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  1. (Genre: Realistic Fantasy.
    Year: Victorian Era/ early industrial revolution.
    Region: Europe
    RP style: Open
    The plot of this RP is open, Add what you think necessary for your character. and No God Modding. So basically just follow along to my starter here.)

    * The rain fell lightly into the streets of the town. The Skies Gave warning for a fierce storm. The Streets were nearly empty spite a few people rushing to get out of the rain, and a Man trying to calm the horses of his cart.

    Down the Road walked a Man, Quite differently from any other man. He Wore a Long Black leather Coat. Underneath he wears a Golden brown Vest underneath a white dress shirt and a Golden brown tie. a bit too perfect. His pants the same golden brown color as the vest and tie. His shoes A tad worn but nice and black nonetheless.
    He Looked Like a man not past his 20's. Sharp face with a slight cleft chin, fair skin. And his left Eye pitch black in color, pupil iris and where the white should be all black. his other eye as normal as can be. Besides the Yellow Iris. his Medium Fair brown hair damp due to the rain covered by a black flat cap.
    The man reached the end of the road in at a villa near the middle of the town. Lights on all about the villa. Music could lightly be heard outside of the building. The man walked up to the door and one of the Door men Welcomed the man as he walked through the door and took off his coat and hat, handing them to The welcoming butler, who proceeded to take them away to one of many coat racks.
    People around the Villa Danced and Socialized at the event. The man made his way to the bar without a word spoken.*
  2. Sweat poured from her brow as she worked the looms at the textile factory. Wiping it away she took a moment to catch her breath while the foreman wasn't looking. Bags showed under her eyes as she wiped away some of the sweat and continued to work hearing the foreman's footsteps approach. She'd been on the clock for 36 hours. Thankfully, her long shift was about to end. Finally the loud whistle sounded to mark the end of her shit. Happily she stepped away and gave a long stretch. The next shift came in as she bid her hellos and farewells, happily punching out.

    A young girl of no more than 16 or 17, she was a spry thing and cute enough for her age. Pale skin and dark brown hair with a splash of freckles across her nose; her most defining feature being her dark eyes. Her name was Abigail "Abby" Stout, and she was an orphan living on her own. Her parents had both recently passed from sickness and her only known relative was a rather unforthcoming uncle who allowed her to sleep at his home. That was about it. Stepping outside, the cool air was quite refreshing compared to the hot air inside the textile mill, despite the obvious signs of storm. She had about 10 hours until her next shift, so she had to make the best of it, rain or shine.

    There seemed to be a local party going on, of which Abby quickly sought refuge under an awning off the Villa. The rain was starting to come down harder now, and there was no way she'd make it home dry at this rate. Sighing she decided to wait it out a bit. Keeping to the shadows so as to not get kicked out from her place of dryness, she peered around. Loud music could be heard along with the indistinguishable mumble of many voices. It was a regular party in there. Carefully she decided to chance a peek inside at the small window nearby. The window was high and as such she had to pull over a small bucket found nearby. Getting on her tip toes she slowly poked her head up and over to get a look inside while carefully keeping her balance.
  3. *The Man Grabbed a Drink from the bar, before walking to the room where most of the people were dwelling to socialize. Upon inspection of the room there was a large window on the southern side (same side as the front door), on the eastern side there were two doors, above the rooms those doors led to was a space where more people mingled. On the far wall of that area were more windows, on the north side of the room divided to yet another room where the music was being played from. on the east side was the archway that led in from the main hall. The man Made his way to the window inspecting the storm for a moment before noticing the young lady peaking inside.*

    Man: "Odd" *He thought to himself*

    *The man proceeded to the main hall and stepped out the front door and faced over to the young Woman's location.*

    Man: "Would you like to come in?" *The man shouted over*

    (Sorry for the late response, I was hoping more would join before I continued.)
  4. The place looked so lavish inside and all the pretty dresses and people were breathtaking to Abby. She'd never seen anything like it before. Swept in the moment her mind began to wander as she daydreamed what it would be like to be a part of the party inside. She adored the women's dresses as she watched them twirl and prance around like princesses. Pausing she looked down at her own clothing, soiled and damp from the rain with rips, tears, and patchwork done. A real Cinderella look, but she was an orphan and a textile worker, what was she to expect.

    A heavy sigh escaped her lips as she continued to daydream while waiting for the rain to stop its torrential downpour. Her daydreams were interrupted as a head popped out of the doorway and spoke to her, asking if she wanted to enter. Startled, she gave a yelp as the bucket teetered dangerously beneath her feet. Her arms flapped as she fell backwards onto her tailbone with a soft yelp. Pulling herself together she managed to get back to her feet as she blushed deeply, "Eh, I wouldn't fit in there, sir. I bet you have to have an invitation anyways."
  5. *The Rain Continued to pour as lightning suddenly flared the sky with a tremendous boom*

    Man: "I don't think you need an Invitation to seek refuge from a storm. and by the looks of it this storm is only going to get worse for a while."

    *Lightning flared as he said 'worse' and the rain threatened the skies. The shops down the street were all closed now. cafes and Bakery's, the usual refuge stores, were closed now. If you didn't live next door getting home would be impossible in this weather at night. Even most of the street lanterns had been doused by the winds and the rain. Even Muggers were smart enough to stay indoors now.*

    Man: "Well? Are you coming?" *The man asked again with a slight concerned look on his face.

    The few people left on the streets were those who were gambling that they could get home before it gets worse, though the skies shouted with lightning and thunder saying you've already lost that bet.'*
  6. She flinched a bit as the lightning light up the sky and the thunder almost shook the ground. They were going to have a long shift at the mill. She hoped for the other workers' sake that things ran smoothly. Storms always meant bad news. The last storm they had like this nearly caused a fire. She turned back to the man as he spoke to her, saying she didn't need an invitation to seek refuge. Still, she would feel quite silly and out of place in there if she did enter.
    For a moment Abigail weighed her odds and snapped to when the man asked again if she was coming.

    Another round of lightning and thunder struck as she tensed and sighed. Well what's the worst that could happen? she mused to herself as she nodded and moved toward he doorway. She was slightly dampened by the rain but nothing serious. Moving into the warmth of the building she was instantly taken away by the ritzy feeling of the place. She'd never been anywhere like this before. It was almost like a fairytale dream. "thank you" she said politely with a small curtsey to the gentleman.

    Eyes moved her way along with whispers as she entered. A black sheep among the wonderfully dressed crowd. Even the servants were better dressed than her. Her dark brown hair fell into her face as she curled it behind her ear. So now, she would just wait then leave when the storm lessened. Yes, that was it that was the plan. Her stomach gave a loud growl as she remembered she never did get her lunch break...
  7. Man: "Get this young lady a towel if you would be so kind" *The man said as he signaled for a butler to come over.

    A buttler made his way to a closet and puled out a towel and mad his way to the door. the butler handed the man the towel then made his way back to his original position.

    The man Handed the young lady the towel. then made his way to a food platter, he grabbed a dining napkin and put a few small appetizers on it then made his way back to the young lady.*

    Man: "There you go, this should be just fine."
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