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    • The year is 2384 Humans long ago discovered that they were indeed not alone in the universe, after hundreds of years of struggle and conflict and no major wars waging, times are at a relative peace.

      But it's a big universe with trouble waiting to happen on every space station or on any planet. One such station houses a person who's line of work is trouble, or in some cases stopping it, whatever feeds that moral obligation and pays well.

      A mercenary group of some decent fame that operated under the name 'Dagda' recently fell apart and disbanded due to the death of their leader, Walton Quaid. Mr. Quaid did however leave his ship and his group to his second in command, a one "Nhills Feng" a mercenary of some little infamy and commonly known as "Roaring Feng".

      The previous crew disbanded upon Walton's death, leaving Feng with a big empty ship, and no one to run it.

      With a big empty ship and no one to run it, Mr. Feng has started taking applications.

      So where do you fit in?

      Species: (Is your species not on here? Please tell us all about your kind!)
      Position Applying For:
      Personality: (Any hostile personalities does not immediately exclude you from the application process, under Article 37-C of the Right To Work Clause as issued by the Galactic Council on ##Earth Standard: 1/4/2612!)
      History: (Any past infractions does not immediately exclude you from the application process, under Article 37-C of the Right To Work Clause as issued by the Galactic Council on ##Earth Standard: 1/4/2612!)
    • All global Rules all apply

      But of course just to state the obvious;

      1. No Godmodding
      2. Don't assume direct control of other characters unless you've been given the go ahead.
      3. Don't be afraid to go a little crazy with the limits of Sci-Fi technology, but don't go completely off the rails, and try to be somewhat original.
    • Nhills "Roaring" Feng - Defacto Captain/Asshole

      Zakran Bah'heel - Applying for Pilot

      Maya Onasi - Applying for Asset protection

      Kerinda'o Shaomahl - Applying for Assassin/Mercenary

      Danielle "Dani" Walker - Applying for Engineer

      Mitra Ravinder Glaisyer - Applying for Navigator/Second engineer
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  1. [​IMG]
    Pictured: Feng in his standard outfit "liberating" audio equipment and a shipment of ancient vinyl's

    Name: Nhills Feng, "Roaring Feng". Prefers to just be called 'Feng.' But begrudgingly answers to Nhills.

    Age: 30

    Gender: Male

    Species: Feng belongs to a Humanoid-Reptilian race called the Slalin. Slalin come in a multitude of colors and are more often than not darker in hue.
    Their skin is rough and scaly in a few places, mostly the elbows, knees, back of the neck and a few other places varying from person to person. But for the most part have dry, rough 'skin' over their body. Their homeworld is the desert planet Grandphos. Despite being a fairly common race, not much is known of the Slalin as they are very secretive about their culture and heritage.

    Appearance: Nhills is a dark, rusty, orange color with equally dark blue markings all over his body in the form of jagged lines. He's an average height around 5'10" but stands with a slight hunch. He has the facial features of flat faced lizard, not dissimilar to a cross between an Earth Ball python and a Bearded Dragon. Green eyes with slit pupils and a mouth full of sharp little teeth. Even though the Slalin are reptilian in appearance they still have a wide rage of emotional responses, such as narrowing of eyes, smiling and so on, though it is usually strange and unsettling. Feng carries a handful of scars and marks across his body none that stand out more than any but are none the less noticeable. His most notable feature are his facial markings in the form of dark blue, almost black, jagged lines under his eyes going horizontally to the side of his head and a single 'spike' shaped marking in the middle of his face that starts at what would be the bridge of his nose and ends at his lips in a sharp point. Feng is thin but muscular, Slalin don't get very large in terms of height or body mass.

    Position on Ship: Captain (Reluctantly)/Mercenary

    Personality: Feng is a professional deep down but he's childish and prefers to do things his own way despite usually being a very roundabout way of completing a task. He has a deep love of old earth music and collects it, because of this he's constantly on the search for more and tends to whistle or outright sing. Feng is very outgoing and will often speak his mind without a second thought he can be stubborn but dislikes upsetting people in a personal way and will be the first to apologize, but he doesn't mind annoying people just because he can.

    Back Story: Feng was an only child, and more or less grew up into a family of freelancers. He set off on his own at a young age, somewhere deep down wishing to live the great adventure his parents did in their younger years. Over the course of his life he discovered music, not something common to Slalin culture and instantly fell in love. He adapted this to his line of work and often would blast music over his own personal speaker system which either annoyed comrades or amped them up. He soon learned how to utilize sound waves to disorient, confuse and cause a whole range of negative effects on people, earning him the nickname "Roaring Feng". He even had a suit custom made that doubled as Hazardous environment suit that had sound dampening devices to protect his body from the intense sound waves he often used. Nhills Recently inherited a large ship and formerly a crew, but after they left him he's begun looking for new crew memebers.

    -Excellent small arms fighter.
    -Unorthodox method of using sound to his advantage in firefights.
    -Professional attitude when it comes to getting work done.

    -Despite having a professional attitude, he can be too in-your-face for most. And borderline childish.
    -Is not quiet at all, does not know the meaning of stealth.
    -Will do something his way rather than the right way more often than not.
    -Values material possessions, namely music, higher than most things.

    Other: Slalin do not do well in colder climates. Likes rain a lot.
  2. [​IMG]
    Name: Captain Maya Onasi
    Age: 48 (Actual 137)
    Gender: Female
    Species: Human
    Appearance: Heavily modified body due to heavy cyber and bio-tech upgrades. Star-shaped outline of a burn over her right eye. No one knows where it came from as her story changes every time. Considering the suit she has is grafted onto her body, she generally doesnt wear any clothes so to speak. In formal occasions or when in public, off of the ship, she will be seen sporting a trenchcoat.
    Personality: Hard Case, Structured, Business Oriented, Hard to Earn her Trust, Strong Ally
    Position Applying For: Asset Manager/Asset Protection
    History: Captain Maya prior to the founding of Belarus Enterprises was a EOD tech with the United Human Defense Force, based on Delgar IV. She had enlisted in the service right out of the colonial academy at the tender age of 18 with the intent of becoming a R.A.N.G.E.R. but was instead selected for EOD training. She found a home in this field and served in it until she had nearly died at the age of 48 due to a micro-fission device. When she was disarming the device on the engine of a Star Reaver class Dreadnought (codenamed the Vixen), placed there by radical terrorists, an electric shockwave went through the entirety of the engineering bay, detonating the device. Technically, she had died that day but was resuscitated and placed in a bio-tank for three months. The majority of her body was destroyed in the blast and as such, her internal organs had to be regrown and the Military built her an exo-skeleton as a way of saying "We're sorry you survived that explosion."

    After several years, and with her rehabilitation complete, she left the service. One of the effects the event had and the subsequent rebuilding of her body, is that she no longer ages as a normal human.

    Twenty years after her leaving of the military, she started up Belarus Enterprises, a small, freelance cargo operation. It was so named after the name of the captain of the Dreadnought she nearly died on three decades prior. Over the next sixty plus years, Belarus Enterprises has become one of the most prominent human-controlled businesses in the Milky Way.

    Now she's bored and rich.
    Strengths: Disarming Explosives, Swordplay, Slugthrowers, Economically Savvy, Commanding
    Weaknesses: Fear of Explosives, Anti-Cyber-tech activists
    Other: Multi-Octillionaire, carries slugthrower firearms

    Inventory (open)

    • Twin .45cal Handcannons on open holsters
    • Twin 9mm Semi-automatic pistols in hidden leg holsters
    • Lone 5.56cal (FMJ's) Precision Rifle on a shoulder sling
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  3. Place holder. Gon make me a marksman.
  4. Name: Zakran Bah'heel
    Age: 25
    Gender: Technically it has no gender but it considers itself a he.
    Species: Sentient robot
    Appearance: http://img07.deviantart.net/b79b/i/...pplibot__orbital_sniper_by_djahal-d62trdt.jpg
    Position Applying For: Marksman and pilot.
    Personality: Calm, smartass, ambitious, defiant.
    History: Zakran is a former soldier of the United Earth military. He saw action in a war against a rebelling faction on planet Genesis, just outside the Sol system. A mega corporation funded the war. He provided support for a PMC group that went in to clear out a major stronghold. The mission went sideways and the PMCs pulled out. He was left behind. Command refused to send a ship to retrieve him even though the skies were clear.

    He later found out that the PMCs killed civilians and the brass wanted to sweep it under the carpet. He was burned by the people he fought for and then literally burned when he was captured by the rebel force. The rebels interrogated him by dousing him in fuel oil and lighting it on fire. He got himself out by giving in and telling them everything they wanted to know. It's not like he cared about the people he fought for or with anymore. The rebels killed alot of the PMCs with the info he gave them and they did irreparable damage to the company. The rebels released him when they were done with him. Now the company is pursuing him, and he's found himself on a remote planet looking for a way off. (Remote planet being wherever the RP starts.)
    -Excellent sniper and spotter
    -Certified to fly all classes of space-faring vessel.
    -Mechanically fluent but not an expert.
    -Battle hardened
    -Due to his design he has a weak spot on the back of his neck. If it is harmed he may die.
    -He's only human.
    -He is susceptible to viruses and remote control if someone can hack his operating system.

    Other: He may or may not be being pursued by ruthless mercenaries.
  5. I just can't seem to let go!
    I like it as is, plenty of room for exposition. Only thing is the RP will initially be starting out in a station orbiting a planet where my character and his ship will be located. If it helps any the station will be remote and somewhat scummy, not the place a company like the one in your character's backstory would wanna hang around for too long.
  6. Ooh, gimme a placeholder. I've got something. @Xytheus I think our characters are gonna' have a lot of fun together. -rubs his hands together deviously and laughs-
  7. I'm guessing high-tech hacker? Former PMC?
  8. Oh I have an idea for a pilot or engineer!

    With species is there something you definitely do NOT want us to do (besides godmodding)?
  9. As far as species go, nothing obnoxiously huge or obscenely small I can't really think of anything else at the moment but put it up and if it's too crazy then I'll say no, but I really doubt it.
  10. Name: Kerinda'o Shaomahl
    Age: 483 human years (46 Xserasdan Cycles)
    Gender: Male
    Species: Xserasdan. Xserasdans are an advanced guardian race, they are not so advanced as to be a robotic species, but they do include cybernetics and something called bionetics, when combined together, the combination is called c.b.netics. The anatomy that the Xserasdans hold is alien, is humanoid, but not human whatsoever. The body parts of the Xserasdans are unique in a sense, as they have beefy arms with multiple bones for at least two arms on both sides, but to be able to access four arms on both sides, they have to be willing to break a type of skin called the preforal skin that holds the arms together. It may cause some pain, but after doing so, with the help of bionetics, a Xserasdan can bring that skin back to life on the arms. They also have the same going on with their jaw as well, as the lower jaw can become a set of mandibles the same way as the arms can become four. Their skin is either leathery or scaly, and sometimes they have jutted points on their joints, pointing out certain classifications of race. Their skin color also classifies a certain ability they might have as well, which is all in their code classification listings. Sometimes they may not have an ability and have ice white skin. The usual heights for a Xserasdan is where they will stand at about 9' to 10' tall, and they have four eyes.
    Appearance: Kerinda'o stands at about 9'7" and is not your average Xserasdan. He has more muscle to him but also has an even more advanced set of c.b.netics, in his black cybernetic legs, (in which he lost the original ones), the alloy they are made out of is complete Xserasdan, Jurene-Silentick-Carbonite alloy, and do not make any sound. The bionetics that are running through him give off a blue glow, as bionetics are complete surgical implants placed inside and outside the body entirely. Kerinda'o's skin is also pitch black as well, notifying that he has a gravity control ability. His joints though do not have juts on it, notifying he is a soldier, or was. His leathery skin, is pretty tough though as well, even though he has plenty of scars as well. He also has an implanted button that is on his shoulder, that activates something in the bionetics, called Virality, which can activate a sort of adrenaline, and boosts physical skill, but it also risks the chance of increasing the chemical in the Xserasdan brain which deals with rage. Kerinda'o only uses it in certain situations.
    Position Applying For: Assassin
    Personality: Kerinda'o is a bit of a maniacal genius at some points, as he has some bad anger issues at points. There are also times where he can go completely insane if ever on a battle field, slaughtering anything close to him if he gets the chance. When in this insane rage of his, anyone who attacks him is basically an enemy. Though the only times this may ever happen is if he is close to death, or if Kerinda'o presses the implanted button on his shoulder. He is also very creative when it comes to a death as well, as he was actually a big time killer as a soldier. When it came to traveling through space he found all sorts of ways to kill aliens, and his military didn't really like that, so he was exiled. He also really likes knives, the old fashioned knives from home, and around space. Kerinda'o collects them and stores them in a compact case that can fold and unfold. He also loves his energy based melee weapons he carries on his arms with his biotech suit, as he is always making upgrades to them when he can. One thing he loves the most though is the thrill, the thrill of the kill.
    History: As a Xserasdan, Kerinda'o originally believed in following The Code, something the Xserasdan god known as Xsera had put together for the Xserasdans to follow, or so the religion goes. One day in battle with a criminal gang on another world, as he was shipped out to be a an Assassin ranked guardian to take out criminals gangs in the first place, he nearly lost his life, but on that day he went into a rage and killed everyone in that battle, ally and enemy. He was placed in the military hospital, and given military leave as well, as he was placed back home in a hospital to be given surgery for new legs, and also his bionetics. When he received these implants, he sooner or later came back into the lives of his family again. But there was something wrong when it came down to it, criminal gangs in Xserasda themselves despise Assassin ranked military members and have trashed his home several times. So instead of ever going to the guardsmen, he took it on himself to take out criminals. So from his military cash he gained, he bought him self a ship before to be able to go out and find criminals, plus a surplus of military gear fit and customized for him.
    Strengths: Technology is his biggest strength, his c.b.netics are another thing to add onto his strengths, the Virality he can add to his bionetics increases his strength 5 fold than the norm of a Xserasdan (in which they can actually bend certain strong metals on their home world and a few other non-familiar metals), his his military skill, his weapons are a few blasters and some energy based melee weapons, along with cloaking abilities on his suit. he also has the ability to bend gravity to his will.
    Weaknesses: His rage can sometimes blind him as well. He has no code of honor in his way of battle, but will leave open spots at points, not notice them and can be attacked at that point. when trying to bend gravity to its will sometimes he has to focus and that can leave him open for shots to be taken. Kerinda'o isn't really quick, his legs have a density to them that limits his speed, and so does his height and weight, along with the biotech suit, that holds some of his weapons.
    Other: His main weapons are, his Energy Arm Gauntlets, or EAGs for short. Kerinda'o uses these mainly, as they use solar energy as the power source, and they use melee based weaponry, but also blasters in them as well. Kerinda'o wears a biotech suit almost always, which accompanies his c.b.netics. His other energy based weapons are two katana style swords that have photon producing tech to help cut through any kind of metal. These are side weapons to go with his bottom arms when he splits them apart. With his biotech suit comes a helmet that can slide over his head with a paper like glass to see through, like a hood, that way he can have oxygen if ever needed, and also a female AI named Rinai'o. The suit was also prepared with an internal thruster component for short bursts of movement in space. His legs come with connectors as well to keep the suit stable. The suit is armor like, but also sleek in a way. Imagine a futuristic soldier with somewhat thin armor for his suit. The gauntlets reach up to his shoulders and connect to the suit, with the availability to split as well, in case if he needs to split his arms apart, and the magnets in the suit will attach themselves properly.

    Kerinda'o's Spacecraft:

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  11. I don't have anything against the character, however the "bending gravity to his will" thing kind of confuses me, could you expand upon that a little more, it sounds like it has the potential to be a little OP otherwise everything sounds alright.
  12. alright give me a moment i have to do some things and then i will be back to explain
  13. Alright, when I meant bending gravity to his will, it's used in a fashion of the force in a sense from star wars, that is what the majority of the force is in generality though. Even though I'm not entirely basing it off of the the force, it's just as an ideal anyways. How Gravity manipulation works with Xserasdans is they (meaning Kerinda'o that is, since he is my current character) have to focus on a point and then expand that point, bending gravity, in which the focus point is not as strong since it is expanded. When controlling large amounts of gravity at once, it can exhume large amounts of energy withing the being. If the user of this Gravity Manipulation ability is not focused enough, then they could lose their life via brain aneurysm. There is an 87 percent chance of living if not fully focused on the manipulation. Kerinda'o has lived so far, even though he has focused on more than one focal point of gravity at once, which for a Xserasdan takes utter training. Kerinda'o has gained a skill over his time, in which he can do that, by training his four eyes to look in separate directions to find different focal points. He called it Four Unit Control. Even though he can do this though, it can take a toll on him if he does it for too long or too much, by tearing his muscles and brain. As his body takes this toll, the bionetics slowly start to repair him. If he goes too far he could kill himself and that would be all.
  14. Name: Danielle "Dani" Walker
    Age: 22
    Gender: Female
    Species: Augmented Human
    Position Applying For: Engineer
    Personality: Dani loves machines, all sorts of them. She loves weapons, engines, medical technology, androids, vehicles, all of it. She tends to spend long periods of time tinkering and building without sleeping or eating, though this is only when something is either incredibly important or incredibly interesting. Outside of her love of devices, Dani is an incredibly energetic person with a loud presence. Her movements are exaggerated, her words hyperbolic and dramatic. Really, the girl is just a bundle of life and cheerful energy.
    History: Dani tends to dance around the issue of her past, usually deflecting conversation to something else. Maybe if someone got her drunk... What's for certain, Dani is in possession of some top-of-the-line cybernetic and biological augments.
    Strengths: Her augments grant Dani some fairly impressive capabilities, falling into three categories. Perception, Guardian, and Assault. All of her augmentations can be shut off with an EMP blast, or remotely by anyone with the proper access credentials. More counters to her abilities will be covered under weaknesses.
    Enhanced Sight: Dani can see through most walls, so long as they are less than six-inches thick, via a sort of X-ray vision. While unlike the x-ray's of the early 2000's, it produces no lethal amount of radiation, Dani still puts off a tiny amount while using this power, and can be detected by most professional-grade scanners while this power is in use. She can also see up to 2000 meters further than a normal human due to telescoping vision.
    Perfect Memory: Dani remembers everything she experiences perfectly due to a small micro-drive stored within her brain.
    Shield: Stored in Dani's spine is a small shield generator that produces a personal force-field. It's combat-grade, though that doesn't mean it will stop attacks from heavy weaponry. The shield will deflect most side-arm and small arms fire, though continued energy weapon fire will short the shield out within moments. Additionally, anything heavy enough that the average soldier would be unable to fire it while moving will have enough firepower to blow out the shields.
    Phoenix-class Microdoctor: Dani heals at roughly 10x the speed of a normal human. This means that small cuts and bruises will fade in mere hours, while a broken bone will be totally mended in a few short days. Her regeneration cannot resurrect her, and it does not heal her quickly enough for it to effect combat.
    Graviton Slicer: Dani can shape her force-field into six razor sharp blades that can cut through virtually anything, though doing this means that she has to give up the safety of her shields. Said blades hover over her arms, making a sort of "sword cone" over her arms. She can fire off one of the blades, though it will dissipate roughly three seconds later, and it takes ten times as long for the system to produce a new blade.
    Weaknesses: All of Dani's augments can easily be shut off via an EMP, or shorted out if she is hit with a sufficient electrical charge. Additionally, all of her systems are made by a certain mega-corporation that also deals in the creation of robotic soldiers. Thusly, any company employee with the right credentials can turn off all of her powers with the touch of a button. There is also a much scarier option: a kill switch. With only slightly higher credentials, an employee could flick a switch, and activate a series of nanobots within Dani's bloodstream to instantly reduce her to a thin red vapor.
    Potentially, a talented hacker could accomplish these feats as well, though the network is supposedly secure. Supposedly anyway, though this is unknown since nobody has tried to gain unauthorized access yet.
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  15. It looks and sounds like Kerinda'o and Danielle might become friends, considering they are both augmented in ways by their home world corporations. Wouldn't you agree @Eon
  16. Probably, yeah.
  17. Alright sounds good, just as long as it doesn't go overboard.

    Sounnndss good

    Alright I'll make some changes to the character list thread, currently at work.
  18. Alrighty then, I will be waiting for when this roleplay is ready to start I also took the time to find a single person ship that Kerinda'o uses every now and then to take on missions.
  19. Whisket. I just realized that you totally copy/pasted the character resume from Sailing in the Stars. I thought things looked familiar. What is amusing is that you copied without changing the dates from the Right to Work Clause. Silly Whisket.

    Also, I am done.
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