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  1. Territory was one thing that Liege didn't mess around with. In fact, the feline shapeshifter took it very seriously and defended it ferociously.
    His attention span was extremely lacking so that when he did find someone who tried to gain his land he tore them down without so much as a thought.

    Right now Liege was walking along in his human form, though his inner cheetah was lurking right below the surface. His black hair was messy and shoulder length, the wind doing with it what it willed. His clothes were a pair of form fitting dirty black jeans and a black T-shirt with matching color leather jacket on his shoulders.

    Liege was hungry but he needed to check his boundaries first and make sure everything was marked correctly so no one tried to slip in thinking this territory wasn't claimed.
    One big reason why he didn't like outsiders whether the be vampires, shifters, or any other bloodthirsty creature was because he killed too often in his territory to share.
    Humans would start to get suspicious with so many deaths so he had to be extremely careful who, where, what, how, and he couldn't let another come in and ruin his careful planning and food source...
  2. Daniel came into sight on a building in a black hoody and black skinny jeans. He hissed and bared his bloody fangs. He just came back from a hunt in Greece. He was tired. He's been sneaking around the owner of this territory for years with out him knowing. He climbed into his window and covered up his scent. He then took off his clothes and floated into the shower. He felt like Liege was getting on his case. He felt like he's starting to find out...
  3. Indeed the other was. He'd sensed someone around quite a few times but had never been able to track the trail enough to lead directly to someone. Now, however, he'd managed to catch a glimpse of the man further down the street way above his head.
    A vampire...?
    That would be his main guess as he watched the man vanish into a window of an apartment building.
    Well well...time for a nice territory chat...with claws.

    Liege calmly walked towards the building, ducking inside without much of a look from the doorman. Smart guy.
    Then he was heading upstairs and stopped behind one door near the top of the building.
    Somehow he knew it was the correct one, even without having seen the other come through the window he would have been able to tell.

    Liege didn't bother knocking either.
    If the other was indeed supernatural he would be able to sense him.
    Hopefully he was smart enough to come answer the door...or possibly even smarter to leave back through that window as fast as he could.
  4. mindy walked along the line that she knew was the cat shapeshifters area "i wonder i wonder will kitty come over." She laughed and looked into the sky where her bat was telling her things like who was around her and so on. The demon continued to walk until her bat told her that a person was in the cats area who was not allowed to be "ohhh busted." She jumped onto the top of a fence and walked along the top "oh mister kitty come out and play." She knew that teasing the shifter would be bad but she was in a good mood "oh come now kitty dont keep a girl waiting."
  5. Liege flinched slightly as he scented another in his territory.
    What was this? Annoy Liege day?
    Evidentally it was.

    This person was rather close...not in the building but definitely should be visible from it.
    He stalked over to the emergency exit and opened the door, thankful that the alarm was broken.
    Standing on the fire escape he looked around, spotting the female easily.
    The shifters' eyes narrowed and he hissed a warning.
    "Get out."
  6. Mindy giggled when she heard the kitty yell at her "oh did i step on the little pussy cat's tail i should be more carefull about where i step i dont want the kitty to get a furball." Laughing she jumped up and down never falling off the fence "come here kitty and i will give you some cat nip." Looking up she noticed her bat was screaming and she giggled and looked back to the shifter "it seems your making my bat mad i hope you have at least the respect to say your sorry."

  7. Liege bared his fangs and hopped up on the guard railing, leering down at her as a growl started up in his chest.
    "Your intruding...and intruders die."
    He stated it so simply it was awkward but that's how he is. Simple.
    If he's hungry. He kills. If he's annoyed with something, he tends to it.

    And right now. He was very annoyed.

    With a loud snarl he jumped off the railing and sailed through the air towards the girl, claws outstretched and ready to carve up some flesh if she doesn't block or dodge.
  8. Mindy waited for the perfect moment to move and that was right when he was a foot away from her and all she did was jump up and landed on his head and then jumped again to land where he started on the railing, She looked down to the shifter and winked "going to have to do better than that or else i will get bored." She licked her lips she knew she was going to have some fun with him "oh and mister kitty dont you think its a bit rude to attack without asking why people are here." She wagged her finger "tsk tsk tsk naughty naughty."
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    Liege slammed into the fence when she stepped onto his head.
    Well, at least his neck hadn't gotten hit by the top of the fence, being just an inch or two short of serious damage.
    He dropped to the ground with a grunt and quickly got back up to his feet.

    "This is my territory! You have no reason to be here!"
    He growled again and jumped...too bad it wasn't high enough.
    His clawed hand barely managed to grab the platform.
    Well, not what he'd intended but Liege quickly tried to grab leverage with his other hand and pull himself over the railing to finish his attack.
  10. Mindy offered him her hand "im not here to fight i actually wanted to talk to you because it seems you have killed a few of my friends and all i wanted to say to you was thank you because to put it nicely they have been a pain in my ass for years but i was just unable to get rid of them for my father wouldnt allow it." She licked her lips "it seems now that they are gone many people are going to hunt you so if you dont like me on your land your going to hate in a few days when about twenty or so of my kind are on your doorstep." She laughed "im here to help since i think if you scratch my back i will scratch yours and you already did mine."
  11. Liege ignored her hand and climbed up using his own strength, perching on the railing with a slight hint of confusion in his dark red eyes.
    "They were in my territory. I had a right to kill them, no matter what species they were."
    Why did everyone think they could just tromp over to his territory and not get in trouble with him?

    "I don't need anyone's help either. I can fight for myself."
    He bared his fangs at her, another warning to leave.
    Liege still had to deal with that darn vampire creature but if this one didn't mean harm then she needed to vanish from his sight.
  12. Mefune Sato walked casually as the warm sunshine drifted down, warming his back. He wore a grey tee and three-quater green cargo pants. On his feet were a pair of sandals that looked pretty beaten up. About his waist he carried a katana and on his back, he wore what looked like a golf caddy stuffed with katana. He was a samurai, like his father and his father's father for many generations. And like his forebears, he was looking for a challenge. That challenge was honourable combat. Now, Mefune Sato was really not one to seek out danger just so that he could kick danger's arse, but if the occasion arose through no fault of his own, he had no trouble in killing his opponent, though he rathered not to. Why kill such an excellent opponent who would just get better and better each time you defeated them?

    He rounded the corner of a deserted street and a chill ran up his spine. He thought nothing of it, deciding to continue on, his 'katana caddy' clanking as he walked. He yawned widely. The warm sun always made him sleepy. He heard a hiss and the sounds of fighting and looked up. A strange woman with horns was fighting a man that hissed like a wild animal. Mefune was astounded. He had never witnessed this kind of fight before. He sensed one of them was an evil prescence, but not much else. He was, after all, human. His jaw dropped as he watched the fight in amazement.
  13. Liege turned his head as he heard someone halt behind them several yards back.
    A human...it seemed...
    He didn't get defensive over his territory with humans but Liege was in a crappy mood so the feline shifter jumped back down to the ground, easily landing on both hands and feet in an odd type of feline crouch.
    The next thing anyone knew Liege was a large king cheetah, stripes running down his back and parts of his body, mingling seemingly naturally with his large and small spots.

    He gave a hiss to the human as he started to trot towards him lowly, intent on pouncing once in range.
  14. "I did not mean to fight you..." said Mefune calmly. "But if you wish it, so be it." He grasped the caddy and swung it upwards, flinging swords up high into the air. They careened back down to the ground, all landing point first, piercing the concrete with ease. They formed a kind of circle around the pair and several swords were scattered in between. He drew his katana from his belt after tossing the caddy away and flicked it outwards. A flash of light danced quickly around the outer edges of the makeshift arena. "No-one enters... No-one leaves..." he said calmly once more and he prepared for the cheetah to make the first move...
  15. Liege froze as he heard the words and glanced around. Somehow the man had made a barrier??
    Liege's talent was speed and if he lost that he was basically a dead cat walking.
    His attention quickly snapped back to the man and he growled and bristled his hackles up, trying to look larger than he was.
    It wasn't an attack strategy, it was an intimidation one.
    Liege stepped to the side, testing the boundaries, trying to figure out exactly how much room he had.
    It wasn't much.
    Definitely not enough...
    The first lunge would be to the human. Liege couldn't attack in this type of confined area well enough to go for the first attack.
  16. Mefune stood prepared for the large cat to pounce but nothing came except an agitated hiss and a bristled spine. "Not so eager now, are we? What's the matter? Not enough room to move? Thought so. You can still walk away from this if you wish." he said respectfully. "You instigated this fight... But I will let you walk away with your life even if you do decide to fight..." He gripped his katana lightly, showing no sign of intimidation or fear, although he was prepared for the worst...
  17. Liege didn't like the idea of having to back down from a fight...
    His form wavered slightly and then there was a young man standing in the cat's wake once more.
    His finger nails had extended to dark black claws at least three to four inches on either side and his eyes glowed dark red in anticipation.
    It would seem he wasn't intent on backing down yet.

    To prove this Liege hissed and charged, his right hand aiming to slash straight at the man's throat and face. Whichever they reached first.
  18. Mefune ducked under the vicious swipe and struck upwards into the shifter's body with the back fo his blade. He forced himself forward a step before kicking the man away. He could tell that no real damage was done, but now he would see what the shifter was getting himself into. He reassumed his fighting stance and glared at the shifter. "You have much more fight in you than that, surely... Let's see it!" he shouted to his opponent. He was getting excited. This opponent was like none he had ever faced before. And he seemed to have a great ammount of potential...
  19. Liege bristled, his shaggy black hair seeming to spike slight at his own failed attack and the others' goading.
    He took the hit, unable to have dodged it but it didn't hinder him in the least. Just forced a slight cough from him.
    A growl announced his next attack.
    He bolted forwards and lunged, aiming his claws back at the others' throat, acting as if he were doing the same attack.
    However, right before he got within range he shifted and now a very large cheetah was coming at the human with it's fangs and claws bared, only a couple of feet from impact.
  20. Mefune stepped to the side clumsily out of surprise, the claws just grazing his face as he dodged the brunt of the attack. Blood trickled down his face. "That's more like it!" he shouted. He could see the emotion connected to the attacks now all too plainly. If he could goad this shifter into attacking vigourously, it would be the shifter's downfall for sure... "Alright then! No more playing nice!" he said as he kicked three imbeded katana's up into the air, spining at about head hight. "Infinite swords! Horizon strike!" he bellowed as he struck the three swords horizontally, sending them soaring straight for the cheetah.