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  1. Jinx sighed, and jumped off the headstone, he had been sitting on since he arrived at the cemetery after dinner. There had been no sign of anything that he was looking for. Jinx was trying to prove that vampires exist, but he had no such luck. Tossing his hardcover version of Bram Stoker's Dracula into his bat shaped side bag, Jinx headed for the gate. Jinx pulled his ponytail tighter, and then flicked his long black hair over his shoulder. Hopping over the gate, Jinx's heavy, clunky combat boots hit the ground, and he walked off, fixing the black collar around his neck.
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  2. Rio thought he wouldn't be able to survive such harsh treatments of the previous town he was staying at but fortunately he managed to escape their prejudice. He left with the intention to seek salvation from those would welcome him wholeheartedly. He meant to do no harm but only asked for a place to live and belong. If anything, it would be the fact that he is a vampire that stopped him from getting along with other people. They saw him as nothing but a threat to humankind. He wondered what he had ever done to cause such misfortune other than him being a creature that is non-human. As he walked through the woods, the young man in tattered clothes saw the light leading him to a town where it seemed like this may be a good start-over and that put a smile on his face.

  3. Jinx followed the empty street down to his home, the place where his parents had been terrified that their sweet innocent boy had become a complete outcast to the town's society. The street was placed right alongside some woods that had surrounded the town. Jinx shifted his bag on his shoulder, and then stopped briefly to fix his boots before returning to walking home. Upon reaching his house, Jinx climbed up a tree near his bedroom window, and climbed into his room quietly as not to disturb his parents. Jinx tossed his bag down onto a small couch off to the side, and then tugged his boots off. Collapsing to the bed Jinx stared at the screen of his computer, which had windows all over it, containing pictures of vampire attacks, and victims, collected over generations. Sighing Jinx went on to yank off his shirt, and kick off his pants. Quickly crawling underneath the black comforter, Jinx flicked on his tv, and decided to watch Lost Boys.
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  4. After walking a few miles, Rio finally arrived at the town. He was a bit surprised to find out that hidden behind those woods such a town would exist, but at the same time, he was overjoyed by the peaceful atmosphere around the town. Suddenly, his stomach started growling, but of course that was normal since he hadn't eaten anything yet. Rio searched around for a good restaurant but when he came upon a clothing store, seeing his reflection in the glasses window, he was terrified. Never would he allow himself to wear such ugly clothes, thus it was time to do some shopping, meal could come later. Perhaps things had changed compared to the last time he stayed with the humans, but the fact that they couldn't escape materialism never changed. Rio understood that very clearly from his previous experience and fortunately he was able to earn some money on his way here.

    After getting himself some new clothes, he could finally walked down the street comfortably. The young man observed the town carefully as he wandered the streets. He saw a few shops selling stuffs he'd never seen before and then he would start making comparisons. Some of the scenery reminded him of the time he lived in the old town, where he was isolated and chased away by those cold-hearted humans. He still remembered vividly the day he had to run till there was nothing left. He was out of breathe and passed out at a nearby abandoned cottage and just like that, he slept for years or perhaps longer than that. By the time he woke up, things seemed to change tremendously. Time went by so fast that he may not be able to adapt to what they called the modern day.
  5. Jinx woke to his mother screaming at him to wake up and get ready for school. He was already two hours late, and if he wasn't there as soon as possible he was going to get suspended, again. Jinx's late night outings, had become a regular thing, and always managed to get him in trouble, not that he minded. Rolling out of bed, and throwing on the first thing he could find, Jinx ran down the stairs to grab something to eat, and bolt out of the house. Jinx didn't care if he bumped into anyone, on his way to school, he just needed to get there.
  6. Rio thought as long as his secret was not revealed, he would be able to live here and become a part of this town. That was but another one of his selfish and hopeless wishes. As if people already knew despite him staying silent, he felt there was a distance between him and the folks around here, a feeling that he couldn't describe. Rather than wasting time brooding over it, Rio figured he should do some sightseeing to relieve his bad mood. He continued to wander the streets, seeing many different things and his mood certainly turned better. He noticed many tall buildings and regretted deeply that he wasn't there to see when the world was changing. As he continued to walk, he realized he was in the middle of a neighborhood. Did I get lost? The young man questioned himself. His surroundings were completely different compared to the places he visited. I sure did, Rio muttered, breathing a deep sigh. He needed to get back to where he was yesterday since the sun was killing him badly. His body began to weaken the more he walked... then suddenly he heard a thud. Something just fell onto the ground? He had a confused look on his face then quickly shook his head and the blurred vision soon became clear. Rio realized he was sitting on the ground and in front of him was another person. Perhaps he bumped into this guy when his legs gave out. "S-Sorry, are you okay?" He asked desperately.
  7. Jinx stared down at the man he had just run it, He's asking if I'm okay? what about him? Jinx blinked, "I'm fine but what about you? Do you need help getting someplace?" Jinx crouched down, his combat boots causing him to become rather unbalanced, but tried to hold his ground. Jinx studied the man briefly, there was something about him, but Jinx just dismissed it as nothing important. I know that I need to get to school, but there is nothing wrong with helping this man out, is there? Jinx smiled at the man, showing that he was friendly.
  8. "I'm fine." Rio answered deliberately. He didn't want to trouble the youngster when it was his fault in the first place. He slowly stood up, still feeling dizzy and squeezing his eyes tight. After taking a closer look at the other person, he felt a dull chest throb as if it was about to explode. He hated to admit it but it had been ages since the last time he had a proper meal. By meal, he meant the special one that every vampire would yearn for. Why now? Rio thought as he stared at the youngster with that confused look on his face again. "Don't worry about me. I'm just fine. You're not hurt anywhere, are you?" He asked kindly.
  9. "No not at all. Well if your not at all that in need in help, then I should continue on my way! I'm already two hours late for school!" Jinx ran off, heading straight for the school. Bursting through the front doors, Jinx ran through the halls until he slid ungracefully into his history class. "Your late!" The teacher told Jinx, as if he didn't know already, "Yeah I'm sorry about that!" Jinx sat down in his desk, and then opened his books. After catching his breath, Jinx thought about the man he ran into. There was something odd about him, Jinx would have to check some of his vampire books, thinking that the man was in some way a vampire. It's a good thing that Jinx didn't call it out, or else he might have been looked at as if he was crazy. But then again, he always was looked at as if he was crazy.
  10. "But you'--", just as Rio was about to say something, the youngster already ran off on him, but he did mention something about school. Rio figured it must be important. Somehow he felt disappointed when that person left but what was he expecting? It couldn't be something as outrageous as that since he didn't come here to do that and get chased away again. The young man sighed as he wandered around the neighborhood. He should find a away to return to where he stayed last night, for he wouldn't want people to think of him as a suspicious character loitering around their place. He didn't want to ask anyone for help either because he was afraid they would shower him with many questions that he couldn't answer. After all, he was a stranger who appeared out of nowhere. He needed to find a place to catch some shade first because he couldn't bare to walk under the sun any longer. Rio found a great place with lots of trees and it wasn't far from where he bumped into that youngster. It seemed like a small park to him. He sat under the biggest tree and rested, hoping he would get to meet that human again.
  11. School ended quickly for Jinx, and Jinx left the building, and walked off to set up at the cemetary for a little while. He was going to see if there had been any activity around the headstones, but of course as usual nothing. "Come on...." Jinx sighed, and plopped down on a bench. He was exhausted from today, and certainly he was getting rather tired of his desperate search for vampire though he knew people found him nuts. Jinx stared out at all the the graves, and huffed, before pulling his long hair out of it's ponytail. With his hair scattered around his shoulders, Jinx leaned back, and closed his eyes. Jinx was completely unaware of his surroundings, and if he wasn't careful, someone could just come up, and kidnap him, although nobody really would, he was no ones type.
  12. Rio felt a cool breeze blowing over him, taking away all the sweat and tiredness, leaving behind the smell of fresh air and cloudy sky. The young man stared at the sky as he slowly drifted off to sleep unknowingly. By the time he woke up, hours had passed already. He looked at his surroundings and saw no one passed by. Perhaps it wasn't a good idea to sit here and wait. He should move on after all. After taking a good nap, he was able to regain some strength and his legs seemed to be doing fine as well. The young man had two choices, either left or right, and without second thought, he took the risk and headed toward left. He had a hunch that something was waiting for him at the other end. He came upon a place that looked like a cemetery, kind of giving him a creepy feeling. He doubted anyone would care to hang out at such a weird place, yet surprisingly, there was one sitting on a bench. Isn't that..., he remembered that person from before. His lips curled into a smile. He then walked straight to the bench. "Hello there! Are you sure you aren't hurt anywhere?" If possible, Rio wouldn't want to touch on this topic again, but other than that, he had nothing else to talk about. Somehow, he wanted to find a connection or else the other may run off on him.
  13. Jinx looked up at the man, "Oh hey! Yeah I'm fine, no broken bones here!" Jinx smiled, and scooted to the side, and motioned for the man to sit down. Jinx looked down briefly at the book in his hand, and then closed it. He didn't want the man to see that he was reading something about vampires, and suddenly call him a freak. Jinx studied the man more, trying to get a feel for anything he should look for when reading his books. But already nothing really stood out. Jinx shifted so that he was slightly cross legged, one leg dangling off the bench. Jinx wanted to know this person, he had never seen him around town, and the town was a small place, so he had to be know. "My name is Jinx by the way."

    Jinx gathered together his hair, and then put it back to a ponytail. Flipping his ponytail over his shoulder, Jinx left a rather open spot of his neck open, but then he always did due to his want of a vampire to bite him. He had seen pretty much every vampire movie, and show, where all the vampire bites were different. Some would hurt, some would hurt, and cause pleasure, some were just pure pleasure, of course Jinx was rather curious as to what an actually vampire would be like. Jinx leaned back against the small little arm rest of the bench.
  14. "I see, that's good then." Rio gave a sigh of relief as he sat down next to the youngster. "I'm called Rio." He introduced himself. He noticed there was something about this guy that made him feel strangely familiar, but he couldn't figure out what it was at the moment. He assumed it would come up as he got to know more about this guy named Jinx. "This is the second time we meet today, do you live around here?" Rio didn't want the other to know the fact that he was anticipating this encounter. He then noticed Jinx's strange behavior as if he was expecting something but couldn't tell right away. His chest suddenly felt a sharp throbbing pain as his eyes kept staring at that wide open neck. His throat was drying out and he tried to gulp down the last drop of his saliva, his fingers were scratching the neck violently. He felt the thirst. His whole body was burning for it, but he couldn't possibly attack someone he just met, not to mention such an... an... innocent child..., innocent child? Rio let out a sudden laughter, for he thought it was so funny. He basically knew nothing about this guy so why does it matter; besides, not a single soul was here so he could easily get away with committing one or two bad deeds or so he thought. His eyes turned a crimson red and the fangs slowly appeared. Rio totally forgot his main reason for coming here, for he couldn't control the desire to manipulate Jinx.

    Rio was more than ready to push the youngster down and helped himself to a good meal, but then a same cool breeze blowing over his face and brought him back to his senses. What am I doing? He desperately apologized for his weird behavior. "Did I scare you?"
  15. Jinx blinked slightly "Ah no you didn't." Jinx looked up at the sky briefly, "Yeah I do live around here, actually this is more or less my place to hangout. I've always loved the cemetary, of course back when the whole Vampire panic was going on, this town was a hot spot! I usually hang in here searching for any clues that there real..." Jinx sighed, and then stood up. "I should go, I got some homework to do" Although Jinx really didn't, the more he got to know this new man, the more that he was becoming very curious. Just as Jinx was about to walk over, he tripped over an upturned rock, and in the process of catching himself, gripped onto the stems of some roses. "Dammit!" Jinx pulled his hand away, and straightened, before looking down at his hand.

    Of course Jinx's hand had to be bleeding. Jinx groaned, and then went searching through his bag for the small thing of bandages he kept in there, for his nightly searches. Jinx looked back at his hand, and watched the blood pool into the palm of his hand. "Shit, I don't have anything to clean it with..."
  16. Vampire panic? A thought suddenly came to mind, Rio wondered if it had anything to do with him, but then again, that incident happened ages ago, probably long before this guy was born. Still, he was grateful for hearing those words, for they reminded him of what he should and should not do. Just when he had decided not to do anything reckless and cause trouble, his rationality ran wild at the sight of blood. It was only a small cut but the smell was strong enough to trigger his vampire instinct and he might not be able to control himself this time around. He watched the blood running down Jinx's hand. The urge to have a taste of it was stronger than his own consciousness. "Then let me...", said Rio, quickly grabbing the male's hand and bringing close to his face. It was breathtaking. He couldn't believe such a smell was coming from this boy. His fangs grew again and even sharper than last time..., one could hear that his heart was beating loudly at every drop of blood. He tore out a piece of his shirt and wrapped it around Jinx's hand. "Be careful next time." He warned the boy, referring to the trip, though he meant to warn Jinx to be more cautious around him the next time they meet. His common sense came at the right time; otherwise, he would commit another unforgivable sin.
  17. "Oh.." Jinx watched as Rio wrapped his hand up. Jinx had noticed the slight intrigue Rio gave towards the blood pooled in Jinx's hand. Jinx looked up at Rio, and smiled. "Thank you." Jinx looked at Rio one more time before running off. There were thoughts racing through his mind. All Jinx could think of was the possibility that Rio was not human, not with the way he reacted around Jinx's blood. Entering his house, Jinx ignored his mothers words about him eating dinner. Jinx bolted up the stairs, and pushed into his room. Moving towards his computer desk, Jinx began to pull out books about vampires, and even pulled up several websites on his computer.
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