Outlaws- Plot Challenge

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  1. What type of plots can you come up with?
    There are absolutely no limits here. You can go everywhere from prehistoric times to 20,010,893,278 years in the future. ^-^
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  2. The plot is set in modern day times. The government owns a secret base a mile deep underground in Washington D.C, which raises children to become the best soldiers/agents possible. The base is a military organization specializing in counter-intelligence and counter-terrorism, and also has one of the best high tech security systems in the world. These children are born inside this base and are trained as soon as they could walk until they turn 13, then start sending them off on top missions until they turn 18. They reason why train them and send them off on missions at an early age is because they believe that they would have more success in them than adults would, thinking that the enemy wouldn't expect an innocent looking child to be doing these types of things.

    This organization treats and works these children like pets, as soon as they are finished they are sent back and confined back into their room. They even sometimes implant cybernetic implants into their top agents to make them even more deadly. Many have tried to escape before and lost their lives but all the children and teens are tired of being confined and treated like puppets in this base and will find a way to escape no matter how dangerous it may seem, they believe if they all stand together they will make it out.
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  3. The Plot:

    Set in the distant Future in the metropolis Vehr, mankind has advanced in science as well as technology but at a high cost...

    The police are controlled by the corrupt government who in turn are run by a mysterious organization that believes in human experimentation, stealing innocent people to use as means to move along science. They are the eyes behind the scenes, the hands manipulating the strings controlling Vehr with oppression and in the middle lie rebels willing to uncover the truth, to Free those captured and shake the very world.


    The skies, cerulean and with a deep white cloudy display, overlooked the land below. One separated From the main city across the western bridge. Formerly, had this particular land been home to a well respected hospital, where any citizen could go regardless to their status, however, in research's name, a Facility devoted to science's mysteries took over. In one single night the hospital and it's adored workers vanished leaving the less than Fortunate Vehr populous in great need. The Pyramid, as it was now known, employed researchers and scientists obsessed with the science in the today's society, by any means necessary. The Pyramid stood at nearly sixty Feet stretching to the calm sky, the sun's reflection shimmered on the glossy glass structure situated between artificial trees set on plates. To the bottom, both the general public and researchers occupied the grounds with the latter teaching small lessons pertaining to new discoveries yet, in the shadows, lied a more sinister nature as to why the Facility had been made...

    "Does anyone know when The Pyramid was established?" The twenty-two year old bookworm male researcher looked around his small group with a most appealing look in his teal eyes. He'd been tasked with a tour to some interested people coming over From the main city Vehr, those able to afford passes, the Facility, some parts, were only accessible to the general public, the wealthy, with purchased passes. The Funds went directly to the Pyramid.

    "Anyone?" He smiled charmingly, nervously on the inside having never toured with outsides, he usually spent his days deep down in the Pyramid documenting tasks. His open navy blue lab coat reached down to his black slacks. The man's short sleeve, button down shirt, tucked neatly into those pants, and a dark tie attached at his collar. He ran a hand through his curly sandy hair. Panic riddled his slightly hairy Face. He looked among his ten plus group, they looked bored, he couldn't very well take them inside the Pyramid, it was not permitted to the public. He cleared his throat, smiling more. "Three years ago."

    The group clapped dryly. One woman spoke up. "Mercy Hope Hospital used to be here," She crossed her arms. "What happened to it? The workers, patients? No one seems to want to talk about it, some say it merged with the bastard ones in Vehr, those aren't hospitals, they're morgues. Their death rate is higher than recovery status."

    "Uhm well..." The researcher looked elsewhere. "Mercy Hope wasn't making the money it should have been-"


    "Mam, please do not use such abusive language, there are children present. Please act in a calm manner otherwise-"

    "Otherwise what you uptight dick? You can't even answer a simple question," She kept speaking not caring that the researcher's Face turned bright red or the others looked upon her crazy. "We paid to see the Pyramid's outside? What a total waste, how about you show us what you pricks actually do with our tax dollars then maybe I'll shut my mouth because right now all I'm getting From you is hot air and excuses."


    The woman seemed to grow more annoyed. "I should kick your bullshitting ass..." Her heels clanked against the concrete as she stepped Forward. The researcher cringed, he backed up. This was not how he expected the tour to go, his head whipped around, to see his colleagues, perhaps one would Fetch the guard, have this woman escorted away.


    A loud explosion shook the entire Facility abruptly ceasing all tours, attention went to the Pyramid, where the very top Floor's, the tip, shattered like a mirror. Glass descended quickly leaving those closest to the Facility to run, seek shelter or risk being impaled to death. Smoked spiraled upward, From that damaged Floor.

    "What happened?" The researcher spoke aloud, his body bumping to the woman whom had planned on harming him, no one spoke, everyone merely looked, trying to understand...

    Smoke clogged the entire top Floor of the Pyramid, voices could be heard, coughing, and lastly gunfire by the Facility's guards yet nothing was penetrated. The Director, a tall man in middle age, staggered about the carpet Floor belonging to what had been his office. He coughed heavily, his black suit dirty with ash and dust. "Get that...don't let...." He barely managed to speak the words, his wheat-brown eyes stared Furiously to the individual responsible, running through the smoke to the opening, where that glass broke. "Get him..." He toppled over an unconscious researcher calling out. "Shoot to kill." Immediately, gunfire pierced the smoke but the intended target would not be struck. By the time the bullets rained down on the area, he would be out the window, in a wide leap. Those below cried out to see someone Falling, some turned away not wanting to see a body pancaked on the ground but what they didn't know was he wasn't planning on dying, not today at least.


    He was covered. From head to toe, not wanting to be seen, the goal. A long sleeve, black and green outlined, jacket covered his upper body, over a vest to absorb bullets. The jacket's hood was drawn up over that unkempt blonde hair. Black goggles covered his lake blue eyes and a mask robbed anyone in seeing his lower Face. His arms were spread out, gloved hands opened, the air cloaked his eventual Fall, he could see people watching him below, amazed and at the same time scared. Losers, he thought. He Felt some wind somewhere soon to realize a bullet pierced his leg making a small tear in his pants, nothing treatment wouldn't Fix. The top priority was getting away From the Pyramid. Vice placed his arms against his body, he did a nose dive now gaining speed. His Finger touched a small trigger in his palm. The authorities would come soon, on their own vehicles. His head turned, a right direction, hearing the oh so soothing loud roar to the custom engine. A black and light blue blur spiraled around the huge structure coming up From the bottom. It circled around and around, coming closer. Vice grinned underneath his mask.

    His chameleon.

    The driver-less advanced motorcycle circled around once more until coming around where Vice Fell.


    He veered back, down, his body coming to rest Forward on the leather seating designed to Fit two people, his hands rested on the steel handlebars, Feet coming in a backwards motion to the pedals situated on the back spinning wheel which was smaller than the Front. "Whoo~hoo." Vice called out, his eyes on the control terminal built into the dashboard. He leaned low, riding down the Pyramid's glass, ignoring the awed expressions by the people standing, Frozen. They didn't know what was going on, as it should be. Looking back over his shoulder, he heard other engines roaring in the air, he saw the standard police motorcycles, similar to his chameleon only blood red, seven in all diving in a V Formation, also riding down the structure. The drivers, decked out in red uniforms, aimed their guns at him.

    "Uh oh." Vice swerved chameleon around. The seat bumped him up into the air while it's entire structure reversed with the Front wheel, momentarily at back, returning to it's leadership role though the seat remained the same allowing Vice to secure back on it, now with a weapon of his own: His customized taser gun. His motorcycle continued to ride down the pyramid. The young rebel aimed. He shot the same time as the lead police officer. The attack was cancelled. Vice aimed again with one hand, his other reached deep into his hoodie inner pocket retrieving another gun. He hooked it right, the bullet punctured through that officer's helmet, into his skull, and out the back into another. Their motorcycles collapsed, Falling with their bodies and blood. Chameleon spun away on the side, avoiding the mess, and it's owner being harmed. "Five more to go." The youth responded. He shot both weapons now being thrown From his vehicle. Three more officers went down, one bike slammed into the second to last sending him below. Now only the lead officer and Vice remained. Chameleon caught the latter as the ground was coming up to meet them.

    People screamed, Fleeing to safety while the Pyramid distress alarms sounded like ominous screeching, capable in being heard even in Vehr, unwanted attention, something Vice didn't need and this officer wasn't about to give up. On the ground now, the motorcycle reverted back to it's proper way knocking him into the air until it was done then racing toward the gates leading in and out the Pyramid, already, shuttle buses were pilling out, tourists on them being evacuated due to the incident. Vice could see a long line spilling out on the bridge back into Vehr, the shuttles stopped a bit, just outside the open gates. Why? He looked above. White helicopters swarmed the bridge, news reporters, dispatched to cover the story. On the very Far end, Vehr's way, hordes and hordes of police motorcycles, military tanks, and all other Force blocked the path. They were attempting to pincer him in. Kill him on the broadcast as they did with other rebels but he wasn't like those others. The prick still pursued him behind. There was only one way through this.

    Keep going.

    The chameleon gained speed.
    The ones in the shuttle buses looked out the tinted windows at the passing rebel, whispers echoed among them.

    Regular television programming was interrupted by various news broadcasts everywhere. On televisions, buildings, all electronic devices.

    "We're reporting live From Eyewitness News WCBR 2 where a situation has occurred at the Pyramid in what authorities are naming a rebel. Sources are saying this individual, whose been identified as being a male, broke into the Famous research Facility by unknown means. Wait, wait...I'm hearing that he's killed six officers...ladies and gentlemen what you are seeing on the news Feed is actual Footage of the culprit. He's armed and dangerous, stay in your homes, I repeat, authorities are saying to stay in your homes. We'll be reporting minute to minute new details. Yasah Goran reporting live From WCBR 2 where you hear the news First."

    Vice heard the Feed, the earpiece was directly connected. He smiled some more. "Me, dangerous, no way." He remained calm despite the shit awaiting him on the other side. He counted Four tanks now, blocking the way, normal police vehicles with sirens turning, and motorcycles. He assumed they thought him to be intimidated by them standing in lined Formation, that he'd surrender. Nope. The chameleon's speed reached one sixty, it could go Faster too. He wanted a cheeseburger, Fries, and maybe a milkshake, when the heat died down he could take a look at what he'd stolen, the whole reason For being at the Pyramid. The enemy group Fired on him, the tanks the last resort. Vice's riding weapon secreted exhaust smoke. It quickly spread all throughout the bridge.

    "Here we go." Vice pressed a small white thumb button on his motorcycle, near the control terminal. In this moment he was launched in the air, hands Firmly on his guns, he spun around shooting behind, to that one bastard not giving up the earlier chase. Seconds later the red motorcycle skidded through the smoke, blood on the side. Facing Forward, he tumbled in a Flip, running, along the bridge, shooting at anything knowing he'd made the mark by hearing grunting.

    The chameleon made yet another transformation, into a mech, riding on the single big wheel leaving the other smaller one, turned sideways as a propeller to levitate short distances. It skated along, the handlebars extended outward like arms, the dashboard was like a head, scooping Vice up.

    "Where is he?"

    "Just Fucking shoot!"

    The smoke cleared slowly. The Fleet wasn't prepared For the mech to come riding out, Vice now moved to the middle, hanging onto what was the seat, long arms sinking low, knocking them out the way like pins.

    Vice shot anyone still standing in the way. Now he was to the next adversary: The tanks.

    "Another day." He commented. His mech jumped into the air at which he disengaged the current transformation. Both motorcycle and owner soared over the tanks escaping what might've been a brutal battle. On the other side, Vice was seated once more on his bike riding down the long bridge, the helicopters circling like vultures. Like they could really catch him. When in the city he could hide in an alley, do something to divert attention.


    The huge metropolis came into view with the sirens hanging on nearby, Vice sped away From the bridge to ride down the highway. The clouds moved slowly in the sky with the sun beaming down. To say Vehr wasn't big was an understatement. Skyscrapers loomed over smaller buildings, roads intersected, and that was just the parts which could be seen. The young man's motorcycle skipped highway to highway, cars stopped abruptly, some collided with one another. He eventually drove his bike over the edge landing in lower Vehr, the usual lower class. The helicopter wouldn't see him down here. He slowed to a stop in a dank alley where trash spilled out rusted garbage cans. He heard the sirens above, the chaos, all caused by him. He swung his body off his motorcycle pushing a side switch. The tool stilled. It transformed into a black and blue PDA bigger than the average store seller.

    "You did good buddy." He ripped the goggles off along with the mask tossing it the side. Next came the hoodie and vest, underneath the latter, Vice wore a simple white shirt and a smaller sleeveless gray jacket. He slipped out the dark pants having on gray ones. He kept the boots though. He ran his hands through his blonde hair taking a look at the Flesh wound bleeding a bit through the new lower clothing. He didn't have time to worry about it now. He jogged to the alley's end poking his head out.

    He saw people walking on the sidewalk, very Few cars were in the streets. Perfect. Returning back to the alley, he removed a small Flashdrive from his pants pocket putting it in the proper USB port in the PDA. He then put it down letting holographic imagery appear. What he stole was an encrypted File and by putting it to the PDA the contents were decrypted. He rubbed his hairless chin. The imagery revealed Mercy Hospital, three years ago. "That's right around the time the Pyramid was established..." Someone monitored the systems. "Staff and patients went missing but the government covered it up. Some of the Families vanished too, of course this wasn't in the press..." He was just speaking out loud. What was viewed showed unknown people in the hospital, rounding up the staff, taking patients too and wheeling on gurneys terminal ill ones out.

    Vice's eyes winced some.

    One patient in particular, a young girl, caught his attention. She was hooked to IV units, her hair completely gone, Fatigue written into her Features. He searched his pockets retrieving a photo which was of that same girl only she was vibrant, healthy, and her black hair silky like the mother beside her. The picture had been taken at a beach, probably during happier times. His eyes traveled back to the girl being wheeled with other bed-ridden patients throughout the hospital halls by those unknown people somewhere. The staff protested vehemently, to no avail. It was soon that both young men would see, the horrific truth, those unknown people were taking patients, to be experimented on. The results negative and in turn the patients killed, including the young girl.

    The rebel closed his Fist around the picture.

    The hospital staff suffered a similar Fate, each test a Failure, the experimentation discarded, like trash.

    The truth behind what the Pyramid was. A corporation disguised to do heinous things.

    And a mother would receive news he didn't want to deliver...

    "Hey you!"

    Vice ran a hand through his hair well aware to the shout. He raised his hands in the surrender position, standing properly, turning around. Two stupid-ass policemen stood blocking the path, their guns on him. Mere talking wouldn't get him through this.

    "Go ahead," He baited them. "Shoot me."

  4. Plot takes place in the year 1568, young Luna is an outcast from her home because she has an eye that allows her to see the true form of someone's soul. She was abused by both her mother and father until she joined the guard. She pretends to be a boy and is soon know as one of the guards best soldiers. She goes by the name Ren. One day her troupe comes under guard and she has to protect them. Soon she is injured, and her secret revealed when an enemy rips her shirt and shows everyone her bandages. She still fights and becouse of her everyone gets out alive. She is later given knight ship in the courts.