Out of the Woods and Into Society

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  1. >.> Prepare to be underwhelmed by the much lacking Saraj, Raji, Or Ra, whichever you feel is best to call me. I am without a doubt pretty sure ...Waking up in a dress doesn't make me a woman...unless that dress has powers of gender bending...I'd rather stay a Native American guy. I'm twenty one, been roleplaying since I turned twelve...and I plan on getting into a few rp's here and there. I have a good friend here ,who I shall not name for she is the incarnate of pure evil and will rip my fingers off, then shove them down my throat. ^.^;;

    Anyway, I am really into all types of art, animation, comics, fine arts, realism, digital.. Photoshop is my god, so are my oil paints. I've been into anime and manga almost all my life.. Erm, obviously writing is a huge interest. I love my writing style- it can tend to be sort of convoluted, with complicated sentence structures interspersed with short, abrupt sentences or words for emphasis. My English teacher once called it 'Faulkneresque' which I will never get over. ^^ I also tend to use sentence fragments and single words for emphasis, or to portray a certain style.

    I dislike the fact that a plethora of people insist that a paragraph is five sentences, and sentence fragments are bad things. I despise people who can't tell the difference between bad writing, or writing style in which those types of things are used to portray a certain feeling, or mood. Writing is an art. Once you know the basics, and know them well, you have every right to break every rule. Art is meant to evoke emotion, thought, feeling. There are no rules for our emotions. We can not regulate feeling. Art IS an emotion. How can we be so very arrogant as to instill rules, regulations? Art is one of the few conventions out there where the old cliche 'rules are meant to be broken' can truly be taken seriously. I still can't stress the importance of learning the rules. There is a big difference between choosing to break a rule, to challenge convention, and breaking a rule out of ignorance. But to each's own.

    At last, I give a slight wave and I hope to see and rp with many of you here, glad to be here! XD
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  2. I believe for one, that in the method of writing you should watch how others write rather than chastise others for their style. It's an adaptable art in a manner of speaking. We use a method of wordsmithing to create beautiful and sublime mental imagery that lingers with us after we write it. That being said! I believe you'll find many people here who suite your fancy of writing no matter what type of story you're going for! In short, welcome wonderful native sir to the board! You got any questions, or just want to chat then feel free to drop me a PM! On the flip side, I will say your font is very small and somewhat difficult to read. Maybe it's simply because I have these old stanky wizard eyes, who knows? Welcome once again, and continue to be awesome!
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  3. I rather like that onlook. Anyway look forward to seeing you around!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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  4. [MENTION=5119]Journey[/MENTION] I completely follow what you're saying, I shall observe first then delicately shuffle my way in! I rather like to observe any way, though I am itching to get into the rpying >.>

    On another note, I do apologize I did not realize how small I had made it DX!!!

    Also Thank you for the welcome Journey. *Bows*

    [MENTION=5189]Kyte[/MENTION] That picture is adorable >.< Anyway I appreciate the welcome!!!!
  5. Welcome aboard, Raji!
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  6. Thank you for the welcome Enzo, I hope that we role play together one day!
  7. Welcome!
    I must say that i'm in love with 'Faulkneresque', or at least with the way it sounds in my head. I only wish my writing sounded so fluid!

    As a fellow anime lover and an aspiring animator, i'd really like to see some of your work. I do a good bit of drawing myself, yet I've only been at if for a coupe of years.

    Good luck role playing,
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