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    What's Your Role?
    Tank-bred and genetically altered to be a walking tank, you are a Juggernaut. In the beginning you were kept in the labs and endured training sims, eating warm food and enjoying soft beds; but all of it changed when WWIII broke loose on January 2, 2018.
    A nuke was launched from Russia that wiped half of New York City off the face of the Earth. Several more followed and completely bleached half of Washington, Texas, Louisiana, Alabama, and South Dakota.
    It took several months to rebuild, but afterwards DC gave immediate orders to put your boots on the ground! Your job is to find the enemy, hit 'em hard, and bring them down! Along the march to glory, you're hit by an unmarked enemy that eventually wipes out everyone with the tech to stand up to it. There is no name for this group other than 'Genocide'.

    Missions will take place globally given the fact that these major powers are acting as such. Most operations will take place in North America, Europe, Asia, but all will branch out into the rest of the world--suck as Antarctica.
    Currently the world is holding up as best it can. Most of the United States is in shambles, as well as other countries that follow behind it as an ally. There will be death, there will be romance, but none of it will happen in one day. Remember this and you shall come out on top.

    Character Sheet
    Appearance: (Picture and brief description. Give an armored, and unarmored appearance.)
    Class: (Assualt, Sniper, Support, Engineer, Medic?)
    Skills: (Martial Arts, Knife fighting, Hacking, etc.)
    Weapon Preference: (Based on class. You may have two)
    Personality: (Explosive, Chatty, Comedic, etc.)


    Assault class fighters are the more run and gun type of fighter. They specialize in getting in as fast as they can, hitting as hard as they can, while guiding their allies under fire. They are proficient with all weapon types but prefer the Assault rifle and sniper rifle. They carry a standard amount of equipment and armor. They specialize in getting in behind the enemy; either loud or stealthy provided guidance; and taking them out with what they can, hwever they can, with whatever they can.

    Engineer: The Engineer carries a medium amount of armor, but tac in on with equipment that may give an edge against enemy armor. They specialize in the Shotgun, SMG, Handguns, and explosives department. Adept with technology, they can improvise with scrap on the fly to make something useful, or something that'll blow the f**k up!

    Medic: The medic tends to stick close, but also hold off to the sidelines in order to assess any damage done to the team. They carry medical equipment--which are defibrillators, First-Aid, and Medical Foam. While they are trained to heal, they also know how to drop a man with an improvised poison. If they work with an Engineer, they can produce special grenades--which would be Nova Gas. They keep up usually with shotguns or assault rifle, basically whatever lets them get close enough to save their teammates.

    Sniper: The Sniper is an unsuspecting enemy's worst nightmare. Command has taken to calling them ninjas, for some reason. They handle the war from a distance with their rifles, handing out intel, or sneaking in with the Engineers and dropping traps behind the enemy. You travel light, mostly a couple radars, grenades, or just yourself. While they prefer their one hit wonders, they sometimes take an SMG or a handgun with them. You can sometimes catch them going hand in hand with the Assault and Support classes doing something they call 'Spot and Pop'.

    Support: As support, you bare the heavy armor and the big guns, the LMG--Light Machine Gun. As the back-up, you come in whenever the grunts aren't handling it too well. You carry extra ammo, as well as special ammo--which is incendiary, explosive, or armor piercing. In your equipment you bring along C-4 to send the enemy artillery to hell. Stick close to your teammates and you can help them out in multiple different ways.
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  2. Name: Baxter (AKA: Bax)
    Age: 29
    Appearance: Armored: Slim suit under a combat vest packed with first aid and grenades, pistol and an extra clip. Unarmored: Buff, wavy brown hair, brown eyes, white skin.
    Class: Sniper
    Skills: Steady aiming.
    Weapon Preference: Barret .50 cal, raffica automatic pistol
    Personality: quiet, serious
    Biography: Baxter grew up in a small town, he was always fascinated with snipers, when he grew up he already owned a sniper rifle. He decided to join the Army when he was in high school. When he got to the Army he wen tinto sniper training and was assigned a Barret .50 cal sniper rifle, he had always dreamed of this.
  3. Name: Daniel "Blaze" Robinson
    Age: 23




    • Super Strength
    • Enhanced Agility
    • Infiltration
    • Marksmanship

    Weapon Preference:

    Personality: Comedic at times, but stoic and strict when it counts. He's optimistic and headstrong in the heat of battle; and when it's time to back down, he'll take it.

    Biography: Daniel is a natural born infiltrator from the program. His genetic Engineering was designed exactly for frontal assaults and direct engagement, partially stealth approaches. During his combat exercises he scored the highest at a young state. As his neural implants functioned more properly to his growth, he improved significantly into a natural-born leader.

    He possesses unmatched tactical genius capable of out witting an army. Through thick and thin, he's lead the team with 100% proficiency. While he may be the youngest, his team ignores his age and serve him loyally.
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  4. Re-uploading because I liked her character. Made a few minor edits, such as listing the languages she knows, among other things

    Name: Scarlet "The Pilot" Thatcher
    Age: 24

    The Pilot (open)

    The Suit (open)

    Scarlet is rather small compared to the other Juggernauts, or at least, outside of her armor. Inside her armor, she is a hulking mass, and able to take more shots than Assault, Sniper, and Engineer Class Juggernauts. Her extremely focused power armor training allows her to run at full speed and climb any obstacle, but she can not jump due to the suit's weight. The padding of the hands function as a defibrillator, and she keeps medical supplies on her in a military pack since her suit doesn't have storage compartments.

    Class: Medic
    Skills: First Aid
    Field Surgery
    Hard Suit and Power Armor Repair
    Boost Administration

    Weapon Preference:
    Tavor Assault Rifle 21 (TAR-21) (open)

    UTAS UTS-15 Shotgun (open)

    Personality: Scarlet is nearly maternal to her teammates, as per her profession in medicine. She is always willing to help a friend in need at the risk of her own life, especially since her power armor can take a lot of hits without malfunctioning. She's a bit cocky because of her armor, but isn't so full of herself that she'd run into a hail of gunfire. She is emotionless about killing her enemies, but remorseful about the injury or death of her comrades. She feels it is her responsibility to keep the team alive, and always puts others ahead of the mission.

    Off duty, her hobbies include dissection, vivisection, writing, reading, physical training, and sketch art. She spends a lot of her time in the field, catching up with the other Juggernauts' physical prowess in case she needs to fight outside her armor. She is becoming an aspiring gymnast, performing feats of agility she couldn't possibly perform in her power armor.

    Biography: Scarlet was bred to be a brain for a series of power armors in development at the time. Her training focused on mental faculties and intellectual pursuits, including a heavy English vocabulary, fluency in 20 other languages (Chinese Family, Spanish, Portuguese, French, German, Hindi Family, Arabic, Amharic, Slavic Family, Japanese, Italian, Turkish, Indonesian Family, Swahili, Korean, Vietnamese, Polish, Swedish, Ancient and Modern Greek, and Latin) and familiarity with medicines and surgery. Finally, after she became an expert in all these factors, she began power armor training. She was taught how best to utilize the functions of the power armors, until she eventually chose a favorite. Because of her training, she is also able to easily adapt to other power armors.

    After she graduated the program, she was put on a few missions in the Middle East and Africa, where she accompanied commando units as a support medic. These missions functioned as field tests - which she passed with flying colors. Astride normal toops, she was able to carry the team through terrible odds and terrible injuries. She was given time in the reserve to start a life, which she enjoyed for three years, until January 8th, 2018. Luckily, she was living in California at the time, so she headed to HQ as soon as she got the call.
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  5. @VerbalAbuse Accepted.

    @oddsox You'll need to refurbish your character sheet. Meet with me sometime, and we'll work on it as a pair. I want you to have the best experience with this RP as possible.
  6. Reupload. Minor tweaks.
    Name: Magnus Rockland
    Age: 32
    Armoured (open)

    The armour is heavier than all other Juggernaut armours, capable of withstanding more damage, and carrying many, many things. Thanks to Magnus' physique, he has no trouble moving around in it.
    unarmoured (open)

    Class: Support
    Positive traits:
    - Steady hand
    - Great accuracy
    - Superhuman strength and endurance
    - No morals
    Negative traits:
    - Cannot jump due to the suit's weight
    - Little to no stealth
    - Cannot kill enemies without damaging the environment
    - Trigger-happy

    Weapon Preferences:
    M249 SAW (open)
    Rocket Launcher (open)

    Personality: Harsh fatherly figure to his team. Will mostly scold and laugh at you, but give his honest appreciation when you do good.

    Biography: Bred literally to become a tank, Magnus was meant to carry everything(ammunition, explosives, teammates), and support the team with insane firepower, should infiltration not work out.
    Due to the tank-breeding, Magnus has been growing non-stop. He now stands at 6'6, and weighs an impressive 260 lbs. While his physique gives little opportunity for athleticism or sophisticated martial arts, an overpowered punch in the face is enough to kill a grown man.
  7. I like how Scarlet and Magnus have taken the roles of parental figures. I'm imagining Scarlet feeding a baby while telling Magnus to tell another child to take out the trash.
  8. Well, Magnus is supposed to be older and bulkier than the others, silently admiring the young'uns, but never showing it. Not so much caring as Scarlet might be. Kind of like a father.

    Will be funny though, since you said Scarlet is small compared to the rest. I always imagined Magnus towering over everyone as is.
  9. "Sweetie, could you go pick up the groceries? We're almost out of booze."
  10. "I love.. every single.. one of yeh.. not you." No, wait, demo.. wrong class.
  11. "Lock it down, both of you!"
  12. Yes, sir. So, am I accepted? I was last time, and I'm still interested ^^
  13. Indeed you are. And Majem... Call me Captain.
  14. O Captain! My captain!

    How many people do you want on your team before you're going to start the RP? o:
  15. One from each Class. Each of them to fill a void in the makeup needed to finish our operations, but unique.
  16. I'd think at least one of every class, which means we still need a Sniper and an Engineer

    If Oddsox ends up getting accepted later, we can knock off a Sniper.

    That said, in the FSU thread, we were going for two of each class at maximum? Is that still a thing?
  17. We'll see in the near future. For now, Oddsox needs professional addressing to his character sheet from all of us. We work as a team; inside and outside the IC.
  18. Name- Carlos Valdez
    Age- 21
    Class- Engineer
    .Hand-To-Hand combat
    .Super Speed/Agility
    Weapon Preference-
    .Military Machete
    .Remington 870 Rhino Rail

    Personality- Overly optimistic, with a mouth that never stops running Carlos is always looking for a laugh even in the
    most dangerous situations, but mess with his team and he will get deadly serious fast.

    Biography- Bred to think outside the box, and to be creative enough to surprise the enemy. he has an aptitude for all things physical, including hand to hand combat, and a penchant for making his own experimental bombs, and gadgets, preferring them over the military issued gear.

    (Hope its ok)
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  19. Explosives are more Engie terf, I'd think
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