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  1. A closed one on one RP between myself (dragonesper) and @Dammit Max.

    It had been a long day at work, too many things to do, reports getting in the way and the underlying politics at his precinct. He sighed tiredly to himself as his brown eyes wandered over the book, just seeing and not reading the words on the page. Instead his thoughts wandered where they shouldn't, past events it was better off for him to not think about in the middle of a case. Closing the book in annoyance he was tempted to cook something just to distract himself, even if he had already eaten dinner several hours ago. It was still a little too early for sleep...
  2. Rocky felt light headed, the edges of her vision growing hazy and dark. She knew she didn't have long to find a place to rest before she passes out. Running through the neighborhood she checked the address on a ripped up piece of paper before stopping in front of a house. Jogging up to the front door she banged her hand against it shouting "Jake! Open the damn door!" there was a car in the driveway, she knew someone had to be home. She winced, clutching her side, that knife just had to be silver plated. Luckily the bleeding had stopped. But her ribs were definitely cracked.
  3. Setting the book aside he frowned, the voice sounded familiar but still like a stranger's. Whoever they was clearly knew his name and address. Heading quickly to the door he wondered if it was Xan up to hir tricks but as he opened the door he saw someone completely different and yet she resembled someone he knew.
  4. Hey "Jakey," Rocky winced "Do you think I could come in for a second? Thought I was a bit overdue for a visit." She was covered from head to toe in dirt and drying blood. Rocky's left eye was swelling and her lip was swollen and split. Her knees buckled and she nearly lost her footing but caught herself. "Whoops blood loss is kicking in." she mumbled.

    (I have to use the title in the rp because reasons)
  5. "Rocky?!" He was shocked to see her alive, filthy, hurt and naked. As she stumbled he reached out to support her. "What happened?! Where have you been? Who did this?" The questions came rapidly before he realized that interrogating her wasn't the first thing to do. Grabbing a coat he pulled it over her shoulders and spoke: "You have to go to the hospital."
  6. "No!" Rocky nearly yelled looking terrified. "No hospitals are a bad idea, I just need to lie down and clean up. I will be fine a few hours." she assured him. She tried covering herself a little bit, "I'll explain everything, but you may not believe me. Actually I'll be really fuckin surprised if you believe me." she said "Can I please come in?"
  7. "Of course you can come in," Jake answered and stepped aside, letting his long lost friend in. "Are you in some kind of trouble?" He asked worried that was the reason for her refusing medical care. "Also want me to get my first aid kit? And have you eaten anything? Something light to eat might be good for you."
  8. "Well you see I'm currently on a diet restriction and I doubt you have what I can eat." Rocky would be very surprised if Jake had loads of raw animal flesh laying about. She stepped inside and limped her way over to a couch and gingerly sat down. "I'm sort of trouble with the law, but not for doing any illegal stuff, I'm mean I might have done something a little illegal, but that's not what I'm in trouble for." she sighed "It's a really long story."
  9. At the level of casualty she exhibited Jake sighed, it not unfamiliar with that kind of treatment and it was something he remembered about her when they were kids. Sitting down in a chair he asked tiredly: "If you feel up to it, could you start from the beginning? And I mean from back then." He wondered if Rocky even knew that he was a cop, she knew his address though so it wasn't too much of a stretch to think that she knew his occupation.
  10. "Okay so this is gonna sound crazy, but you gotta promise not to lock me in the looney bin. Also not interrupting me until I'm finished," she warned him "First off all those things about monsters you heard about when you were little? All true. There are werewolves, vampires, ghosts, ghouls, even the boogeyman exists, I met the one that used to scare us as kids. His name is Charlie, pretty nice guy actually, great at karaoke," she started rambling "But anyways it wasn't a psycho-killer that killed my family, it was a fuckin' werewolf! Came ripping through the house like a hurricane, killed my parents and Jax, and left me for dead," She paused and lifted up her shirt revealing a giant scar running across her stomach "Fucking bitch nearly ripped my guts out. I was scared, Jake, I was so fuckin' scared. I had passed out and when I woke up I was perfectly fine, there was just the scar and the corpses of my family around me. So I did the first thing that came to mind. I ran. I ran for miles without getting tired, I was two counties over when I finally passed out in the woods. And I guess I've been running ever since, met some interesting people. Met this were-tiger from Africa, Satu, only person I've met that keep up with me at drinking games. Anyways this whole time I was trying to track down the cunt that slaughtered my family and I finally got a hit on her location. She's still living in our hometown. You know that old shack we used to be afraid of going near as kids? She and a few other beasties are hiding out in there. So I went after her. She chased me off the lot with her buddies." She smiled a little "Not to be creepy but I always kept an eye on you, and I was in pretty bad shape so I thought I'd stop on by." she chuckled.
  11. He was silent, almost scary silent as he took in the details of Rocky's life. It was hard to believe it all. "So you're saying... That the supernatural exist?" He sighed, rubbing his temples at the revelation. It made sense but it didn't make sense either, on one hand that would explain the tight-lipped task force that was on odds with the rest of the police force. On the other hand... No, it just couldn't be true...
  12. "Basically." Rocky says simply then paused and sighed "I knew you wouldn't believe me," she lifted up her hand "Watch and believe Jakey." slowly her hand began to morph, hair growing rapidly, finger nails growing into claws, her hand itself larger. "believe me now?" She asks waving her paw like hand around. He hand morphed back to normal and Rocky flexed her hand a bit.
  13. Of all the things he had experienced as a cop what had happened just now topped the list of weird things he had seen over the years as a cop. By far. "This is harder to believe than Xan holding a stable job..." He muttered softly, knowing that his younger sibling was almost like a force of chaos but forgetting that Rocky had yet to hear directly from either Xan or Jake about what changes that chesire-like induvidual had done with hir life.
  14. "Well you better believe it bucko, because your worst nightmares are right in your back yard." Rocky grinned "And who's Xan? You mean Alexandra?" Rocky asked she was gone by before Xan had finally figures hir gender identity out. Rocky hoped they were alright, they were like Rocky's own sibling. "Are they doing alright? Not getting in too much trouble I hope." she grinned.
  15. Jake smiled wryly in return. "Surprisingly ze's fine. Has a job, legally changed named from Alexandra to Xan about five or six years back and is incredibly stubborn and strict about the right pronouns. Not everyone is okay with hir stance but that can happen in life." Right, he wanted his closest to people to be happy, that's why he had accepted Xan's wish to live honestly and became hir ally. Now Rocky was back, hurt, but alive. There had to be a way to help her, one that didn't turn her into a killer. "Rocky, have you found out why your family got attacked yet?"
  16. "Apparently the bitch was bored and hungry. I left a few good scratches on that pretty little face of hers. She won't be forgetting me anytime soon." Rocky grimaced but then smiled "I'm glad Alex- I mean Xan is getting their life all figured out. So what kind of pronouns do they use exactly? I'd hate to mess them up." Rocky paused and looked down at themselves "Do you think I could use your shower, I should probably take a shower and get this dirty and blood off me, really don't want this stab wound getting infected." she asked
  17. Forcing himself to not grimace at the motive he decided to answer the questions Rocky had asked. "Ze, hir, hirself." Jake answered before continuing: "The bathroom is at the end of the hall, there's fresh towels in cupboard second from the last and the first aid kit is in the leftmost cupboard. I'll get you something to wear." Getting up he headed towards his bedroom, hoping that he had something in Rocky's size. Most likely not but it was worth to check.
  18. Rocky walked to the bathroom and shut herself inside. Turning on the water she waited for it to heat up before stepping inside the shower. She nearly moaned as she felt the warm water wash across her sore muscles. Picking up a bar of soap she went to work with scrubbing the dirt and dried blood off of her. Satisfied with her work she rinsed off and grabbed a shampoo bottle, squirting a dollop in her hand and started on her hair, scrubbing at the knots and dried blood. All squeaky clean and ready to go Rocky turned off the water and hopped out of the shower. Grabbing a towel she lazily dried herself off and looked in the mirror. Her lip at this point was healed and the swelling in her eye had gone down. All the smaller cuts and gashes were either gone completely or scarred over. All bruises had turned into an icky yellow color, but were fading quickly. The gash from the silver knife was healing, but a lot slower than the other wounds. Rocky huffed and covered herself up with a towel and walked out of the bathroom. "Jake?" she calle out looking for him.
  19. Having found some sweatpants and a t-shirt from he cadet days he walked out of the bedroom holding the change of clothes and called back. "What is it?" If he had to be honest with himself then everything hadn't fully sunk in. He had been the one to find the bodies and the scene had haunted him since then. Meeting her in the hallway he handed her the change of clothes. Last thing he needed was her wandering around naked, who knew who else would decide to come visit.
  20. Rocky just took the towel off and threw on the clothes in the hallway. "Thanks," she smiled once she was dressed then picked up the towel "Where should I put this?" she asked not knowing what Jake did with his dirty laundry. Her stomach growled and she looked down at her stomach "Got anything to eat? Guess I'm hungry too." she shrugged looking back up at him.
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