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  1. Liz lived a quiet life.most days she didn't mind but it could get lonely. She didn't regret moving out if her father's house. He had always been an angry abusive man. Being a shy wisp of a girl she hadn't stood a chance. It had taking her years to build her confidence enough to even attempt to leave home. Now she had a place if her own and a job that she loved. It got lonely sometimes but for the most part she was happy.
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  2. It has been twelve cycles since Delvek-Kar left his homeworld of Du'ul in search of a cure to the plague decimating his people. His ship was equipped with a Positronic Warp Field emitter that allowed him to travel greater than the speed of light, but no speed was too great as he was racing against the clock. He hadn't the faintest clue on where this proposed cure could be, let alone did he have the necessary tools and knowledge to synthesize it. He was supposed to be on his Pilgrimage but the plague changed that. The Council of Elders named him an Alju'zha, a Savior of his people, and told him, along with other Pilgrims, to find their people a cure.

    Unfortunately, his fuel reserves would not stay filled forever. It was time to harvest Hydrogen fuel and as much as he would rather skim the surface of a star, his ship was not equipped with sufficient enough shields to repel the plasma storms and intense heat. Funny, the Council provides them with these ships but not the tools they need on them to be able to survive in certain situations. He was lucky, though, that the system he jumped into happened to have a handful of planets and planetoids that had surface water.

    He scanned the planet, a medium-sized Terran world, the third in a system of eight planets and three planetoids. His people have been to this system before in the past after receiving a strange signal being emitted from some alien probe years ago. This planet was called...'Earth,' a word so foreign and complicated to him that he had trouble speaking it. The name of the system was easier to say, however: Sol.

    This is where Delvek-Kar would make his refueling run. The species here was sentient, but primitive by Klo-Fen standards. Still, he would have to be careful not to anger the locals as while his ship had some defenses, he had no idea what they could pull out.
  3. Liz decided to spend the evening in her garden. There wasn't much to her garden but she was proud of it. She had a few healing herbs. Those had been the first things she had planted. Healing was simply something that she did. She loved helping people. She gave little thought to what it cause her. She would pay the price without complaint. She was happiest when she was helping someone. She had come a long way in the past couple of years. She was finally able to look herself in the mirror and be proud of the woman looking back at her.
  4. Delvek-Kar set an approach vector for the blue planet, being careful to avoid the various satellites orbiting the planet. It had a calming appearance from his vantage point in space: various hues of blues and greens and browns with wispy clouds and storms; whereas his planet was just encompassed in a swirl of brown dust and gases while the surface was a menagerie of greens due to the poisoning of the methane itself.

    The approach was relatively uneventful; though he did have to navigate the planet's strange jet streams and strange, primitive aircraft. This planet was dotted with cities and settlements, some massive and some minuscule, and he figured it would be best to avoid them to prevent any hostilities. While he was flying over a particularly flat landmass, his sensors chimed. Looking at the screen, he saw that there were four flying craft heading towards him.

    Sighing, he activated his meager shields and powered up his plasma projectors. He really didn't want to have to fight natives as he really didn't have the time to do so.
  5. Liz looked up in surprise when she felt the ground tremble around her. She shaded her eyes with her hands and looked up. It wasn't often the planes flow over her house. She wasn't near any airports or bases. But it did happen sometimes. She was shocked when she saw a blue place that looked like a big bug. Behind the blue bug was four planes that she was more familiar with.
  6. Delvek watched his scanner as two rudimentary rockets launched off each blip towards him. He sighed, flicked his wrists and spun his ship around while still flying in reverse. Poor creatures, he thought to himself as he pressed the triggers down on his control stick. Bolts of blue plasma shot from underneath his cockpit and melted through the four fighters and all but one of the missiles, a rather problematic error on his part.

    The missile his the side of his ship, the ship rocking and groaning under the impact. Warning lights and alarms started blaring and his diagnostics system told him that there was a coolant leak and a depressurization of his ship's atmosphere. Quickly, he plotted a landing zone and hustled to get his atmospheric suit on so he wouldn't suffocate. He chose a spot that provided him with lots of open room and minimal tall grasses, as when he set his ship down, he engaged the ship's camouflage, creating a nearly invisible bubble around the ship. From a distance it would be unnoticable but up close (within five feet), one might be able to see the distortion of air.

    He reviewed the diagnostic screen again: coolant leaks in sections 4-6 and atmospheric integrity is compromised. If he wanted to leave this planet, he would have to repair the damage and luckily for him, he didn't have the parts for that. That meant scavenging in the native peoples' lands. Wonderful.
  7. Liz couldn't take her eyes off the action above her. She had never see anything like it. The big bug started shooting at the four ships she recognized. She stared in disbelief as four of the ships simply melted away. It was almost like watching butter melt. This could not be really happening she told herself. She had to have fallen asleep. That was the only explanation. Ships don't melt. She pinched herself but the picture above her. Ok maybe not a dream. Something else. There had to be a logical explanation. There just had to be.
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