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  1. The worlds spun on in the darkness. Seasons came and went and the spirits of them went about their work. They were loved. Looked on with kindness and some worshiped. Others not so much. Death wasn't a season. Death was there all the time, in every season. An unwelcome presence. No one invited Death to the party... That was how it had always been.

    Death was young now. Reborn to a new form like they'd been a million times before. This time was different. There were still the Death-mongers, those who wanted it and wanted to bring it to others but they were dwindling. Death hadn't become something that just happened anymore, people across the worlds thought Death was evil. Not a relief. Not a blessing. Something vile and repugnant.

    It was a very lonely existence...

    So Death made his own games and his own plans and with a twist of his wrist and a little bit of plotting, things were changing.


    Things were a little strange. Summer was certain that it was time for him to go and do his thing. The spreading of leaves and life and making sure all the green things were doing well. The ripening of grains and of bellies too for people and animals alike. There was frost on the ground. His green budding leaves were dying! The animals seemed too thin. The sudden chill was clearly wrecking havoc on the natural world.

    There was only one thing to do and that was to follow the Cold to where it was originating from. Winter. It wasn't hard to follow the cold, the seasons were so out of balance it was an easy trail. Though Summer wasn't dressed for it. He was dressed for his own season and he shivered, his bare bronze skin starting to pale... He'd never met the Winter spirit before. He wasn't sure what to expect.

    A white cloak was pulled out of thin air and wrapped around his shoulders as he changed his clothes to suit the task. Which mean that leather breeches loosely laced up either side became whole, the laces tightening up to protect skin. A dark orange linen shirt formed under the cloak and bracers of brown leather appeared on his arms. The winter was taking a toll on him as well, his orange-red hair was lightening at the tips. Going from orange to blond and quickly white...

    The chill of winter was strongest here. Summer couldn't help but to shiver as he looked around where his feet at led him. His horns were nearly frosted now. Surely he could find Winter and fix this?
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  2. A cloud of frosty precipitation hovered over a bramble patch, bobbing and weaving as it levitated in the cold air of winter. Slowly, the mist solidified, crystalizing into a dainty hand that reached forward to experimentally touched the thin prickers and twisted vines of foliage.

    The cloud withdrew it's hand, backing up in a swirl of frozen flakes and powder. Another sudden lurch forward and it was pressing completely through, slipping through the cracks and spaces between leaf and vine. Into its frosted vision came the other side of the patch, though this untouched area did nothing to change it's direction; blowing and dancing in circular motion along the wind with a minty cold caress.

    Naev slowly came together, twisting in a small cyclone of cold before finally she was one again. The swirling mass of white and silver would smile, glittering into a striking womanly form. Icey eyes were set inside a face of Alabaster, frosted lips parting to take her first breath in this semi-solid form.

    Around her face formed long whisping strands of snowy hair, still moving despite the lack of draft in the thick patch of bramble. Beads of pure ice chimed against one another as they sat atop her head, which turned curiously to follow her ever moving eyes.

    "Winter is not here..." She breathed deep, releasing a fog into the air as she tested it. "only air...warm air..."

    Naev took a small step forward, closing her eyes for a moment as frost began to coat the ground under her bare feet. Her eyes twitched in their sockets, before opening and focusing on the thick trunk of a nearby tree.

    "I feel the resistance here...yes..." Her shoulder turned, slowly spinning herself around and dragging the shear sparkle of her dress against the freezing woods.
  3. It was getting colder. Winter was definitely near and so out of season that it made Summer's bones ache from the cold like an old man. He had to stop and warm himself, drawing down the sun and the pure heat of it.

    He cracked his knuckles as he spotted a young fawn dying from the cold laying in the underbrush. This just wouldn't do at all. "What does Winter think they are doing to my season?" He muttered to himself dark as he picked up the fawn and warmed it by his chest.

    So it was fawn and man that finally found the lady of Winter.

    At least Summer thought that it must be her, she was doing winter magics on the green woods and it made his teeth grit together as he watched plants wither away under the cold. "You! What are you doing to MY plants?" Summer didn't even try to hide the irritation that crossed his tanned face, knitting dark red brows together as he stared at the woman of ice.

    The little fawn struggled in his grip, upset by the yelling.

    "Well? What do you have to say for yourself? You're out of season! We're far south enough that there shouldn't be any freak weather like this in my season." The fawn in Summer's arms flailed again, accidentally headbutting it's rescuer in the face. "Dammit. You'll freeze if I put you down." Summer whispered to the creature as he stared over it's fuzzy little head at Naev in her fancy dress. She was beautiful. But so were frozen lakes...
  4. Frosty fingers continued working, caressing the air in front of foliage to paint it with crystals of frozen beauty. What should have startled her, or at least caught her attention was nothing more than background sound, muffling in her ears and hidden beneath the sound of her own voice; low and slow. With each pass of her hand, Naev spoke in ancient tongues, a language long dead and unused by almost all spirits.

    "gotho en cerandar. cerandar po gam ev gotho as rauran pen. Li gau li fo un podr gian as fo gothan pof glingho, cerandar ov fo diauro oth dred. " Winter floated forward, undisturbing the blanket of snow that had formed around her glimmering frosted feet.

    "Day to day the earth will turn and the times will change, forever on the cycle of god." This time it seemed she was speaking to the season behind her, though she did not raise her voice, using the same hypnotic tone as before. Slowly and without inturrupting her work, the spirit turned to set her blank expression on the golden skinned man; face solomn and eyes tired. What should have been a vibrant white was now a deadened grey shell, sparkle fading and aura weakening. Influence was pouring off her without reservation, covering every living thing in a thick sheet of cold.
  5. Just as deadly... The woman was continuing to spread her Influence around her. Dammit! She wasn't even payng attention to him either, not really. Summer couldn't help but to grit his teeth. "You're out of Season!" He shouted at, raising a hand to his hips to direct the sound at her. "Go away! You're destroying everything!" The fawn was cooling in his arms and shivering...

    No. He couldn't let this happen. He took a breath, his inner fire warming the area around him. The snow melting, grass and tiny flowers springing up beside his feet. The scent of ripe peaches and cut grass hung heavily in the warmed air. His hair went back to a vibrant red and the fawn rewarded his efforts by kicking him in the stomach.
    "I know you can feel the imbalance, Lady. The trees aren't even yellow and you're killing them! They aren't going dormant, they are dying!" Well, he wasn't very good at staying calm was he?

    There was something off about the Lady... He couldn't put his finger on it as he'd never met her before but it was strange and made the hairs on the back of his neck rise.
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