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    Welcome to Morishiro High School.


    Fair with a slight chance of rain.
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    Fuck. My. Life. That was all Momoka Ito could think as she dragged herself to the room her "club" had been assigned. This was going to be absolute torture. Surrounded by idiots. Surrounded by her rivals. Surrounded by people! Including her sister! Momoka pushed open the door. Of course, she was the first to arrive, which was to be expected. She was the President after all and she had been let out of class early for this very occasion.

    Momoka slammed the door closed behind, assessing the room, which was a mess. Yay! Club project number one. Sarcasm fully and undoubtedly intended. Hatred seared through her at her teachers and at the slackers. If they weren't the worst student in Japan, no one would be in this situation. She picked up a knocked over chair and set it up right. This was going to be so much fun... Fuck. My. Life.


    Hikari was going to avoid going to the club as long as she could. When her teacher approached her, she felt like she wanted to bite his head off, especially when he mentioned Moka. Moka... As if she didn't have enough on her plate. Hikari shook her head and put a smile on her face. She would go find a friend who was also in the stupid little club. Then, they would go together and she would have to face her sister.

    Hikari stopped and clenched her fingers together. Maybe... Maybe this was a good thing.. Maybe Momoka would open up to her again. She sighed; she knew that wasn't going to happen. Momoka hated her. They didn't even speak at home and they lived together. She bit her lip before stepping forward again and forcing another smile onto her face. Oh well, nothing was wrong.
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  3. Name: Rei Ichiyo Sakashima
    Location: Class
    Interactions: Girls in the Class (NPCs) -> Hikari Ito (@Felilla)
    Mood: Happy -> Sad -> Happy


    "Why~ Hime Sama~ Shall I take you to our castle~?"
    The girl's face turned into a bright red colour and she sighed softly falling into Rei's arms. Smiling softly at the girl Rei pushed her hair out of her face with a smile.
    "Goodness Hime Sama~ You should be more careful~"
    Surrounding Rei was a group of girls, smiling at all of them she paid attention to each and every one of them before then turning her attention to the fact that it was time for clubs. Ah... It is time to go to that ... I don't wanna..... Sighing she looked at her Hime's sadly and sighed again.
    "Rei Sama~!?"
    "Are you okay!?"
    "Are you hurting anywhere~!?"

    Frantic pleas came from all around her and Rei smiled softly at the girls.
    "I am sorry my dears~ I must leave now though~"
    "What~!? Why~!?"
    "I must make my way to my club~"
    "What club~?"
    "Our Rei Sama is not in a club~!"

    Chuckling softly, Rei pushed her chair back and got out of her seat making her way to the door and then noticing a small female who wasn't making any sign of moving at all. Chuckling softly Rei knelt in front of the girl.
    "Is Hikari Sama tired~?"
    Poking the girls cheek, Rei grinned at her. Hikari was as close as to someone trustworthy as Rei could manage. Poking the girls cheek again Rei giggled a little.
    "Neh~ Hikari Chan~ We need to get moving~ We gotta go to the club~"


    Name: Satoru Tomoe Sakashima
    Location: Class -> Club
    Interactions: No one -> Momoka Ito (@Felilla)
    Mood: Annoyed -> Cleaning Mode


    Making his way from his class to the appropriate area in which he needed to be in, Satoru looked around him angered by the fact that he was going to need to share his time with, HER, the only person in the world that made him more mad than when his perfect calculations were incorrect. Glaring at the students that walked past him, they all scattered the opposite direction. Those who knew him knew the fact that he was not an overall friendly person but that didn't stop them from sometimes trying to talk to him. Pathetic they should take a hint. Gritting his teeth together he made his way down the corridor and then heard a bunch of girls squeal.

    Turning his gaze into the classroom he held back his growl that came from his throat and then watched as Rei played around with the girls. Pathetic... To even try to do that.... She is even wearing the skirt but they all call her Rei Sama as if she is a prince or something. Gritting his teeth together he noticed a tiny figure near the door and recognised the girl as Momoka's twin. Not as brilliant as her sister, how sad. Sighing he turned away and made his way over to the room that he was needed.

    Opening the door and closing it behind him Satoru looked at the room in disgust as he turned around and then noticed that Momoka was in the room. Nodding his head at her he respected her, a genius like her in literature needed to be recognised in his eyes. How sad for her and myself and the other three to need to be thrown in such despicable situations. He was tempted to say it allowed but instead he placed his bag down to the side and neatly took off his blazer and placed it down neatly on top of his bag and looked at the mess rolling his sleeves up as he did so.

    "........ I can not have this."
    Anyone who knew him knew how touchy, Satoru was about cleanliness and how much he was a huge fan of hygiene. Picking up a broom that was stuffed in one of the cupboards he began to sweep. Now totally in cleaning mode he turned to Momoka and without greating her he looked at the cupboard. It was clear what he was telling her to do. To just stand there, does she not feel the need to clean this pig sty? Not waiting to see if she would move he began to clean at an inhuman speed.
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  4. Suzume Kurosawa
    Suzume wasn't sure how to feel about this new "club" that she was put in, but what she DID know was that this straight A student did not want to fail high school. Just the mere thought of getting a B in a class sent chills down her spine; now imagine failing high school...Suzume shuddered. As she walked down the hallway towards "the club" room she began to lose herself within her thoughts. If she dropped dead in the middle of a classroom from receiving the horrible news of failing... what would happen to poor Dexter, her cat? Dex was very fussy about the way he wanted things which would make him difficult to take care of. Suzume began to worry...they'd throw him out...Dex would cross a street and then a car would run him over...NO NO NOOO!! she screamed in her head in panic. She winced at herself as she pictured Dex into a squished furry shaped pancake with his little eyes crossed out and his little tongue sticking out. Suzume shook her head to shake out that horrible scenario where soon after a long index finger pushed her glasses up to set them back into place.

    Once she finally arrived to the classroom Suzume stopped abruptly before entering. The slightly nervous brunette closed her eyes as she took in a deep breath and prayed that the room wasn't filled with people already. Suzume hated that uncomfortable feeling when all eyes stared at her when she entered a room. Brushing that thought to the side she slid the door open and entered the room.

    The room was messy and she was not the only one in it. Suzume slid the door shut behind her gently so as to not catch too much attention. She happened to come in right when two students appeared to be picking up the place. With their backs facing her, Suzume blurted out to them, "Hey..." as she set down her dark purple messenger bag on top of a school chair-desk by a window. Not wanting to disturb them too much she quietly headed over to the bookshelves where most of the books where disorganized. Finding comfort in books Suzume decided this would be a good place to start. Her eyes quickly glanced at them and although she did not know them Suzume did recognize them both, Satoru Sakashima & Momoka Ito.
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  5. Kenta Kojiki

    Today was a good day. Why? Because Kenta had been given the opportunity to join a new club! Kenta loved joining new clubs. Granted, they weren't always happy to see him. He had joined a few that told him he had to leave because he wasn't being productive. He really wondered why that was. He attended all the meetings and talked to as many people as he could. He was sure he hit it off with more than a few of them. Maybe the club presidents were just jealous. They all seemed like a bunch of sour pusses to him to begin with. But he still tried to be their friends. Maybe one day they would let him back in.

    One thing he puzzled over was why his homeroom teacher had broken the news to him like it was some kind of punishment. Anyone should know Kenta loved to meet people, so why treat a new club like it was a prison sentence? Though the teacher had said some things he didn't quite catch about his grades and failing something or the other. He was too busy thinking about all the possibilities of this new club. He remembered hearing something about working together with other people to overcome their respective weaknesses, which he didn't understand at all, but as long as he was working with others, he couldn't care less. He honestly thought this was going to be a lot of fun.

    When Kenta arrived in his new clubroom, a few people were already there. But more than just the people, Kenta noticed the mess. It was just like his room at home, so he could feel like he was at home! But someone was cleaning it up too. Did he want it to be like a stuffy classroom or something? Kenta really didn't see the point.

    "Hey guys! Who's up for some introductions?" He shouted, fully expecting that everyone was going to leap at the opportunity to open up and start sharing....
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  6. Haruki Marshall Lee
    The Bad Boy

    "Mr. Lee, it's time for you to go."

    Haruki was lounging at his desk, leaning back in his chair to the point that the front two legs were quite a few inches above the ground, with his feet rested on top of his wooden work space, crossed at the ankles. He had been preoccupied with trying to balance a Number Two pencil on the tip of his nose, complete focus on the task at hand, when his teacher told him it was time. It was one of the few glimpses that people saw and realized that the teen had a lot of potential. If he only directed his focus towards school, he wouldn't be in the situation that he was in at the moment. His eyes drifted from the pencil on his nose to the teacher in the front of the classroom.

    "Already? Man, I was just starting to enjoy this class...In fact, I think that I'll just stay. One missed day won't hurt anyone, right?" He questioned in a faux innocent tone, laughing internally at the distraught look that overtook his teacher's face. You see, Haruki was described as a menace by some. Every teacher dreaded having him in their class, each for a different reason.

    "I'm afraid it's mandatory that you go. No missed meetings."

    Groaning and rolling his eyes, he stopped leaning back in his chair, letting it fall back forward. Slowly taking his feet from on top of his desk, it was obvious that he was trying his hardest to prolong his arrival to the club as much as possible. As he gathered his things, he began to a hum a melody that he had heard once. It was catchy and took his mind off of the club he had been forced to join. Straightening up with all of his belongings, Haru strode towards the door. Upon opening it and exiting, he turned to face his classmates with a serious, grim expression, making it seem like he was going off to battle.

    "Wish me luck. I may not come back in one piece," he said, adding a sniffle in the end for effect.

    Majority of the class waved him off, playing along with his charade. Some were even frowning and sniffling themselves. The response made Haruki happy in a way that others probably wouldn't understand. Noticing his teacher roll their eyes at his antics, he shot them a cheeky grin before he was out of the room and going down the hall, whistling as he made his way towards the club.

    It didn't take him long to arrive. It wasn't that far from the class that he just left, actually. As he opened the door, he made it just in time for one of the members to say, "Hey guys! Who's up for some introductions?"

    Stopping in his tracks, his eyes swiftly glanced around at the people around him. At the end of his analyzing he came to a simple conclusion that he ended up mumbling to himself.

    "I'm not going to survive."
  7. ~ Kaydence Marie Jones ~

    Kaydence watched as most of the students from her third year class filed out the door. She didn't really speak to anyone in class and no one from class tried to speak to her either. It wasn't that she was rude or stuck up or anything like that. Kaydence just had a tendency to be wary of others. Of course, if you had been abused by drug addicted parents for six years, you would be too. It took time for her to warm up to people. And, since she was foreign, she didn't exactly blend in with the class. In fact, Kaydence didn't really blend in at all. Her long, red hair and pale complexion were just the tip of the iceberg. What really made her different from the others was her headphones.

    No matter where she was, or what she was doing, you could bet that she was wearing her headphones. They were bulky and black and they sat over top her ears the entire time she was at school. The teachers had a problem with it at first, but since Kaydence was a top student, they agreed to let it slide. That was, as long as she didn't play music during the lesson. Academics didn't really matter to Kaydence, the only thing she cared about was losing herself in the world of sound. She was extremely talented when it came to musical performances, and even more so when it came to composing. Every second that wasn't spent on class was spent analyzing or writing music with her headphones switched on. That tended to give people the impression that she wanted to be left alone.

    Kaydence was listening to an American band, when the teacher walked up to her. She hated turning her music off in the middle of a song, so she held up a finger for her teacher to wait a moment. The song finished soon and she switched off the sound before another tune began. "Yes Sensei?" she asked, not apologizing for making him wait. He reminded her about the club she was supposed to start attending today and told her she had better be on her way.

    Kaydence collected her things and stood up, scrolling through her music list on her MP3 player. She owned about six or seven of them and they were all filled with music. After mentally calculating the distance from here to the club room, she selected the first movement of Beethoven's Moonlight Sonata and began walking in time to the music. As her last step fell just outside of the door to her new club room, so did the last note of the movement. Kaydence felt satisfied so she switched her music off. She figured she wouldn't be allowed to listen to it during club time either.

    As soon as Kaydence opened the door to the room, she saw it had many people. From what she understood of the club, its purpose was to bring together the excellent and the not-so-excellent students of the school together. Looking at this group, it appeared that they had indeed done so. She knew of some of them, and others she didn't.

    The smell of dust made her breathing suffer, so she quickly applied one of her disposable face masks before walking into the room. This mask was decorated with measures six and seven of Metallica's Nothing Else Matters for the electric guitar. Kaydence didn't say anything to the others as she sneaked to the back of the room. She wasn't sure what to expect from her new club-mates, but one thing was certain, she was going to have a hard time breathing in this place.
  8. [​IMG]
    Angry? Not particularly. Depressed? Nah, not today. Peeved?

    Yes, that seemed like a good word.

    There the tall boy went, stalking through the halls towards the ridiculous club that he'd been assigned to. Yes, assigned - he wouldn't have chosen to go there, hell no. Katashi's expression was distinctly grumpy, his jaw clenched and his hands shoved into the pockets of his pants. His bag swung lightly with each step, haphazardly hanging off of one shoulder. He felt gross, almost inadequate having to go to this club - I mean, he could damn well handle himself if he so wanted.

    .. Of course, that was a huge lie and he knew it. Haha, nice try. He shook his head lightly to himself, feeling stares falling onto him as he walked his weary path to the club. Some were afraid of Katashi and his negative, sensitive demeanor, whilst others just found him strange. It wasn't very odd for that, but he sometimes felt like shooting a glare back at the people who stared, just to give them a silent 'fuck off'.

    Eventually, the kid finally made it to the door of the club. He stopped outside of the door, halting himself and staring miserably at it. God, I don't feel good about this. The rock in his stomach dropped and made him feel sick, but he proceeded anyways. Sucking in a deep breath and exhaling loudly, Katashi rested his hand on the handle of the door and pushed, rather violently swinging the door open - on accident.

    Oh, fucking great, attract even more stares to you, asshole. Get in there.

    His eyes grazed the people inside of the classroom. Chicks and dudes were both scattered around. With a little mumble under his breath, his expression became a scowl and he let the door swing closed behind him, walking into the classroom. Some kid was using a broom to sweep up, and everyone else was just kinda buzzing around.

    Katashi's eyes scanned the room for open seats, and he let his gaze lock on one, starting towards it. Swinging his bag off of his shoulder, he let it flop down onto the ground beneath the desk and slumped himself in the desk chair, doing a huff of a sigh as he did. One hand came up and pinched the bridge of his nose, rubbing gently. Man, this was gonna be weird. The room smelled all dusty and stuffy, and the tickle in his throat made a fist come to his mouth as he coughed once or twice.

    "Just perfect," he whispered cynically under his breath. He relaxed where he sat and just let himself space out, having no desire to capture anyone else's attention.

    The door handle turned again. Slowly, the door opened a few inches, fingers appearing on the door's side. The door pushed open a little more, and with blonde hair bouncing, in popped the head of Satomi.

    Satomi's eyes, amber-brown in color, were wide with curiosity as her gaze scanned the little room. There were a lot more people than she had expected .. and the smell that hit her nose suddenly made her cough and sniffle. It was musky, as if it hadn't been cleaned enough times to get all the dust out. Satomi, after recovering, sighed quietly, getting the feeling that this would be a very .. interesting experience, for all of them.

    Satomi felt herself do a small "Mph", feeling a squirm in her stomach. She pushed the door open more and stepped carefully inside, getting a quick glimpse of each of the students. She couldn't tell who was who necessarily, though did recognize a couple of faces - Rei, the 'prince' that happened to be female and extremely flirty - Satoru, probably one of the most intelligent people she had ever seen, but seemed a little stuck up - Haruki, a boot-clad 'bad boy' whom she had heard a lot about in the school's gossip - Hikari, the bubbly girl that many seemed to be friends with - and Kenta, the renowned wild guy that threw a lot of parties. The rest, she wasn't sure of, but she'd probably find out.

    Satomi felt herself closing up as she took small steps towards an empty desk. She wasn't talkative, by any means, and she most likely wouldn't be initiating much any time soon. She wouldn't bother too much with thinking on it, letting the the thoughts drift from her mind. You'll be okay, you'll be okay.

    Satomi silently comforted herself as she chose a desk and placed herself down onto it, letting her heavy book-bag finally drop from her shoulders. She drew in a deep breath, more than happy to have the weight off of her shoulders. She let herself slump forward, her arms folding and resting on the desk's surface and her chin resting on her arms. She felt a little drained, oddly, perhaps a precursor to what she'd be feeling after the club was over - but nevertheless, she would tough it out to the end. Hopefully, she'd get someone nice to tutor.
  9. [​IMG]

    Momoka surveyed the crowd she would have to be dealing with for the next year and sighed. "Okay, listen up! I know that none of you want to be here any more than I do, but I swear to whatever the hell is up there that if you make me fail this year, I will personally make yo life a living hell! You understand? Now, first order of business, cleaning. Sakashima's already started. We are all going to work together to get this place in tip top shape and no one is allowed to leave until it is finished. Any questions?" she paused for a split second. "No? Good. Now get to work. Takenaka, Lee, we're going down to the janitor's closet to get some supplies. Sakashima, you're in charge while I'm gone."

    She stalked towards the door when it swung open again. "How wonderful of you to grace us with your presence, Ito-san."


    "Hmm?" Hikari glanced over at Rei. "Yeah, everything's fine. Let's get going."

    The two of them walked to the club room and Hikari pushed the door open, only to come face to face with her twin. She bristled at Momoka's comment. "I do admit, it was quite a struggle."

    Momoka glared at her, "Get to work, Ito."

    "With pleasure, Ito."

    Momoka brushed past her and Hikari pushed her way into the clubroom, forcing another smile onto her face. "Who's ready to get this party started?!"

  10. Name: Rei Ichiyo Sakashima
    Location: Club
    Interactions: Momoka and Hikari Ito (@Felilla), Satomi Wakahisa (@Gore), Kaydence Marie Jones (@Sarahonfire333), Kenta Kojiki (@Saito Hajime) and Suzume Kurosawa (@Grimoire)
    Mood: Happy -> Sad -> Happy


    Watching the interaction between Hikari and her twin made her look at her own twin and looked away as he glared at her. Haha... Seems like he still doesn't like me~ Shrugging it off she looked at everyone else around them and grins as Hikari started to get everyone into attention to start their jobs.

    "Yes yes~ Let's get going my ladies~ and gentlemen~"
    Winking at them all she made her way over to the cleaning utensils and then began to hand out wash cloths and other various cleaning items grinning at everyone as she did so. There was small cleaning utensils laying around not anything that they could really clean with but Rei grabbed what they had.

    The cold glare of her twin could be felt but she didn't do anything about it. Only looking at everyone else she brought out a window spray.
    "Come come~ We need to clean up everything~!"
    Handing it to a small female with brown hair, Rei winked at her. Wakahisa Chan isn't it~ She is cute~ Smiling softly at her , Rei then turned around to face her only "friend".

    Looking over at Hikari, Rei smiled happily and then handed her a cloth.
    "I am going to go out and fill these buckets with water~ Someone come with me~"
    Looking at everyone she waited for someone to offer to come with her before she did anything.


    Name: Satoru Tomoe Sakashima
    Location: Club
    Interactions: Momoka and Hikari Ito (@Felilla), Satomi Wakahisa (@Gore), Kaydence Marie Jones (@Sarahonfire333), Kenta Kojiki (@Saito Hajime) and Suzume Kurosawa (@Grimoire)
    Mood: Annoyed -> Cleaning Mode


    As Ito Chan made her way out of the room, he watched as the other Ito Kun made her way in. Glaring at the female who came with them, Satoru felt her gaze on him and throwing a dark glare at her he watched as she shrugged the glare off easily and for some reason that made him more mad.

    But as rei began to control the situation the anger began to become larger and infested within him. taking a deep breath he then made his way to look at the others around him. Depending on who went with Rei to go and fill up the bucket for the mop that they had, he was going to need to group them together.
    "Jones go with her."

    He didn't want to send off the girl with his twin but the others he needed to control the situation here and the other two - Wakahisa and Kurosawa - would be better off helping him out here.
    "Go on you two be quick about it."
    "Yes your highness~"
    The malice he could hear in his twins tone caused another rush of anger to surge up but he contained it.

    "Wakahisa Chan and Kurosawa Chan clean the windows on that side and Kojiki Kun and I will clean this side."
    He didn't want these defiled creatures anywhere near his perfect peers and he wasn't going to allow any of them to get near this male.
    "Ito Kun... You can dust out the chalkboard dusters."
    Not even glancing her way or at Kojiki Kun, Satoru looked rather tired and fed up with everything.

    ((Sorry it took so long ^^;;))​
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  11. [​IMG]
    Katashi barely wanted to even waste the energy to look up at the girl that started to speak, quite loudly, to everyone in the room. However, her bossy voice had already pulled him out of his blissfully ignorant, self-induced trance, so he might as well have. Lazily, his head tilted up and a deep gray pair of irises landed smack on the girl, who started to act like some kind of damn drill sergeant towards the rest of the people in the classroom.

    Cleaning, eh? Sounded terrible. God, Katashi could just feel his legs not wanting to respond to his brain. He didn't even want to stand. His motivation was drying up real quick, but luckily, the girl was fast about her orders and almost challenged anyone to ask questions. Nobody did, of course.

    "Takenaka, Lee, we're going down to the janitor's closet to get some supplies." Oh, joy. You get to go with Big Boss. The boy groaned under his breath, as to not attract any unwanted attention - which was all attention. He braced his hands on his desk and stood, slipping out of his desk and shoving his hands into his pockets again. His legs felt like lead - he didn't want to move them, but he did, because he knew he'd get yelled at or something if he didn't.

    Before he even got to the girl, she started to bicker with someone else - he assumed was her sister, by her comment. Seemed like their relationship was stuck in some nasty funk. He glanced very briefly at the girl who had entered, before he trudged past her and pushed through the door a little more forcefully than intended. The grumpy atmosphere was returning with a vengeance.

    Katashi, not bothering to wait for the Lee kid, caught up to Big Boss and flanked her, simply following after her, as he had no inkling of an idea where the janitor's closet was. He didn't speak, just walked, keeping his gaze ahead of him. She probably didn't want to say anything to him anyways.


    Satomi had to admit that she wasn't ready for the other Ito sister to start shouting. When the first words were said, she jumped in her seat, snapping out of a small, swirling pit of anxiety and bringing her to attention. She talked about grades and making everyone's lives living hell. Gee, Ito-san sounds so much older than she looks when she talks like this. She wrapped up her announcement asking for questions, which nobody asked, and pulled Takenaka and Lee to follow her to the janitor's closet. She left Sakashima in charge while she was away.

    Satomi blinked, processing all of that. Cleaning .. well, she was okay at that. She couldn't reach some places, due to being so tiny, but she could clean high places if she had a nice, sturdy chair to stand on. Momoka started on her way out, and Hikari called out to the class in an endearing tone. Satomi sucked in some air and huffed it out in a little sigh, standing from her seat and listening to Rei, the other Sakashima twin, follow it up with her own endearing words.

    Satomi did a quiet walk to where Rei passed out cleaning supplies. Her gaze fell on Satoru briefly, seeing a deep glare etched onto his features. He was burning a hole in Rei with his gaze, and Satomi quickly looked away. She truly felt bad for the siblings with bad relationships - it must have been such a struggle to be together. She tried to get her mind off of that, focusing on the task at hand. She came up to Rei and tried not to look her in the eyes for too long, taking the window spray and rag she was handed and letting her eyes flicker quite briefly up to Rei.

    And, of course, the little wink made Satomi blush scarlet and tilt her head down, mumbling to herself. She turned tail and walked away, embarrassment flushing her face. Even though she knew how Rei tried her tactics on other kids, it still got to her. It was partially why she liked being with Satoru more - he didn't try to seduce her.

    Rei asked the rest of the group who wanted to come with her, and after a brief silence, Satoru ordered one of the girls - Jones was her last name, apparently - to go.

    Once that was over and done, Satoru went to work assigning everyone to their places. When he called Satomi 'Wakahisa-chan', the fading blush returned with a vengeance and she nodded in a silent response. She scampered over to the side she was asked to clean and started to spray the musty glass, wiping the rag along the surface and suddenly getting a much clearer view of outside. It was only one wipe, but it was satisfying to get that dust off. Satomi's expression grew a little more determined as she began to wipe off the dirty glass thoroughly, wedging the rag into corners and getting the elusive spots that she seemed to miss at first.

    She seemed to get why Satoru liked cleaning as much as he did. It was satisfying to stop your work and look at how you changed the gross stuff to look nice. She had to work to get the top of the windows, but it was worth it when she finally got that last bit of stuff off of the now refreshingly clean glass. Satomi stepped back, as if she was admiring a beautiful art piece, and nodded once to herself. You did good, Wakahisa.
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  12. Kenta Kojiki

    Kenta couldn't believe it. Everyone had ignored him! He was almost beginning to think these people weren't very nice. Then his fears were confirmed when the angry girl got up and started talking. She seemed to be in charge or something. But all she talked about was cleaning and work. Kenta had an epiphany at this moment, a veritable revelation of understanding. He now understood why his teacher spoke of this club like it was some kind of sentence. It was a WORK club! It was a club for people with rods up their bums who wanted to clean things and be grumpy! He couldn't possibly be more out of place with people like that....

    But then there was a ray of light. As the grumpy girl left, another came in. And she said something about partying! Maybe not everyone here wanted to break their backs with hard labor after all. Kenta could feel the elation welling up inside him.

    And then it was all brought down to earth when that guy with the glasses said that Kenta would have to clean one side of the classroom with him. He felt like this guy wanted nothing to do with him, seeing as he didn't even look in his direction once. He had a terrible feeling about this.

    But he was determined to make the most of it! Maybe this Sakashima would turn out to be a nice guy? After all, Kenta knew not to judge a book by it's cover.

    "Hey buddy!" He said as he made his way over to the side the guy had indicated. "So let's do introductions! I'm Kenta Kojiki, and you are...?" He knew this guy was called Sakashima by that girl that spoke earlier, and he knew this guy knew his last name, but that didn't mean they shouldn't go through proper introductions. It was the best way to break the ice!
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  13. ~ Kaydence Marie Jones ~


    Kaydence sat quietly as a people continued to file in behind her. She didn't pay direct attention to the others in the room, but it was easy to follow what was happening as she reviewed musical phrases in her head. The information she garnered was that the two people she didn't know were named Takenaka and Wakahisa. Also, according to the 'smart' Ito, no one wanted to be here. Kaydence didn't really agree or disagree with that statement. It wasn't that she loved the idea of being here, but it wasn't interfering with her schedule either.

    However, what she learned the most was that the siblings in the room seemed to hate each other deeply. Kaydence never had any siblings, so she didn't understand what it was like, but it didn't look like an easy relationship to maintain. Not that she had many relationships with other people. In fact, she only spoke to two other people her age and she rarely saw them since they attended different schools. There was only one other person she was ever close with besides her grandparents, though.

    It was a boy that lived across the street from her grandparents when she first moved to Japan. She couldn't remember his name since he moved away, but she did remember that he was the first person in this country to make her smile. After she moved here, Kaydence wanted nothing to do with anybody, but her grandmother forced her to play with this boy on the weekends. He often teased her, like kids do, but he seemed to really care for her.

    Actually, he proposed to her once. They were playing in the backyard when he took her inhaler and made her chase after him to get it. She became winded and fell to the ground having an asthma attack. He rushed to her side in a panic and when things finally settled down, he started to cry. He said if Kaydence would forgive him, he would marry her when they were older.

    Kaydence didn't see how those two things were related and it was so bizarre to her that she laughed for probably the first time in her life. She wished she would have kept in touch, but she didn't. She didn't even know what the boy would look like now, but if she went off of what he used to look like, he might have grown to resemble Sakashima.

    It was then that Sakashima assigned Kaydence to follow Rei to get the water. Kaydence stood up and followed, not removing her headphones. Of course, if that boy grew to look like Sakashima, he would also look like Rei. Naturally, Rei was a girl, so that would be ridiculous. Even if the other girls saw Rei as a prince, Kaydence couldn't see her as a boy. That would really be bizarre.

    They traveled down the hallway together, Kaydence following alongside Rei, with a few feet distancing them. Kaydence knew who Rei was, but she doubted that was mutual. After all, she didn't have too many interactions with others. She sighed, figuring proper introductions were in order. "It's nice to meet you. My name is Kaydence Jones. I'll be tutoring in the field of music for our club. I guess your brother already knows me, somehow. Although, to my knowledge, we've never spoken before." That made her a bit anxious and suspicious of him already. "Either way, please take care of me this coming year," she said, bowing. Kaydence had a tendency to be a bit blunt.
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  14. Suzume Kurosawa
    Feeling the tension in the air was suffocating enough to make Suzume worriedly frown at both sets of twins. She hoped for no severe confrontation but if Suzume needed to step in then she wasn't afraid to do so in order for no one to get further hurt....although, it usually involved her unintentionally doing something weird or humiliating to catch everyone off guard from the distraction. However, it looked like she didn't need to do anything and so heaved out a quiet sigh of relief as they all went their separate ways. Suzume continued to fiddle with the last book even after the tension broke. Realizing that she was still nervously groping the poor book Suzume quickly slid it back into its proper place on the shelf. For a moment she stared at the bookshelf that she had worked on; all of the books were finally settled in alphabetical order...a clear contrast with her art studio where everything was an organized mess. How she kinda wished she was there right now with her favorite music playing in the background... When Suzume heard her name she quickly snapped back towards Satoru. Smiling apologetically at him for not paying attention the brunette with glasses was slightly embarrassed but quickly regained her composure. Suzume had managed to catch his instructions and said, "hai, Sakashima-san" as she nodded. She then walked towards the other twin, Rei Sakashima, for the needed supplies to clean the windows. She did a short bow and said, "Arigatou gozaimasu, Sakashima-shi" and avoided her eyes since she didn't know her and thus was slightly bashful...even more so when she looked more like a boy than a girl at times. It made her uncomfortable but not in a negative way, of course.

    When she got to the windows they were unclean with mixture of grime, collected dust after a century, and some cobwebs. She picked up a clean towel, dumped it into the bucket of soapy water, squeezed out the excess water, and began to clean the windows. The cleaning motions had made her drift off into her own thoughts again. When she was able to clearly see through a section of the glass window Suzume noticed a small group of students, both boys and girls, sitting on some benches. They looked like they were having a good time, as they huddled together laughing and smiling while they talked to each other like they were all good friends. At this point her hand with the rag stopped from cleaning the window and held it their in mid air. Suzume secretly wondered if she would ever be good enough to have that...would she be able to have that kind of friendship with this group? Suzume shook her head slightly as she softly chuckled to herself and pushed those thoughts away by continuing to clean the windows. However, a small hint of sadness was left imprinted on her eyes but eventually went away as she busied herself with more pleasant thoughts...such as her cat and food...her stomach then growled and hoped nobody heard that.

    When Suzume finally stopped to admire her finished work she nodded in satisfaction. They were squeaky clean without a trace of any kind of dirt. She took a glance at the other girl's windows and noticed a small spot that was slightly dirty. "Wakahisa-shi, you missed a spot..." she said in a non-condescending tone since it was a polite offering of help. Suzume's hand easily reached up to clean it. At the height of 5'3" she was taller than her and realized how short Satomi really was. She then stepped back somewhat close to her to get a better look as well. Suzume turned to Satomi with a smile on her face and asked, "We did well, didn't we?"

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