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  1. An openly gay girl enters a homophobic school. She creates an LGBT club at the school and does everything she can to change the school. And along the way she meets the love of her life.
    Name: Nichole Wilford (Goes by Nikki)
    Age: 17
    Look: (Pick Below)
    Height: 5'5"
    Personality: Cheerful, Never lets anything bother her, Smart, Creative, Loyal, Loving, Protective. Fights for what she believes in.
    Nikki let the turned off the water to the shower head, wrapped a towel around her body and got out of the shower She wiped the steam off the mirror and looked at herself in the mirror. She cpuldnt believeshe had to transfer schools in the middle of the semester! She sighed, put on a small amount of makeup and got dressed. She put on black skinny jeans, red converses and a tie die shirt thats said 'Out! And Proud!' She brushed then dried her hair and walked out of the bathroom grabbing her rainbow tie die backpack and ran down the stairs, "Love you mom." she said on her way out. Her bus stops was only a block away. When she got there she sat down on a bench and looked down at her multiple bracelet and rings.
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