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  1. Overthrowing the Courts

    For thousands of years it has been this way. The Spring and Summer ruled by the Seelie Queen and her court. When her reign is up she hands over power to the Unseelie. The cycle of life and death.

    The rulers are narcissists, all powerful in their own times. Always looking to expand their power-- their rule. Unfortunately, their subjects are expendable in the pursuit of added power. The trooping fae face an uncertain fate.

    Since the beginning of the courts there have been members of the troop opposing their rule. A band of rogues, living outside the law. They live on the borders of Fae, whispering their ideals to whomever is willing to listen with an open mind.

    The first thousand years they openly fought the rule. Lashing out at the opposing courts whenever the mood struck, and they were hunted. Hunted until half of their numbers were lost. Killed in battles where the odds were never in their favor. The smaller their community became, the smarter the rogues became.

    They quieted. Silently waiting for their chance. The most opportune time to strike. At long last it is time.

    The Seelie Queen plans on ruling beyond her time, even as her power wanes. The Unseelie King will be forced to act, or be seen as weak by his generals-- which is deadly in the Unseelie Court. The trooping fae clashes in the street. Chaos and turmoil rock the realm.

    The time is ripe. The long forgotten rogues are gathering their strength, getting ready to strike.

    Accepted Characters and Their Affiliations (open)
    Maeve: Siren (Rogue)
    Muna: Nixie (Rogue)
    Ruarc: Gancanaugh (Unseelie)
    Celia: Elf (Former Seelie)


    Character Bio:

    Personal Goals:

    We will need some of both Seelie and Unseelie Courts, as well as Rogues. If the storyline falters and nobody posts in the IC thread for 24 hours, I will post details, and events that occurred throughout the realm, adding some spice and spontaneity to the landscape of the story.

    In Character RolePlay Here
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  2. Character Name: Maeve
    Gender: Female
    Job/Role: Siren (Rogue)
    General Appearance: Small frame with soft, feminine curves. Soft, wavy, short, black hair that curls softly around large, almond shaped, bright blue eyes, and over gently pointed ears. Small mouth, with plump lips. A feint light emanates off pale skin. A large bow draped over the shoulder, and simple clothes, crafted from hand, the only form of excess is an intricate platinum, shaped like waves bracelet coiling up a forearm.

    Current Goal/Purpose: Spurned by the Seelie Courts for her father's Unseelie blood, she vowed vengeance on the nobility of both Courts.
    General Personality: quiet
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  3. Character Name: Muna
    Gender: Female
    Nixie (Former Seelie, turned Rogue)
    General Appearance: Natural Form: Short stature. Long turquoise curls, delicate facial features with a softly rounded chin. Large round green eyes with long turquoise eyelashes, red lips with shimmering skin. Shape shifts as a defense mechanism.
    Current Goal/Purpose: Seeking revenge.
    General Personality: Rebellious, ambitious, playful, respectful to those who have not done her wrong.
    General History: Unknown.
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  4. Posting here for public view.

    Name: Ruarc.
    Gender: Male.
    Race/Role: Gancanagh. (Unseelie)
    Long blond hair decorated with a finely crafted an emerald circlet and dark spring green eyes with flecks of blue. Long pointed ears resembling those of an elf's with two golden hoops in each. Fairly slim and quick on his feet, and dressed in mostly shimmering green satin and leathers.
    Goals: Despite his belonging to the Unseelie Court, he remains fairly neutral in their power struggles.
    Personality: Full of cool energy, a sharp tongue, and a harsh sense of humor. He enjoys telling dark and dirty jokes, luring humans to their deaths, following close behind women of all races, and watching happenings from the firepits of his fellow fae. He's a sneaky fellow.
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  5. Name: Celia
    Gender: Female
    Species: (Former Seelie, Elf)
    Looks: long blonde hair with a sapphire circlet around the forehead. Pointed ears that resemble an elf.
    Personal Goals: To find out who she really is
    Personality: Quite serious when in combat, but when by herself she is quiet and enjoys life. Her trust is slowly going, and finding it hard to trust others. Her only true companion is her horse, Malek, who is also her friend.
  6. Approved, I'll add you to the list :)
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