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  1. The blonde nodded in response, "Sure, I don't mind confronting him...maybe I should call Dumah and get her to drag Anael down with her daughter too? Or is a bad idea? Or should I wait to to see my sisters..?" Huffing softly, he shook his head out of of thoughts before saying, "I would love to go and meet your little brother though, nonetheless."

    "I guess..he just wasn't ready for it. It was a dick move, but Ana's a great mom. I think it would've been nice if he..tried to get and know about his own kid. My sister would've liked that, I know she would've. She can handle the responsibilities of parenthood really well along. Although, I think it would've been nice if he hadn't just..ignored that he has a child of his own." He sighed softly and added, "I hope he won't try and keep avoiding meeting Rory, because she's not going anywhere, especially with Tate proposing."
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  2. "I don't think having Anael would help, to be honest," he admitted, not wanting to prevent the other seeing his sisters. On the contrary, he felt it would help him to see his family, but seeing as this concerned his brother, and wanting to show him how he had been acting, having Anael there with her daughter would only hinder the actual revelation process.

    "And if I'm honest, I really don't think he'll step up and acknowledge her, and I don't want to force him too. If he chooses not to care, that's his choice," he murmured after a moment, fiddling with the threaded wristband he constantly wore. "If he chooses not to, then I don't think I should get involved with the kid either, or my family. It's like stabbing Ajax in the back, y'know? I have to side with him, whether I believe he's right or not."

  3. "True. And that's going to be impossible, not getting involved with her. Dumah loves that kid to death, being her godmother. Your family will still see Rory at least some points. But not as in the way of..'oh, that's your kid.' More like just as very close relative, y'know. Unless they end up realizing that she is on their own, then that's their thing." He shrugged, not minding his words. He still wasn't all that sure about seeing his family still, but it was something that was impossible to avoid as it was now.

    Charlie would nod, smiling softly, "Yeah, no. Continue defending yours and I'll do the same with mine. It's only right. I wouldn't want to drag Rory into the mess, so. I'm pretty sure if Ana did let her meet Ajax back then, she's probably forgot about him by now, if that's what she wanted." He'd scratch his arm lightly through his sleeves, but didn't dig down too hard for he didn't want to hurt himself.
  4. Eyeing him quietly, with a sudden frown, it was obvious that what he wanted to say was directly opposing of the other's words,
    and probably wasn't best to say if it would just provoke disagreement, but honesty tended to be the best policy in cases like this.

    "I don't think you quite understand, to be honest," he started, outstretching legs with a calming smile to himself. "If Ajax chooses not to get involved, then she won't be welcome in my house. I mean, my family won't want her around, just to save Ajax from seeing her. It's harsh, sure, but we defend Ajax, end of discussion, I guess."

    Once finishing, he did cringe at how horrible it was and sounded. That they would easily refuse the girl entry to their home, even if Dumah and Tate were married and she was the girl's godmother, solely because Ajax discarded her. But they had to support him, and if there was any chance he would see her, it was best to just keep her away completely. "Sorry, but... yeah. That's how our family works."​
  5. Listening to him speak, the blonde did the exact opposite of being upset and just smiled at him, "Right, no. That makes sense. Don't apologize." He shrugged slightly, "My family would be the same in that kind of situation, if Ana really wanted if like so. So if they want her out of the way, so be it. Nothing wrong with that."

    He didn't seem at all upset by his words still, his smile staying firmly on his lips. The smaller male would find himself standing up and asking him on a completely different topic as he pulled the front of his hoodie back down his thighs before it worked it's way back up, "Would you like something to drink? I'm going to make myself some hot cocoa. I've got water..tea, and soda."

    Charlie ran his fingers through his bangs as he moved over to his kitchen to pull out a mug for himself as he'd search for his cocoa mix. It was never too late for hot chocolate.
  6. "I'll have Pepsi, if you have any," he murmured, not being a huge fan of hot chocolate, as unbelievable as that was. In fact, the only hot beverage he really enjoyed was coffee, and that was mostly because it at least helped him wake up. Hot chocolate and tea always had the effect of making him the opposite: sleepy.

    Silently surprised the other hadn't reacted sadly and with a frown as he had somewhat expected, the understanding and smiles were something new-- though the fact Charlie seemed to understand did make the demon grin. And in return, he did feel somewhat bad for not understanding more. "...In fact, bring Anael and the kid," he finally murmured, biting hard on his lip. "I want my brother to face what he's done and... he probably should chat to Anael in private too, let's face it."​
  7. Nodding to himself at his answer, he went into his fridge again after putting his mug of milk into his microwave and heated it up for a minute as he pulled out a can of Pepsi for the other male. He waited until his was done and pulled it out by the handle and poured in the mix. Stirring it all in, he would make his way back into the living room and handed him the drink.

    His eyes widened slightly whenever he would say such of a thing, "Are you sure?" Charlie smiled slightly at him still and told him, "That's up to you whether or not that's something you want to do. I wouldn't want him to end up getting upset with you for something like that, but..I do think it'd be a good idea. They need to actually talk things out at some point. The way I see it, it's up to them if they do." He shrugged some and moved to sit back down next to him and sipped on his drink.
  8. "Hey, I... I don't care if he gets mad. I can handle him. I don't know if you noticed when we went to see them all those years ago, but I'm the tallest out of them all," he beamed smugly, rather proud of something he really had had no control over. Being the tallest, and probably the strongest out of his brothers was something he took immense pride over, mostly when he had been the youngest for so long. What he didn't want was Kyon growing up and overtaking him - then he would probably feel as disgruntled as all his brothers had been when he overtook them in height.

    "He needs to learn that his actions have repercussions, and... I want to meet my niece, I suppose," he admitted with a shy smile, taking the drink with a thankful nod and took a much needed sip. "She looks adorable, at least. And she's near the same age as Kyon, so... it'd be nice for him to have a playmate-- I've gone really soppy, haven't I~?"​
  9. Letting out a little laugh, he nodded in response, "That I do remember. I'll be surprised if your little brother ends up growing taller than you, but I'm doubting it. Then again, who knows. But alright, let's do it." He shrugged with a playful smile as he blew cool air onto his cocoa, humming softly. The drink never made him tired, and instead relaxed him.

    "You have turned into a sap, yes," The blonde giggled before added, "I'm not complaining, it's..refreshing to see, I guess. Rory is a sweetheart, but she's always been really shy about her true form. Since she's a mix of the two of them, meaning that it shows, in all honesty. Ana loved it whenever she didn't hide it whenever she was young but..she just got..extremely shy about it.

    "I think she would love having a playmate. I don't think she ever plays that much with people..she's too shy to try playing with people, looking back on her.." Charmeine smiled weakly and set down his mug as he'd watch Jinx shuffle past with a small smirk on his lips.
  10. "Yeah, well, from what I saw from Kyon, he seems like a sweet enough kid," he shrugged, though gauging that from all of five seconds seeing him was probably not enough to go on-- though what three year old wasn't sweet? "And so he and Aurora should at least get on when your sister comes to Hell-- and even if things do go terribly between our siblings, my mom will probably go all motherly and stuff, fuss over Aurora when she realises it's her... granddaughter."

    Quietly hitching his legs back onto the futon, he took another swig from the can with a smile back at the angel. The way they were talking to one another wasn't like they had been apart three years - it came natural, and it felt like only yesterday they had been dating. To him, it did, at least. "Anyway, we'll go through that drama tomorrow, anyway. I need to sleep, seriously."​
  11. "I can see that happening. Aurora already is used to getting a lot of attention by my mom, I'm sure she'll love all the more affection. She has to. She won't ever be able to escape it at this point in her life." He chuckled lightly and and stretched some as well before grabbing the cup again to keep drinking.

    Nodding in agreement, he would say, "Yeah, tomorrow. And go ahead, don't let me keep you up." Charlie stuck his tongue out slightly before finishing the drink and moving away to the sink to wash it off before proceeding to go brush his teeth. It was kind of his way to slack off of sleeping, at this point.

    He came back into the room and turned out the lamp light to only have the glow of the city lights keeping the room dimly lit. The smaller male sat next to him on the futon, curling up, but didn't make any moves to go and sleep.
  12. Ash, on the other hand, really had no problem or reservations in getting some sleep - he had had an exhausting day, in which he had to learn of a new sibling, be acquainted with Charlie and learn of his hardships, and face his family again, and all he really wanted and needed was sleep, so easily fell into unconsciousness for the next few hours.

    When he did wake at around nine, with the sun streaming in helping to bring him around to being awake, he stretched his body out with a loud yawn and instinctively reached for his cigarettes, hidden away in his jacket pocket - his love of the things hadn't really stopped. When he lit one up was when he peered across at Charlie with a grin, nudging him awake too. He didn't want to be awake alone, really. "Oi, feathers, wake up~"​
  13. The blonde had managed to take a few small naps while laying on the bed, his longest one having been just before Asher had woken. Yet, he was still as easy as ever to wake up with a simple nudge. His eyes snapped open and he yawned softly as he would blearily blink up at him, "M-morning. And feathers? What a charmer you are."

    Having the need to pee, he smiled playfully before getting off of the futon. Not really thinking of his actions of the moment, he would pause in plain view before going into the hall and moved to pull off the hoodie while keeping the shirt down.

    On one part, it did show that he did still wear Asher's shirts, but on another, if briefly showed his bare arms before he continued to walk away. His vessel was too weak, too slow to heal the types of scars that he inflicted on himself in the state he was in. So it was something he had to live with, the permanent scarring. He didn't mind then all the same though, they were just something he was stuck with.
  14. He may have been tired, but even he could spot the signs of damage along the other's arms. First, he noticed tattoos, biting back a smile at how attractive they were on him, but he never had a chance to tease him and flirt with him about it when the scars took the attention from it.

    Having to bite hard not to get angry, he took solace instead in smoking the cigarette - it was much better in his mind than getting furious over something that was clearly already done and couldn't be changed, even if it just made him feel more and more guilty for feeling like he caused it. It was obviously self-harm, after all. "...Charlie," he started wearily, not sure how to even approach something like this. "...Why did you... hurt yourself? I mean, really, be honest. Is it because of me?"​
  15. Staring at himself in the mirror whenever he'd began to speak and froze whenever he had brought up such of a subject. Then he realized what he'd done in the last few, short moments. He sighed weakly as finished brushing through his hair, looking at the small dimples that'd formed on his cheeks by making a broad smile appear before they faded as he'd come to let it fall.

    Hesitantly, he moved back into the living room and left his hoodie simply in the hallway and stayed in the other's shirt, rubbing his arms as he walked over to him. Sitting down on the futon, looking up at the male, he would tell him firmly, "No. I've never..hurt myself because of you. Yes, I had been despressed over..everything, but not because of you," Looking down at his arms, none of them were new and irritated, save for some pink and somewhat raw ones that were still healing, "I..took to dealing with pain in a horrible way. Covering pain with..even more pain. I was stupid for starting and..it's like smoking for me now. I don't..do it as much anymore. Not as I had been.

    "Obviously..I found a substitute, a more artful way of pain," Lifting up the back of his shirt with ease to where Asher could see the large wings tattoo along his shoulderblades as another he'd gotten, "I hurt myself because I'd rather feel pain I caused upon myself than remembering that..horrible, horrible day. Asher..this might be hard for you to believe, but thinking of you helped. You being here, seeing you again, helped. That's why I said you were already helping me." The blonde smiled weakly before letting go of his shirt, shrugging slightly.
  16. "I don't want you hurting yourself from now on. If you said I helped, then I'll be around you as much as you'd like-- obviously I want to be around you anyway, but if I can help you after what I've done, then I... want to. I don't want you to think pain is a good way of dealing with emotional pain. It isn't. That's dumb," he sighed, taking his arms carefully in his hands to examine the scars close up, and finding himself immediately frowning at the nasty marks along the pale skin.

    "...I know it's not easy to stop. Like me and drugs, you know? But we can help each other, so... yeah. It'll be okay," he decided, determined to be confident about that, even if he was slightly oblivious to how hard the journey to coming clean would be. "Anyway, onto more positive news, I was thinking about today-- if it all goes really badly, and Anael and Ajax fight, then we could just take the kids out for a walk. I mean, I doubt Aurora gets to see Hell often. Plus Tate and Dumah could come with us too."​
  17. "Again, not your fault. This is my own doing and the events causing it was not on you either. But I'm not going to refuse. I would like that..I, I want you here. And I am more than willing to help you too in whatever way I can. And I know. I know it's dumb, but it becomes a habit. I know it's not good, Ash, I do. It's just hard to stop." He let the other male take his hands with ease and sighed softly at his reactions to them.

    Whenever he said that it would be okay, he knew just then that he'd never tried to go clean before, where he had multiple times. It had been the hardest thing to do in his life and he only seemed to relapse with each and every time. However, he was going to give it his all to help his former lover and help him get clean and that would be his only reason as to doing so. For him.

    The angel smiled weakly and nodded in response, "That's a good idea. They don't need to get involved if it gets anywhere messy." Charlie paused for a moment to come a little closer to hug the other male, "Thank you, by the way."
  18. "Don't thank me, it's literally only what you deserve from me after everything," he smiled, though didn't entirely reject the hug, and with pretty good reason - he still had a great deal of affection for him after all, and the hugs and kind words did give him a lot of hope for them in the future.

    Well, he had said that a relationship between them would take place years into the future, but honestly? He wasn't too sure he could go that long without it now he had reminded himself of how happy Charlie made him, and contented he felt with him. Not that he would admit to the feelings straight away - it felt a little rushed at the moment.

    "Anyway, we should go now, to be honest. The sooner we go, the quicker it's over. Call your sister to meet us there, give the address-- I guess Tate can call Dumah," he decided, rather intrigued to see how they were as a couple. He had only seen them when they dated for a few days, so three years would probably have them actually in love, rather than just in the awkward new-relationship stage of things.​
  19. "I'm still going to thank you. Because you didn't have to do something like this. And it means a lot that you were so willing to." Pressing a chaste kiss against his cheek as he pulled away from the embrace to listen to him as the subject moved on. Charlie did feel the same way about it as Asher did, especially that it shouldn't be rushed. This time, especially without the marriage weighing them down, things would be different.

    He wanted the both of them to take to their time and just start off slowly as friends again and move on slowly, but surely from there. It was just too early for anything. But of course he'd show some light affection if he had the chances to express them towards the demon.

    The angel nodded along to his words, "Alright..I'll..have to find Ana's business number, I guess." He smiled sheepishly, "I broke my old one with everyone's numbers in it. I only really remembered Dumah's." Shrugging a tad, he moved to find Anael's number on her website and realized it was kind of depressing that he had to do it this way to be able to. Typing in the number, he looked over to Asher and told him as he got up to go to his room, "I'll go get dressed real quick."
  20. Sighing quietly, he wasn't entirely in the mood to wait around for the other, but nodded all the same with a smile. He didn't want to prolong this more than was necessary - in truth, and understandably so, he just wanted to make the day go as quick as possible. His parents would still be furious at him for storming out like he did, as well as cursing out his younger brother, and he was dreading just returning there after staying out the night with them worrying.

    They were bound to worry. They knew now his drug habit, and disappearing all night without a word to them, he knew they would think the worst - the dozens of calls and texts on his phone was proof of that. But he hadn't gone to get high, and for that, he was pretty proud of himself - but it was really Charlie that helped him from going out and doing that stuff like he had the last few years.

    "...Hey, you know that now we're not keeping secrets anymore, I have one tiny little thing left to admit," he called out, glad that the other wasn't in the room as he was admitting to it. He didn't think he could handle Charlie looking at him as he led the confession. "I was in prison for, like, six months. I beat up this angel and he pressed charges, obviously, so... yeah. That's the last thing I can really think of to confess before we move on. I was high, drunk and pretty angry, not that it's an excuse, but..."​
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