But does he know about second breakfast?
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I like most. However, I have found I am most comfortable with Fantasy, Sci-fi, Fandom, and Modern.

Vanderark was truly a wondrous city. Lush green and well-mannered people congested its streets. It was well-protected by terrain and some of the finest guardsmen. Major crime had no place here. Taxes were low and businesses thrived. A melting pot of Elves, Dwarfs, Humans, and Orcs that somehow never seemed to boil over to horribly.

William Boussard lived here all of his 20 years. Even as a peasant, his life was good. Hard work, friends, and family helped him through the day. As a Jr. cleric of Shelyn, he had many responsibilities. His weapons training had taken a lot out him, that day. Will needed a drink, before his vocal training started. Finding a well, the lips sipped on sustenance.

Vivianne Ulan lived a peaceful life that was not uncommon for the women of her city. She could never imagine a life any different and was content. Working with her parents in their bakery, she was the front and face of the store. Though she did not interact with other outside of work, she did not desire to pursue more than what she had-- including that of a husband. She found no need as of yet and was happy to keep it as so.

Her mother sent her on an errand to get some fresh water from the well. Her parents had a firm belief that the reason their pastries did so well was because they used water from a particular well. Vivianne laughed lightly at her parent's foolishness as she obediently did as she was asked.
Will had no notion that anyone was around him. He was in his own little world. Had to complete today's tasks. Maybe he would have some free time. A desire to go sing to the forest was in order.

Fully restored, he just turned in time. A woman he had not met? She had green eyes. They were beautiful. Brown hair. Will failed to realize that as he was just taking in her features...that he was just staring at her.

"Good day, miss." He declared with a smile.
Vivianne looked up surprised. She was usually not noticed while out of the bakery. She opened her mouth to say something, then immediately shut it, trying to figure out what to say. She started to notice his appearance and had the feeling that he was a nice gentleman that it would not harm her to reply.

"Good day," she replied back softer than she intended. She gave a light smile and she ducked her head to get to the well.
She seemed a little hesitant to talk to him. Was she an introvert? Her shyness was showing and Will loved that. Most of the time, he didn't keep up the conversation with shy people. Why not? It's not like she had a reason no to ignore him.

"My name is William Boussard. Would you like a hand?"

He figured to not get to personal. Baby steps worked best with a quiet person. It almost baits them into a conversation. A conversation what was intended, from the beginning.

vivianne half heard hims as noticed some whispering of some of the older women. She turned to him and considered her options. "I am bringing this water to the bakery. If you do not mind traveling in that direction, I would be grateful."

She was trying to figure out if he had something up his sleeve. "Have I met you before?"
"Of course not, it is on my way. I have vocal lessons, at Shelyn's chapel."

His dimples appear with a smirk.

"I am afraid we have not. For that, I apologize. It would be hard to forget green eyes like those. Shall we?"

Will had not stopped to realize that he was already going to be late. He still didn't. Right now, the task was to help this nice girl. Even if he had the eye for detail, the young man might have still helped her. She was outwardly and internally attractive, to him.

She nodded in acceptance, and smiled a fuller smile this time. "At the Shelyn's chapel? I do believe my mother has mentioned that place before. I had thought the people there were already attending to their business. Guess I am wrong." She hid her blush by letting her hair fall into place made note of his compliment.

She turned as if to lead the way, but he had mentioned that he knew of it's location already. Though she had a bad feeling plague her lately, she did not feel it as much now. She opened her mouth once more to say something, but unsure of what to say, closed it again. This was a situation she was not used to, but did not let that bother her.
Will's blue eyes widened. Had he really forgot? This was unacceptable. However, he was helping a citizen of Vanderark. The priestess would have to see his good dead through. She might scold him worse, if he didn't.

"I hope that they don't notice my tardiness. What was your name?"

He followed her, towards the bakery. Just barely, Will caught her opening her mouth to speak. Was she nervous about talking? Did she have to confess something?

"Please, speak you mind, my lady."
She could not help but look into his eyes when he had widen them, for they were a blue she had never seen before. "Vivianne Ulan." she stated as an answer for his question. "And, the reason I do not speak is that I do not have much on my mind. I am quite content with my life and do not ponder about much..."

She then briefly looked around to make sure there wasn't anyone paying attention to them. "This.. may sound a bit odd, but have you heard the whispers?" she asked, referring to the rumors that were starting to float around. This uneasiness was getting to her, and she was hoping that he may have some insight, being he is from the chapel and all.
A woman who does not ponder life? That would be a first for him. Her next words were very unsettling, however. The rumors had indeed been around. William was only a need-to-know basis. Looking around, he leaned in.

"Not here. Meet me in the alleyway by the Wear-Wolf fabric shop. Half-past 8 in the evening. I can give you a little info. Don't tell anyone you are coming."

He cautiously takes another gander around. Soon enough, they reached the bakery. The waft of bread and other baked things sized his nose. It was good.
Vivianne nodded in understanding. "Did you want to get some bread?" She asked noticing his expression when he got a smell of her mom's fresh batch. "They are supposed to be better than normal because of the well water," she said matter-of-fact type of way. There was a slight hint of unbelieving, but she said it with a shake of head and a smile. She may not believed it but she followed it for the love of her parents. They were all close.
Will chuckled at her. He picked up the borderline sarcasm.

"No thanks, I am short on coin. I must be off."

With a nod he left. There was somewhere he was needed.
Vivianne watched as he left, then headed inside. She kept in mind what he had said, and decided that she would meet him. He seemed like he may have an idea what was about to happen.

"Who was that we just say dear?"

"Just a man who was kind enough to help as he was on his way to the chapel."

"Oh that's good. Nice to see a nice person... My daughter, you should go out today. I just think you shouldn't be cooped up in here all the time. I know you are doing us a favor by helping, but go on."

Vivianne shook her head. "I do believe I will take a quick nap. I have somewhere I need to be tonight."

Both of her parents just nodded, knowing she was not going to do anything that will bring shame to their name.
The day went by quickly. Soon, the shops locked up. Only the bars remained open. The streets emptied of anyone with good moral standing. Little lights started going up around the city. The night twinkled with stars and the moon.

Will avoided a good scold. Good deeds still mattered in the place of worship. Thankfully, he made up for it by singing his heart out. The instructor had given him new material to be singing in a baritone key. It was his favorite octave. The day ended well. Now he had to meet with this new contact. Could she rally be trusted? He HAD to tell someone. Grabbing a hood, Will slipped into the shadows.
Vivianne grabbed a cloak that her mother had provided her earlier, her father's words still ringing in her ears. He had told her that he somehow felt she wasn't supposed to be home... that she needed to go.

She checked to make sure she was covered and hoped she was not going into a trap. "But I need to know if these feelings and worries are true."
It didn't take him long. The alley was just three shortcuts from his family's home, just outside the city. Will was not the most nimble young man, but he did well. Watching everyone, he stayed out of sight.

"Damn, where are you?" he whispers to himself.

If he stayed much longer someone might find him. That wasn't a good thing at this hour.
Vivianne had been delayed. She did not know her away around as well, but she was good at being silent. So she went unnoticed, for now. When she finally found thir meeting point, she sighed in relief. One thing down. Now to find him.... her eyes were drawn to a spot near him.
He was still unsure of how much Vivianne could be trusted. Doubts sprang into the mind. Gripping his favorite glaive, Will tried to figure it out.

"Should I? Can I? Should I even be out here? Yes. The public have the right to know. They are only rumors, after all. Still pretty serious business..."

Clop, clop, clop, clop....Will could hear a horse approach. He stepped into some light. His blue eyes scanned the courtyard. Spotting her, she was urgently beckoned to the alley. This wasn't a time to be found. They had to meet and leave, quickly.
Vivianne saw him, and quickly glided to his area. She kept her head down, so her hood would not fly back and passed him to be hidden. She was unarmed. She had not thought to bring anything because she had just wanted the truth. He seemed willing enough to let her know. This feeling would not leave her alone, and she had grown desperate with worry to ask a stranger about something she had not told anyone about. "This is the place you want to converse?" She whispered, her eyes looking up at him.