Overly Attached Girlfriend's Twin

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  1. Setting: Modern
    Rating: Explicit (There shall be sex and blood as in any Yandere series worth their worth. :O )
    Rough Synopsis: John was one lucky guy, a dynamic career he had passion in, a home of his own, and most importantly, a loving girlfriend named 'Michelle'. What he didn't know, however, was the existence of Michelle's younger twin sister, Michella.

    The two looked virtually alike in every way... as far as appearance goes at least. While Michelle is a sweet, caring, understanding woman; a dream partner for any straight man in the world, Michella on the other hand... is also sweet and caring, but maaaaaybe rather obsessive for her own good.
    The story began in one seemingly ordinary day, when John noticed his girlfriend acting rather off-putting... The uneasy calm before the storm.

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    Name: Michella Belrose
    Nicknames: Mikey, Chella
    Ethnicity: French-German
    Gender: Female
    Age: 20 years old
    Profession: University Student
    Hometown: Berlin, Germany
    Marital Status: Single
    Sexual Orientation: John-sexual (Everything and anything is about John)

    Voice: High-pitched, Shrill
    Eyes: Pinkish-Yellow
    Complexion: Fair
    Height: 160 cm (5' 3")
    Build: Slim
    Hair: Honey Blond
    Scars: None noticeable
    Tattoos: None

    Demeanor: Yandere, Obsessive, Sadistic
    Hopes: Loving John
    Fears: John loving other girls (or boys)
    Likes: John, John, and John
    Dislikes: Anyone other than John

    Michella is the younger twin of the Belrose sisters, her older sister is named Michelle, they are known for being pretty and virtually indistinguishable from each other, with matching sweet personalities too, making them popular among boys. Over the years, Their parents realized a common problem regarding identical twins and to avoid their daughters developing identity crisis due to being so similar, they separated them as much as possible by placing them in different schools, get them to wear different clothes, and as such, Michelle and Michella each have their own circle of friends, with them not knowing Michelle/Michella has a twin.

    While the older twin is genuinely sweet and caring, her little sister... not so much, Michella secretly harbors an extreme obsessive streak towards the person she romantically loves, she's not above doing anything - absolutely anything - to get that person to love her back, willingly or not. A recipe for disaster when the person she loves is John, her older twin's boyfriend.
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    Nicknames: Johny
    Ethnicity: German
    Gender: Male
    Age: 24 years old
    Profession: Programmer at an IT-corporation.
    Hometown: Berlin, Germany
    Marital Status: In a relationship
    Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual

    Eyes: Green-Brown
    Height: 176 cm
    Build: Fit but not too muscular.
    Hair: Brown
    Scars: None noticeable
    Tattoos: None

    Sarcastic, modest, hard working
    Hopes: Marry Michelle and get promoted
    Fears: Losing Michelle or his job
    Likes: Videogames, friends, Michelle
    Dislikes: Clubbing, businessclothes, stupid TV-shows, Michelle likes to watch.

    Originally John came from a small town in the south-western part of germany where he lived together with his parents. They always ha high expectations for him, but he never really put any efford into studying for highschool. He needed the time to play videogames, watch anime and programming applications which helped him being even better at games.
    His attitude changed, when he moved to Berlin to study computerscience. He loved everything about it and it took only four years for him to finish his masters degree. A big IT-corporation instantly offered him a job with nice payment and they allow him to live in one of their houses at the edge of the city. But the best thing that has ever happened to him, was his beautiful and loving girlfriend Michelle, who he was surely going to marry when the time has come.
    John really likes to stay at home. He hates to wear businessclothes to work, so at home he is always dressed really casually. A lot of his time, John sits in front of his computer, programming or gaming. The rest of the time he spends doing stuff with his girlfriend. He has two best friends, Michael and Dan who studied Computerscience together with him. They are not as successful in their carreers and kind of jealous of John. Especially because of his beautiful girlfriend.
    Going out and partying is not one of Johns biggest hobbies. He rather spends his nights with his friends over at his place, drinking and playing videogames. He only goes out, if his girlfriend drags him along.
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  4. Nice one! But I think you forgot to edit John's personality there... :P unless we are going to do the crazy yandere triangle plot, hahaha!
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