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    Lacey Kennedy

    It was nearing the first warning bell to get to class when the blonde arrived at the local high school, having woken up a little later than usual and still stopping to get her usual morning coffee from the nearby Starbucks. Sauntering up to the double doors, Lacey tucked a small golden curl behind her ear as she stepped into the school building, her bag over her shoulder, coffee cup in one hand and car keys in the other that had yet to be stowed away in her purse. Her black skirt ended around mid-thigh, long stockings climbing her pale legs until they reached just above her knee, and then there was a comfortable yet oversized sweater to complete the outfit. Of course she had make up on as well, done to perfection, as expected of the cheerleading squad members. They were meant to be thin with pretty faces and a good fashion sense. Lacey was good at following these rules, half because she just naturally enjoyed being what most classified as the 'girly type', half because she liked being in with her friends.

    The teen hummed to herself, walking down the hall to her locker and coming to a halt before it. She juggled her coffee and keys in one hand as turned the combination lock and opened the locker door, then went about gathering the books and supplies she'd need for the day. Lacey waved to a couple friends as they passed by, offering them a smile, then bumped the metal door closed with her hip once she had everything.
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    Name: Avery Moore

    The warning bell rung as Avery walked towards the gates. It was her first day in the new school, and she didn't know what to do of herself on her very first day in her new school. As a custom, girls either liked or hated her. And boys in general found her annoying for attracting females. In this case, she always expected worst of people. So, when she was walking to this new school of hers, in her sophomore year of High School, she was prepared for every single person in the class calling her a dirty lesbian and asking why she dressed like a male. She wanted to kick them all in the face and never talk to anyone about it. Instead she ignored people when they asked her like that, and if she got ticked off by it she'd launch out and become a real witch, as some people preferred to call her. She played the bass and always had it with her regardless of where she was, but especially to school where she played in quiet, deserted places like the roof in the lunch break where no one could bother her. When she entered the class, she felt the wave of whispers it started. Who was the new kid who hadn't gotten a uniform yet? How do we judge the new kid to bully them?

    The teacher said they were having a new student and asked her to introduce herseelf. She offered a bow and looked at the class. "I'm Avery Moore." She simply said as she was sent to her seat, where she put her bass beside her table against the wall where it wouldn't bother anyone. She took out her notebook and began taking notes to the class, zoning out the whispers from people sitting closest to her. They were probably judging her already for being a girl and dressing like she did. She hated people like that with a passion, seeing as they would all just continue hating on her until she went out of school.

    ((She's dressed as in the top picture))
  3. Oh, a new kid, hm? After she walked into her first class and settled in her desk towards the middle of the room, she set her gaze on the front of the class, where a new student was standing. They lacked a uniform, and quite frankly, Lacey was having a bit of trouble telling whether they were a boy or girl. She decided it was a girl that dressed like a boy and nearly giggled to herself, leaning over to snicker about the 'new lesbo' in their class. "She's a girl, so why doesn't she dress like one? I mean, I totally thought she was a boy at first...even her name sounds like its meant for a dude." Lacey gave another amused giggle before pulling a notebook out, taking notes on the rest of the lesson, occasionally adding to the whispers of her friends. It was only the socially acceptable thing to do.

    When the bell rang and signaled the end of class, Lacey tucked her things away back in her bag and stood, leaving the room with a couple of her friends. However, she was stopped by the teacher just before she could escape, and was pulled over to their desk along with that new dyke, Avery. Lacey sipped her coffee, lip prints left on the white lid of her light lip gloss, and glanced at the teacher in question. "Avery, this is Lacey. She'll be escorting you to your classes today, so you can find your way around easier. That's okay, isn't it, Lacey?" The blonde almost choked on her drink, but knowing it'd be too rude of her to flat out decline, she gave a nod and forced a smile. "Sure," she said, casting a brief glance at the other girl, "I'd be happy to. Ready to go, Avery?"
  4. Avery already knew that that cheerleader girl had a thing out to get her. She was used to those kinds of things, people hating her and mocking her. When she was smaller, there had been a particularly bad group of boys in her class. They had taken her outside to the pool and tried to drown her. They had afterwards beaten her up and ripped her clothes. But she was luckily found and rescued before she could die. She'd never told anyone about it, and she wasn't planning on letting that happen again. That was why she had practiced and practiced to become strong enough to even win over a bunch of people at the same time. She was sneaky and swift, and there was no way she would be able to let herself get hurt again, not like that. Avery could hear the cheerleader girl whisper with some of the other girls, and frankly, she couldn't care less what those makeup-freaks decided to say about her.

    When the bell rang and thus, the class had ended, she hooked up in the bag containing her bass and her school bag as she walked to the door of the class, but the teacher motioned for her to come over, so she stopped and gracefully strode to the teacher's table. Avery looked at the cheerleader girl from before, though never saying anything to her. She was rather just holding her bags and looking at the girl. "Okay." She said to the teacher as she looked at Lacey. She didn't say anything else, rather just stroked a lock of hair from her face. She didn't seem like a lesbian up close, but that was probably because she wasn't interested in love any longer with the way that she had been treated in her past. "... I am. Show the way." She simply said as she followed. When they were out of hearing range of the teacher, she spoke up again. "I know you resent me. I can stroll around on my own if you really wanna get rid of me that bad."
  5. Lacey tossed her cup in the trash with a nod, turning on her heel to head out of the room. She was quiet except for the clicking off shoes against the linoleum floor, and her perfectly groomed brows rose when she heard Avery finally speak to her. "I'm just showing you to class, don't get your panti..boxers in a twist." She had to bite her lip to keep in a small giggle at her own joke as she glanced up at the other, the two of them the only ones in the hall by then, as most had hurried off to their classes already while they talked to the teacher. Lacey acted so mean to people like Avery mostly because it rubbed off on her from the people she hung out with and wanted to be accepted by them. "Seriously, what is with that get up? Are you going to wear a boy's uniform when you get one, too?" She placed a hand on her hip as they stopped outside of their class, their last teacher examining their schedules were basically the same, coincidentally.
  6. Avery just followed along silently, not bothering to create much of a conversation. It wasn't anything personal, she just didn't fit in with the types of people like Lacey. She was a very pretty girl, but hid it away all because of her mother, who she hated like pest. She raised an eyebrow at Lacey's comment and shrugged. "For the record, I wear regular underwear as accustomed for women." She simply said, not even sounding annoyed. She had long ago learned to simply shut out the bullying, at least if it was just to this extent and they would physically hurt her. If they tried to beat her up, she'd probably send them all to the hospital. And somehow... Lacey's words felt empty. They didn't seem real, rather forced in their own way. It made Avery a bit sad to think about. "So? What do you care? It's not like it's you who has to wear it. And I have my own reasons, like that I don't want to look like my mother, whatever the cost. Since I physically look like her, I have to become like this so I'll never be her." She said as she walked into the classroom, never looking back at Lacey.
  7. "Thanks for the information..." Lacey's brow rose as she heard the distinction of what kind of underwear she wore, and shook the thought from her head. She shrugged her shoulders when she was asked why she cared, giving the simple answer of, "Well, you're a girl, right? So you should dress like one, half the school thinks you're a boy already." The comment about her mother had the blonde taken aback, and her brows furrowed as the other girl stalked into the classroom, leaving Lacey wondering what she had been talking about and why she told her, a complete stranger. Shaking her head she turned and walked inside, explaining why they were late to the teacher before taking her usual seat. The girl tried paying attention, but the whispers had started right away - Lacey actually hadn't joined in until her friends poked at her enough, resorted to passing little notes her way.
  8. "You're welcome..." Avery just muttered back as she stalked in front of Lacey. It wasn't that she was telling any horrible secrets or anything like that, rather she was just too angry to even care what happened anymore. Regardless of what she said, they'd bully her. They'd laugh and whisper about her. And then it didn't matter if it was depression or her sexuality causing her to dress like she did. In her case it was a way of dealing with trauma and hatred towards her mother, who had brought men home behind her father's back. Before that, Avery had admired her, and wanted to be just like her. But after seeing her mother unfaithful, she had decided to become the biggest opposite of her mother, both to make her angry but also because she didn't want to end up like her mother had, with cheating. "I don't care. I'll let them think whatever the hell they want." She mumbled again as she walked into the classroom ahead of Lacey. She let the other girl explain their lateness as she herself sat down, letting the bag with the bass rest against the wall as she pulled out her book for the lesson, never once even glancing in Lacey's direction. She knew that they were whispering about her again, and frankly she didn't care anymore. She just tuned it all out as she focused on the teacher.
  9. Lacey gave a sigh, fixing her uniform skirt as she shifted in her seat, trying to drown out the other students. She got it, they didn't like the new girl, enough already. Sheesh. When the bell rang she almost rejoiced, raising to her feet and weaving through the desks towards Avery. "Come on," she said simply, adjusting her bag over her shoulder before tucking a lock of hair behind her ear, "I need to stop at my locker really quick, we can go to your's too, if you need to." Maybe they'd get lucky and Avery's would be close by. Once Avery had her bass and her bag and was following, Lacey led the way down the hall, stopping at her locker to switch out a text book for a different one. She had to lean up on her tip toes to reach the top shelf, allowing the short skirt she was wearing to crawl higher, exposing more of her milky skin. Unfortunately, Lacey's looks normally attracted the wrong attention, and the school's quarter back was sliding up behind her moments after she reached her books. "Hi, Lacey," he greeted in his gruff voice, and with a grin he rested his hands on her hips, "wanna skip class and chill under the bleachers?" Lacey frowned and tried giving him a shove, shaking her head in decline, to which the jock pinched her leg through her skirt with a laugh. "Damian, I said no, you jerk. Back off."
  10. Avery wasn't looking at anything in particular, but rather she was just looking around at nothing and everything. She could hear the whispers for another while, but soon it kind of died out. Instead she decided to focus on taking notes down of what the teacher was saying. She knew she'd have to work hard to get the grades that her mother and father desired her to have. If she wasn't perfect, then she wasn't accepted as a member of the family either. When the bell rang, she was prompted by Lacey to follow along, and thus she did. "Alright." She replied as she got her bag and bass from the floor when she realized that Lacey was already by the door. She went along and nodded slightly. "Alright, let's just do that, I guess." She said, muttering slightly. She just followed along with Lacey. She followed as she was lead down the hall by the other girl, not caring where they were going. When she stopped, Avery realized that her locker was just across. She dropped off a few text books that she didn't need for the rest of the day as she turned her gaze back to Lacey. She had never thought of Lacey in that kind of way before, as a person who would get used by the boys. Though the view under her skirt were quite the sight, it gave no one right to do anything to her. She hadn't before noticed what kind of attention that Lacey was getting from the male part of the school. When the male got closer and began fondling her, something clicked in her mind, seeing herself replaced with Lacey in her memory. She walked over and ripped his hand from her, easily pushing him into the lockers across. "When a girl says to stop, you stop, got it?" Her eyes were deadly, coldly observing Damien. She hadn't wanted to protect Lacey per se, but seeing someone else in a situation similar to what she had been in made her fill with rage, burning coldly inside her like a fire of ice. She hated guys like Damien, thinking that no wasn't a word that mattered anything. "If you don't start respecting women, they might end up not associating with you. Because no matter how handsome, if you're an ass, you can never be loved for anything but your outside. If you wanna get laid, try showing some respect." She grabbed her bags and left before Lacey could follow her. She was just so pissed.
  11. Lacey nearly jumped out of her skin when she heard Damian clang into the wall of lockers across from them, her brown eyes going wide in surprise when she noticed that Avery was the one who flung him there. She blinked to make sure she wasn't imagining things, and her face softened when she heard Avery speak, making it sound like the girl had a personal grudge against men like Damian. The cheerleader could understand, being constantly hit on by guys who she really had no interest in considering they were all just pigs and didn't want much more than to spend the night. Lacey opened her mouth to thank Avery for getting the guy to back off, not so cruel as to be mean to her for it as her friends probably would've, but the girl hurried off before she could. With a sigh she turned, closing her locker before making her way down the hall, ignoring Damian's call of, "Seriously, Lace?!"

    The girl soon arrived at the female locker rooms, unsure if Avery had physical education with her or not, but wasn't about to trail her down when she probably found where she was going already. Stepping inside she maneuvered around the other teens, popping open her locker and taking out her gym bag. With a quiet hum she changed into her uniform, mentally thanking whatever god there was that she had lunch after this, and wondered if she'd have to tug Avery over to sit with her, too, so she wouldn't be alone.
  12. Avery was mildly pissed with herself too because she thought that Lacey would possibly be angry with her, but she didn't say anything. She had gotten her things from her locker and didn't see a reason to stay there any longer. She had always been like this. Running away, hiding, and protecting herself from intruders to her mind. She hadn't told anyone about the guy that had molested her in middle school because he wanted her to dress like a girl. She hadn't told anyone about when one of her mother's lovers had tried to take away her innocence, but before he could do that, Avery had kicked him so he fell down from the bed and she had screamed loud enough for her dad to get worried and go check on her. She had always been used by men in the worst ways, and rage filled her being whenever she saw the type of guy that abused girls. Guys who just hit on girls and called them sweet things to get under their skirts. Well, sometimes they even dropped the sweet talking and just went straight to business. And it was those kinds of boys that Avery would not deal with at any cost. If she just watched something like that happen, she'd live through her own horrible memories and end up sick again in her room where no one would be able to save her from the painful flashbacks trying to suffocate her. She felt so alone in the world, as if no one wanted her to be. As if she could just leave and nobody would mind.

    Upon realizing she had physical education, she felt a pang of fear. But she had to go or it would be suspicious. She went to her locked, and Lacey was just across of her. Without making too much noise, she slipped off her shirt, covering her arm in the process. She also had red marks around her neck, but she covered them up with a tall-collared shirt for physical education. She wore a hoodie to have long sleeves and then just shorts and sneakers. She looked over her shoulder and begged that Lacey hadn't looked at her once when she had been changing. She was so tired of people asking questions about it. How could she say that her mother's lover had tried to strangle her? It wasn't any normal conversation topic. She followed Lacey into the gym hall and stood in the back where no one would notice her, hoping that it'd be over soon.
  13. Fortunately for Avery, Lacey had focused mostly on her own changing, and hadn't looked her way to see the marks. It wasn't her business anyway, and she never poked fun at something that personal, since everyone has their issues, so a word wouldn't be said if she had seen. In all honesty, she hadn't realized Avery was in her class at all until she stepped into the gym. It wasn't a surprise she hadn't realized, given that Avery hadn't spoken to her at all and Lacey tended to keep her eyes to herself while in the locker rooms. When the blonde caught sight of the other girl Lacey wiggled her way to the back to be near her, which was easy given that Lacey was a little on the petite side, and it irked the daylights out of her if it was mentioned.

    While the gym teacher explain the game, where they were going to be partnering up and doing three legged races, Lacey pulled a hair tie from her pocket and began tugging her long hair up into a ponytail. "Hey," Lacey said quietly so the coach wouldn't hassle her for talking, "thanks for getting that guy to mind his business. Half the guys in this school don't understand when to back off." The cheerleader thought she at least owed Avery a little gratitude, even if she'd been rude to her just that morning. Lacey wasn't a complete bitch.
  14. Even when Lacey hadn't been staring, she had felt some eyes burning into her back. She didn't know if they were bothering her because of her small breasts or her marked body. She hoped it was the first option. At least she didn't care much about her chest in the first place. She didn't see a reason to, and therefore she did not care about it. She was though, happy that Lacey didn't see her. She was tired of those pitiful looks she got from other people. They made her feel bad for living. As if she should have just been dead when she had been attacked by that man when she was little. She had it clear in memory now, but thank god he didn't get that far with her and "only" tried to strangle her. She had thought back and eventually had kicked him off and screamed at the top of her lungs. After that, she stopped coming home when her mom had that man over. Luckily, she broke it off with him rather quickly and Avery could again show herself in her home. Her mom didn't even comfort her after she had almost been assaulted, as if she didn't care. After such an experience, Avery vowed to take care of herself, and then everyone could do as they wished. She already knew that no one cared about her. No one would ever care, because she was different and didn't look like them. Because of that, they judged her and didn't even talk to her before deciding they didn't want to be her friend. Instead she just dealt with the bullying and never said anything that would compromise it.

    Avery hated physical education. It was the worst subject because you had to do something together with all of the others. She didn't notice Lacey until the blonde was at her side. She didn't look the girl in the eye, though, not wanting to be taunted for whatever had happened. Maybe Lacey would accuse her of being jealous with Damien, or something like that. That was why an actual thanks hadn't crossed her mind, and she was surprised when Lacey showed her gratitude. "No problem. I've got my own reasons." She said as she looked away, her hair hiding away her eyes. How could she tell the truth? There was no way she could tell that she had once been that girl.
  15. Well, Lacey certainly did hear some murmurings, some comments about how Avery looked like she belonged more in the boy's locker room. But Lacey ignored them for the time being; she owed Avery at least that for making Damian mind his business. Guys trying to feel you up whenever they pleased was irritating. When she heard the response she looked over from the corners of her eyes, arms crossing over her chest as the coach droned on. The blonde didn't quite catch what the comment meant, the thought finally occurring to her that maybe she was jealous about Damian and that's what she meant. Her own reasons - that meant it was for her own self-gain, right? Suddenly Lacey didn't feel so sweet about the whole situation.

    Her lips had turned down in a frown as she thought, and the coach blew the whistle, beginning to pair people up. "Lacey and new kid!" The man huffed, and Lacey glowered at him. She really couldn't get away from this girl, like fate was trying to keep them together or something. The teacher tossed them a thin cloth to tie their ankles together for the three-legged race they'd be having, Lacey catching it before leaning down. "Hope you're ready for this," She mumbled, tying their ankles together with ease, leaving it on the loose side so it didn't leave marks. Lacey frowned when she heard the giggles from the other students, glancing over at her so-called 'friends', who were snickering at her and Avery since they'd been paired together. She sighed, giving the knot a final pull before rising to their feet, knowing how catty the girls at this school were. She offered her arm to Avery, brown eyes turning on her before moving down to her arm, encouraging her to link arms with her as everyone else was doing.
  16. Avery couldn't care less about Damian - he was just another guy that she wanted to strangle whenever she saw him near a girl, and that was nothing new. She looked over at Lacey who was frowning and sighed when she realized what it had sounded like. "Not those kind of reasons, just because I look like this doesn't mean I'm lesbian." She said, the sentence in itself sounding like a sigh because she was used to that judgement already. "I just despise guys like Damian, and if I see one like him I beat them up solely to forget the one who attacked me in the past. I see that man in their faces and my mind click. Happy now?" She asked as she looked over at Lacey, referring to that she had told Lacey that there was nothing romantic going on between them. She watched the coach with a bored expression most of the time, wanting to go away from P.E. class, anything to get away from the stares from now Lacey too. Just because of a trauma no one liked her, meaning that it was that man's fault she had turned into a freak who couldn't dress like a female out of fear that the boys would hurt her. If they thought she was a lesbian - or a guy - she'd be safer from attacks compared to persons like Lacey.

    Avery heard a whistle as the teacher paired up the kids with each other, Avery waiting for it to be her turn to be put into a group. Great, she had to be with Lacey. She really couldn't get away from Lacey - it was like fate decided to tie them together in everything and anything, and it made her go crazy with annoyance that she couldn't just have had another partner. She looked as the teacher threw the cloth towards them, Lacey picking it up because she stood in front of Avery. She leaned down as well and helped settling it so they were both somewhat comfortable. "Somewhat ready, I guess, except that I hate this game as pest. How is this in any way funny?" She mumbled back as she looked at Lacey tying it, happy that it was kind of loose so it wouldn't leave marks. More marks on her body wouldn't change anything, but she still didn't want to be reminded of P.E. when she went to the showers. Avery didn't care that the students were giggling at them, seeing as she was used to it. Whenever she shot a student a glare, their giggling stopped and they looked away in fear. She had a scary glare and everyone would now to it, even if she was smaller than them. It was just a look that promised death. It scared people immensely. When Lacey offered her arm, Avery took it without much and winced a little at Lacey's arm pressing against her fresher scars under the shirt. Thank god her hoodie was black.
  17. "Jeez, relax, I don't need to know your whole life story." Lacey clicked her tongue, brushing it off like she hadn't listened at all, while it inwardly made her feel kind of guilty for prodding at her appearance when she clearly had things go on in the past. She honestly didn't want to give someone a complex, she mostly hassled people because of the influence around her and desire to fit in. Half her mind was pushing her to give Avery a chance, but she had a feeling that even if she did, she'd be so worried over everyone's opinions that she'd pretend not to like her even if she truly did. The thought made her sigh as she found herself bound to Avery, both at the arms and legs. By some chance she caught the look from Avery that shut her 'friends' right up, and in a small way she felt a sort of satisfaction over it, but unfortunately she couldn't say so outwardly.

    Lacey was about to hobble over to the starting line with Avery in two when she felt her wince, and glanced at the girl with wide brown eyes, almost startled as she came to a halt and asked, "What, did I hurt you?" The cheerleader didn't see how she could've, her grip really wasn't so tight and the cloth around their legs was somewhat comfortable for the two of them. "We can hold hands instead if your arm hurts or something." Sure, that wasn't the most conventional way of doing things, but she'd prefer she didn't have her partner flinching away from her the whole time.
  18. "Right, I dunno why but it seems that I'm just carelessly honest with you. Don't take it too seriously, it's not all that serious." Avery muttered as she looked away from Lacey. She wonderd if the other girl even felt anything about what she said, or if she didn't care about it at all. Avery wouldn't blame her either way, to her it didn't matter whether or not Lacey cared about her problems, in the end of the day, maybe that was why she told Lacey all of these things. Because either reaction would be fine. Apparently, to her, it seemed as if Lacey was very influenced by the girls that she hung out with, and in some ways, Avery wanted to help her break out of that. But that wasn't just something you said to someone, because she knew that this was more important to Lacey than breathing, probably. It made Avery's heart sink, because something in her had thought that there might be a friend hidden in Lacey, if she was lucky.

    Avery couldn't help the wince. She had cut into her scars only two days ago, and it still weren't all that healed. Maybe it'd even start bleeding, how ironic. She sighed and looked away. "No, you didn't hurt me." She looked at the skeptic cheerleader. "Really." She muttered as she looked away with a sigh. She hated that she had to react because of the own stupid things she repeatedly did to her body because she hated herself. "No, no it's fine." She wanted to say that she was used to pain but that would probably make the situation awkward, so she shut up after speaking one more time, hooking her arm with Lacey's and not even wincing this time.
  19. Lacey was surprised that she even admitted that she was honest with her. Why would anyone be honest with her, when she could easily use it against them? She couldn't imagine such a thing. With a mental shake of her head she brought herself back to present when she heard Avery speak, giving her a hesitant nod, eying her arm. "Well, you can always go to the nurse if you need to." She shrugged her shoulders, keeping her grip on the other girl's arm light and loose just in case.

    When the coach whistled again, Lacey headed for the starting line, hobbling uncoordinatedly with Avery. Everyone else seemed to be having the same issue, some even just quitting and sitting on the floor, so she wasn't that embarrassed. She chanted "left, right" under her breath until they made it to the place where the race was supposed to start, glancing at the other pairs down the line. "This is probably going to end badly," Lacey muttered, already imaging the two of them falling flat on their faces. The blonde waited to hear the whistle blow for them to take off, a small bit of determination beginning to shine in her eyes. Unfortunately...Lacey was an awfully competitive person, even though they were liable to barely make it to the other end of the gym and she didn't want to do this in the first place.
  20. Avery didn't see the reasons in lying. If they didn't know it, they'd just find something else to bully her with, so she might as well be open about herself. It didn't matter to her what other people thought about her, and she was done accepting the bullying. She just ignored it and if it got too bad, she'd beat their asses, male or female, it didn't matter to her. And something in her told her that Lacey wasn't going to use it against her. She'd find something else to say to those "friends" of hers that didn't sound as sad as what Avery had said. Maybe a joke about her breasts or something like that.

    Avery shrugged as she looked at Lacey with an unreadable expression. "I can deal with it, after all, it's just a little pain, that's nothing new." She muttered as she walked with Lacey to the start line, looking over at the teacher. She felt a dizzy moment but it quickly stopped and she didn't care to think too much about it. She wondered if that had been her arm wound opening up again, or something. She hoped not, that way she'd probably be on the floor in a pool of her own blood before they even reached the goal line, and they'd take her to the hospital. She didn't want to go there, not now, not ever. She bit her lip as she looked over at Lacey. She was really scared that she was going to faint, but it didn't show on her face. She had almost eaten nothing for two days, and now she was going to bleed from an arm wound? There was nothing to question if she fainted, her obvious inconsideration of her own health caused her to become sick, depressed or make her faint once too often. If she continued down the road she was going at the moment, she'd be dead in a matter of months. She wouldn't be able to withstand the pain and suffering. But she didn't care about it. And she was right. Into the race, she sunk to her knees in the middle of it, having taken her arm to herself as the blood dropped from her wrist to her fingers and dripped from her fingertips. Within minutes she was on the floor, her breath catching in her throat and her body shaking. She had felt this before. She'd get colder, from the fingertips and then to her hands, her arms... slowly closing in on her heart.
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