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  1. I've always been a knights-and-quests kinda' girl, but I also like to write stories - except I can tailor a theme but not think of interesting characters to fit everything together! A couple of years back I discovered roleplaying, but those were my embarrassing one-liner days.

    An old friend of mine noticed that I get "very into it" when I'm describing dungeons, lores, worlds, and environments, and he suggested that I try out a 'real' RP site (instead of a chatting site that has long turned into a place for you to "meet" people since I left).

    What do you know? I loved it! I think the last site I was on was AniRP or something. But that was ages ago. I used to work as a waitress-also-bartender for a club, so Overtime was always expected. Didn't get a lot of Me Time, to be honest, even after work. Now I'm done with that occupation so yay for doing what I like whenever I like!

    I'm not a big fan of "one-on-one" roleplays though since my muse slaps itself face first into a block frequently ... and that's tragic if I give crappy replies to my partner. Unless it's with someone whom I deem a friend, that's different. Because if we can enjoy chatting with each other, we surely have stuff in common - which is foundation for a fun roleplay! No one likes roleplays that fizzles out into nothing, right?

    ... So uh, nice to meet you all! Ah, oh yes. I have an account on another RP site but I won't disclose such matters here. Just to let you know that if you see an exact same roleplay game going on "there", it's likely just me. (Yes, I'm testing waters to see which one will be the home for my author's soul.)
  2. You sound super cool ; ^;

    Welcome to Iwaku! :D
  3. JROOOCK. I like how the girl in the gif sees the whole ordeal and is all, "Pfft, nona' mah bsns."

    And thanks for the greeting!
  4. Welcome to the site! You sound very interesting :D Hope you enjoy our little community and make lots of friends during your stay! :D
  5. That's from the awesomest movie ever: Crows Zero. :D

    Where's the Jrock though? O_O *looks around*
  6. Welcome to Iwaku! You'll fit right in!! :D
  7. But I saw lyrics from 1OR. D: They were in Canada a while back for a fanmeet. (°ㅁ°)
  8. Oh! :D Yes! OOR is my favorite band * ^*
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