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  1. So I have just finished this darn anime and now I want to start a roleplay over it... any volunteers?
  2. Ooh! I'd be interested in something like that! Would it be with Canon Characters, or all Originals?
  3. That was another question that I was going to ask once I got enough people... I was thinking more of original characters but it's honestly up to everyone.. What do you think?
  4. I personally don't have a preference - I'd be fine playing canons, and I'd also be fine playing originals. So if you'd prefer to go for originals, I'd be a-okay.
  5. Alright, yeah, but we won't follow the plot-line and will create our own?
  6. I'd assume so - would we make a new plot, or just have characters and see how they all fit together, work from there?
  7. Well I was thinking about going along along as we get characters, but that's usually how roleplays die so I guess we would need some sort of plot but I have no clue...
  8. Hm...
    • It could be the first year of the Host Club, period.
    • It could be the first year of the Host Club without the Canon Characters, and they're trying to figure out how to properly run it.
    • There's a new Principal/Chairman at Ouran who wants to shut down the Host Club, so they have to get the student body to protest that.
    Something like that?
  9. Hmm.. Yeah, like we could play out the beginning of the Host Club while the Chairman wants to shut it down, but we have a month to prove that the club will provide funds and a 'good' cause.
  10. ME......... PLEASE.
  11. Of course, of course!
  12. I meant that we were going to play as canon characters, sorry I got that confused @Poet
  13. Oh! I'm fine with canons, too. Can we claim them? I'd love to play the Twins, if that was alright.
  14. That's perfect, actually! I wanna be Tamaki (obviously) and probably Kyoya if someone else doesn't want to be him... If not, we only of Haruhi, Honey, and Mori.. I may have someone else who may want to join, but the only problem is that she apparently doesn't like cannon. I usually don't either, but his time it kinda seems logical.
  15. I can take another canon, if necessary, but I would prefer not, given that I'll be playing both of the twins. But I can understand not wanting to play a canon character, no shame on that! We can always use OCs to come visit the Host Club - or whatever she wants to do with her OC - so it'll be fun, either way.
  16. Yeah, that's what I had suggested.. You don't have to play another canon, we already have @N/A and I'm sure someone else would want to join.. Hopefully. I'll probably make other characters who visit as well.
  17. Ill Join :3
  18. Me too. I want to join
  19. Awesome! What roles do you guys want? All roles except Tamaki and the twins are available.
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