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It has been seventeen years since the last Overlord fell to the might of the Empire, a people who hate magic and love to enslave others so they can live lives of luxury. The tower of the overlord has also fallen, its magic faded after its heart was destroyed. Most of the world is under the control of the Empire now, with only a few small places still true sanctuaries for magic.

Now, it is time for the next Overlord to rise, build the tower anew and destroy the Empire once and for all.

Sorry if it's short, its a 2 AM post for me.

So... Yah, based on the game Overlord 2. Not the prequel Harpy, the sequel. It will start off in the north, near a town called Nordford.

The new Overlord will be the child of the old Overlord, and there can be multiple children viving for the throne, or there could just be one, with the others not being interested.

I want feedback on this. Mostly because its 2 AM and I can't think.
I get it, I get it! It's not a prequel! Sorry that I was miss informed by my gamer informer a year ago!

Anyway, I'm interested and such and I do have an idea for my character, then again I have a lot of ideas for this but I'm to lazy to point them out at the moment. Anyway I was wondering if we will start when the new overlord is a child or when they are fully grown? That way I can tell you what ideas I have.
Awesome! I love the Overlord series! It'd be nice to join another of the Overlords as a second in command. A 'Gnarl' to them, as it were. How are you going to have multiple Overlords compete? Will there be actual RP fighting, with lots of little troops or what?

I'm also guessing that since it's in the "second" game's world, that all the "good" guys are really goody-goody? What if someone intends to play a "not a joke" good guy? That'd be pretty twist-tastic.
Simple, I'm going to play it out as serious. Humor is kinda beyond me.

And there will be fighting. I, for one will be a bit graphic. AALso, just so everyone knows, I will be putting my own overlord out. If anyone wants the GM position, just ask. And be good.
....>-> Shut up Raiu...

Anyway, since you happen to playing it out seriously I might have an idea where we could work together on things.
If I do then how will you know more.

I'm just kinda dicky right now since its late.

Anyway, I could try humor as well but... meh.

Hey Unavoidable. Since you are going the Gnarl route, why not play the game master as well? That might be easier for you.
So Zombie, please just put anything and everything down for us.
Well, dicky or not I do have an idea for our characters to work together. You don't have to do it though, I"m just offering up an idea.
Well I was thinking that your overlord would have minions and such but since they aren't much help with anything other than violence you might have a servant of sorts working for your character in your tower or where every they will be staying. Maybe the servant knows the overlord from their childhood and is dedicated to them for one reason or another...I don't have it completely thought out yet but it might be interesting.
That could work. We already have the Gnarl-type character so that seems to be taken though...
I was thinking more along the lines of like a maid/cook of sorts instead of a Gnarl. Some one who keeps the minions fed and armor rust free. Something like that.
I was planning on making my character female as well so maybe she is blinded to his evil ways because of her love for him or something? That makes her fiercely loyal and also accept all of the crap he might give her or something.
Maybe. Realy, I was going to play an Overlord wanabe. Really, I thought that there would be like 2 of them. That way it would be a conflit on 2 fronts.
Well, we'll just have to get more people interested in the RP so that another Overlord could come along.
The love thing can fit in.

Sorry if I am being an overbearing ass. *Bows to Zombie.*
*stands proudly for the bowing*

It is alright, I'm just offering my ideas here is all.
And since Image didn't accept my offer of giving him the GM status, I feel very, very doomed.