Overdose (Interest Check)

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  1. Before I get started this will involve drugs and the supernatural. It is going to be mostly a darker themed roleplay. There will be violence, drug use, sexual themes, abuse, and many more things revolving around the such. Also if the layout sucks, I have to use a phone. Sorry.

    Plot (open)
    In the past supernaturals were something of myths. Many believed their existence was just a tale told to get the imagination going or to scare children. Yet despite what human's think they are real. Vampires, werewolves, fairies, demons, angels and many more are in fact real. As their existence proved to be real many corrupt humans began abusing them. Drugs were created using various parts from these supernaturals and by 2015 these drugs were perfected. Though the affects are like normal drugs, one major side affect after abusing a drug too much though is well bad. After excessive use a human can actually turn into a supernatural. Many become one unknowingly and next thing they know they are thrown into the chaos. Hunters go after them or territorial wars between other species, or they are claimed by a clan, tribe or cult. Being a supernatural isn't easy or amazing as told in those tales.

    Drugs (open)

    Pixie Dust: Like cocaine but people swear they can fly. Excessive abuse turns humans into a fairy.

    Vampires/Werewolfs Blood: This crimson liquid is used like heroin. Excessive use turns humans into a werewolf or vampire.

    Demons/Angels Tears: Like an alcoholic beverage but with a kick. Either a cooling chill or firey burn. Excessive use turns humans into an Angel or Demon.

    (Have any suggestions for drugs then leave them below.)