{ Outlaw, Serpentine} To Hell and Back

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  1. Jackson Gearheart stumbled through the darkness of the back alleys in San Diego, California. He gripped his side in pain, groaning as he ran. He could hear it's footsteps behind him, whatever it was that attacked him.

    Was this really happening to him, why? He crashed into a trashcan and fell to his belly, now to tired to even stand he began crawling to the open road.

    "This is really fun, isn't it Jackie?" Sloan asked stalking after his prey, his eyes blood red and tendrils shooting from back, his teeth a gnashing maw.

    Jack looked over his shoulder and crawled even faster, but not fast enough. A tendril wrapped around his ankle and pulled him back, know being held upside down and staring at a smiling Sloan, he closed his eyes and braced for the worst.

    "Well, I guess that's it for you then." Sloan said cheerfully and opened his mouth to reveal several rows of razor sharp teeth. Jack clenched and waited for the end, but the end did not come. After several minuets, Jack noticed Sloan had disappeared, he was safe at least for while. He closed his eyes and sank into unconsciousness.
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  2. The dark was thickening like clouds, the beginning of night. Elliot had her hoodie pulled up and she had her hands stuffed deep down into the pockets. She turned the corner, having walked through the alley to take a shortcut home. All of a sudden, a loud bang startled Elliot, making her jump a little. Curiosity getting the best of her, she went towards the noise, her brow furrowed in slight confusion. What had made that noise? Elliot pulled her hoodie from her head and quickened her pace before stopping abruptly. She saw a dark figure lying on the ground, not moving. Elliot's heart stopped for a moment before she walked forward, bending her legs to peer at the face.

    She looked down at a face of a boy, maybe a year older than her, and gasped. Elliot pressed her hand against his forehead and realized he was out cold. She pulled out her cell phone, one she barely used, and dialed 911 as quickly as possible. After a few moments, the operator picked up, allowing Elliot to let out a sigh of relief. "Hello? I have a boy here that's unconscious. I have no idea what happened to him." Elliot rushed, biting the top of her thumb nail nervously as she listened to the operator, answering questions. After the operator got the answers needed, Elliot lowered herself to where she was sitting next to the boy's body, a noise of uncertainty coming from her throat. "I hope he's okay." she said to herself, her sky blue eyes travelling over the boy's face as ambulance sirens came closer.

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  3. Jack's eyes squinted as he tried to adjust the light. He couldn't see anything for a few moments, as his eyes were still trying adjust to the light.Once his vision cleared, he noticed he was in some sort of room. The walls were white and sterile. Jack could smell the antiseptic and other cleaning agents. He looked off to his left and noticed a machined that was monitoring his heartbeat, the machine to his right was and I.V. Jack laid there and tried to comprehend what just happened to him.
  4. Elliot bit her thumb nail nervously as she sat in the waiting room. She had been there over night and wasn't planning on leaving until she knew the boy was okay. Why she helped him and wanted to know if he was okay, she had no idea. Elliot sat there pondering the thought for hours, yet still no reason. With a sigh, Elliot sat up straight, her back having been hunched for a while from thinking, and stretched it. She could feel her tired muscles expanding and she stood, feeling the need to stretch her legs.

    Elliot made her way to a vending machine and bought two energy bars, one for herself and maybe for the boy if he wanted it. Tearing the wrapper open, Elliot ate the bar and felt her hunger slowly vanish. There was still something she felt, a sense of nervousness or worry. Not knowing how long it was going to take until the boy actually left his room, Elliot walked outside of the hospital and took a deep breath of air. The cool wind seemed to calm her as she closed her eyes, clearing her mind for a few moments.

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  5. Jack struggled to stand up, the doctors who had patched him up had given him permission to leave bed and wonder the halls, with a doctor's assistance of course. Jack let his feet touch the cold tile floor and grabbed the I.V. for support. He wheeled himself out to the lobby and looked around. He grunted in pain and reached for his side, a reminder that hoe close he came to dying.
  6. Elliot opened her eyes again and trailed the sky, admiring the silver linings on the clouds. Then, she shook her head and thrust her hands into her hoodie pockets and nudged the hospital door open with her shoulder, her eyes cast to the ground. So many thoughts were swarming in her head as she kept walking forward, her brow furrowed in concentration. Finally, she lifted her eyes and didn't notice that she was about to run into a boy. "O-Oh, sorry!" she quickly apologized, blushing from embarrassment. All of a sudden, something clicked in her head when her eyes reached the boy's. Her sky blue eyes widened and she looked over him. "Hey, you're that boy I found laying in the streets!" she said, a slight smile on her face. Elliot didn't know why she was being so friendly to someone she hadn't met yet, but she was nonetheless glad he wasn't seriously injured.

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  7. "Yeah... I guess that was me." Jack said with a scoff. He was disgusted by the fact he didn't fight back against Sloan. It was just that....he didn't Sloan to be, whatever the hell that thing was. He looked back up to the girl, who was maybe a year younger than him, she was also really pretty. "Jack, Jack Gearhart" He muttered.
  8. Elliot giggled nodded. She knew he was probably in a lot of pain, but she was otherwise glad to see him finally awake. "Elliot Weston, but you can just call me Eli." she said, smiling a bit brighter. She gasped slightly and dug her hand into her hoodie pocket, grabbing out an energy bar she had bought for him. "Uh, here. I know you probably aren't hungry, but I bought it just in case." Eli said, giving a goofy half smile.

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  9. "Gee, thanks" He said as he took the bar into his hand and stuck it into his pocket. His phone rang and he asked the nurse to get his phone. He stood there awkwardly and turned to Eli. "So you from San Diego?, if not what brought you here?"
  10. Eli smiled as she saw him take the bar from her. She listened as he asked her where she was from. "Yeah, I guess you could say that I come from San Diego. Nothing too much, just a small little house a few miles away. I just happened to be taking a walk when I found you out cold." Eli explained, putting a strand of hair behind her ear. "What about you?" she asked with a raised eyebrow, slightly curious about the boy. She felt the heat of the hospital go through her hoodie so she unzipped it, shrugging it off, still keeping eye contact with him.

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  11. "I'm your stereotypical Midwest guy. I'm from a little town up in Iowa and came here for college. I trying to major in biology. I actually want to be a vet." He smiled and sat down on a couch in the lobby. "You didn't see any thing....unusual when you found me, did you?" He asked her.
  12. Elliot laughed a little and smiled. She could tell that he was passionate about wanting actually going to college. "Wow, that's great! I might want to major in something with crime scene investigations...who knows." she said, shrugging her shoulders a little. Eli watched him move to sit on the couch and decided to join him. "Anything unusual? Um, not that I can think of, no. All I heard was a loud bang, like something falling, and followed the noise. It eventually led me to you, but I didn't see anything. Why?" she asked, putting her chin on her hand, looking at Jack. "Oh, but you don't have to tell me if you don't want to." Eli said quickly, her eyes widening slightly as she sat up and held her hands up. She didn't want to peer into this boy's business when it didn't concern her.

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