Out in the Black

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  1. THIS will actually just be my decision on how I do this and to assess how many people might be interested. Once the forum roleplay is finished, I will create a board which will have all the star maps, completed canon, applications and whatever the hell might be needed in terms of threads on it. This wont be hardcore or anything, but if you intend to join, you need to be 3/5th as good as myself in terms of writing/roleplay capability. But I'm not exactly a hot shot, I'm sure a good majority of you are masters and artists. The only thing that you might struggle with is just the restrictiveness, it's a linear roleplay almost and it's specific in how things will happen. Your character can still be goofy or whatever, but in a way that it makes sense to your character.
    I'm currently trying to figure out if the Roleplay will be based on the players being an expedition crew, resistance members or perhaps smugglers.
    Vote for one of these;
    You play as smugglers in the Dark Horizon universe, during the ten year peace time and try to survive on a ship that to the eye would be a junker, but on the inside is a work of art. This I am not as enthusiastic about as science, but I like the idea of a sort of Firefly / Cowboy Bebop crew happening. Although part of choosing this means less discovery and less people involved, which is good in some ways. But roles in this would be limited as there'd only be one ship engineer, one captain, etc. If your character dies, you make a new one who is promptly found on a new planet they arrive to literally a day later and you rejoin the crew.
    You play as a sort of science crew, that is funded by the Terran Republic's Navy. The vessel you live in is a work of scientific art, the AURORA. Your character can have various roles on the small vessel and you can have various characters, so that you don't feel left out. My recommendation is having a science member always, someone who would be involved in expeditions on the planets the ship will be going to and another one or two roles like security/maintenance/cook/etc. Majority of your roleplay will be more about the ship or where you rest/camp during an expedition. Expect the majority of the roleplay to be that, the rest being firefights, catastrophic events ship/planet side and amazing moments of discovery.
    You play as resistanc - I'm sorry, don't vote for resistance. I actually don't want to GM or anything for that, the time and effort of conversion is too much for something I wont like.

    STAR MAP(Not including specific maps of the various systems, those are a WIP. Although I have Kapuli, Paloma done and the majority of the planets have charts/descriptions for them in the appropriate docs).

    In the year 2122, the height of built up tensions between powers of a globalized world economy resulted in the start of a third World War. The resulting nuclear exchange could not be stopped by any side, and all exchanging nations were utterly obliterated. Out of the ashes of the USA came the Terrans, a de facto government devoted to uniting and protecting the survivors of the nuclear holocaust in the Americas. With time, the Terrans grew larger, regaining and recapturing assets that survived the nuclear blasts which decimated the US.
    By 2355, the Terrans had grown over the the majority of North America, spreading to the UK and outwards into Europe. During this time, It reformed as a legitimate nation under a new banner and a new name: The Terran Republic. By 2375, the Terrans were spacebound, re-exploring and rediscovering the hidden secrets of their solar system, long abandoned by nations no longer alive to maintain humanity’s celestial colonies within their home system. It was during this era that civilization began to re-emerge, and humanity entered a golden age of space travel, starting in 2414 with the invention of space tunneling warp drive, a form of non-physical “FTL” travel devised by the Republic. This was coined warp drive, and allowed humanity to expand far beyond Sol, and into the deep reaches of the Milky Way, the first and most prominent colonies established at Proxima Centauri and Arcturus.
    After completely colonizing the Kapuli System in 2504, the Terran Fleet came into it’s first contact with the Zerg, an extremely adaptive and animalistic race. After losing thirty percent of the Terran’s Civilian Ships to Zerg attacks, the Republic made the decision to bolster its military, with the creation of the Space Marines. The Space Marines were purposed for the Zerg, as to perform large scale extermination using high powered explosives and pure manpower. The combination of the newly constructed troop carriers and the system wide drafting for the Marines resulted in a force the Zerg could not prepare for and after a seventeen year conflict the Zerg were pushed back into the reaches of the Milky Way.
    A decade later and the Zerg were still unheard of, but the Terran Republic still prepared, bolstering its military and creating new smaller branches of the Terran Navy. But with the peace time came a new enemy as Terran Science Colonies in the Tauri System became independent. The Tauri System was soon to be known home to a new Faction, The Dominion. The Dominion became a technologically superior empire. Years after the creation of their military, they gained noticeable strength and attacked Republic Carriers.
    The Dominion's attacks were seen as barbaric in the earlier stages, but it soon became clear that The Dominion had actual purpose. This became a reality when they captured industrial planets in the outer areas of the Kapuli System later in the war, stealing valuable resources from the Republics Military.
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