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  1. In my past several months of using forums I've been finding that something I used to enjoy, debating is now something I'm not really enjoying any more. It's a hobby I used to have that is now leaving.

    And this got me thinking, are there any hobbies or interests that other's here used to have that they are now finding themselves lose? Are you losing it for good reasons or bad reasons? Do you think there's a chance you'd start said hobby again in the future?

    My Answer (open)

    I think I'm for the most part losing my debate hobby for good reasons. I have always gone into debates with the intention to share ideas, not to make shit storms. However, human nature/conflict pretty much guarantee's that it rarely happens when people tackle it under the mindset of a "Debate". So giving up this hobby is honestly just me giving up getting roped into shit throwing and circle-jerking contests.

    As for chances of starting again? Unlikely, I mean I'll still talk about serious topics with people. But my approach to it has changed I find to where we're more just discussing it casually, might throw an idea back and fourth but it's really just small talk. It's not like we're barging in with arguments and expecting them to compete, which is honestly exhausting. So no, I might still have some serious discussions in the future, but I think my debate days are coming to a close... That being said I'm only 21. I (hopefully) have another 40+ years to go where anything could happen.
  2. Five years ago, I used to play video games like crazy, but then, I took Forum RP-ing to the knee.
  3. It is really hard for me to FIND a hobby, because if I am not interested enough, I don't bother to dive further. Which sounds like a normal thing, but I have very little interest in ALMOST EVERYTHING. =_____= WHICH MEANS when I DO find something I am interested in, I latch on to it like a mother fucker and it becomes my passionate obsession. O___O And I stick with it for years and years and years and years, and even when I think I am tired of dealing with it I come right back to it.

    Example: Roleplaying and admining! I've been doing for years and years and years and years and years. Sometimes I really need a break, or I get a little jaded. But I'm prolly going to keep doing these things for long time.

    My one hobby I HAVE waned on, though is ART. =___= Drawing. I used to draw everyday and be really passionate about learning new techniques and practicing and drawing things. I'd draw my characters and fanart and stuff. After awhile, I got WAY more in to writing and roleplaying and now I am at the point where I never draw anymore. Which kiiiiinda sucks, because I WANT to, I just don't want the passion to bother. c__c I get bored and frustrated really quickly.
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  4. Well, I have a lot of hobbies. Writing, drawing, reading, acting, poetry, gaming, singing.. Pretty much anything I can get my hands on becomes a hobby. O_O

    However, I definitely lose interest in things sometimes. I used to be a hugeee gamer, buttt I haven't touched almost any games since last November, as my brother was majorly injured in an accident and I found out while gaming, so its kind of a bad association. My interest in drawing comes and goes, though I still partake in it very often. As for my theatrical stuff, I sadly haven't been well enough to partake in that for quite some time.
  5. I always add to my plate, I have never been able to take away from it.

    I still play pokemon, despite having started with Red and Blue.

    I still play Yu-Gi-Oh, despite my friends dropping it.

    I still watch anime, play video games and roleplay, despite the length of time I have done so.

    I still draw, just as I have done since I was 3. I just can't put things down, only take on more.
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  6. I forgot about anime. O__O I used to be a huge otaku weeaboo nerd. I'd watch anything and everything anime and it was ALL good. Now I don't much care for it unless there's something in particular I'm after.
  7. Can I come visit you? I need someone to play Yu-Gi-Oh with. ;_;

    I feel you @Diana I used to draw all the time but since I started getting into writing I have not picked up a drawing pencil in awhile. There is a drawing I really want to finish but don't have the motivation to try.

    Other than that hiking. It is not that I have outgrown it, but I keep having to have back surgery and then I am unable to hike for quite awhile.
  8. I hear there is a place online where you can build decks and play against each other.

    I thought about trying it but I really prefer the real cards themselves.

    I would love to though! The few friends who play have great decks, but they suck at the game. xD
  9. Awesome xD I am probably not that good since I have only had my boyfriend and friend to play with. I do love spellcasters though. And I only play with the older cards since I know nothing of the newer stuff.

    I guess I don't play video games as much as I used to, and if I do it is on older systems. The N64 is my favorite. But that is rare, once every month or so.
  10. Well my water deck is old. Its before all the syncro monsters and all that silliness. Its still terrifying to this day, as I have absolutely washed away (pun intended) most of the synchro style decks out there. Small tournaments in my old city where I used to live didn't really stand a chance...

    But thats what happens when you change the mechanics.
  11. Writing's a big one. I pretty much never write anymore. :/ RPing's different, but, yeah...

    Also anime; I still have my favorites that I'll re-watch any day but I really don't have as much interest in seeking out new series as I used to. And video games. And, to some extent, cosplay. It's been a while since I've done anything more than a low-effort one.

    I feel like a lot of that it just because of lack of time, though. My life has just felt like it's gotten more and more cluttered over the years. @_@ So the things that I don't engage in as often just sort of get pruned out of my life...

    Oh! And reading, too. I actually have a bunch of books that I've been meaning to get around to (many of which are graphic novels, which should take even less time to read) but, yeah...

    And then there's, of course, finding other hobbies, which may steal time that would've otherwise been used for older hobbies. Vinyl collecting seems to be my newest and biggest passion, and I actually have been thinking a lot lately about how it's started to replace some other things in my life.
  12. You reminded me that I actually did stop doing something.


    My old Haku outfit has been sitting in a tub for about 3 years now. I just don't have the money to go to cons.
  13. Star Wars, and the whole Science Fiction concept of "WE MUST SAVE THE UNIVERSE!!!!!!!!" I've outgrown so much.
  15. I used to be an avid reader, but after moving into middle school I stopped reading all together. I like to believe the reason for it is because I had to start reading for school, and it took all the fun out of reading for me. I used to be into anime, and honestly I still am, but I dont have the time to watch new series anymore. I also used to be an avid artist. I pretty much grew up with pencil and paper, but I seem to have lost my talent for it. Every now and then I would draw out of boredom and something awesome would come out of it, but it's kind of a pain. I'm even starting to loose my interest in role-play, and I think that's just because of the fact that I don't have the time or I'm struggling to really come up with anything good.

    Basically I like to believe it comes down to a few things. Either I'm to tired for it, there's a lack of confidence for it, a lack of patience for it, or I don't have the time.
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  16. Ok, I'm going to now extend this question to:

    "Are there hobbies that you still do, but less often than before? Why?"

    For me that would probably be watching TV and Gaming.
    Not due to a lack of free time, but generally because of two reasons.

    1) After Bioware's games I made a switch to more multiplayer games. So now my gaming is more reliant on other people's schedules.
    2) Forum Posting. Forum RP's or just General Chat posting now takes up enough of my time that it leaves less for other stuff.
  17. Ah. Then most of what I mentioned earlier -- like anime, video games, and cosplay -- would still apply. XD The only thing I mentioned that I really feel like I've fallen out of is writing.
  18. [​IMG]

    One day my friends....

    One day we shall fight for the Greater Good again!
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  19. Idk, there's things I'm less into than I used to be, but nothing that I'd say I'm totally not into anymore.

  20. Rugby would be the one for me. I used to play it a helluva lot from Secondary School and throughout college. I still occasionally go out and just have fun with some of my friends, but really it's almost like I never do it anymore lol.
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