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  1. Twelve deities of lunar creation once herald over this realm, the mortal place where man walk in peace and fear alike. There everlasting steadfast devotion has proved to be the lingering bane to the inner sanctum of hell; the scales of justice never faltering into the hands of despair and cruelty of creatures that run beneath the crust of the earth. It appeared that Sol would never experience the fall of their gods, but with time nothing is ever lasting. Everything must eventually change!

    With the sun rising in its celestial course, it rose with the balance of justice to be tipped.

    War broke among the heavens, striking against the deities with a crushing blow that the mortal man could only watch in horror. The stars fell one at a time, plunging to crater the earth, burying the once glorious reign of prosperity into the bleak misery of decay!

    Deemed as the Dirge; the underlords of the nine realms of hell overtook the heavens with methods of man; a cult that soon become known as the Icians. Corrupt beings of once mortal flesh are the counterweight that disrupted it all. Mortal man, the creature that was created to be good or evil, their actions could affect the world in such ways that most could not fathom! And they have succeeded!

    The years festered into centuries without the guiding hand of the dragon deities; the world has been bleak and fevered with new and surly creatures that either thrive or die under the control of the Dirge.

    Upon the eve of the fifteen hundred anniversary of the Deities fall; a change has begun to awaken in the craters that had been created by the dragon's descend so many eons ago.
    It is up to the men of Sol to rise up from the ashes made from the dragons, and begin to level out the scales again!

    Will you be ready to come to the battlefield when they beckon?

    (ooooh so lame of a intro lmao)

    Zodiac Dragons - There can be a male and female version is that's the case, but I would prefer that their only be one sex of each. And I am not going to limit people with what race they wanna be either. I love worlds that are diverse in their races, but I will beat you with a my Mallet of Doom if you godmod!

    Just because you are being reborn with a dragon deity does not mean you are ownage instantly. Your character needs to learn the abilities!

    Next, I want everyone to do research on their sign - each sign has an element and I'd love it if your abilities came a lot from that. Please link me what you find (there is a shit load of Zodiac things on the net, so not everything is going to be the same) As for how to tell whom and how a person is a rez of the dragon, I'll let you all use your imaginations. As for my chara, the necklace she stole from her father is the linkage to her sign. This game is going to be really working your imagination I hope, cause I know you are ALL creative!

    Lets have fun alright? This is not a elitist game, so welcome all newbies and help each other out. I am on every single night and will be around to have questions asked and all that jazzy stuff!

    Pm me, what zodiac you want - and I'll put you by the name so people can keep track.

    • Aries
    • Taurus
    • Gemini
    • Cancer
    • Leo
    • Virgo
    • Libra (female - Mana)
    • Scorpio
    • Sagittarius
    • Capricorn
    • Aquarius
    • Pisces

    Character Sheet - (For birthplace, make it up. Just know the planet they live on is called Sol)

    Appearance (picture or describe):

    Eye Color:
    Hair Color:
    Distinguishing Markings(Tattoos, Piercings, etc):
    Character's Scars:
    Other Important Items/Equipment:
  2. I'm really interested in it. What would we do playing? How the zodiac gets back to the heavens or something where they meet up and connect, maybe? Way interested in it!
  3. ive got a few ideas bubbling up in my mind, just need to do some research firstly and write some things up with the zodiacs! im glad to see you are interested, if you have any ideas that you would like seen, please let me know ^_^
  4. So, I watch anime, and this is reminding me of Fairy Tail, where Lucy is able to summon the different members of the zodiac. MAybe there could be something like where they get called through the gate, and then get stuck here because of some curse. ^-^
  5. fairy tale, i still have yet to watch it (keep getting told too, finding the time too another story) ill do some research on it first but it does sound interesting
  6. Definitely worth watching. Thanks, I'm glad I could help.

  7. Name: Holi Zugos

    Gender: Female

    Age: 24

    Birthplace: Echt, Sol

    Race: Halfling

    Nationality: Elf/human


    Eye Color: Blue

    Hair Color: Red

    Height: Five foot eight

    Weight: One hundred and thirty three

    Distinguishing Markings(Tattoos, Piercings, etc): No

    Character's Scars: no

    Morality: Neutral good

    Disability: She is a bonfied kleptomaniac

    Allergies: Cotton

    Sexuality: Straight

    Zodiac: Libra

    Element: Air

    - Strafe- Strikes an enemy twice with two arrows nocked together

    - Wind Slice - Summons a dense pocket of air to use in stock of an arrow, sheers through opponent with ease - cannot be used consecutively without ill effects ; there must be a break of at least an hour between use.

    -Whirlwind - Not an offensive attack, rather it pushes back her enemy so she can gain ground again for another attack.

    -Breeze illusion - Using a single arrow, she is capable of multiplying them with a trick of the wind, confusing the enemy and inflicting a great deal of damage. -cannot be used consecutively, and Rosega regeant must be used-

    Weapons: Ivory Spine Bow

    Other Important Items/Equipment: She carries around a massive quiver of arrows filled with a various type of heads :iron, steel, cobalt and obsidian. She also has a mount who is rather strange sort of creature called a Zeroni
    (it cannot fly, it stands about 13.0 hands -4ft4-)

    Biography: Born to that of a mortal man and a elven woman out in the boonings of Echt; Holi is the youngest of five siblings and none that she get's along with. Her personality is sweet and trusting but that is only an ruse to get you to trust her, if you look away and you have a fat wallet she will help herself to it.

    The necklace around her neck is a family heirloom that came from the decade of when the Deities fell, but she burrowed it from her father - as it was suppose to be given to the head of the ruling family of the Echt Realm.

    She hasn't been at home with her parents from the age of fourteen and is a very spirited girl. Skilled with her bow and capable of making her own arrows, you'll find it hard for her to let anything shiny go. Be it a pebble or a coin, Holi is no better than a bird!

    But in the end, she strives for balance in her life and attempts to extrude it to the rest of her comrades.
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