Out of Control

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  1. Star-date... June twenty-first of the year 2102...
    Location... the planet Emtwaine...
    Welcome to Starport... Control...

    The message always repeated itself...
    The only thing that changed was the faces, the date, and the emotions.
    Never the jobs, the social hierarchy...
    Not even the people.
    This is Control, the star-port that never changes.
    It's located on Emtwaine, a small planet in the Tratank-Tara galaxy, about 125 trillion miles from Earth. In fact, it's similar to Earth- it has oxygen, gravity, cities, towns, schools, lakes, etc...
    The only difference between the two planets was the size and the people there.

    Humans were a new addition- they're uncommon to see here as it is a fifty-fifty chance of them actually getting here since they are just figuring out light speeds and teleporting.
    Then there are Aflots, which look like boar-men- just mind that the females are the ones with the beards, not the males. They speak something close to Russian.
    Next are the Plutons, who are the locals of Pluto... just imagine talking to little monkeys with rabbit ears and you'll know what they look like. They mimic voices and are very smart, so if you talk to them, they'll know what you are talking about.
    Finally there are Emtites, the locals of Emtwaine. They look like they are elven, but they have the occasional quirk or two. Don't worry, unlike the Garks, you can tell the difference of genders because the females don't have beards, but rather normal humanoid like female features. They somehow know how to speak English, but they also speak a similar elvish to that of Tolkien's.

    Why is this important?
    Well, it's a foreign planet-
    Wouldn't you like to know what is here and what they are?
    I would.

    Let's get this story on the road-
    It was a dark and cool night in the Emtwaine desert, Charter...

    The sounds of chirp beetles filled Charter's cool air, almost like someone was counting the seconds of the night.
    It was peaceful...
    Usually it was, seeing how it is a desert that was only busy at day.
    But...something was off...

    Brrrrrrr- BOOSH!
    "Did you hit him?"
    "No, he ducked!"
    "Then shoot again, ya dummy!"
    More shots zapped about, but the target they were suppose to hit was too elusive.
    The Emtite in question had scattered further into the desert, the two humans still after him.
    He didn't understand- all he did was greet them in the way all Emtite greeted their new neighbors...
    He brought them a sinca lemur-cat and a cloak of spider-wolf skin and strangle vines that his own mother made.
    It was a symbol of an awkward greeting, as this Emtite was rather awkward feeling when greeting humans, the uncommon people of the planet Emtwine.

    And what happens?
    He was chased by these madmen and was being shot at!
    They almost killed the lemur-cat -which was clinging to his torso for dear life- with those blast ray rifles!
    How could this get any worse?