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  1. (Still searching after some rp partners)

    Hello there, I am once again out after new rp partners, the answers comes so slowly sometimes so I need a lot to get something to do as much as possible.
    I have about twelve ideas left I haven't used yet in my blog (But I won't take twelve new rp partners now xD haha)
    I will close this thread when I can't take in more new partners.

    If none of those ideas feels entertaining for you we can always brainstorm together or you can say what you have for ideas. I'm up for almost anything.

    Things you should know before you contact me:
    - I mostly play females, I have a problem getting in to the role of guys. BUT I could play a guy in yaoi/shounen-ai roleplay but he will probably be very girly then xD
    - I don't like one liners and I easily get bored of one paragraph's fast.
    - I play between 2-6 paragraph's in every post, mostly I write two-three paragraph's if my partner writes two-three paragraph's and I will get inspired easier to write longer posts if you write longer
    - I can write more than 6 paragraph's
    - I'm open for almost any genre
    - I can't write insanetly much like 12 paragraph's which mostly is about observing everything around in one second xD that takes out the fun in the rp for me, so not to litle and not to much.
    - English aren't my native languages so I can and will probably make some mistakes now and then, but no one have complained on it so you probably don't need to worry about it.
    -I can do mature themed roleplays, but mostly as the submissive
    - I am in often and writes immediately when I see that someone has posted, sometimes I get a writers block and then it can take some days, but it doesn't happen often.
  2. I Would ADORE to be your RP partner!! I Would Also LOVE todo the Black death idea~SIMPLY BRILLIANT one thing everyonce in a while ill throw in an exrta charector,m and for black death i would want 2 charectors, is that OK with you????
  3. :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::Seeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee eeeeeeeeeepleeeaaaaaaaaaaa (i want to bad my pleases are coming out backwards)
  4. Sounds pretty cool. I will read through what you have and see which one sounds the most fun~
  5. Fyi, I thought I would let you know that your story types are my favorite - the ones I always love to do but am hesitant about because I am worried i might not do a good job. That being said, here are the ones I think I would like to do (not all but maybe one):

    Someone Like Me
    Life Turned 180 Degrees
    Cruel Future
    Who Am I?
    Secret Mission

    and maybe Unwilling Vampire. The only thing is with the vampire one I want to know what kind of vampires they are. Mostly I want to know weaknesses and strengths. Also, abilities.
  6. Who am I?
    The unwilling vampire
    Life just turned 180 degrees!

    Any of these three I'd love to try, and if you're willing to open Lucifer up I'd defiantly prefer to do that one.

    I love your plot idea's by the way. They're all amazing! X3
  7. Soooo! I love Forced Marriage <3
  8. No! I Asked frist! (remmeber that!!)

  9. Sure we can do black death ^^ I have wanted to do that one for quite a while now x) and yes you can have an extra character if you want
    I am going out soon so I won't have time to start in right now, but I should get the first post up later this evening (GMT+1)
    I send you a link as fast as it is up ;) If it is some questions about the rp then it's just to ask :9

  10. I am up for whichever of them you want to do ^^ And about the vampire, I haven't thought about how I want them, I thought we could make them how we want them to be together :9 As long as they aren't totaly soulless without feelings then almost anything is okay for me ^^ And I would prefer if they had at least one weakness so they aren't just some badass that can't be killed or hurt no matter what xD
  11. My rp partner on Lucifer hasn't written in three weeks and hasn't logged in on two so I don't think she will be back, so if you want to do Lucifer then we can do that one ^^
  12. Wohoo finally I can do that one xD
    Something you want to ask about it or should I just start the first post? x)
  13. I prefer neither of what you just said for vampires.
    They have to have weaknesses.
    Otherwise that's total god-mod.
    But my preference is more on the... realistic side.
    So let me ask you if you would like this:
    -don't like garlic because they have such powerful senses (so it's a major aversion and can make them sick to their stomach... so to speak)
    -young vampires can be burned by sunlight but older ones don't simply from age
    -on that note, the sun only burns the ones that don't feed and don't have the strength to stand in the sun
    -their reflection fades as they get older (let's say 100 years and it's completely gone)
    -stake to the heart is an instant kill
    -cutting off the head is also KO
    -drinking the blood of certain witches is KO
    -there is a hierarchy to things and you don't try to kill your maker unless some unspeakable action has occured or the fledgling was turned without their consent - the only exception being if it was done to save their life

    Those were simply a couple things I could come up with at the moment inspired by a book series I once read... minus the last one. There was a hierarchy to the series but none that says not to kill your maker.

    Also, I have narrowed down my list:
    Life Turned 180 Degrees
    Cruel Future
    Who Am I?

    Maybe +vampire one
  14. I would suggest that we choose one of them x) I have played two roleplays with one person before and it can become a bit confusing xD
    I like the vampire list, and if we do that one then we can simply put in things later in the rp if we think it will be necessary then.
  15. You can go ahead and start the first post.
  16. I have written the first post now :9
  17. I shall start writing it right away ^^
  18. Oh I simply meant that it was one of those that I wanted. I refuse to do more than one at a time with one person simply because it was confusing and it was very tedious. Though at the moment, I am debating which ones I really want. I do believe that Abandoned would be fun, as would the rest I mentioned. However, I think I am going to have to go with Life Just Turned 180 Degrees. That one seems to have the most wiggle room for me to insert a character so I can figure out what they are like.
  19. Okay, then I start to write the first post :9
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