Overlord-based RP (VRMMOG RP)

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If you aren't watching Overlord this season, I recommend you do so. It's great. Knowledge of it would not be necessary to participate in the RP, since I myself to not know much about it - it's still unfinished. Essentially, VRMMO named Yggdrasil is being shut down today. The characters for whatever reason decided to stay logged in until the very end, but instead of the "Game error" message they were expecting, they get sucked into a fantasy world. The world has some similarities to Yggdrasil, but nearly all of it is new. The characters are ridiculously strong compared to the NPC inhabitants (though for this RP, they'd be a lot weaker. Maybe level 40 instead of max level - enough to easily gain a reputation but not at a point where fights are boring.) The RP would follow the players in their learning about and finding their place in the new world, and maybe trying to get back home if they choose.

There are two paths I can see this taking - either, the characters are members of a guild, in which case they'd start in their guild hall which has been transplanted into this world, or they would be a party of players who were in a dungeon together at the time but otherwise unrelated.
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