Outbreak Nation: The Untold Story

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  1. "Many years have passed since our last occurrence, our last Outbreak, have we contained the Virus? We will never know." a man narrated . A little boy ran up to the man with joy slapped on his face "Daddy!" a boy yelled. The man leaned down and picked him up, "Have we beaten them? Will we have a chance to finally rebuild our world again? We lost so many people to this disease...we lost our husbands, wives, brothers, sisters, our family. We rose while the others left. They left it up to use to free our world from this Hell. Clean the world from their sins. We aren't what you call Human Helpers. We hid with the crowd, working like them, eating like them. We lived in the shadows. I told myself that I'd never speak of my past life but it's time. It's time that I do." the man said. The man sits down with the boy and lets him go play in the water. He runs and flops in the water with the other kids, the push, kick water at each other, laugh. It was home to them. He sat down and opened his book and had a pen and held it above the first line of the page. The pen hovered their for what it seemed like ages, but was only 30 seconds. The man sat down and took a huge breath and let it out. "My name is Liam Coltson, I am what you call a Hybrid. I'm a mixture of a Demon God, a Vampire and a human. Don't ask me how this happened to me, I was just born this way. I'm about to tell you a story about my life, and the life of the others that fought with me, the people I met along the way, the people I lost. What we lost. And what we have gained along the way of our Journey. This.....this is our untold story. Our legacy." he said and began writing.

    "Liam! Get your ass over here and cover the line! Now!!" a Drill Sargent yelled. "Yes sir!" he replied. 'We were being over ran by these things, they came from all directions. They never stopped. They tore our Drill Sargent to pieces once they broke through our lines. We didn't stand a chance.'. "Open fire!! Kill them all!!" a man yelled. Everyone opened fire, trying to hit the targets and stopping them. But they kept getting up. Someone shot one right in the head and they never got up. "Aim for the the head! Aim for the fucking head!" he yelled. Liam aimed for the head and shot them one by one. "Fall back! Fall back!" he yelled. They were coming from all directions. "God damn, it! Why won't they die!" another man screamed. "AHHHHHHHH!! GET HIM OF MEAAHHHHHHH!!!!!!" a man yelled as a zombie came and started chewing on the mans face. It ate furiously. It was horrible. Soon, a huge thing came out of nowhere and busted through a tank "What the fuck is that!" a man said. Liam stood up and looked at it as it started running. "I don't know but I'm not staying to find out! Everybody! Head to the walls! Head for the Romans Gates! Fall back to the Gates!!! Corpral, give me a radio." Liam asked the man did so "Eagle 1 this is Foxtrot 1, we all falling back to the Romans Gates, I repeat we are falling back to the Romans Gates!" he yelled. A creature jumped in front of him and tried to latch onto him. He ripped it in half. "Get the fuck off of me.." he grunted. They charged through a building, over 200,000 soldiers where in the line. They had to get their. The had too.

    "Sir! 200 yards till the destination!" a man said. "Thank you Corpral." Liam said as he turned around. They were all over the place. They jumped from the buildings and out off them. He heard screams from those creatures and from his men. Soon, they arrived to the Gates. But it was obliterated to pieces. A man walked out with his arm severed off and a few fingers missing and his eye ball hanging from his socket. "Y'all...must....leave..." he said as he looked at Liam. "You are the Key to our survival.." the man said. Liam looked at him and then all of a sudden he felt weak and dizzy. The voices began to get distorted "Get him into the Med Bay and lock it. Do it now." the man said as a soldier picked him up.

    Months after the War against Hell.

    "Liam!!!!!" a voice screamed in his head. He shot up and looked around. "What the..." he exclaimed to himself. His arm was bandaged up and he was hooked to IV's. "Why am I in the Med Bay?" he asked himself. He got up and fell down and slammed his face on a table and then the ground "Whoa....damn it.." he grunted as he struggled to get up. He finally got to his feet as he walked toward the door but saw a new pair of clothes and an ammo pack and his gun. They were laid nice and neat around the bed. He put on the clothes and grabbed his rifle. He saw a note and read it. His mouth dropped to the floor as he fell back into a chair. "No.." he said as he dropped the letter. The letters last words was "We lost......".
  2. Jess had been on the run ever since the outbreak occured, she had no other choice. She had been at her highschool when it happened, at lunch to be precise. She was talking to a friend when they were attacked. Zombies flooded through the windows, but at the time there were only 10 zombies that had came, but in a matter of minutes almost the whole cafeteira was dead and after Jess. Lucky for her, she was part angel, part vampire. She had incredible speed, strength, and skills that no other vampire could have. That is how she got away. Eventually after running she made it to her apartment where she grabbed a small knife and a pistol. That was all she had then.

    A few months later.

    She had dropped the knife and pistol and managed to find herself a shotgun and ammo for it. She has crossed the country and managed to make it a hospital. Though she does not know if anyone is there.

    Jess was walking along a pathway when something accedentially dropped from her backpack. "Shit!" she cursed, it had made a loud sound, and for what she knew there could be hundreds of the flesh eaters around. She hurried and picked it up, but no sooner than a minute later there came the creatures running for her. She brought her gun up, aimed it, and shot. The first couple were down. But more and more came.
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  3. Liams hand covered his face as he began to cry. "No....no!!!! NOOOOOO!!!!!" he screamed as he started slamming on the walls and the tables. It brought huge lumps in the walls, nearly holes. He stopped as he heard the gunshots. His head shot up and heard it again. He looked out the window and saw someone running and firing a shotgun at a horde. "Shit." he said. He walked toward the door and kicked it, the door came right off its hinges "Jesus...did I get stronger?" he asked himself. He grabbed his gun and through it around his back. He stormed through the halls and came across a body that had a sword. He knelt down as he passe it and picked it up and set it around his side. He was on the 6 floor of the building. He saw a window that lead down near the entrance and the girl. He ran and then charged out the window. He did a back flip in the air and saw the girl. He grabbed the his gun and began firing, hitting everything in the head. He swung it back and pulled out his sword and he slammed right in front of her, creating a huge shake almost like an earthquake. The concrete shattered into big lumps on the ground, sending some of the Zombies back. He stood up and looked at the female. "Get inside." he said. He swung his sword and began fighting the infected one by one. He was fast, quick, precise. They kept coming. A cloud of smoke covered them and it was silent...that's when he came from the distance of the smoke. His blade in his hand. They were all dead.
    (What he looks like, right now)
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  4. Jack had just made his way into the city and began to traverse the different obstacles that were obstructing his path. He heard a racket nearby and jumped up trying to find a better spot, to see what’s going on. He climbed to a higher place on a building that was near him and lay on the ground; he placed his sniper and started scanning the place through his scope. He muttered to himself “Two friendly targets, 6+ enemy targets, assessing threat, assessing wind speed, firing first clip” he placed his finger on the trigger but paused for a moment as smoke went up “switching to thermals” he found that all of them were dead; he was surprised for a moment then he turned to identify the survivors below as the smoke settled, he found one was a girl and the other survivor he knew. He was in shock, his heart started beating faster from excitement as he noticed the other man. It was his friend “Old friend, of all the places again you are in the eye of the storm” he rose to his feet making sure they both got a good view of him as soon as they would blink he would make sure to disappear and head their way.
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  5. Zombie, flesh eater, dead walker, and numerous other words used to describe one thing the dead that had come back to life. The horde had spilled into the hospital she had taken momentary refuge in, getting in through busted doors, broken windows, any opening they found was just another entrance. Skidding to a stop she turned and dashed up the steps, her foot caught on the top and sent her to her knees. She stood her palm stinging and blood dripping from a cut on her knee. She could hear them coming their groans as they followed her. In her hand she held a small handgun she had picked up god knows when. The only time that mattered was how long she had left.

    Slamming the door shut behind her she crossed the small room that had once held patients but now held nothing but a dead body. Her nose wrinkled and she crossed to the window to let in some air. Down below she could see a man and woman surrounded by a horde of the flesh eaters. Her survival instincts told her to stay where she had finally found a safe spot, but still she found herself hanging outside the second story window and dropping down on silent feet. From her boot she pulled the dagger her mother had left her, it had saved her life on more then one occasion. Her handgun had enough rounds left to help them. Three shots brought down three zombies. Bullets were precious and wasting them wasn't an option. With it and her dagger she fought her way closer to the young man and woman.
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  6. " MOVE YOUR ASS SOLDIER! " His eyes ramming open as if the flood gates had been released, His back against a wall his friends bloodied and dying some still alive shooting from their lookout spot. This was a simple cover mission, provide cover for the front line but this...this was hell this was exactly what the mission was foretold to be. He stood up slowly dusting some of the soot off his body his neck twisting to the side cracking a bit and then back into place rolling his shoulder, he spun around and grabbed in incoming infected head slamming it into the floor smooshing it into the ground before stomping on it, and firing from the hip into the heads of the approaching group of undead fuck heads. " This is shit...i was suppose to retire " he kept shooting them blindly until one jumped on his back from behind trying to bite him, Michael stumbled back and slipped off the edge of the building. " FUCK! " he thought this was the end, but it slammed into a group of other infected crushing the blow Michael stood up looking at the pile trying to collect themselves. He shot the pile up and tossed a grenade in the middle of them and ran down a incline quickly as the nearby infected chased after him, He jumped onto a building and ran across it leaping in the air and landing on another and rolling sliding off it, landing back onto the inclined slope of the road rolling and getting to his feet once more. The amount of infected behind him made him look like one, he could see people retreating into gates. " Fuck they're going to leave me out here " He ran and almost got clipped by one of the rolling infected who was sloppily trying to get him, he leapt over a tackle that one of the zombies tried. " NO NO NO NO WAIT! " he ran as fast as he could throwing grenades about the floor as he did, they blew up and took out a few chunks of the dead but not enough to cause major damage. As he came towards the gates he noticed the destruction to it, he shook his head and continued to run. He made it inside the ruins and dove in between some rocks, the infected rushing past him he slowed his breath as he heard the carnage the screaming the crying and the shooting. The day slowly changed and the infected had went on looking for more food. And the encampment was ruined, Michael came out of his spot limping holding his arm. He walked towards the med bay looking at the dead and the blood, he walked along and noticed a room with a small light in it. He walked in and saw his friend....his only friend left..." Liam..." his friend was unconscious but untouched, pulling his gun Michael put it to Liams head as he rested. holding his breathe but then dropping the gun and sobbing a bit " O liam....if only you knew what happened " Michael looked on a desk and noticed some paper and a pencil, he wrote down what had happened " We lost........." he dropped the paper and pen when he heard a noise, and walked out the double doors locking them so nothing could get to his friend.

    Months after the war had ended

    The sound of groaning and claws scrapping against a wooden frame jolted something from the bed making it arise and stand tall, Running a hand through the white flowing locks and the sound of gears rottating and adjusting. The room was empty black and quiet but what was inside the room? A dog and a man, that is it. Standing off the bed the man walked towards a window and grabbed hold of something blocking the light and grabbed hold of it ripping it off the wall, wood splintering about the room and light flooding in as Michael stood there in his uniform watching outside before spotting someone break out of the hospital. Could it be? no it couldn't its been to long for him to wake up now " It must be Liam...", He looked down onto the battlefield his eyes zooming in slowly. But it became to dusty, until the man stepped from the fog, Bounding out the window the man fell from a good six stories until he landed on the ground cracking it, the sound of cybernetics rolling and locking and moving into place could be heard before Michael stood up straight walking towards the man coming from the smoke. It was now or never and out called Michael " LIAM! " Michael could only hope that just now revealing his spot to who he thinks is liam would be right for if it was not...he could well be screwed.

    Outfit (open)
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  7. Liam was about to walk into the buildingtill he heard his name being called. He turned and looked around. Then, that's when he saw his buddy, "Micheal..?" he said as he stood their. He was hoping to Jack with him but he wasn't he frowned a bit but smiled as he knew Micheal was alright. "Specialist Micheal "Shifter" Mills. Still see your causing chaos in the world." he said. He wanted to uncover his face but his eyes couldn't get use to it yet. But Michael new he was alright. "Hey, have you seen Jack Cole anywhere?" he asked. Jack and Michael was his two best men in the field and in his unit. Always got shit done, but when everything went to hell...things changed. I don't think they new exactly who he really was besides that he's special. His file read "Classified", the only one in the pile that said "Classified" on it.
  8. Joe Ferone knew what had to be done, he wasn't magical, he had no real training to speak of, he had been a mercenary for gangster families almost his entire life, but he knew he had to protect his friends and family. He had taken what was left of his explosives and ammo and ran to the nearest building. He drew as much attention to himself as he could, he had to buy enough time for them to escape. He put explosives everywhere, it was a tall building and he needed to be sure the base was destroyed and the building would collapse. He pulled out his flare gun and shot straight up into the air instantly attracting all the nearby zombies, but it wasn't enough he needed more to show up. He pulled out his last three grenades and threw them at the abandoned cars that seemed to flood the streets. The resulting explosions set off all sorts of car alarms causing thousands of the undead to shamble towards him, he quickly fired his last few bullets at any zombie that got too close for comfort.

    When he ran out of ammo he ran towards the building, and stayed by the stairs waiting for the unknowing undead to flood into the building. He than ran up all 20 floors to get to the roof. He quickly closed the door behind him and he waited, he waited for it to seem like he couldn't hold them back anymore. He pulled out the detonator from his jacket and shouted with all his remaining energy "TIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIMBER" *click* then he heard his explosives go off and he felt the building begin to collapse "I never liked this town anyway" he said before he closed his eyes to await his doom.
  9. "Naa!" Lucy cried out as she ran. Luckily there weren't many behind her but there was still enough to have her running away from fear. If she wanted to take the chance of having someone see she could have had her wings appear and fly away from them but that was just too risky. It wasn't like much of her abilities worked on dead people either, she was stuck with running away from them. At least she seemed faster than them and was born with great stamina. She didn't like the fact that she was running in a city, Lucy usually tried to stay away from any place that could cause her to have any kind of contact with a person. That didn't seem to be the case, one moment she was hiding away somewhere high the next she was kicking some dead girl in the face with her boot. After kicking the girl down Lucy ran and unfortunately ran into the city, where even more zombies decided they wanted her.
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  10. Jess was thrown back by a man she did not know of, he told her to go inside, which she did not. She watched him attack the enemy, killing them all.. Then he was off to go talk to a friend? She did not know. She breathed in a deep sigh and began walking back on the path, to the hospital. She needed supplies, that was for sure. The hybrid brushed her blonde hair out of her face, as her bright blue eyes watched everything ahead of her. She had her shotgun out and ready to fire, though she was not sure if she would encounter anything that she needed to kill, for that guy 'Liam' seemed to have killed everyone of them already. She had learned a few things from the war, in which she fought in with her own way. She had stayed out of the picture and took out the wandering zombies, almost getting bit at least a good fifty times. She learned that she had to trust any being that was alive, though she was not sure if she could trust the other men.
    Even so, she was fascinated how that Liam killed every one of the flesh eaters without barely pulling a muscle. That puzzled her, and even intriged her to learn more about him. She sighed and kept moving, everyonce and a while she saw a zombie, which so she saved her ammo, she made them eat themselves. It was funny, yet disturbing watching a creature do that.

    Jess then heard explosions, they were near, but she wasn't so sure. She turned on her heal and began running towards the area she heard it from, she ran past Liam and Michael with a blur of light.​

  11. "He always said, 'Don't worry about hand to hand combat, or exercise. You'll never use it, you're a vampire. Vampires don't fight for a living, we sneak up, we bite, we move on.' Oh boy was he wrong. Oh was he so wrong. So wrong I hope he's being overrun by flesh eating monsters. " Referring to her father, Rayna muttered to herself through gritted teeth as she ran. She kept her pace steady as to not tire herself and to maximize her stamina. She wasn't being chased by these things, nope, not until accidentally knocking over something heavy and unstable. Then, out of the blue, the wretched, disgusting monsters came to her, like dogs to a bone. Rayna had her hoodie up, low enough to stay on while she ran, keeping her hands in her sleeves she was careful not to touch the sunlight. That wasn't a good sensation, she would only have to find a safe building or shade.

    Rayna hadn't been running long before she saw a building in front of her being to fall. There was the sound of explosions and dust and ash surrounding the now collapsing building. "What the.." She said, as she turned to see the flesh eaters still behind her. She rolled her eyes, if there was a creature she despised more than humans, it was them. Sure, way back when she tried talking to them. She tried being a logical creature with them, but no, all they wanted to do was eat flesh, and even if they shared similar interests, the flesh eaters didn't care. Rayna looked around for small pieces of debris or anything that she could turn into a projectile. Surprisingly there wasn't much around, but she couldn't move a car or anything so she needed something small. Eventually she came to a nicely exploded car, which luckily for her, had left metal scraps and carbon fiber scraps along the road. Focusing on a piece of frame, while running , she lifted it, agonizingly slowly it seemed, and with acute concentration she 'threw' it towards the crowd of flesh eaters that had accumulated. It knocked a few off her path, which was all she really cared for, of course they would get back up, but they wouldn't be right on her cape.

    "I'm actually glad I denied my father's beliefs, if I hadn't he would be the reason I'd be dead right now." She laughed a little, "Aren't you glad I continued trying to be stronger?" She asked to no one in particular. "Sure, I may not be the best combat fighter, but I will. Eventually. I'll get used to it. Combat wont be so hard to pick up." She explained to herself, as she looked towards the collapsing building. "Seriously... what happened there?" Rayna's conversation with herself continued as she ran, she was determined to find her way towards the falling building, there had to be someone there, right? And hopefully not more flesh eaters. And hopefully they weren't human either, and if they were, she could either use their blood, or use their help, and hope they weren't as sad and pathetic as the rest of the race. Especially if they were sad and pathetic enough of a race to get turned into flesh eaters in the first place. Rayna rolled her eyes.
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  12. Liam smiled but soon faded as he heard a loud explosion "What the fuck?" he exclaimed to himself. He saw the building beginning to collapse, it was literally down the block. As soon as it hit, he saw the girl run out to see. But a huge bolder came straight her way "Hey! Look out!" he screamed as he dashed her way. He bear hugged her, letting the over size rock slam against his body. He didn't move at all. He saw a huge lump of the rock fall nearly on top of him and he let her go and pushed her away so she wouldn't get hurt. He stuck his arms out and caught it. His hood popped up from his head, revealing his new features, his snow white hair and his icy blue eyes, fangs began to show as he held it up and chunked it toward a near by horde, crushing them all. He stood up, he looked around and the sunlight nearly burnt his eyes but the adjusted. "Who the hell would do something stupid like that!" he exclaimed. He stopped and saw the girl. He walked over to her and picked her up and looked at her "Are you..ok, ma'am." he asked (talking to Jess.) as he checked to see if she was ok.
  13. (I'm going to talk in 1st person view since it's the view i'm most comfortable with. Tell me if you want me to change though! I'm going to put a header with my name it let you know it's my character. My character name for now is ???)

    "My eyes... They hurt so bad!"
    I left my abode, only to be met by curses from the other world in the form of blindness. The light of my old world filled me with warmth and familiarity, but yet this world tried robbed me of mankind's most precious gift: Sight.

    All I could see is black. A color who took away my only friend. I hated it so much, I wish I could just grab it and throw it out of existence!
    "Go away, black! Please... i'm begging you!"
    I stumbled forward before crying a bit on the cold floor. I could not tell whether black stayed to torture me, or stayed to protect me from the even harsher world that stabbed me in the eye.

    What a cruel friend black was.

    Sounds towards me made their way closer to the black veil in front of me. My parents? What were they doing out here?
    It reached for strands of my hair and grabbed it quickly, I crawled backwards in shock! It moaned, as if yearning for something terribly. It then stood there, as if waiting for me. This being sounded like the unfortunate victim of this world, looking for warmth and security...

    I did not know where to go. Forward seemed to the best choice, at least this way I could feel for my parents. Wiping my tears away, I stood up and tried to walk with the lack of nutrition.

    "Here...come. Let's go find my parents!" I walked towards who knows, making sure that my victimized specimen followed at a safe distant. A gust of dust came over us. With nowhere to go, we pressed on wards against the wind (This is from the explosion.).

    I attempted to talk to this new being, finding some other way to distract me from this blinding color.
    "Do you know...where to get some food? I really really like bananas..."
    "Is that a new word? Have you heard of arachnophobia?"

    I attempted to sing with a high pitched voice, mimicking the sounds of nature and animals to communicate with this being better.
  14. Jess was suddenly stopped from going to help the people around the collapsed building, if there were any. She was tackled to the ground, she felt a large weight land on them, but nothing happend. Then she was pushed somewhere. This all happened too fast, her mouth was slightly open and she was breathing heavily. Fangs peaked from her mouth as well.
    She watched him and knew that he wasn't just a vampire now, he seemed to be stronger than one to be in fact, so was she but not as strong as him. She could have tooken the impact of the large piece of concrete falling on her, but he had saved her anyways. He was handsome, and seemed to be very strong. Perfect.

    Before she could do anything she was lifted into his arms, "P-Put me down! Please? I'm fine, why wouldn't I be?" she muttered, manuvering herself out of his arms. When she did so, she landed on her feet. "I was trying to go help the people in the explosion, if there are any people. You can come with if you like." her blonde hair fell into her face and eyes as she turned around and began fast walking towards the explosion site.​
  15. Liam chuckled as she left " Women.." he said as he followed. He looked at the wreckage and moved large rocks but couldn't find anyone "Hello! Anyone alive?" he asked out loud. He moved rocks and lumps off concrete out of the way. He smelt something of the girl "You're..a vampire aren't you? But..not just one..you're something else.." he said as he stopped. Before he could say anything something jumped from the rocks and lunged for the woman. Liam wad their in a flash. He grabbed the infected with his bare hands. Mind this, thing was bigger than him, his eyes turned icy white with a hint of a red ring around it. That meant he was something...more, possibly worse. The infected screamed then croaked as Liam snapped it's neck with ease. He threw.it back "Filthy creatures. Humans fucked up this world and chose us to clean it up. Vermons..." he said under his breath. "Sorry, you're a woman, where I come from a man is always suppose to protect the woman..no matter what." he said as he began looking through the rubble.
  16. ???:

    I ran forward, until something huge blocked my path.
    "Come here..." As I waved the specimen towards me, singing loudly enough for it to hear me. Once I heard it's footsteps nearby, I felt around the wall/boulder. To my right, I could hear voices.

    Voices from my very own kind! I was excited, but nervous at the same time. They might be able to help me, or could kill me. I knew I couldn't walk this way forever though, and the fact that I could be finally understood by someone gave away to a sigh of relief.

    The color of black was the focus of my mind for a split second. I shuddered and tried to imagine the surroundings around me. Green. Yellow. Anything to get away from it.

    Maybe the trees are green as they were in my picture?
    Maybe the sky was just a touch brighter than they should be?
    Maybe the buildings are a hue of bright orange?

    Imagining this strange new place gave me a surge confidence that urged me to walk towards the voices. I took little steps at first, but than big steps towards them.
    Just then, Another growling specimen was also walking closer.
    "Don't worry... I'm not going to hurt you."
    I reached my hands towards them for a sign of peace. They were growling harshly now, a dribble of saliva reached the floor below them.

    Maybe they were hungry?
    "Ah...It's too bad. I don't have any food for you!"
    I shrugged and stood there sort of smiling.

    "Hello, my fellow human beings!" As I held my hand out for peace.
    Beings walked towards me quickly, growling ever more fiercely.
  17. Jess sighed, she didn't like talking about her past much. But he had asked and she was going to tell him. "Half Angel, Half Vampire for your information. My father was the angel Gabriel himself. I assume you are nothing like me." she stated, looking around for anyone. Her bright blue eyes were scanning every crevice and dark corner. "Where I come from, a good couple hundred years ago, women had no rights. I do appreciate the care, I just believe I can take care of myself. Don't take that wrong in any way, okay?" she explained. "Though if I am in grave danger, I would appreciate help." she glanced back and with a small smile. She continued looking around, finding a few zombies around one area. Without doing anything the zombies began eating eachother instead of her.

    Thats when she heard a voice and a smile broke out onto her face, another person. "Hello, though technically I am not human."
    (Sorry its large.)

    A large 6 foot beast prowled through the streets of this once lively city. But now it was filled with the undead, which was perfect for this beast. For he could eat the dead. Though this thing had a name, Kingsley.
    He was only 17 years old in human years to be exact, though he was really 2009 years of age. He was in his true form, a gigantic black beast that could devour a creature whole. He was heading towards a loud noise he had heard from a few miles back, and he was coming to inspect it. Though, he figured the idiotic Earthlings had caused it. He absolutely despised these beings, they had harmed their planet. Though he couldn't say anything, his people had done the same thing a while back, and they had sent Kingsley to see if Earth was a place they could stay, so far.. his findings were positive.

    He arrived to the scene of the loud explosion and jumped up on a building. He did not have no eyes like this, but he could still see, he did not know how, but he could see. There were two female species and one male. They were easy targets to take out, though he was not going to harm them just yet.
    He let out a loud roar and hopped down from the rooftop, landing in front of the male. Kingsley's pointed tail swished about around him, then came around his side and pointed at Liam. He used the only way he could speak in this form on Liam, with his mind.. Male, I come in peace.
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  18. "How much longer..." Rayna asked herself as she ran forward, a steady pace. The constant pat of her feet hitting the floor reminded her of a heartbeat, a supporting rhythm. She knew there was still flesh eaters behind her, she would occasionally send a projectile their way, of various sizes, but her main goal was to get to the collapsed building. She started counting each pat of her foot as she ran. Before too long she was already in the hundreds, and tired of counting. After multiple solid minutes she was finally almost there. "Just a little bit more. Tad more. That's all." She said to herself as she approached the building, and doing so, she turned, sending a not so large rock into the crowd of flesh eaters that had accumulated.

    "There. That many down.. However many more to go." She whispered as she silenced herself, quietly approaching what she believed was the rear of the remains of the building. It was all rubble now, and every once in a while she would have to step aside for the falling debris. Tricky stuff it was. She milled about quietly in search of people, in search of the dead, or anything of use, really. She hushed herself each time she even thought of talking out-loud. It was a difficult task to suppress herself. It took only a few moments for her to hear the sound of people talking. "Well, guess that means people are here." She said to herself in a low whisper. She guessed if they could talk, so could she.

    She noticed cars that had been, at least recently, exploded, which she thought unusual as she investigated around, then thinking about it, she talked herself into finding the source of the noise. She almost stopped herself when she saw people standing about. "Well.. at least I wasn't imagining things." She said to herself as she closely inspected them quickly taking cover under and beside some building ruins. "Though.. maybe I should stop talking to myself.. for.. while they are around." She whispered to herself as she looked from behind the debris. 'Though.. armed people.. aren't usually my friends. Heck. Who is though?' Her thoughts continued on, as if wishing to be spoken aloud.

    It only took a few moments for Rayna to realize there was movement going on behind her, and having been surrounded by flesh eaters, she assumed it was one, and upon turning around, discovered she was right. She took a piece of shattered concrete that had fallen from the building, it was jagged and looked sharp, and she sent it through the flesh eaters head, watching it fall forward as she took a step back instinctively, and felt the concrete against her back. She looked for any other signs of the vile creatures before taking a peek from behind her rock. And to her surprise, there was a creature, one she hadn't ever seen before standing before her. Massive in size. It's back was to her, as she guessed, for she didn't see a face. Though the creature was so strange looking she couldn't peel her eyes away. 'Are those people about to be killed? I doubt I could help any...' Her mind slowly wandered as she looked on.
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  19. Liam nodded at what she said. He had a grin as he saw another survivor. He stepped forward but jumped back as something jumped in his way. His eyes changed back to the color it was when that creature came out. This one looked a lot different, like something out.of a movie. He was about to attack it but didn't as it spoke in his mind "You really expect me to believe you are peaceful? With that form you'd be ripped to shreds if you hadn't spoke to me." he replied. The creature didn't look peaceful at all. He didn't release then tense of his body till he new for sure that this thing wasn't a threat. "Start talking. I advice you to do so..quickly." he said as he stared it down.
  20. It was dark, and he wasn't exactly sure if he was dead or not. He tried to push himself up, he then realized that his legs were broken. "Damn that smarts" he said, realizing he was alive he quickly lit one of the road flares he kept in his suit.

    The collapse had created a small little dome for him "I guess I'm taking the slow way out he muttered." He quickly patted himself once over to see if anything other than his leg was broken. He was fine other than a few tears in his suit a broken rib or two and the broken leg he was fine. "And now we wait" he muttered staring at the flare.
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