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  1. The year 2013, there were a very many different ways a vampire was seen. Some people saw a familiar movie by the name of Twilight; some saw an age-old evil that should never be messed with. But this... this is the truth.

    When the New Year of 2015 arrived, people were celebrating all over the world and being merry. But this happiness was soon cut off by something... like fear. Young children as well as old citizens watched the Big Apple drop much faster than it was supposed to; it landed on the ground, shattering. People screamed with fear, scattered. But the viewers in their homes gasped as the camera zoomed in on the Apple... and figures came out of it!

    They pounced on the officials, pained yells echoing throughout the city. It became a war zone, blood filled the air as well as the sound of gunshots. Although some people hit the creatures, they never faltered; they seemed humanoid in every way except for one... their incredibly light skin, as well as fangs that jut out when they latched onto the neck of a person. Their agility was incredible, and it seemed that they healed immediately. Soon, people began to flee the city, packing nothing but essentials and driving away.

    There was havoc: Some people ran for the hills and some people stayed to continue the fight against the invulnerable "vampires". Many people died on that night, and many more in the weeks... no, months to come. So much havoc... the world became distraught as these things took over. Humans were taken into slavery, used as blood bags and feeding devices for the creatures.

    I am one of the vampires...
    And we have taken over planet Earth.

    You may join this RP as a human or vampire, it doesn't very much matter to me. Please Post here if you would like to join this, I would love for some people to join :)

    Character Sheet:

    Biography (optional)
    Picture or physical description:

    Edit ~~ Sorry I didn't post the actual RolePlay earlier! Hahaha... here it is.

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  2. Name:Vlad Dracula
    Age:584 years
    Power?:Control over the souls of the harvested, control of darkness
    Biography (optional) you know the legend Bram Stoker put it in words but the tales had been around for hundreds of years but the truth is much worse Vlad carved out a bloody path and Cemented his name into legend but that's only the beginning of the tale... of the first Dracula
    Picture or physical description:Right here
  3. Name: Sapphira
    Age: 342
    Gender: Female
    Species: Vampire
    Power?: Blood Manipulation ; Using her own blood, she has the ability to use the three forms of liquid. However, if she gets a taste of your blood with just a sip, she can easily take control of you just the same.
    Personality: Although she has formed alliances with others of her kind, she has her own agenda. She enjoys what immortality has to offer, but does not allow the power to form her desires. It is simply an asset that she makes makes use of if forced. A bit eccentric.
    Biography: Born in 1672 as Lidia Halen in London, England, Sapphira's family moved on to the Americas. After her mother's passing during the particularly rough voyage, she and her father made a living on the land as farmers in Massachusetts. It was not too long after that Sapphira began to crave escape to a new life with a particularly handsome man who wooed her by the age of 20. Events unfolded in which his mother was suspected to be a witch. The man set the sights on Sapphira herself and had the town switch suspicions over the young woman with so called "proof" of her satanic ways. As she held in a cell before her execution, she was offered an escape and revenge by a mysterious gentleman. In her anger and hatred toward the town, she agreed and was turned. After her transformation, the man mysteriously disappeared and allowed her bloody rampage throughout the town. Before she knew it, she came to herself while suckling at the neck of her father, who died just as horribly as the rest of the town. The experience left her terrified and lonely, but as time passed, she gained masterful skill of her abilities and gained a bit of fondness for the still growing humanity.
    Although she took part in the take over, she kept a safe haven for a some within her own territory, hidden by the others of her kind.
    Oddly enough, she would not hesitate to snap the neck of other humans at a moments notice. This has led others to wonder at where her loyalties lay and people hesitate to ask her for favors due to her eccentric moods.
    Picture or physical description:
  4. Is there a longer description of the actual RP, or has it not been created yet?

    I've a small interest in joining, but I need more information that I was unable to find...

    Thanks so much!

    <3 Lyli
  5. Hmm, now that you mention it, I guess there isn't much of a description to go off of. Sorry about that =P

    I was thinking that each vampire could start off in their own territories, going about their lives and such, when they all receive important news of a hidden human paradise, up for grabs. But while the masters of each household are away, every human in the different places bands up to make an uprising. They discover ways of harming vampires, and a world-wide war starts.

    Just a rough outline, can be edited as the plot ensues.
  6. Hi! :D
    Name: Brad Mechanley/ John Deathshot
    Gender: Males
    Age:15 & 179
    Species: Human and and Evil Spirit
    Power: Electric power punch that stuns anything for a few seconds, giving Brad the upper hand.
    Personality: A small boy that has a big attitude. He is too kind to kill anything, but has beaten 3 vampires in hand-to-hand combat and has been beaten 1 time by another human... she was a girl. He lives in the "human paradise" and protects others before himself every time a vampire tries to feed or kill. He also has a twin personality. John leeched onto Brad shortly after the vampire take over. When ever Brad is scared or angry, John takes over, feeding off the powerful emotions. John becomes a fully gunned 7' 11" robot. Basically a big angry robot with only thoughts of anger and destruction.
    Biography: Born in January 22, 2000, the new millennium, he was sent to a lab a year before the vampire takeover (2014), and after an unsuccessful electric heart failure preventing test, he was left alone before his father came and took him home. However, the test had left continually circulating energy flowing through his body, making his black-out whenever it reached his heart (usually every 5 days). His father had had enough, and being the electrician scientist he was, replaced his arm with a fully automated metal arm. The metal trapped the energy and stored it because of the battery in it. This also allowed him to hit with an electric shock, only able to be used a few times before needing to be recharged, hitting something or not. To recharge, he needed to siphon energy from his body and other electrical components alike. When the outbreak happened, a vampire killed his father, sucking him dry, and Brad almost killed the monster, before coming to his senses and leaving before any more of those things came around. He was picked up by another family on the run after two day of aimlessly wandering near the town he had once called his home, and they all left for the supposed "paradise".
    Description: A small 4' 7" boy with brown hair and blue-gray eyes. He always has his arms behind his back. He wears a small black tophat with a red band around the base, a black suit with a white undershirt and red tie, completed with black dress pants and shiny black dress shoes. Brad is semi-muscular in the right arm, always working out every chance he gets so that his right arm would be as powerful as his left. He has a small 6 pack, but he is built mostly for speed. His small frame is good for running and dodging attacks. John is a large 7 foot 1 inch muscle-man robot, and he doesn't need clothing because his metal body has nothing sensual about it. He has two large machine guns on his back and a small 4 pack of missles in his shoulders, visible whenever John flexes his shoulders. Also, he has a flamethrower in a hatch on his back that appears after arching his back. John also as jet-pack on both side of the flamethrower that allows him to fly 10 feet off the ground and hover there for another fifteen seconds before slowly floating back down to the ground. In order to make that happen, John needs to stand straight upwards for 3 seconds. He also has grappling hooks in his feet that allow him to crouch (he needs to crouch for more than 5 seconds before they hook into the ground) in place without moving until he stands up again. This also works on walls, allowing him to use his hands for balance and toes to walk on. The hooks disappear after taking 1 step on flat ground (does not have to be completely flat, just semi-flat). He is fully complete with a scanner that John told Brad he would only use when he needed to find a safe place to shut down and put Brad back in control. John has only killed one vampire, and he is too slow to beat any other vampires. The only reason John and Brad are not dead is because Brad is too determined and never loses, but John is metal so he has no blood and he is too hard to be bitten through with even vampire teeth, which comes to explain the one young and foolish vampire he killed.
    Is that good Bounty? I have to go now! You're so cool!
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  7. Would you guys like to start the Role Play?
  8. MInd if I reserve a spot?
  9. I don't mind at all :) But reserving has always been a mysterious realm for me XD Does reserving a spot mean that you're going to join later, or does it mean you're just asking whether you can join or not? Sorry for being stupid D=
  10. No it's fine, but to me I usually think it means "Do you mind reserving me a space while I get my character ready?"
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  11. Okay thanks :) And take all the time you need!
  12. Name: Angie Lovestark

    Age: 17

    Gender: Female

    Species: Human

    Power: none just a defenseless human

    Personality: quiet, brave, bubbly, loyal, caring, self pity, devious

    Biography (optional): Before the vampires had attacked she lived in a two story house with her dad and her pet bunny named Ruffle, she was a very loving and caring person but sometimes she would get bored of that side of her and try to be an evil Angie which never works out and she just ends up getting laughed at by her dad. She was home schooled since the 4th grade and has gotten good grades. Her mom died when she was just an infant so she has no mom or siblings. During the vampire breakout Angie was at home watching the celebration of the new year, celebrating with her bunny and eating dry cereal, currently her dad was at the celebration with his new babe. Angie hated her like all the girls her dad dated they were just rude and expect her to do things she obviously didn’t want to do. Well when the vampires came out Angie quickly trapped herself in her basement with her bunny and a box of Cheerios.

    Picture or physical description: http://25.media.tumblr.com/7bdcebf21580878b5160cb80331d0962/tumblr_miphc3Xl321r6ihuzo1_500.jpg
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  13. Cool! Let's start shall we Bounty?
  14. Sure thing! I don't mind how many people join ;)
  15. 227556.jpg Name:Cendall Wist
    Age: Apparent 25 Actual 467
    Gender: Male
    Species: Vampire
    Power?: Fire and Shadow Manipulation. Can conjure and girl Fire balls while also being able to move and control fire at will. For shadows he is able to meld into them and disappear while also using shadows to travel from place to place he can also stall someone by using thier shadow and tailing along side them without them ever knowing.
    Personality: He seems to be a shady character with his own personal agenda but not someone completely untrustworthy, as long as you scratch his back he has yours. An information broker. Someone who goes to collect information and use it to there advantage. Knowledge is power and having an eternity to look for it has given him something to do.
    Biography: I would like to keep this part a bit of a mystery to unravel as the story progresses.
    Picture or physical description: on a side note to the character description his left eye is missing and is nothing but an empty eye socket.

    Note: Let me know if I need to make any changes thanks. :)
  16. No, none that I can think of.

    Actually, now I believe that we have enough characters. If you guys would like to start, anyone can post first to the roleplay! I still need to create my character ^.^
  17. I think this story should start out with the vampires possibly attacking a small human caravan and killing everyone there. I'm fine though, as long as the vampires get in the first reply. I also think our character texts should be different colors relating to our individual character traits. Mine, for example, will be a medium gray. It also makes it easier to discern the speech from the narrative.
  18. Does anyone have a link to the actual page?
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