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  1. This is the discussion area for Ovan High School. Feel free to chat with others in the rp, and if you want to give a little info on your character, please do it here. If you do, please state whether human or demon, teacher or student. Just so we aren't confused. This is NOT a sign-up. This is for character info, discussion, and character development. Here you can tell other how your character is developing in the rp, and let everyone know who they're leaning towards, or who they hate with a passion, and so on.

    As said in the official rp, posting info here isn't necessary, just something I thought we could do if people happened to feel like they should. If you want to just get to the rp, just go and jump right in.
  2. My character:

    Sirian Atogata

    Appearance: My picture

    She's a demon and a teacher, so people know.

    Gosh, I've been wanting to do a high school rp for so long! Hope everyone enjoys it. It's my first time making a HS rp, so please forgive my sucky name for it.
  3. ((OOC: Vanra has special permission to rp as what she feels. If you'd like to introduce another character everyone, please do so in the Discussion thread, and we'll talk))
  4. ((OOC: So as not to leave Lala behind, I will be waiting for her next post.))
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  5. I would like to join.
    Also my character is Narita Calsain,
    She is a demon who just recently enrolled in OHS, she recently also discovered anime and o\anime paraphernalia and is now a official Otaku.
    She spends most of her time in her dorm watching new anime and buying stuff online.
    She does average in class nothing under a B, and she is vary socially awkward.
    Sometimes she is so lazy on the weekends she is so lazy she just hangs around in her underwear in her room doing what she normally does.
    She has no particular power other then her wings in which she can slightly hover with.
    And most importantly even though she is socially awkward, she gets along with everyone just fine, and some people even find her attractively cute.

    Appearance? Blue hair(dyed), green eyes, cute face, she wears normally a white/red dress/dress skirt and shirt mix, and she normally wears jeans or sweatpants under them.
    If there are uniforms, then she wears those, she doesn't wear shoes or socks most of the time.

    Questions:Are there handed out uniforms? or is there just a dress code?
    Is there other rules other then the ones you stated?
    And can this roleplay develop romantically?

    Thank you
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  6. not really any dress code as long as it isnt skimpy, or baggy. and this isn't a signup, for future reference. this is just where you can discuss who your characters are and how they're developing(bonds, friendships, etc.)
  7. Heya,

    My character is Hien Le.
    My appearance is my profile picture.

    I am a human (as far as I know) student with a single mother and unknown father.
    Father left before I was born. I enrolled into OHS after hearing its reputation.
    For the most part, I spend my time sleeping (in class or out),
    or taking runs around the campus. Even if I do sleep in class, I don't do too bad
    in class, though I don't quite excel like the top students. Somewhat quiet, I don't
    necessarily release a lot about myself to just anybody. However, I am a loyal friend
    and will be there when needed. If a friend of mine is in danger, I won't hold back to
    defend them.

    I enjoy playing soccer and boxing. I am socially quiet, but care about the company
    of others.
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  8. Sounds like an interesting boy ^_^
  9. Just curious, Do you have to be full demon or human, or are halfies not allowed? I was kind of planning on a demon lord's bastard child.
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  10. Hahaha, that was gonna be my idea! I just didn't know it at the time (story-wise).
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  11. Secretly half-brothers...
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  12. You down for that?
  13. I'd be good with that little surprise later on, should we make the demon father like, a major, major demon? I'll look some up if you'd like.
  14. im just a demon otaku, where do I fit into this? jk you two do your thing.
  15. Don't think demon should be major major in my opinion.
    Make us join a club hahaha
  16. Alright, figured I'd make sure we're on the same page before anything important goes down. haha
  17. No problem! Always good to be ahead. We'll do this like way way later though right?
  18. Yeah, my character is just going to know his demon father had him sent to this school because he got into a lot of trouble at his previous human schools. He won't really know about how his father was...shall we say, getting around.
  19. The only problem left is not knowing whether I'm in the demon male or human male dorm..
  20. Halfies choose which species dorm to be in. So long as it's the same-sex dorm.
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