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Yes, another question with my educated guess in it. :)
What is this site rated?
My guess was about PG13+.
And can someone tell me what we are allowed and disallowed to say?

You can say whatever you want on here. You'll see profanity and all sorts of not-so-child-friendly conversations around here, which is why the lowest age allowed is...13, I believe. As long as what you say isn't offensive to race, sexuality and so forth, you'll be fine. Don't need us any hurt feelings.

Hope that answers your question, mah friend. If you have anymore, feel free to message me.
I also have to ask:
What is the line when people start talking about the use of illegal drugs? I understand that "it's the internet, there's nothing we can do about it" but in a setting outside of educational/discussion, is it condoned?

I ask this because we DO have young members on this forum, and not everyone is quite as educated in the ways of drugs and might be all: OH HEY, SO AND SO SAYS THIS IS COOL SO I MIGHT DO IT.

Also.. I apologize if I happen to hijack this... ><
Well, to be honest, most of our best writers use cocaine to feed their muses on a daily basis. It's how the game is played in the big leagues. Just look at Asmodeus, Diana and Rory....JUST LOOK AT THEM! ARTISTIC DYSFUNC-


There has never really been much talk on this subject apart from the occasional oldfart saying "I smokez wif weedz" in the cbox. So you'd have to be more specific. If it's about describing someone's drug-use in an RP. I suggest you might just warn people about it through the OOC, if you feel this is necessary.


But for realz' though. Someone was talking in the Cbox about taking ecstacy and how awesome it was and that they've done it for such and such years without problem....

I call a bunch of fucking pucky, but whatevs, I guess.

It just... concerned me because none of the mods seemed to take offense.
Generallly, unless there is a common conscensus about what people don't want to hear in the cbox, anything goes. Exeptions are: Fighting, disobeying the mod team, calling a new member Rory and My Little Pony.Because of the flood of negativity within the cbox, this is why we don't do these things. If you have a problem, either tell them nicely, or nicely ask a mod on duty to politely ask them to tone it down. We generally comply to nice things. And if, perchance it's one of us. Tell that person! It is ok to express your feelings about certain topics in a polite manner.
Fel said that nicely. :D

We allow people to talk about anything as long as it's not abusive towards another person. Sometimes people want to talk about those serious hot-button issues. There will always be discussions where a member gets mad or disagrees about the topic, there is no way we can prevent people get pissed off ALL the time. Nor do we want to start banning topics and preventing people's ability to let a conversation go where it will. (We are all adults here, therefore we should be able to conduct conversations in an intelligent way.)

The rule of thumb is to be respectful. Whether you're talking about drugs, sex, religion, etc. If you find a topic uncomfortable, you just let the person know that it's making you uncomfortable, change the subject or leave the room. And if they won't drop the subject (or if they're being rude about it), you can let a mod know.
So, I think that this just about settles anything~
If you have anymore questions, please feel free to create another topic. :3
For now, I'm stamping this as answered in full!
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