Overdrive King (Street Racing RP)

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  1. "Hello, my name is Damon. I live in Seattle, Washington...alone, unfortunately. Anyway, I have gathered you all here, to race! See, things in my family have not been going well. I assume you all have heard of The Overdrive Company, or the OC's for short. They are not only the largest motor gang in the world, but they also the largest importing and exporting company in America. OC is holding a race to crown a new leader/CEO.

    Now I'm sure you wondering, why should we race for you, what's in it for us. Well, besides a huge amount of money, you become the leader of OC. I don't want to lead this gang, my brother started it, and it killed him. But, you will be racing to become the leader. All I want you to do, is race and win, whichever of you wins will become the next leader in the Overdrive Company Grand Prix. Look, basically, I have hired each of you to race for the title of Overdrive King so the current leader, the one who I'm after, is kicked out, and I can get my revenge. You may be racing against each other, you may all become enemies, or forge alliances.
    Just...win....Overdrive Company....back!"

    Leo Marie
    Welcome everyone, to Overdrive King, a RP were you will drive to win it all, and become the richest man in the world. This RP takes place in 2017. Overdrive Company was created in 2010 by Marcus Marie, a well known racer on the streets of Seattle. He created The OC's originally as a racing crew, until it became what it is today, a motor gang smuggling cats, drugs, weapons and all kinds of things throughout America and the world. Marcus was killed in 2012 by Caviar Lewis, and Overdrive Company was taken over by him. Marcus's brother, Leo was framed for the murder and thrown into prison.

    When Leo was let out 5 years later, OC had become so big and unrecognizable, to him, he was to afraid to try and take them on. So he put together a band of racers, some loners, some from other motor gangs. You are one of those racers, you will compete in the Overdrive Company Grand Prix, to become the next king, at Leo request.
    There you have it, this has been an idea I have had in the works for months. There are plenty of other things that I have yet to mention I know.

    Any questions, and are ya interested?!!

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  2. Hey Wumbo, just your old Gm dropping by to share a little advice. So what you could do is maybe dice roll when it comes down to who finished first or last. That way nobody will be able to cheat.
    Just a thought
    Ok I'm gone bye *waves*
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  3. That could defiantly work, thanks old GM for the suggestion!
    See you!! * Waves a cries*
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  4. Is this still open? I'm interested. Though I have a few questions...
  5. Yes ask away.
  6. WOO!

    So first, vehicle restrictions. Do you intend on having players use only a certain type of vehicle?

    Second, technology. You mentioned it was 2017. Do we assume no technology progress, or we can use technologies that are planned to be in action by then?
  7. Alrighty!!
    Car restrictions, yes.
    No super cars, at least not for the first part of the RP. As time goes on, players will be allowed to earn certain cars from certain races. They will have to meet certain requirements during the race to earn them.

    As for car parts and upgrades, no holds bars. I have no problem with any upgrades or car part illegal or legal.

    As for tech, things won't be to different. I'll leave some of that stuff to you guys, unless there over the top and unrealistic for the times, anything goes.
  8. Awesome. Looking forward to the character sheet.
  9. I'll get one up if ya want to make one now.
  10. Sure thing! :D
  11. There you go!





    Appearance:(Include clothing)


    Bio: (Why he or she is a racer/ how did they became a racer)

    Car:(No super cars/ list upgrades and any other small modifications/ you don't have to have a street car, all terrain cars are allowed also/ permitted to on car)

    Motor Gang(?) or Loner
  12. Will be making it shortly.
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  13. I'm in! I'll copy over my character sheet from elsewhere.
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  14. Lol, your here to, well then post away!
  15. This looks fun~
  16. Why thank you!
  17. I might join depends on how much time I have.
  18. Name: Wesley Snipes

    Alias: Mirage Tyrant

    Age: 34

    Gender: Male

    Appearance: Looks gaunt, with slight eastern-european traits and with a small frame. Usually wears blue jeans, hiking boots, a black t-shirt and a black leather jacket, and keeps his hair in a pompadour cut.

    Personality: Smooth, likes to imitate Elvis Presley in demeanor.

    Bio: Wesley had a hard time listening at school. It was all so boring - he needed stimulation, excitement. So of course he jumped on the opportunity when his high school offered a mechanics class - where he learned all there was to know about car systems. In his senior year of high school, he decided to adopt the King style for kicks - and liked it so much he decided it was a part of who he was now. After graduation, he took a small job in a garage... which happened to service illegal racers, which got him his first taste for speed. He wasn't the same after that - he needed the push of racing, and so built his own deceptive race car to compete.

    Car: Smart Fortwo chassis modified with a custom caliper kit, larger fuel tank under passenger seat and equipped with a tweaked Hayabusa Turbo engine and a custom vertical 12-gear compact gearbox directed by an electrohydraulic manual transmission managed by computer, that allows the performance of a manual gearbox with the convenience of an automatic AND the control of a manual.

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  19. That is a very powerful vehicle!
    I would want a V8 Twin Turbo though. Anyway, Accepted!
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