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    Story, pink
    Ouran Academy: An institution of extravagance and prestige where learning comes secondary to luxury. Only those of the highest pedigrees and the wealthiest families are lucky enough to attend, and the truly elite are the members of the Ouran Host Club. A group of the loveliest girls on campus with far too much time on their hands, the Host Club dedicates every afternoon to entertaining the handsome young men. Just think of is as the academy’s elegant playground for the super-rich and beautiful…

    But for studious Hanashe Inuzuka, education is a privilege that must be earned, being on scholarship and out of place among the rich. That is until the day Hanashe stumbles upon the Host Club, a stumble which leaves the freshman indebted for millions of yen. And the only way to pay for the damages? Well, Hanashe will work as a Host. There’s only one problem: Hana-she is actually a Hana-he!


    So this will basically be just like the anime/manga except instead of young men as hosts it will be young women, and instead of a girl in their midst, it will be a boy. Lets have lots of fun! =D

    Character Slots, #0560f2
    The Natural Type
    Hanashe Inuzuka~ Nightjade

    The Devilish Twins Type
    Yuzuki Kagawa & Kaori Kagawa ~ @RareSecret

    The Strong/Silent Type
    Valentine "Vale" Kasparov ~ @Lawkheart

    The Girl Lolita Type
    Kimiko Minami ~ @Felilla

    The Cool Type
    Kiyomi Ienari ~ @Rin Mico

    The Princess Type
    Hanasaki Kuchiki ~ @Nevvy

    Rules!, lime
    1. This will be a PG-13 roleplay so please take anything beyond kissing to PM's or fade to black (make sure your in the same age bracket!)​
    2. 1 Character per person max not including the twins (this may change depending on popularity)​
    3. All Iwaku Rules apply​
    4. No fighting out of IC, please be civil and nice to your fellow roleplayers​
    5. Please put "Fancy Tuna!" at the top of your CS to show me you've read the rules​
    6. I reserve the right to add to or change these rules at any time​
    7. Must be able to post at least once a week, if unable please let me know via OOC or PM, we dont want anyone left behind =)​
    8. Most importantly....[rainbow]HAVE LOTS OF FUN![/rainbow]​

    Character Sheet (open)

    Appearance: (Anime only)
    Role: (Twins, Cool, ect)
    Age: (14-18)
    Personality: (optional)
    Bio: (optional)[/fieldset]

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  2. Appearance (open)
    1222277.jpg 1161654.jpg
    When dressed up

    Name: Hanashe Inuzuka
    Role: The Natural
    Age: 14
    Height: 5'5
    Weight: 126
    Fancy Tuna
    Playing Sports

    The rich
    Spicy food
    Pink/Frilly things
    Being looked down on

    Personality: Calm, Quiet, Stubborn, Compassionate, Unpredictable, Strong, Sweet.
    Bio: Will rp
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  3. O.O~Fancy Tuna~O.O
    Kimiko Minami

    The Girl Lolita




    Stuffed Animals!
    Pretty Things!

    Mean People
    Ugly Things
    Being Told What To Do
    Black Licorice
    Dark Chocolate

    {Bubbly, Sweet, Joyful, Sort of Bossy, Manipulative at Times, Caring, Loveable, Loyal}

    Will Be RPed
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  4. Hehe looks perfect, shes accepted!
  5. Ahh! I'm debating between the twins or the Princess type
  6. Did you just watch this anime and decided to make this RP? xD
  7. @RareSecret: Well both are available =) you can play just 1 twin and someone the other if you like too.

    @Akashi: No....I watched the anime a long time ago but I started rewatching it and got inspired for a comedy based rp =P You wanna play the Princess Aki-kun~?
  8. Can I reserve the Silent strong type?
  9. Haha lol, but no ty.
  10. Sure =D
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  11. Awww you know you wanna~ lol
  12. Fancy tuna >.>

    Show Spoiler

    Name: Valentine "Vale" Kasparov
    Role: Strong, silent type
    Age: 17
    Height: 5'10''
    Weight: 157 lbs

    Bio: (Most will be revealed in the role play.)
    Sports: Swimming, Taekwondo training and Track & Field.
    Chess: She's not amazing at it, but she enjoys the game, as it trains her mind.
    Listening to music: Usually to fill in the empty space in the air as she works out, trains or does anything really.
    People watching: Most think she is not paying attention; being aloof and uninterested but, she actually pays very close attention to her surroundings, including the people around her and what they say. Vale takes mental notes on those she perceives as interesting.
    Animals: She has three pets, a baby hedgehog named Edgar, a domesticated fox named Keria and a pit-bull named Cody.

    Lies: Once you lie to her and she finds out, you will be removed from her life.
    Stupid Comedy: Anything that is stupid comedy annoys her. Her sense of humor is macabre and dry.
    Certain Genre's of music: EDM, Screamo, and most popular music annoys her.

    Black and White: There is no grey area with Vale. She will tell it like it is, take what she says as you will but she will never sugarcoat anything just because it will hurt your feelings. If you do something stupid and then ask her for advice, she will call you an idiot and then give you advice once. Once she does, she will not repeat herself.
    No "I told you so"s: Vale will give advice to whoever asks it of her, but never twice and, unless you fucked up really bad, she won't say "I told you so".
    Loyal: She cares for few and is loyal to even less. Once you have earned her loyalty, which is a difficult task, you have a life long ally and friend.

    Theme Song(s):

    [Color Code #7265eb]
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  13. The only thing I see wrong is the pic, it has to be anime. Sorry Lawk
  14. It is anime though... but I'll change it.

    Edit: It's just a different style of the art, but again I'll change it.
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  15. Ah, I thought it was digital art or something, sorry XD

    I like the new one. Shes accepted! Now only the twins, the cool, and the princess to go!
  16. Changed Hanashe's last nsme and appearance
  17. If you all feel like watching me do a stereotype demolition and deconstruction, I'll play princess.
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  18. I know that you want me to wanna, but again, no ty. Feels that this is more like an RP for females since the roles I can pick, which are available, are only female ones. I'd rather play a part in this RP if anything xD.
  19. Lol what exactly does that entail? XD
    Have you seen OAHC? You would rather play a part? ~_^