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  1. Zeke looked out from the bus as he was arriving to the high school he just transfered to. This would be his first time in a high school since the accident he had suffered that costed him his family. He was dressed in a black leather coat with a hood stitched into it. His black jeans were slightly faded. He wore a pair of black combat boots. He wore a black baseball cap in an attempt to hide his face. He was listening to a Playlist on his Ipod.

    He kept a pair of black gloves on to hide the burns on his hands. He stepped off the bus and pushed his glasses up to the bridge of his nose as he walked with his head down. People looked at him wondering who he was and thinking that he was a bit odd.
  2. Silvia had long since arrived at school. She had a perfect track record for getting there early; anyone that knew her knew that.

    And, as usual, she was sat in the library on the floor in a corner, quietly reading The New Thunderbolts volume one issue #6. She wasn't bothered by anyone, for it was well known trying to talk to her while she was reading would be futile. The only thing that could successfully snap her out of it was...

    The school bell.

    Sighing, the teen quietly shut the comic book, sliding it back into its case to keep it from damage. She got to her feet and gathered her things, red-violet hair bouncing a she slung her bag over her shoulder.

    Eyes cast to the ground, she quietly departed the library, ignoring the stares she siphoned from the jocks, as well as the mocking catcalls. She'd gown used to it, and it was something she just couldn't change it no matter how hard she tried.

    She had just about reached her English classroom when she found herself being shoved forward. She gritted her teeth, ignoring the laughter erupting from the hallway. She quietly gathered her books off the floor, paying the bullies no mind as she climbed back to her feet and scurried to her classroom.

    She mentally cursed, as the second she walked in the bell rang. She gave her teacher an apologetic look as she slid into her seat, head down. Great way to start the day, Silvia...
  3. Zeke walked down the hall, not really noticing the others around him. They were all just blank faces to him. He put his best effort to push thier thoughts out of his head. He walked in late not really aknowledge people. He took his seat next to Silvia not taking notice. He didn't rrally pay attention to the lecture. He took out his notebook and began to sketch prole with an uncanny likeness. Zeke was always a good drawer, and it helped keep his mind clear. He kept his jacket and coat on, hiding his scars and burns.
  4. Silvia immediately took notice of the boy next to her, pale blue-green eyes hiding her interest. It had been nearly a year since the school had had a new student, and even then, they were seldom. Maybe that was part of why she liked to help them, when they first came around. After all... This school wasn't exactly the kindest, most 'accepting' environment. But hey.. There wasn't exactly time for that, in the middle of class. So, she quietly picked up her notepad, starting to scribble a few things down. The teacher seemed to be too wrapped up in his speech, anyways. Either way, she'd already completed and turned in he was asking everyone to pass forward, so there was no need for her to listen right now. Rather, she sat still, quietly writing another poem.
  5. When the class was over Zeke had not said a word as he left. He had accidentally dropped the picture he was working on. It was an exact drawing of Silvia from the angle he was sitting. From the details and shading it looked as though it was a black and white photo.

    When it was time for lunch Zeke sat down at a table alone. He didn't have a tray. He couldn't afford to eat anyways. So he took out a book on psychology a d began to read.
  6. Silvia noticed that Zeke was leaving in a rush, and immediately noticed that he had dropped something. She blinked as he walked out, hurriedly picking up the paper he had dropped and trying to find him to give it back. However, by the time she had gotten to the hallway, he was gone. Sighing, she glanced down at the paper, surprised at what she saw. "Wow.." she admired under her breath. From what she'd seen, the boy next to her had hardly given her even a glance. How had he made this with such precision..?

    Via hurried to lunch when it was time, ignoring the other students on the way there. She always brought her own lunch from home, since she was a diehard vegetarian. She headed towards the table she typically sat at, surprised to see Zeke there. However, when she saw him, she suddenly recalled the drawing she had forgotten about. Blinking, she fished it out of her bag and shyly approached the lone teen. "Hey-! You, uhh.. Y-you dropped this, earlier.." she greeted, looking away and rubbing her neck sheepishly as she offered him the paper.
  7. Zeke didn't bother to look up from his psychology book. He didn't really put too much of his attention toward silvia. "I don't need it. I have completed the picture so I have no need to keep it in my possession. If you feel a need to hold onto to if for possible vanity reason then by all means keep it. Otherwise you can just dispose of it in the nearest waste receptacle."

    Zeke took a moment to catch his thoughts and push out the others. "I apologize for sitting at your table. There are no other places I that would allow me to read. Besides the others do not wish to get to know me as there are rumors going around... possibly saying that I'm a serial killer. Witch is completely preposterous... but I digress. I will move from your seat. Good day." With that Zeke stood up and walked out the lunch room.
  8. Silvia, evidently, was fairly surprised by the response she earned. That wasn't exactly what she'd been expected. Hesitantly, she glanced at the paper again, before looking back to Zeke. "..Are you sure..? Don't artists like to keep their work?" she queried, uncertain of what else she could say. "Err.. Anyways.. Do you, um..- Do you mind if I sit with you?" she asked, sheepishly. There was a reason the girl didn't go through with social interactions.. She was the definition of socially awkward, according to one of her very few friends that had long since moved away.

    This earned another pause of surprise from the teen. "Wha-..? You have nothing to apologize for," she replied, confused. "Sitting at a table isn't a crime.. And it's, by no means, 'mine'," she continued, mustering a small smile. However, it faded as he went on, turning into a slight frown. "...Don't let that get to you. The people around here just don't know what they're talking about, and don't have the decency or intellect to actually observe before assuming and spreading their assumptions. It's just a sorry attempt at catching people's attention," she explained. When he stood up, she looked away and shuffled her feet, blushing slightly. "Y'know, you don't have to move just 'cause I'm here.." she mused.
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