Out of View (A.I. Role Play)

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  1. Out of View (AI Role Play)

    • Basis:
      Several decades into the future, a group of neuroscientists create an A.I. with learning capabilities similar to man-kind. After their code is hijacked by another country and leaked across darknet, the researchers are taken into government protection. The general populace has yet to discover the new technology. However, a few talented individuals were able to extract the code before it was removed (as much as possible, anyway). One of them was a biomedical engineer interested in transferring human consciousness into machines. However, before testing his theories out on people, he decided to transfer multiple A.I. codes he wrote (and altered) to humanoid contraptions, creating androids. Several months into his experiments, the man’s lab is raided, and most of his creations disassembled. However, a handful of androids flee and are forced to create aliases for themselves while in search of their creator. Among them, is his thirteenth creation, whom your character runs into one fateful night.

    • Information:
      • This role-play will not include explicit sexual content. However, mature language and references are fine.
      • This RP can be platonic or romantic
      • I play both male and female characters. If you would like to play opposite of a specific gender (or age), please tell me.
      • I accept all genders for partners (male, female, other).
      • Post lengths will vary. I'm not strict about word count.
      • I am a college student, so it can be difficult to post every day. Though, I try to reply every other day.
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  2. Definitely interested! (If you're still searching, that is) Should I PM you about it, if so?
  3. Seeing as you're the first person to respond, I'm still searching! Feel free to PM me to discuss the plot and characters.
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