Over, Under, and Back Again.

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    " Did you see it? "
    They asked each-other, with wide eyes and listening ears. " It was as if God put a great big fruit in the sky that night." One said. " I could almost reach out and grab it with my hands! " They all twittered at each other, hoping to start a conversation of some sort.

    They're hopeless.

    Almost everyone in that class was talking about the Blue Moon that happened the night before, but the few who saw nothing special in the event sticked to their desks, as if they where glued there. But even some turned to talk to their neighbor, almost all but one. His name is Jhonan Elisa, and he had little to no interest in astronomy. It was music that quite literally rocked his world.

    The young boy was no more than sixteen, with straight hair that could be the death of some. His beaming yellow eyes where covered with a pair of thick, large frames. The yellow orbs followed the pencil that was flowing carelessly on the paper in front of him. He was finishing some of his homework that he was struggling with the night before. He got most all of it done, it was just that one problem that had him keeling over. He sighed, and erased the answer that he wrote down, and placed his pencil in the space between the top of his ear and the side of his head. Jhonan thought to himself. " What could it be?" He asked himself.

    Jhonan sighed once more, and simply took off his glasses, and began wiping at them without end. He- along with most of the new-modern world, where different. With science evolving into something that was more than it ever was, or even would be, they all had features that where both good and bad. It wasn't uncommon to see people with horns or less eyes than people usually would have. It was the new norm. Some even had wings and mandibles, but yet, no one judged. Jhonan was one of those. Minus the eyes, wings, or mandibles.
    He was, and is, an Oni Demon. Not a real demon, the schooler only had the appearance of one. With horns protruding from his forehead and a tail exiting out his hind end, he was almost normal. Almost.

    Jhonan picked up his pencil once more, and tried writing something that would be considered an answer, but could, at the same time, not be one. His eyes shifted away from the paper that lay ahead of him, and he saw a figure. He gave a quizzical look towards the other, and pushed the glasses up the bridge of his nose. " May I help you? " He questioned, as he tapped at his desk with the pencil.