lance and Rhia Arklar and friend of King Harlaw.

    Terran is one of the sole surviving members of the first group that was sent to Dulemar. He has taken the place of Jonathan O'Daniel, who lead the group well, but not well enough.​
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  3. Reserved
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    HOW WERE YOU PICKED OUT FOR THE GROUP?: Umbra was picked out for the group because of his expertise in stealth and thievery. He is not that physically strong but has a great intellect and takes into consideration all things that happen, whether it be on the battlefield or an event that has happened in a particular area. Umbra is also decent at fighting with a great sword or long sword, although he prefers short swords and daggers. Stealthy take downs and coming out of the shadows to surprise his enemy is his prime way of attack.

    AGE: 21

    PERSONALITY: Umbra is a quiet individual who will most likely not speak to anyone unless spoken to. If you ask for an opinion, or even if you do not, he will be completely about the situation. He is also the one to point out if you are making a mistake or acting like an idiot. Also has a slight superiority complex, which is why he enjoys to do things along rather than with others.

    SKILLS: Preferably 3 or less. Stealth, Thievery, Intellect

    BACK STORY: Umbra was a mistake, a child who was not supposed to be born. He was found on the outskirts of the city of Stonegate, wrapped in dirty cloth. An orphanage in the area had taken him in and fed him until he was about nine years old. At that time he felt like he had enough of the awful food and rough beds and decided to turn to stealing to get by. He usually attended the food market whenever he was hungry and practiced stealing there, although he got numerous beatings from managers and owners of stalls. One day, after successfully stealing quite the amount of bread, a man from the shadows appeared to him. Umbra did not know who this man was but he followed him down to a run down house. At the door, the man asked if Umbra was truly ready to be given a new life of eternal nourishment. The offer sounded good to the small boy so he agreed. The two both entered the house before going down some steps into a cellar. Inside, a cult was having a ritual. Umbra's eyes widened at this before he was forced onto a wooden table. He watched in horror as a sexual ritual took place before him, before he watched the woman get slaughtered. The odd thing about it was that the woman smiled in her death. Her blood then filled a chalice before it was forced down his mouth. While that was being done, a few of the cultists priests recited an incantation above him, ending the chant by stating that his name would forever be Umbra. A triangular shaped figure was carved into his right shoulder before they threw him off of the table. Umbra then ran away from the house and Stonegate, vowing to never return for seeing such evil. He now resides in Biltmore.

    RELATIONSHIPS: None that he remembers about
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  6. This sounds oddly familiar... I believe I've seen this before. Is this a revival?

    in any case, color me reserved.
  7. It is a revival, sadly the last one died because of player inactivity. Glad to hear you want to join!
  8. Royce "WOLF"

    HOW WERE YOU PICKED OUT FOR THE GROUP?: Royce was picked up for the group for his combat experience and committed willingness to perform dangerous tasks. Royce is also a survivalist and knows the lay of the land pretty well.

    AGE: 26

    APPEARANCE: Slab-jawed and thick-skulled, Royce's square head suggests strength and toughness. His canine teeth are naturally long. To protect his body from the cold, Royce wears a wolf's fur mantle and all-black, wool clothing. Under his weathered garb is a chainmail hauberk, which he took off a dead body in the wilds. He also owns a pair of mail gauntlets. A long-sword adorns his left hip, a club on his right, and a cruel dagger is tucked away in his belt. His overall appearance, especially his teeth, led to the nickname "Wolf" which is what he goes by now.

    PERSONALITY: Royce is a grim and strange man, due to his background. His deep, guttural, and raspy voice originated from a childhood lung sickness which he narrowly overcame. He rarely enunciates his words. Paranoid by nature and a little insane by circumstance, Royce tends to speak in short sentences with many pauses. He has a dark and depressing sense of humor, which typically leaves people second guessing him. Royce likes to drink... a lot! He loves beautiful women. Royce has made a personal vow to never be taken alive in an conflict regardless of the consequences. He will fight until the death.

    SKILLS: Swordsmanship, Tactics, Wilderness Survival

    BACK STORY: Born a bastard in Bayon, Royce's future seemed bleak from the onset. The universe seemed to favor him though, for this quickly changed. One of Bayon's warriors, Hugo Desail, agreed to take on Royce as an apprentice and train him to be a loyal soldier. From an early age he trained hard in the art of war. By the age of fourteen, he already showed much prowess and strength. At the age of sixteen, Royce was ready to gain some real combat experience. Hugo took the lad with him to fight in a petty land war with the warrior-nobles of Taro and Gehen.

    Fighting in many unique battles throughout the campiagn, the boy became a man through blood and courage. The young warrior's glory did not last long though. During one of the battles, Royce and Hugo were taken prisoner of war. Thrown deep into the enemy's dungeon, the two rotted away for a whole year. Finally, Hugo's ransom was paid for by Bayonnese nobles and he was set free. The patron's parting words with Royce had been promises that he would return to pay the ransom immediately.

    Full of hope, Royce awaited for Hugo to return. This never happened though. One year became two, then two became six more. Seven years Royce rotted, but in his mind it was an eternity. With only memories of bloody battles to keep him alive, he went slightly insane. Eventually he was able to make an escape, but his mind was shattered.

    Royce knows nothing in life except war and prison; Death and Darkness. Anger and hatred flows through his veins at the knowledge that Hugo Desail had abandoned him. Wandering throughout the land, Royce spent the last few years drinking his sorrows away, blowing coin on prostitutes, and supporting himself through mercenary work.

    Hugo Desail of Bayon (Former martial superior)
    Hugo Desail was a landed warrior in the kingdom of Bayon. Accomplishing many great martial deeds during times of conflict, Desail earned a place of wealth in society despite being from poverty. Building a house in Bayon from nothing meant bringing up other nameless men with him. Despite being hated by certain nobles for having lower blood, none could deny him respect. Though calm in demeanor, Hugo Desail is known to be a ruthless warrior and master.

    Geneppe Ioro of Bayon (Former bosses' boss)
    Geneppe Ioro was the general who lead the latest Bayonesse campaign. A tested combatant and tactician, Ioro won many a battle. Despite his current victories, it was whispered that his position was earned through bribery and dishonor. For some reason dissent was present among his men. Geneppe is known for sending his men to fight against improbable odds and difficult assignments, though fair in his decision making.
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  9. Accepted, once we get more people we will be able to start.
  10. I hope you don't mind if I join, I was also thinking of creating a female character to spice things up too, if that is ok with you?

    NAME: Ra'ark (pronounced Rawrk)

    AGE: 31

    APPEARANCE: Hair that is dark with dirt and in disarray hangs around a broad-featured face; a broad nose and forehead with black slashes for brows shadowing glittering eyes. His eyes are a murky green, cat-like and framed by delicate lashes. They are the only remarkable feature in his otherwise weather-worn face.
    Like his face his shoulders too are broad and strong and his body well defined with a muscular torso and thick arms and legs- a body trained not to be pretty (shown by the stained clothes he wears) but to be a fighter, someone that can survive. A limp in his leg left adds a hitch to his walk, made more noticeable when he wears his heavy axe.

    PERSONALITY: Despite his dirty appearance and unkempt clothes, Ra'ark is surprisingly loyal to his comrades even and quite social able, often dragging his group to the nearest inn or brothel- if there are any nearby- to gamble and drink. He isn't very good at following orders and will often wildly wave his axe around, succeeding in felling those nearby with uncoordinated swings.

    SKILLS: Does drinking and womanizing count? Apart from that he is a good tradesman, somewhat questionable combat skills and an adequate sense of logic.

    BACK STORY: Born of a high ranking family trading in jewels and other trinkets, Ra'ark's family were high in favour with the more important noble families. Ra'ark, previously named Eric Du Bevare, had had all he could want in life from an indulged childhood with sweets and expensive toys to a satisfying manhood of whores and drink. However, he soon fell out of favour with many young nobles over the loses of their sister's innocence. Ra'ark's father had had enough- Ra'arks's behaviour was losing him many important contacts and trade- so fed up he cast his son out. Disowned and with few coins, Ra'ark left his childhood home with the clothes on his back and his trustworthy steed. to his new life.
    Unsurprisingly, it remained nearly the same, drinking, gambling and other acts- minus the bothersome family.
    To survive he hired himself out as a caravan guard or most often to mercenary bands where he learnt the real fighting skills he has come to adopt instead of the childish fencing he once knew.

    RELATIONSHIPS: None yet.

    HOW WERE YOU PICKED OUT FOR THE GROUP?: Ra'ark was picked out due to his loyalty which allows him to try to keep most of his comrades alive as he knows he has more chance of surviving as a group than alone. He is also quite strong despite not having the best fighting skills one could hope for.


    NAME: Selena Venatu

    AGE: 27

    APPEARANCE: A tall woman Selena is by no means slim, instead she has a generous figure with ample curves and wide hips yet holds herself with a unconsciously graceful bearing. Her skin, tanned from a pale creaminess to an unremarkable nut-brown due to years spent outside, contrasts sharply with her eyes- almond-shaped and coloured a vivid amber they are alluring and stand out all the more due to how she scrapes her hair back into a tight ponytail. Her clothes are meant more for convenience than vanity; a leather tunic, black breeches and boots for riding and running as well as leather wrist guards.

    PERSONALITY: Growing up around many brothers, Selena does not feel awkward around men but views them as childish and somewhat idiotic. She is not anti-social but due to a very independent mind she generally keeps to herself but will join in brawls or drinking as she has a yearning to prove she is twice the man of any other as she has often been jibed for being a young female warrior.

    SKILLS: Archery, Horseback riding,

    BACK STORY: Growing up in poverty, Selena was the only female child of a peasant family with a drunk for a father and a mother that tried her hardest to support the family. Selena never had much to call her own but never dwelled on this, instead she fought with her brothers or would sit listening to the village storyteller for hours with a rapt expression on her face- he was her inspiration for being a warrior as she listened to his story of brave knights and fearsome beasts and enemies. As soon as she deemed herself ready she left her home despite her mother's and brothers' protests to find a place that would help her develop her skills and let her be the warrior she always dreamed of being.


    HOW WERE YOU PICKED OUT FOR THE GROUP?: Selena was recognized for her unique affinity for archery and inner strength where she strives to prove herself.
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  11. Your character is interesting and I like that. Accepted, and if you want to create another character you may.
  12. Thanks, I've just realized how similar he is to Wordsmith's character in some ways (could be the start of a lovely friendship ;3)
  13. Hopefully, then again you guys could die like the last group of characters who tried to figure out what was going on in Dulemar.
  14. Your thought sounds very foreboding and a little scary- should I be worried?
  15. Aye, I can definitely imagine Ra'ark and Wolf getting along well, though we wont find out until the RP happens.
  16. Just need a few more applicants. Hopefully the word will be spread out.
  17. Are we waiting for more people to join?
  18. WAITS FOR ME, just wanted to let you know im interested and should be able to get a cs up today but no promises
  19. I'll start if we get at least two people to join. Hopefully those who have said that they are reserved will post their application.
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